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U.S. & NATO Rush To Add Fuel To Fire Of Idlib Conflict

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U.S. & NATO Rush To Add Fuel To Fire Of Idlib Conflict

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The Washington-led establishment are attempting to seize the opportunity and push Turkey further into the Idlib tensions, and encourage it to carry out agressive actions in the region.

Despite of the differences in conduct and end goal, the Turkey-Russia-Iran diplomatic effort on the Syrian conflict is the most successful such example, and it is understandable that Washington and Co. are attempting to break it down.

On February 11th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his condolences to Turkey for the troops that died while assisting militants in Idlib.

He expressed support for Ankara, and said that he had sent the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement and the Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS James Jeffrey to coordinate steps to answer the Syrian Arab Army’s movements.

“In Ankara, Ambassador Jeffrey will meet with senior Turkish officials to discuss issues of mutual concern, including the Assad regime’s Russian-backed military offensive in Idlib, the current situation in northeast Syria, implementation of UNSCR 2254 on the resolution of the Syrian conflict, and the Coalition’s continued efforts to ensure an enduring defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.”

The Munich Security Conference will take place on February 13th, and Jeffrey will attend it, it is sure to provide some more insight into what might transpire in Idlib.

The U.S Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) formally published a request to lift economic sanctions against Turkey’s defense and energy ministries.

The sanctions were imposed in regard to operation “Peace Spring” in Northeastern Syria, which Turkey began carrying out against the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also accused the Syrian Arab Army, and the Russian troops that support it of attacking civilians, and thus indirectly expressed support of Turkey’s activities in support of the militants.

“I am very concerned about the situation in Idlib, because we have seen horrendous attacks against civilians. We have seen, again, that hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee. And we have seen indiscriminate shelling of, also, civilian targets. And we condemn this, because we condemn indiscriminate attacks against, also, civilian targets.

And therefore, we call on Assad and Russia, because Russia provides support to the Assad regime, to stop these attacks, to respect international law and to fully support the UN efforts to try to find a peaceful solution.

This is urgent, because people are suffering today, as we speak. And hundreds of thousands of people are forced once again to flee. And therefore, the Russian-backed regime, Assad regime, has to stop this killing, this horrendous attack of innocent people in Idlib. And I expect, of course, this to be an issue that Allied ministers will raise during the ministerial.”

The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar is attending a meeting of the NATO defense ministers in Brussels on February 12th and 13th, and he is to discuss the situation in Syria and ask for NATO support.

Turkey also plans to push back the Syrian Arab Army from its observation posts in Idlib by the end of February.

The situation is in a stalemate, and currently any Turkish and militant efforts are achieving no success in gaining back any ground.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed that Turkey will attack Syrian Arab Army troops anywhere if Turkish troops are attacked again.

“If any harm comes to our soldiers in observation posts [in Idlib] or anywhere [in Syria], I declare from there that we will hit regime forces everywhere regardless of the Sochi deal,” he said.

To push back the Syrian forces, Turkey “will do what is necessary via land and air without hesitation,” added Erdogan.

Which means that Turkey would begin offensive action anywhere in Syria, and not only in Idlib against the SAA.

On Turkey’s initiative, Erdogan called Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone on February 12th.

The discussion was regarding various aspects of the settlement of the Syrian crisis, primarily in the context of the aggravation of the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The importance of the full implementation of the existing Russian-Turkish agreements, including the Sochi Memorandum of September 17, 2018, was noted. For these purposes, it was agreed to conduct additional contacts through the relevant departments.

Meanwhile, Turkish suppliers complained about difficulties sending tomatoes to Russia, said Ahmet Hamdi Gyrdogan, head of the Union of East Black Sea Exporters.

This is notable, since one of the sanctions Russia imposed on Turkey over the downing of the Russian Su-24 back in 2015, was related to tomatoes and they’re a big part of Ankara-Moscow agricultural trade.

“We are ready to supply our products to Russia instead of the Chinese, which it has now abandoned because of the coronavirus. However, unfortunately, our historical friendship with Russia due to events in Syria, and especially in Idlib, is under great pressure, relations are deteriorating. Now we can’t send tomatoes to Russia: they say that the quota has ended. <…> I hope that the leadership of Russia and Turkey will be able to act on the basis of common sense,” a source of RIA said.

