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U.S. Mulls Sending Warships To Black Sea In Support Of Ukraine: CNN Report

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U.S. Mulls Sending Warships To Black Sea In Support Of Ukraine: CNN Report

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The US is considering sending warships to the Black Sea in support for Ukraine, MSM reported.

An unnamed official from the Department of Defense told CNN that the Navy is flying reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Black Sea to monitor Russian naval movements.

They said that moving warships into the region would send a message of strength to Russia and put the Kremlin on notice that the US is monitoring the situation.

And “if something changes we will be ready to respond,” the official said.

This goes completely counter to a US warship that was sent away from the region on March 27th.

It left the region on April 2nd, due to the Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower will later sail to the Persian Gulf region.

Under a 1936 treaty giving Turkey control of the straits to enter the Black Sea, the US must give 14 days’ notice of its intent to move ships.

Russia’s defense ministry announced that it was moving more than 10 vessels, including landing boats and artillery warships, from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea to take part in military exercises, Reuters reported.

The frigate Admiral Essen conducted artillery firings in the Black Sea, successfully striking coastal targets at a practice range in Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet’s press office reported on April 8th.

“The crew of the Black Sea Fleet’s frigate Admiral Essen held preparatory and qualification artillery firings on coastal targets located at the Opuk training ground on the Crimean Peninsula. The firings on coastal targets were conducted as part of a final check of the Black Sea Fleet’s forces for the winter training period,” the press office said in a statement.

At the first stage of the firings, the frigate’s artillery units practiced an algorithm of operations. At the second stage, the artillery personnel conducted preparatory firings from the A-190 gun on coastal targets, the statement says.

“As part of holding qualification artillery firings, the personnel successfully struck both visible coastal targets and invisible objects, using navigational data and an auxiliary aiming point,” the press office added, noting that at the next stage the crew of the frigate Admiral Essen would be assessed in carrying out joint drills with fighters of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation for repelling a notional enemy’s air strike.

Intelligence reports indicate Russia is holding training and exercises with no perceived orders for additional military action, but the situation could change quickly, according to the anonymous Defense official cited by CNN.

Since Ukraine began exacerbating the situation in Eastern Ukraine and towards Crimea, and blamed it on Russia, President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan have since reached out to their Ukrainian counterparts.

U.S. European Command, meanwhile, has raised its alert status to its highest level.

“We call on Russia to make their intentions more clear as to what they’re doing with these array of forces along the border and we continue to call for the ceasefires that were called for by the Minsk Agreement,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on April 6th.

He added that it was important “to de-escalate the tensions along that border” and “for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine to be respected by Russia.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin this week accused Ukraine of provocative action in the country’s eastern region during a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Putin claimed it was Kiev that was “inflaming the situation there.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow can move its troops at its “discretion.”


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Kenny Jones ™

They will become submarines the moment they start firing

AM Hants

Convertible submarines, at that.


The world is getting tired of the US Bully Boy.
comment image

Fog of War

Yet the world cant seem to get enough of US ” culture ” , movies, porn, clothes, and money . Maybe the world is at fault here ?


US “culture” is as dazzling and addictive as fentanyl or crack cocaine.

Go, figure ..

Fog of War

Yet people with any smarts and common sense know not to touch either of those. What does that tell you about a large percentage of the world’s population ?


Humans will aways be humans.
That’s all to it, fog ..

Fog of War

Then they will be willing perpetual slaves.

johnny rotten

If there is the war, which there are still many doubts, for Americans and NATO would end badly in any case, if they pull back because no one wants to die for four Nazi thugs will lose their face, if they decide to die for one lost cause, then they will die and after three days of fighting, the few that would still be alive, will remain without weapons and without ammunition, without spare parts all the ridiculous knocker would remain helpless, in both cases it will be the end of NATO and we hope also in the End of the filty Neo-liberal monstrosity called pretentiously European Union, checkmate.

Jens Holm

You assume they come there, they attack and they run out of ammo.

Much as if You assume, theyre are even more stupid then Yourself.

“sitting ducks” haha :)


Well said.

AM Hants

30,000 NATO Forces are in the Defender Exercise, which Ukraine Forces are meant to be joining.

