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U.S. National Security Council Sought Military Options Against Iran Upon Request From John Bolton – Report

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U.S. National Security Council Sought Military Options Against Iran Upon Request From John Bolton – Report

John Bolton during the press conference in Geneva, Via RT TV

The National Security Council sought options for a military strike against Iran following a mortar attack near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad last year, which was allegedly carried out by an Iranian-backed group, the Wall Street Journal reported on January 13 citing U.S officials.

The mortar attack didn’t result in any casualties. Despite of this, National Security Advisor John Bolton asked the Pentagon to set up a plan to take military actions against not only Iran, but also Syria and Iraq.

“It definitely rattled people … People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran.” a former senior U.S. administration official, who was alarmed by Bolton’s request, told the New York-based newspaper.

Commenting on the matter, National Security Council spokesman Garret Marquis told the WSJ that the council’s task is to coordinate policy and provide the president with options to anticipate and respond to a variety of threats. However, it remains unclear if Trump was aware of Bolton’s request.

“We continue to review the status of our personnel following attempted attacks on our embassy in Baghdad and our Basra consulate, and we will consider a full range of options to preserve their safety and our interests,” Marquis said.

Bolton is well-known for his radical views against Iran. Last year, the Intercept revealed that the senior advisor promised members of the Iranian opposition that the Iranian regime will be overthrown by 2019 during a meeting in the French capital of Paris.

“Before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!” Bolton told members of the Iranian opposition group, People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), according to the Intercept.

This aggressive behavior against Iran could further destabilize the Middle East, which is already witnessing dangerous conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

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Bolton is a typical chickenhawk warmonger asshole.

Zionism = EVIL

Bolton is a coward and a Vietnam era draft dodger like the fat retard Trump. Both are in pockets of Zionists who want the dumb Americunts to be mired in endless wars so that their illegal and untenable occupation of Palestine and crimes against Arabs continue. Bolton an Trump are now trying to organize a “Camp David” style treacherous sell out of Saudis by bringing the two war criminals Nutter Yahoo and the idiot MBS together. The Iranians are the last remaining hold out state that has resisted the Americunts and Zionists. People forget that both Russia and China also acted as patsies for the Americunts and imposed illegal UNSC sanctions on Iran, they could have easily used the VETO!

Rafik Chauhan

boltan is retarded person installed by Zionist to provkeUS for war against iran . Boltan wants to kill and sacrifie more US soldier who has nothing to do with Zionist led war. American soldier should wake up and say no to Zionist government and kick them to the sea.


John Bolton era has gone. Nothing left in their hands. Now Zionists are in devastated condition in US.

Zionism = EVIL

Sorry the Jew media has brainwashed the average redneck who is dumber than a rock anyway. The average Americunt is totally ignorant and somehow has been led to believe that US is almighty, when in reality the opposite is true. The Zionist agenda is endless wars in the world.

jade villaceran

As if russia will allow the usa to attack iran, attacking iran will be the start of www 3


It is not Russia that has invested in Iran.

jade villaceran

They wont allow black sea to be open to nato army that is why iran is a red line for russia


Pay close attention to Belarus and where and Who sent money overseas.
Notice how Putin has Clamped down, Pay Special close attention of his Childhood friends. He is best friends with Lukashenka.
This is where Russian money and how it was washed. Ukraine is involved.
Putin is now awash with Nationalism they all are.


bolton is the liaison man between the deep shit and the mic and is instructed to make certain that there is a continuous demand for weapons from the desperate states of friggin a so that the war profiteers won’t have to wait for windfall profits. they much prefer the steady and reliable profits from any and all wars kept going by bolton. bolton would be better off locked up in the nearest asylum for the mad and insane!


Americans think that all leaders are as corrupt as they are in the USA.
Americans simply cannot accept that people like Putin put their country ahead of personal wealth.
Honesty, look it up.