According to him, exporters requested an additional quota from the Russian side, but so far no answer has been received, and the delivered goods are being returned back.

Thus, it appears that some pressure from Russia towards Turkey is becoming apparent, but also discussions are on-going.

It is unlikely that Turkey would receive any actual military support from the US on its own, or from NATO for that matter. But proclamations of support and various “benefits” – such as the removal of sanctions, would be provided, in order to encourage it to carry out its operation against the Syrian Arab Army, and the Russian support it receives.

Since the operation may potentially develop towards breaking the current Moscow-Ankara-Tehran trio on Syria, and the improving relations between Turkey and Russia in particular.

Regardless, despite the diplomatic rhetoric and hollow support provided by the US and NATO, discussions between Ankara and Moscow are on-going and time will tell if this attempt to break up the relationship would result in any sort of success.


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How NATO can do that ? How these bastards can challenge Russians’ basic right of bombing, killing civilians and forcing them to Turkish border ??

Gary Sellars

“How these bastards can challenge Russians’ basic right of bombing, killing Wahhabi terrorists and forcing them to Turkish border ??”

There.. fixed it for you, no charge.


Thanks mate , thanks for enlightening me about those damn wahhabi terrorists ( all 4 million of them including children , women and elderly ) who must be eliminated for the sake of a better world where giraffe and his Russian sugar daddy can live happily afterwards.

Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

I’ve got 2 words for you…….MOSUL!……..RAQQA!


And your point is ?

Concrete Mike

Russja was invited by the LEGAL Syrian government.

Turkey is a filthy invader, that supports Jabhat Al Nusrah, a terrorist organization.
According to Sochi deal, these al nusrah militants have to be removed, the opposite happenned.
You can cry civilians all you want, its pretty obvious Al Nusrah hides amongst civilians, thus increasing civilian casualties, giving talking points to apologists like you, there are millions of fools like you spewing the militant trash.

Your an Azeri tool working on behalf of Israel.
How does it feel to support terrorism? Because thats what your doing!


True. Turks are so dumb to believe their gov stands behind Palestine, while the Turks were the very first and most loyal collaborators with CIA NATO and Israel. And stay to this day.
Cognitive dissonance at its finest.


Turkey is a Jewish/Donmeh run, hijacked state. Erdodog is the head jew.


So you think the bombing is just to satiate an urgent need to kill civilians?
I understand you are Turk, but you can do better than that (not so sure but I think so).
The Bombing is to retake the territory and make Syria whole again. Get the economy going, get rid of jihadism against muslims and get a mentality where we all live together in peace.
These Jihadists have brought nothing good to the Syrians. And the Turks kept financing them militarily. There was no economic development no improvement of quality of life. Nothing.
They just kept digging tunnels, amassing weapons, training for combat and doing raids on civilians in Aleppo.
You see, Muslims can never evolve, they are kept in a state of fighting each other. And while they are fighting, the rest of the world is evolving and making scientific discoveries and getting better quality of life.
Instead of looking for stability for each other they try to conquer each other thinking that each one of them has the perfect model of Islam that will bring back old glory. Turks are stuck 500 years ago and Gulf monarchies are stuck 1500 years ago.
What is odd is that non Muslim forces are trying to pacify them and bring them back to their senses. With a ntable exception Iran.


How I love your kind of gullible morons who are ready to swallow every kind of BS served to them while they claim to be intelligent..

The bombing is to retake Syria again, get the economy going, make Syria whole again, and live together in peace where parents sip their tea under a willow tree as their multinational kids merrily dance around while iranian piglets watch whipping their backs in a civilized manner LOL.

And how this new and brave Syria will be built ? It will be built by ousting 6.7 million citizens ( UNCHR 1987 figures ) out of the country by raining fire on them or gassing them ( A final solution invented by Saddam and mastered by Qasım Suleimani aka The Butcher of Aleppo ) and further pushing 2 to 3 million people to Turkish border.The number of refugees together with the ones flocking to border is close to 9 million , half of all Syrian population. And what is your solution for this mess ? Sugar coating the creation of a ”modern” ‘ Syria a la Khmer Rogue.