Remember 2014, the cauldrons and how Merkel legged it to the Kremlin, begging for help, getting the NATO Forces out of the cauldrons? The US could not eavesdrop in the Kremlin and the meeting led to Minsk II Agreement, with France and Germany guaranteeing that Ukraine would deliver. Which they did not and have now officially pulled out of the agreement, hoping their good friend and resource pillager Biden, will be fully supportive of their ambitions. Donetsk Airport, also has a lot of NATO Forces corpses rotting in the foundations, with nobody picking them up. Children still searching for mummy and daddy, wondering why they never came home.

Then you have the Russian military exercise, a couple of years ago in Siberia. I do believe they had about 300,000 serving military personnel, and the exercise finished just before the NATO exercise, again with 30,000 serving military personnel. One of the largest exercises that NATO has conducted. Many of the Forces arrested for various drunk and disorderly actions, before the exercise started and many injured in basic road traffic accidents and similar. Again, before the exercises started and not forgetting they did not have enough thermals for the cold weather, at the time. Then it ended with Norway, under the guidance of the US, writing off one of their destoyers or was it a frigate?

So can you imagine their reaction, when faced with 300,000 Russian Forces and toys, at the borders? With the S-500 looking for a few exercises, before they enter active service? Just to top up the S-200, S-300 and S-400 systems.

I wonder if NATO have ordered enough NATO Strength Pampers, for the current exercise, because I am sure they are going to need them. Do believe Russia has now simply had enough and ready to show who is the boss, with good effect.

Donald Moore

Show of strength, what show of strength. They are in Russia’s swimming pool, if the fire the missiles coming back at them will send them all to the bottom of the sea!

Supreme Blyat

That’s why you don’t see many Russian vessels in the deep blue waters, they like their children swimming pool.

Rhodium 10

It doesnt matter!..I have seen Russian warships and Subs in Caribe sea, Indian ocean, South Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean..such as Kirov class, Slava class, Udaloy, beside new frigates and corvettes….here the question is that 2-3 US warships are Sitting Ducks inside Black sea….

Jens Holm

comment image

Rhodium 10

That was the Donald Duck cruise after an EWS attack…

AM Hants

Quack, Quack as they queued up with their resignations. Still clucking and a quacking, yet, go back for more. I wonder how many from 2014 are still with the ship or returned to the ship? Or even in the Navy?

AM Hants

Are you saying you are ‘quackers’ Jens?

Supreme Blyat

You travel a lot in your dreams. Let me guess, sleeping pills?

Lone Ranger

They are there, you just dont see them.
Like when they surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico or the East coast.

Jens Holm

comment image

Supreme Blyat

Like when, in 1970?

Lone Ranger

Google it.

Supreme Blyat

Euromongrel dreams :))

Lone Ranger

Unlikely, Im not an ukrop…

Supreme Blyat

Euromoscal dreams.

Lone Ranger

Indeed, you dream about living in Russia instead of that failedstate Ukropisstan.

Supreme Blyat

I don’t like cold weather, humidity, angry people and bumpy roads. I like Mediteranean climate and chill people.

Lone Ranger

Than you don’t like Detroit… wacist.
Hmm sunny Tel-Aviv …

Supreme Blyat

Wouldn’t you?

Lone Ranger

Is that an invitation?
I have to decline, sorry.

Supreme Blyat

Yeah I was inviting you in a romantic trip on a mediteran luxury resort

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…

Jens Holm

Most of the coastline is not Russian territory or part of their Neocolonialisme. You can add Crimea and its same thing. NO PATENT. comment image

Donald Moore

But it’s so close that they have it covered by radar and missiles. If the US attacks from their it will be suicide for the ships!

Jens Holm

Thats right, so they dont.

Again its forgotten that USA and Nato actually are capable to shoot and use radars as well. We are no sitting ducks and as stupis as several writes here.


I think you are stupis.

AM Hants

Tell that to the sailors of the USS Donald Cooke. Think they will say different. Well those serving on the ship back in April 2014. Stuck in the middle of the Black Sea, with no electrical power, courtesy a Russian whicker basket, just after Bastion was smiling warmly at them.

Not a fan of Israel

Interesting. Have heard reports of this being used on the Chinese back in the 80s.

Not a fan of Israel

Re. No sitting ducks. You will be when the power goes off and nothing works…….except bows and arrows! Pmsl.


Nice alt-history map there. When you get back to reality you’ll find that Russia controls quite a bit more than that.

Not a fan of Israel

Yanks are a long way from home. Maybe they should go back there?

Wherever the US military goes, suffering follows. So take some “suffering” home, Yanks.