Lukashenko is everything but Putin’s friend
Stop puking your Atlanticist MSM propaganda here.
f**k o*f you NATO twat!


you’re thinking about the Caspian Sea a lot of nato countries around the black sea but non littoral states can only deploy navy ships into the black sea for 3 weeks according to the mpntreaux convention

Tommy Jensen

If Israel sail into Black Sea as frontrunner for Nato behind them, Putin cant do a sh.t.

Promitheas Apollonious

Iran does not need russia, or any on else for that matter to defend itself.


Yes they do.
Even China needs Russia to defend herself let alone Iran….
Just like Russia would need help of China in the case of direct US-NATO attack.

They will not get direct Russian & Chinese help (they don’t need it) but they will receive modern weapons and other logistic support (they need that)
If US attacks Iran they will not attack alone.

Promitheas Apollonious

Iran been attacked by nato and israel for 8 years when they convinced Iraq to attack Iran, in full force and with the use also of chemicals. No country helped them then and they have not only prevailed but have not lost an inch of their land.

In today’s reality of Iran who ever attack it will be destroyed, in a very short time. As for the rest you say about russia or china, I think you need to be educated a little based on military realities around the world and I mean in today’s realities and not the myths western story tellers have created and teach as reality.

Also understand a simple fact. If the war is conventional and west attack any of the countries you mentioned, they stand no chance of winning and will be totally destroyed in a very short time. If the war is nuclear then none wins and earth is destroyed.

US have won none of the wars they started and that was when they was at their strongest and still have warriors in their armies and not been controlled by psychopaths and perverts. So take a leap into today`s realities and re think the way you think.


You jump on the conclusions to know what I think

Also you are comparing incomparable….
Russia-China-Iran stick together for reason.
To resist US and “allays”
None of the countries would be able to resist on the long run against conventional+tactical nukes ….
Iraq is not comparable US+NATO+Israel+Saudi+UAE are immensely bigger….
“In today’s reality of Iran who ever attack it will be destroyed, in a very short time”
I tend to totally disagree.
Iran will be able to resist but not forever if not helped…
“I mean in today’s realities and not the myths western story tellers have created and teach as reality.”
Do tell please?
Enlighten me !
Maybe…about Iran creating copy of US F-5 (3rd generation jet) as proves of Iranian know how?!
Copy of T-90 tank maybe?
Would be copy of the Shkval supercavitating torpedoe

All this Iranian rocket tech that originates ( ballistic) from N. Korea and Ukraine and reverse engineered Russian & Chinese AA missiles is respectful but that’s about it….
Etc, etc..
Their “power”
That would do for Israel only but not for US+NATO+Israel and bunch of gulf criminals

” If the war is conventional ”
U.S. has NO chance (with “allays” or without them) against China…Only with nukes
But for nukes they have Russia to back them up…
Russia would lose conventional war against US-NATO ..on the longer run but than Russia would NUKE all NATO troupes with tactical nukes.
Iran also would lose conventional war and go to the mountains to resist.
It is 100% probable that US would use smaller nukes in Iran

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont jump to conclusions as to what you know my friend your statements tell me what you know and how you evaluate.

In a war that becomes global if any of this 3 countries you mentioned is attacked is only natural their allies will take their side. You did not obviously understand what I answered to you.

And what I said any of this countries you mentioned, is attacked in a conventional way they can with out any help to destroy what comes against them.

Iraq in their attack against Iran was not alone had the whole of nato behind them. And yes in population the countries you mentioning maybe bigger all together than Iran, but the damage Iran can inflict on them alone it be enough to stop them on their tracks. And we seen what houthis are doing to saudi arabia so let us stay within the realm of military reality and not a combination of holywood and Ifs.

In syria they send more than a million mercenaries and iraq and you seen the results after russia with very little mobilization did to them and their allies. Numbers dont win wars warriors do and west and allies they dont have that.


I was concrete enough.
There was no “holywood and Ifs.” in my comment
and I’ve heard no real counter-argument from you.

