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$20 Bill Redesign: U.S. Neo-Liberal Regime To ‘Speed Up’ Replacing Of 7th President With Black Activist

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$20 Bill Redesign: U.S. Neo-Liberal Regime To 'Speed Up' Replacing Of 7th President With Black Activist

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The neo-liberal regime of the United States has declared the aim to speed up the removal of 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill with somebody that fits its world view. The current candidate is Harriet Tubman, an African American abolitionist and political activist.

On January 25, White House press secretary Jen ‘Meme Queen‘ Psaki said that the Treasury Department is “taking steps to resume putting Harriet Tubman on the front of the new $20 notes” but did not provide any additional details. The initial idea to remove the 7th U.S. President from the $20 bill (he has been shown there since 1928) and to put a black activist there belongs to the Obama administration (fully accidentally led by the first black US president). Nonetheless, now, this great plan is finally about to be employed.

$20 Bill Redesign: U.S. Neo-Liberal Regime To 'Speed Up' Replacing Of 7th President With Black Activist

“In the event of a Belarusian invasion of Ukraine, the 6th US Fleet will immediately be deployed to the shores of Belarus.” (C) Psaki

However, even when this is done, the US democracy will likely remain in danger as there still will be a lot of US presidents to remove from US bills.


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johnny rotten

The anti-imperialist front enjoys the spectacle of self-destruction of homosexualist imperialism.


SF tell us about Andrew Jackson,the best president for native indian,

Freemon Sandlewould

There is a reason it is Andrew Jackson they want to remove. Andrew Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States. This would be the modern day equivalent of abolishing the Federal Reserve. What would be best would be to leave Jackson on the 20 and start issuing 500 dollar bills with Tubman on them. It would be much less Banana Republic to do so as cash is freedom from snooping eyes. A fitting tribute to Tubman who was a republican.


Fun fact: putting Jackson on the 20-ZOGbux note was basically the bankers urinating on his grave. Jackson famously opposed central banks and fake paper money.

Andrew Jackson was a fighting man and a conqueror, no different than most of the notable figures of history; but he was opposed to central banks, who are ironically – in this context – the single most prolific cause of war in the modern age.

With regards to the dispensation of mass suffering, Jackson was a midget compared to his (and our) nemesis, the central banks.


Jackson was anything but a minion,he won all duels,battles and wars ,including
defeating the great enemy,unfortunately the real midgets got together after his reign to turn it around,which only proves you can destroy them if you refute their dolla!


You know what I meant, I hope, and arent being intentionally obtuse. I was comparing Andrew Jackson to central bankers on account of their death and suffering inflicted. In that sense, he is way behind.

Yes, Andrew Jackson was a real man, a courageous warrior and soldier. Dare I say, a hero of the country… Of that there is no doubt.

It’s funny that you mentioned Hitler… I dont recall Hitler being down with the international banking cartel, for what it’s worth.

cechas vodobenikov

why not career criminal George Floyd?
soon antifa will print money—-LGBT 3$ transgender perfume bill


I can live without accepting or using twenties.


I cant wait to start refusing the new Tubgirl 20

Harry Smith

They will sue you for racism.


” Those whom the gods wish to destroy, the first make mad.”


This is one of your rare poasts. It could have easily been poasted to a Globohomo website without changing how it was written.


The issue isnt with your happiness for the new Tubgirl 20, but rather mischaracterization of the article as “nazi”. You were being mocked.

Now you are required to qualify your statement. In what manner of ways is the article “nazi”?


“”” “In the event of a Belarusian invasion of Ukraine, the 6th US Fleet will immediately be deployed to the shores of Belarus.” (C) Psaki”””

Lol, such ignorance on part of Biden’s White House press secretary. Can she even find Belarus on the map?


Yes, it is downtown Los Angeles :D


Does Psaki even know what a ‘map’ is?

Personally, I doubt it.


I see nothing wrong with this nor do I particularly care. This is just cosmetic change…


Black medusa indicates the end of the line for usa treasury,bring it on sukkrz!

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