John Tosh


Covid as a cover for the CIA to kill Americans at will.

Covid provided a cover for the CIA to distribute poisons to close to 99% of American restaurants. Thus the CIA can poison anyone at anytime. They do not have to break into your home to poison you. In the old days of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the CIA had agents shoot the target. It was becoming obvious not just in the USA but globally that those were state sanctioned murders. Thus the CIA switched to the new method of poisons. This is why Covid had a protracted expansion in the USA while China was able to control Covid-19 after a few months. The CIA did not believe the Chinese or Russians would be able to develop such good vaccines. The CIA was hoping it would use vaccines to steal mineral resources from poor countries (we will give you Covid vaccines if you give us your oil or minerals type negotiations)

I had a female friend try out one of the foods from the restaurants meant for me. She had severe abdominal discomfort and was angry I allowed her to try it. I told her this is the secret of the CIA’s success in poisoning Americans. Just call it a conspiracy theory while killing the targets. The dead targets make no statements.

Ever since I stopped eating in restaurants, I have had no abdominal discomfort. The truth is the CIA now uses ordinary restaurants in America to kill people. That dream has been proven. This will also be one of the accusations that would be filed against the CIA in the future during the trials which will see those agents executed.

How I Got into trouble with the Central Intelligence Agency.

My life now is hard. Any restaurant I walk into in the USA regardless of the city, a text message with my picture gets sent to the chef, owner or waiter for a few drops of a clear looking liquid to be sprinkled on my food. This chemical causes severe stomach and gastrointestinal discomfort enough to have concerns of a myocardial infarction.

How did I earn this new role in the USA? By simply using an unfortunate ability I thought was cute when I was a child but now has made me live a life of misery. When I go to sleep most nights I see things around me like women having babies (as a kid my neighbors used to walk up to me to ask if they were going to have a boy or a girl. This was before ultrasound in a developing country). I also see global events , murders and destruction. Always something todo with new life as in babies or death as with wars.

I have tried to see lottery numbers or positive things however for some reason I don’t. Only things affecting me personally.

Unfortunately I found the CIA committing murders and planning plane crashes, wars, creating terrorists like ISIS or Boko Haram. The CIA using the world bank and the IMF to impoverish millions leading to the death of children. I wrote about the IMF as it affected a country of interest and hence the CIA zoned in on me.

I wish I never had this ability. I wish I was a plane Joe. Now despite my honesty and hard work, the CIA has stolen any chance of me getting into a medical residency. So I am a doctor without the ability to practice as one. Instead I work as an assistant while the CIA constantly make plans for me to lose such jobs. I move from city to city with the same outcome. This is my miserable life all because of my God given abilities.

One would think the CIA would use my ability to prevent disaster but no, those retards only have more stupid ideas that ultimately leads to the end of the USA.

This is my miserable life in the USA

If it is any consolation to those who have been terrorized by the CIA, the CIA will have a horrible end. Several CIA agents, handlers and managers will be tried and publicly executed. What I saw were beautiful women and handsome tall men who turned out be be CIA killers. Those agents cried and begged for their lives as they died. Many CIA agents spilled everything they knew trying to save themselves. Most were executed a few imprisoned. The CIA was designated a WESTERN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

This is the future. It will happen.

Ivan Freely

Don’t order out. Make your own damn meals. Establish your own sources of food.


I’ve always had a vegetable garden but starting last year I increased the size by 50% by adding huglekulture beds and plan to increase it by 50% again this year.

We have 2 freezers and a big cold storage room .. we buy no veggies year round. I’ve got a south facing sun room in which I grow herbs year round in soil and spinach and lettuce in kratke hydroponic pots.

We also have 4 highly productive apple trees, rasberries and strawberries growing on the property.

I’m also planning to add some hens and a rooster if I can figure out how to keep them safe from the eagles, hawks, foxes and coyotes we have in abundance around here.

In the fall we put away a 2 beef tenderloins, half a dozen pork tenderloins, a whole bunch of chicken thighs, ground turkey and ground pork all from our local butcher and we stock up on rice and flour to get us through the winter.

The only thing we get from the supermarket over the winter is dairy, mushrooms and frozen pizzas … all of which we could do without if push came to shove.

And of course we grow our own weed.

Jens Holm

I have a semi “hugelkulture”. If there is too much wooden in it, I have to add nitrate to break it down.

I use some wood because we have a lot of sand and water goes direct below the plants if the the wood dont stopor delay it.