You for some reason OVERESTIMATE Iran’s power (maybe you are Iranian) but that’s your right….I don’t care.
Talking that war will be “conventional only” against Iran can think only ignorant people.
U.S. would nuke the shit out of Iranian forces with tactical nukes. Because US-NATO forces are not match to Iranian ground forces.

But think whatever you want I can’t care less.

Promitheas Apollonious

and you of course went to so many wars and lead so many men in battle that you know exactly what you speaking about correct?

What part of conventional war dont you understand? If any one use nukes then the opposing nuclear powers will respond to the attacker and I said that. So yes you run too many holywood scenarios in your mind when you conclude.

No I am not iranian. Do you understand that the first one to use nukes against any country will provoke an attack from both russia and china? So when you say what you saying, you are talking holyshit scenarios and not something it will happen in real life.

And IF nato could attack Iran and win as you suggesting and they have attack it using as proxy Iraq and did not win, explain to me why they been for 30 years now farting from the mouth what they do to Iran but never dare to attack it.

All your thinking is based IF the americans do this or that, not military reality.


” If any one use nukes then the opposing nuclear powers will respond to the attacker ”
NO Russia&China will NOT “respond” for Iran!

First your basic proposition was about CONVENTIONAL war which was unrealistic and FLAWED in logic from the start.
Like it is unrealistic to claim that if US would use TACTICAL nukes that Russia would start MAD because of Iran and call for destruction of Russia automatically!
Only ignorant people would say such thing!
Tactical nukes with small yield are used against troupes usually.
NO REASON for Russia to start MAD because of that ! They would never do that!

Again maybe you are Iranian, but Russians are NOT Iranians and have no desire to die all because of some tactical nukes are used on Iranian troops in Iran
Russia would help Iran not to lose the war YES but not for the price to scarify every Russian & Russia because of Iran!!

“opposing nuclear powers will respond to the attacker”
YES “opposing nuclear powers” would do that but IRAN IS NOT NUCLEAR POWER !!!

Listen you keep labeling me with “Hollywood” bullshit label That doesn’t change facts or my arguments!

Do you understand that the first one to use nukes against any country will provoke an attack from both russia and china?
I was talking about TACTICAL nukes in Iran but you see no difference because too ignorant.
Saying that is totally ignorant and pure bullshit detached from reality!!
You have NO clue what are you talking about!
Maybe you watch too much
Iranian-Bollywood movies?!
“All your thinking is based IF the americans do this or that”
NO “if” at all ! I’m 100% sure that US will use TACTICAL nukes against Iran !
“they have attack it using as proxy Iraq and did not win”,
Are you saying that NATO troops were attacking together with Saddam’s troops Iran’s positions maybe?
NO! So what is your problem ?
Why you EXAGGERATE all the time?
I have told you already you can’t compare fucking Iraq to US+NATO+Israel+gulf twats.
Iraqis were not even true”proxy” like you would like to present them. They had US selling some ( limited )weapons to them and Europe some chemicals.
That was all !
If you say they were more involved than you are more than ignorant!
Do not waste my time with such rubbish comments PLEASE!
Do not waste my time THINK WHATEVER YOU WANT I can’t care less.

Promitheas Apollonious

now you calling policies for other countries as well ok jako I rest my case. You seem to speak for every one here so I am sure you know best.

No they will not respond for Iran but they will respond to any one use nuclear against their allies as their turn is next and Russia already as US have a law about preemptive strikes.

No you said that, what I said is that Iraq had the full logistical support of nato US/UK as well Israel in its attack against Iran same as the mercenaries attacked Syria had the full logistical support of nato. And the one who is BS is you and from your comments I see you filling what ever caps of ignorance you have with assumption and not true knowledge of what went down then or now.

And before call bullshit what I said better get educated as to what went down then and after come and apologize for your ignorance of fact. Forgive me if I dont respond to your jerking off again.

tactical nukes are nukes and the ignorant is you kid so take a walk and go get educated.