Now lets cut the crap about the situation that islam is in , and that chithole called iran where human life is cheaper than dirt . A country where people are inherited from father to son is no different than Gulf monarchies stuck 1500 years ago, and only naive can believe that ousted %50 will ever make a truce with Assad.

Syria needs to be partitioned in 2 or 3 pieces. This is the only way to solve this mess. There is no need to keep an unhappy marriage alive.


All right, I just wanted to confirm. You are not a Turk.
The comment about Iran is now confirming your identity.
Not only that, previous comments show you have access to some non-public information.
Your cover is blown. You are Mossad.
Enjoy the unfolding show. There will be some surprises.


OMG my cover is blown. As if iran and we did not have a rivaly and hidden hate against each other since last 1000 years.

You are not the first one blaming me to be Mossad here. When their beloved Russia and Iran are insulted, all you guys here who seem to be humanitarian , and claim to think out of the box immediately start jumping and shouting ‘ Mossad Mossad’ as if you are Archimedes running naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting Eureka.

You morons exaggerated jews and put them on to a special place in yr head which they really did not belong. Those jews are not some kind of evil or demonic people out of Talmud, they are just another sneaky Middle East peasants who are only a bit more educated than the other people around, and supported by west due to western guilt triip stemming from ww2.

And finally Mr halfwit , I have no access to some special info. Your discuss username is Wegan@@walidhammami. Look at the second part of your registered username. It does not need to be a rocket scientist to guess what yr name is , does it ? Hillarious..


You know even less than the usual Hasbara trolls. Khazar “Jews” are NOT from the middle east.


Lol. ok fair enough about username. I still think you’re Mossad. I mean who in his own mind would support the invasion of a neighbouring country and see the destruction caused by it and keep supporting militia and chaos for 10 years.

Any normal being would love that his neighbours live in peace around him. Why so much hatred? It’s mind-boggling.

Turkey was supposed to lead the Islamic world to a better place. I can’t believe Turks could be so evil. Thus the conclusion that you can only be evil aka Mossad.
I and others here can’t imagine someone like you could exist. That’s why we all rally in front of such hatred. You are not a good human being. Your existence is a disgrace to humanity.

I wish you well though and hope for you that one day you become an honourable human.


“Syria needs to be partitioned in 2 or 3 pieces. This is the only way to solve this mess. ” – Bang on the money – thats the Oded Yinon and PNAC in one sentence you F@cktard ZioMonkey. Syria is the lynchpin. Thousands of PMU’s are soon gonna slaughter thieving baby killing organ selling rabid Fake Jew Khazar settler pigs. THEN the problem will be solved.


I will give you a secret , but dont tell it to anyone.
Not everyone confronting your ideas is a jew, there may not be a circumsized jewish diack under every stone you turn.


To NATO: The huge majority of NATO countries, just like all your neighbour countries and countries all over the world despise you. Even more in some cases than they despise the US-NATO regime. You are rivaling with the US as the most despised countrey on earth. Well played. You Turks surely made your bed. Now sleep in it.


Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests. (Palmerstone.)

No nation has friends , but only interests. , ( De Gaulle )

We are here for business , do we look like a teenage girl looking for love to you ? (Me )


So as a nation, when the whole world despises you, even all your neighbours, you dont think it is possible there are reasons for this?
You think just like a nut job (or US exceptionalists): “Its not me who is crazy, its all other people on earth”.
And to the questions why you should care: If not for integrity, or moral reasons, then for your own good as a country, to regognize problems in policy and to be able to fix them. Ignorance is always suicidal in the long run.
But yeah, act like you Turks can burn down your neighbours, antagonize even your closest allies, act like thugs, and then fight the whole world.
Hint: You cant. Your technology is either bought in Russia or west, or it is shit. Your country is divided like it has not been for generations. Your economy in ruins. And you burned the bridges that could have saved you, while playing thuggish superpower than you simply are not able to. Your gov can now crawl back to the US, like it just did, and play their bitch again.

