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‘Alternative Reality News’: U.S. Navy Claims Dual-Carrier Drills Near China Are Not Intended To Provoke Beijing

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'Alternative Reality News': U.S. Navy Claims Dual-Carrier Drills Near China Are Not Intended To Provoke Beijing

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Finally, it became clear for the entire democratic world. If another state sends two aircraft carriers close to your shores to hold military drills, this is a friendly move. Those who claimed that this could be a provocation should be ashamed.

Rear Adm. Doug Verissimo said that the recent drills involving the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz strike groups took place in the South China Sea were in no way related to threatening China.

“The fact that we came together in the South China Sea was based on our navigation plan and making the most efficient route to and from our areas,” Verissimo, the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group said.

Rear Adm. James Kirk that led the USS Nimitz said the dual-carrier drill was “not in response to any nation or event,” but meant to “improve our readiness levels in the region.”

Apparently, Chinese communist propaganda was easily defeated by these clear, straight and truthful statements.


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Arch Bungle


“My taking a shit on your front lawn is not attempted to provoke you”

The PLAN should conduct FONOPS in the Gulf of Mexico and make the same statements.


Good idea. Let Chinese and Russian and Iranian and Venezuelan navies all meet there for a friendship game….

Zionism = EVIL

Iran’s soft power and influence is on global display as it is the only country that enjoys excellent relations with both China and India as has brought them together in the unprecedented naval exercises and also helped diffuse the Ladakh issue along with Russia as slap to US and Zionist warmongering.

India joins Iran-Russia joint navy drill; China also to take part

Exercise include shooting at sea and air targets and liberating hijacked ships,
as well as search and rescue and anti-piracy operations.

Just Me

Russian Stoiky frigate, one the newest, flying Iranian national ensign as it enters Chah Bahar harbor.

comment image

Just Me

Russian and Iranian frigates and corvettes near Chah Bahar.

comment image


There’s deep state in chinas media too,good to see slowly but surely the problematic warmonger$
being put right in their places(void),efficient means of trade route is positive whist trying to halt
progress is not the way to go forward,regardless which side of the oceans,though I too like many
have reservations such the statement be taken as gospel,seens usa needs serious reforms o/seas!

Laurent Parodi

I put a gun in your face but don’t worry it s not against you and it’s friendly.
Seriously? This level of BS is astonishing.


In ‘3rd’ world developing country anytime yankee carrier come near..expect a coup.


biden trying to look tough like hes against china while he secretly rubs xi’s balls


Rubbing… ? ? ?…. rubbing?

Just Me

comment image


russia are cowards and rats, they kill armenians and support terrorists

Tommy Jensen

Exactly. The reason we sailed one air-carrier after the other was to save gasoline and has nothing to do with China.
The reason why we held military drills outside China’s borders in International free waterways, was to show our willingness to defend our trade partner China, against any terrorists who wish to do an American and our interests harm.
China should instead be happy we pay for mutual defence of a common goal of freedom!


Sure… ?…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

James Kirk should surely be aboard the Enterprise or at least involved with the United States Space Force.


??? In deep space… Serving his jewish gods

Dick Von Dast'Ard

4 Million Texans Without Power Amid Grid Collapse, As Second Storm Nears
Can’t even provide themselves with the freedom of electricity let alone navigation.

Just Me

Deadbeat Hollywood “Supapava” lol

Pensamentos Nómadas

Exactly,parallel reality!
Just to “Improve our readiness levels” to fight no one… i see.


yeah sure, the dumbed down yankee-twats seem to think the rest of the world is as dumbed down as they themselves are – unfortunately that ain’t the case and the more they do under such illusion the dumber they appear in the eyes of the beholder, i.e. the rest of the world.

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