I don’t know the “best” but I know what I know
and I din’t see that in “Hollywood movies”!

I at least do not call Iran super power capable to “destroy everybody” who attacks them (pure bullshit)

I don’t think that Russian’s are willing to all die for Iran (pure bullshit)

I do not think that ” Iraq had the full logistical support” whatever that means (is pure exaggeration)

US was happy to see Iraq & Iran kill each other and (Iran was on losing side of the war more than Iraq)

YES “Russia already has a law about preemptive strikes” BUT NOT Iran because they have no nukes!
So your comments are all ill placed or plane ignorant.

Russian law is SAYING NOTHING about nuke attacks on other countries let alone declaring war for TACTICAL nukes in Iran!
That law doesn’t even talk about attack on Belarus let alone others. That law talks about attack on RUSSIA!
Russia will NOT start WW3 for Iran or China BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT formal ALLAYS !

There is NO signed agreement between them yet can’t you understand that simple words?!?
they will respond to any one use nuclear against their allies
The closest Russian allay is Belarus because they have SIGNED certain defense agreements
But not much if at all with others
SCO, such Kazakhstan, China… (Iran is not even member) and others.

Since you ignore difference between allays (Belarus) and others less allays (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ) no point talking to you.

“tactical nukes are nukes”
For you and some teenage girl who has ZERO knowledge they are all “NUKES” …
It takes knowledge to see the difference between 0.3 KT or 3KT and 3 MEGA TON nukes

Promitheas Apollonious

I did not called Iran super power and you are very limited both in knowledge and common sense and you are taking what I say out of context. as I said when you learn to think and put the dots together you also understand what I am saying.

Now walk in peace and think what ever you like I am sure the closer you come to war is from your screen and keyboard.


You “did not call Iran super power” directly but indirectly – you have said this (which is the same as calling them super power):
” Iran who ever attack it will be destroyed,”
Saying that Iran can “destroy” literally anybody is the same like calling them super power who can “destroy” US+NATO+Israel with no problem.
All your comments were pure exaggeration from declaring Iran stronger then Iran is, to the presumption that Russia & China would haste directly into the war and start WW3 over Iran.
In the latest voting in UN-national assembly over Crimea China did NOT even vote in favor of Russia (they were neutral) but 43 other countries did vote in favor of Russia!
So much of Iran, China & Russia being allays!!!
How do you expect at all that Russians would start World War over Iran ?!
They would HELP Iran with weapons and everything not to be completely defeated and that would be sufficient

They would only go into the war if the STRATEGIC nukes were used against Iran (but not tactical nukes against their troops)
To “walk in peace”?!
Oh I am personally all for war against NATO I do not hide it!
I hate them with all my heart !
If World War started I would grab some weapon and TRY to get involved against NATO soldiers (before all planet goes to hell )

Promitheas Apollonious

kid give it a rest, you sound like a child trying to win an argument so it translates in his peanutbutter brain, how ever he wants what it reads. I know what I say and I stand by it but the idiotic way you chose to understand what I say, in order to make a very stupid argument, shows how very low thinking span you have as well reasoning.

Now take a walk while I am still humoring you.


Iranian Greek you can call your father “kid”.
I couldn’t care less how do I “sound” I will not take your bullshit arguments as valid

I have nothing else to tell you any more transgender Iranian in the skirt.

Promitheas Apollonious

and you can call yours a jerk off, after all the jerk, dont fall very far for the tree.


I hope for you to have panties, thongs under that skirt…

Watch out for homos you might be (pleasantly) surprised from behind.

Promitheas Apollonious

motherfucker stop describing your self, not interested.


So why I you so upset if I ….”describe myself”?

Promitheas Apollonious

upset? you flatter yourself again. is no if in what I say kid. go jerk someplace else.


Ha, ha, ha, ha you are pathetic!

Promitheas Apollonious

what ever you say jerk off.


Iranian-Greek transgender who hates Russia …what else to expect from your kind of people.