And therefore: You made your bet, now sleep in it.


I really love that ‘ but.. but.. but.. noone likes you ” argument , which is mostly pushed around by greeks, it always enjoyed me dearly.

I really dont care or give a rats azz to yr emotional BS above regarding love of others.. So please go cry elsewhere , as last thing I would like to see is a dotard jumping in anger.

Let me tell you a few things which will annoy you further. That idol of yours called Russia is nothing but a chithole , whose economy basicly depends on oil and some missile techologhy they had to develop for protecting their vast lands as they were unable to compete with US aeroplane technology. I am not even talking about the nuclear tech they have stolen from US.

They were the second india now if Stalin did not force thouse drunkards to die at gunpoint of NKVD , they were nothing today if Stalin did not waste them in wagons and Gulag and forced them to work in factories free of charge where even a dog would not stand unless leashed.


The same Russia that kicked the US outta Syria?

S Melanson

“Despite of the differences in conduct and end goal, the Turkey-Russia-Iran diplomatic effort on the Syrian conflict is the most successful such example, and it is understandable that Washington and Co. are attempting to break it down.”

I can only wonder what an unsuccessful example would look like. Back to reality…

That fence Erdogan was sitting on has been thoroughly napalmed. Erdogan cannot sit on the fence any longer so time for him to make up his mind. This ought to be really interesting.

Rhodium 10

Erdogan has 2 faces….now he is showing his NATO face!…

Albert Pike

What do you expect from somebody who makes a pilgrimage to Herzl’s grave, and then wants to ‘free’ Palestine from the Zionists:



ErdoDog is probably a Cryoto Jew (Donmeh) playing his the game they are known for so well – impersonating Muslims.


God damn it, it was obvious this was how it would end.. Dreaming of some esoteric allaiance between Russia and Turkey was always delusional.
When dreams trump (pun intended) reality..
Erdogan got some advantages for playing on Russias hopes that Turkey would break with NATO, and got economic favors and leverage with Putin (South stream pipeline for example, which is much more important to Russia that Turkey).
Now that he got what he wanted, he is back in the NATO fold.
Well played Erdolf.

Gary Sellars

The seppos can go and fuck themselves. They don’t get a say in how Syria defeats the remaining Takfiri infection, and neither do the kebabs.


The crux of the current situation in Idlib today, is that Turkey is now OPENLY supporting, arming and abetting Al Nusra that is a United Nations designated Terrorist Organisation.

Concrete Mike

Yep, that is correct. Few civilians wants to live under the black flag.

Turkey is simply trying to cockblock thats all.

Bunch of wankers is what they are.

Chris Chuba

Pompeo’s language is so stilted and identical to the same BS from the Obama Administration. At some point people have to realize that it is nothing more than cookie cutter phrases that cannot possibly be fact based. ‘hundreds of thousands of civilians being displaced’, ‘indiscriminate bombing’, ‘targeting civilians’, never even conceding that the Syrians might accidentally hit a militant, he forgot to mention hospitals and schools.


He also forgot that the civilians of Aleppo have been fired upon by the nusra militants with mortars and rockets for years. So at least a word for those 15,000 killed there would have been nice, before blagging on about targeting civilians etc.


Sometimes I think that both the US and Russia are trying to palm off that sack of camel dung Erdogan, no insults to camel dung intended, to each other, as the loser has to deal with that piece of crap Erdogan, no insults to crap intended.

You have him.
No, you have him.
No, you have him, he’s all yours.
No. you……., crap!


Putin may have made a major blunder by saving Erdogans’ miserable existence.

peter mcloughlin

Fires become conflagrations despite the best efforts to contain the spread. We have still to learn from history.



Ray Joseph Cormier

The Secretary-General of the UN calling on Russia and Syria to respect International Law? What a joke?

He’s been silent on Trump’s opinion trumping International Law telling the World Israeli Settlements are now legal because Trump says so, undermining decades of International Law.

Turkey is invading Syria in violation of International Law and the US is stealing Syria’s oil in violation of International Law.

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