“””Russia would lose conventional war against US-NATO ..on the longer run….but than Russia would NUKE all NATO troupes with tactical nukes (and offer MAD).”””

I am kind of curious to hear how Russia would loose to NATO……in the longer run?


That was just HYPOTHETICAL for the sake of comparison… on condition that war is conventional (without growing into the nuke conflict (which is not realistic)).

All is in numbers GDP, population, resources, industrial capacity number of armies, weapons systems etc.
Compare Russia to US+NATO.
“In the longer run” -smaller human and other resources..

It is not that only I say that
Many people say that including some Russians…and it seam logical


Future conventional wars among peer countries will be devastating expanding large quantities of armaments and ammunition, and given the destructiveness and accuracy of weapons will be relatively short lived.
GDP, population, industrial capacity would be somewhat moot points considering most western nations outsourced significant portions of the manufacturing capabilities to Asia, and we are not in a strategic posture of WW2……where you take a beating for 2 years and then the strategic balance shifts in your favour because aliens come to your rescue.

NATO has been sitting on its ass doing very little, being involved in color revolutions and counterinsurgencies, their platforms and weaponry are old, their stockpile of munitions is low, the quality of their long range weapons is obsolete, and the icing on the cake,…….after three decades of doing very little, US and its poodles lack the brain power and moral compass to come out of the induced comma they have been in.
Russia on the other after it broke from the western establishment underwent a rearmament program followed by another one, establishing new weapon platforms that checkmate NATO strategic concepts.

The concept and deployment of hypersonic weaponry gives Russia a strong qualitative edge, neutralizing the Atlantic Ocean shipping and disrupting any efforts to resupply and reinforce NATO war effort.


You need to join the dots.
The US attacks Iran.
Iran stops all Persian Gulf oil supplies.
Oil prices rise to $300 a barrel.
The US loses $10 trillion in petrodollar cash flow.

The US would have bombed Iran decades ago, if it wasn’t for the fact that Iran holds Americas economic testicles in the palm of its hand, and could economically neuter the US easily.


OK all that
$300 a barrel would help lot to their fracking oil & gas industry and make turnover of expensive oil dollars compensate for the quantity of cash flow percentage.
I don’t know how did you get ” $10 trillion”calculated?!?
The essence of the problem is that 300$ oil would push whole planet in economic DEPRESSION bigger than 1929.
On the other hand they need WW3 to erase the debt….
Thus I think that only reason U.S. doesn’t attack Iran is because they look for good excuse to make NATO, Israel do that for them.
It is not that much problem to attack Iran
The biggest problem is to get permanent control of Iran’s oil & gas.
Which looks close to impossible.


The fracking industry is like the collateralized debt obligation industry, a huge con.
But US oil production is irrelevant, it’s the tax on foreign oil production and sale that the US would lose, that would bring down the US economy.


Even though they are one year “miracle” by becoming the biggest world producer of oil.
“Con” or not that doesn’t change that fact.
So at least that one year I doubt that they can be ignored or called “irrelevant”at all.

Also US has no “tax on foreign oil production”.
Where did you get flawed information?
They have provisions on dollar transactions and projecting that earning on huge “10 trillion” earnings sounds way to o exaggerated.
It is important earning but even more important is that “Petro” dollar keeps dollar relevant as world currency.
That way US can continue their endless manipulations of the world (rigged) financial markets and printing money for FREE.

300$ oil would bring weak world economy down and push WHOLE planet into the depression. Asia, (China) would quickly exit depression (and all the countries that have plenty of gold) but many countries would not exit quickly at all !


“Also US has no “tax on foreign oil production”.”
You have to pay for oil in US dollars, you have to buy US dollars to buy oil, the US banks charge you to buy US dollars. When the oil producer gets the US dollars, he either has to pay the American banks to change it into his currency, or leave it in an American bank.
Also you have confused earnings with cash flow, they are not the same thing.
In earnings the US earns 0.2% on every foreign exchange. The Saudis sell about 10 million barrels a day at say 50 bucks equals $500 mil a day.
0.2% of 500M is a million a day, just from the Saudis, it’s a great racket, it costs the US nothing, gives it power over other currencies, and makes an awful lot of money for the US.


“You have to pay for oil in US dollars, you have to buy US dollars to buy oil, the US banks charge you to buy US dollars.”

So you keep repeating of what I have said already (without going into unnecessary details) of every possible dollar transaction….
Stop your empty lecturing and read my comment again please.

Learn first basic economic vocabulary please!
You have used this words;
“it’s the tax on foreign oil production ”

US can NOT impose international “tax” on “foreign oil production”
That is utter nonsense!
Provisions on dollar transactions are NOT “tax”, only countries have rights to impose “taxes” on “production” in their own territory!
Those are standard provisions for using dollars paid for dollar transactions paid to the U.S. banks and US – FED.

And those earnings do NOT amount on 10 trillion dollars like you claim.


You are acting as if you are an expert on economy and in the same time saying pure nonsense by saying that US is imposing “tax” on “foreign oil production”
That is pure ignorance of basics in economy.
You (maybe ) have meant right but you have used totally WRONG words and now you try to retract by making idiot out of me with your attempt to present me like I didn’t understand…

You are “convincing” me of something I have said my self before you that PROVISIONS for ANY using of the dollars are paid to U.S.
So I find that as travesty and dishonest


just think of the billions of junk bonds paying the way for the tight oil venture and which at today’s prices won’t ever be repaid and moreover have been cónsistently
over valued so the total production foreseen ín the loan agreements are far to large so some lenders will be mighty pissed off in the near future and the exports of crude from the desperate states of a might just never be realized.


Iran is not Iraq and has the capacity to do some damage to US interests and bog the insane US into decades of very costly asymmetrical warfare. It is a big country and a very nationalistic population and will fight back destabilizing the whole western economic system dependent on oil.


Not true at all !.
They have invested in development of some important Iranian oil fields.


If it was not clear when the US media began talking about it first, informing us.

Bolton and trump are working together Stupid You all are. Blind You are.

GosT – “Behemoth


nah – bolton is trying to undo whatever trump is trying to achieve since he’s the mic/ds liaison man
and will be paid in gold when retiring after having sold out the american people to the mic/ds. tough luck being an ordinary plain friggin american.

Carne João Pasta

When is he going to fire him??


There is no need to fire Bolton.
Think about it. Who would replace him?
Bolton is predictable. Why Would You Fire a perfect Soldier?.

Jade Zee

O great..another racist telling everyone about how Russia works….

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Bolton going for regime change… In America.

You can call me Al

John Bolton – The Vietnam War was ongoing when Bolton graduated from Yale in 1970; he decided to enlist in the National Guard instead of going overseas to fight. He wrote in his memoir, “I had concluded that the Vietnam War was lost, and I made the cold calculation that I wasn’t going to waste time on a futile struggle. Dying for your country was one thing, but dying to gain territory that antiwar forces in Congress would simply return to the enemy seemed ludicrous to me.” – After joining the National Guard, he underwent training at Louisiana’s Fort Polk from July to November 1970………..That’s it folks.

He is as mad as a hatter – https://www.biography.com/people/john-bolton
comment image


I was talking to someone who was of age during the Vietnam war and I asked him if he went, he responded by saying “don’t be stupid, they shoot back!”. Now how is that for honesty?

Zionism = EVIL

That is the basic lesson for Syria to hit back at Zionists. Bullies only respect people who can hit back no matter the cost. Sitting back and getting clobbered daily only invites more aggression. This is schoolyard logic 101, the Americunts are cowards like the Zionists and stay clear of countries that can hit back.


Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.
(Hermann Goring)


“The royal descendants of Victoria (Queen of the United Kingdom) and of Christian IX (King of Denmark) currently occupy the thrones of Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. At the outbreak of the First World War their grandchildren occupied the thrones of Denmark, Greece, Norway, Germany, Romania, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom. For this, Queen Victoria was nicknamed “the grandmother of Europe” while King Christian IX was nicknamed “Father-in-law of Europe”. Of the remaining kingdoms of Europe today, only Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands descends neither from Queen Victoria nor King Christian IX”.

Not difficult to work out who starts wars and currently the royals of brittain are the largest welfare recipients. One royal chucks a shitty with another and then send the civilians out to fight their grievances. Looking forward to the day that the citizens tell their royals and officials to fight their own battles.


Damn –you are making me like John more than I already did


the desperate and moronic states of a would love to do something like attacking iran and the rest of the world (since they view they world as their oyster) but being skint just doesn’t allow them a whole lot of options and that’s the drawback when you overextend your budget and people and countries are wary about lending you more readies if you’re just going to blow it on nothing much useful – the problem in the desperate and moronic states is that twats like bolton has a weak grasp on reality and is allowed to run haywire on the stage when he really would be better off in a padded cell. you don’t have to see much of those eyes to realize the advanced stage of mad cow decease he’s in.


Americans simply cannot accept that any person or country be free and not be under the American jackboot.

Chris Saunders

Bolton, do you really think the Zionazis will reward you for being their loyal and devoted b*tch? They will use you, then spit you out or destroy you, as is their usual modus operandi. You are just a sucker goy to them and they hate you as much as any other goyim. . .


The guy is only National Adviser and he is starting his private project wars against Iran (and WW3 probably) based on some allegations without proves ?!

WHO the f***k is in charge in the U.S.?!?


Bolton is good at picking a fight but true to his character as is Trump he is a draft dodger and a coward and hides behind others who do the fighting. People like him need to be disposed of and never hold a position of power.


Anyone not looking at the US economy as part of assessing US threats, is missing a very important part of the picture. The US is running out of money to fund it’s Jew world order military budget, let alone start another major war like the ones that it has wasted $7 trillion on for the Jews in the middle east. –
comment image

– Current US Federal Budget Deficit –



Anyone not looking at the US economy as part of assessing US threats, is missing a very important part of the picture. The US is running out of money to fund it’s Jew world order military budget, let alone start another major war like the ones that it has wasted $7 trillion on for the Jews in the middle east.

Tommy Jensen

No problem, you guys will pay in the end………………….LOL.


With funny money? Hopefully Israel, Judaism and Jews cease to exist in the process.

George King

I guess that would relieve the burden of the IOU and the residual usury as well. Tell us more Richard D, especially the part about Tommy’s demise.


explain away what you think the angle is on ‘tommy’

George King

Tommy has already shared that, “If Israel sail into Black Sea as frontrunner for NATO behind them, Putin cant do a sh.t.”. First of all Israel has already tried to drag NATO in for its greater Israel plan but they will soon learn like the Kurds are going to they are in no mans land, trapped and the subject of their past grievances against its neighbors and its host/s.

He seems to forget (or like the most lame never attended geography education) the only entry is through the Bosporus (Turkey). Sail in but it will be like the Hotel California where you can check out but you can never leave.

The Bosporus allows maritime connections from the Black Sea all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean via Gibraltar, and the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal, making it a crucial international waterway, in particular for the passage of goods coming in from Russia.


Outlaw Judaism as a criminal organization that rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week. And clear the IDF out of the occupied territories and implement UN resolutions like the right of return so that Israel can be voted out of existence and Palestine unified to replace Israel at the UN.


a wonderful thing watching jews and sand niggers get the shit blown out
of them, don’t know about you gentlemen, but it gives me a raging
fucking hard on!


Operation Praying Mantis: The US smashes the Iranian Navy in a single day without significant losses. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Praying_Mantis

Iran knows they have no chance, we’d blow that Russian made junk up even worse this time


dream on you white supremacist trash

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