Hens and roosters has many enemies. I can only recommend, You invest in a good net all around them, on the top and deep in the ground. It might be expensive, but many cry if their hens are killed or gone.

I had bees and mainly 8 families. It was learned by a teacher with 7 others. We even got 8 mentors to help us the first year. The start is expensive, but I started with 2 families.

You cant have may bees anywhere. I wanted to have some animals and went to the library. You even can grow snails for the restaurants – with own electric fence(birds and others like snails as well as restaurants).

I got bees because You ahve to look into them once a week only. Hens are everyday and as You write, You have to guard them too.

Taking in honey as well as making the honey is hard work. I one year had 10 families and goit 450 kilo honey, but then it wasnt fun and a hobby anymore.

I can recommend bees. They are better then most TV programs. Unfortunatly I got allergic and was at the hospital twice and had to stop.

Hens are nice and relative easy. My parents had hens, a rooster and now and then 4-6 chickens.


I thought about bees … it’s kinda on the back burner though because I have too much on the go already. I’m for the most part retired but I still run a small cabinet shop which keeps me pretty busy.

There are beekeepers around here who will put a hive on your property and look after it … I get the benefit of the pollinators for the garden and a portion of the honey in return. I have to work out how I keep the dogs away from the hives first.

This will be the first year we plant on the Hugelkultur beds but our neighbours have had great success with them. I plan on growing mainly butternut squash and pumpkins on them. This year we are growing root vegetables, beans and squash in the main garden and as an experiment I’m growing my leafy greens (lettuce, spinach and kale) hydroponically in a vertical tower garden.

Jens Holm

You have beekeepers polinating Your pnats? Thats fine. But here I sold the honey and we had a lot for Ourself too.

It was just a proposal. You are right about being old. If You can You can plan and still have an easier and easier garden.

I have replaced a corner of my garden with 2 apple and 2 peartrees and 3 bushes giving marmelade. Below I now only cut gras.

..But I also retook 1 m2, which now hopefully has asparges of the green kind. I dont know Your climate zone. Hee they are verygood and expensive vegatabiles.

Have a nice day.


“You have beekeepers polinating Your pnats? Thats fine. But here I sold the honey and we had a lot for Ourself too.”

I gave it some thought … I even bought a book on beekeeping but I have too much on the go already.

“But I also retook 1 m2, which now hopefully has asparges of the green kind. I dont know Your climate zone. Hee they are verygood and expensive vegatabiles.”

I’m in zone 5B but we are on a south facing hillside with full sun from sunup to sundown which gives us a warmer microclimate. My asparagus is just coming in now. I just got in from pruning and tying up my raspberries. Peas are being planted tomorrow

Jens Holm

I tryed to find what zone 5 is. If its like this, its the same as here but differebt too.

We have varmer winters and coolor summers. But we most years has to grow pepper and tomatoes inside.

Jens Holm

And the deep dark state is only when there is no sun.


somehow I thought the Montreaux convention allowed nor-black sea riparian states one vessel at the time for 2 or possibly 3 weeks. naturally Nato could just send one vessel from each member state. they would still be just targets for the russians. would be great fun to see the yankee-twats destroyer(s) first go up in flames and then sink to the botton, men and all!

Ricky Miller

It’s total tonnage of warships from non-Black Sea states. So the tonnage totals would be cumulative, regardless of flag. But, warships from NATO briefly violated the convention last month, with 31,000 tons in the region for a day or two. It’s how the Western Powers operate; they shift the window alittle bit at first then more later, claiming compliance based on loopholes like full load tonnage not counting, or something.

Lone Ranger

USS Donald Duck, Part 3….

AM Hants


Just posted the Putin-Crimea ‘Way Home’ Documentary, which shows the USS Donald Cook fleeing from Bastion, 1 hour and 24 minutes into the video.

Then we have the sailors freaking out, when a Russian whicker basket was flying past the US Destroyer.

Not forgetting what happened in the Baltic Sea and the same happened to the USS Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt. Just got to love those Zappers.

Zap zap zap, little April Showers, so comes to mind, when thinking of the USS Donald Cook and the Black Sea, followed by hysterical laughter.

USS Donald Cook LOST – 04 – Little April Shower… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPjgz_sWQTA

What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?… What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea? (12 April 2014)

Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea April 2016 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U6hmS_4E3s

BOY ON BURNING DECK – WHAT THE USS DONALD COOK AND THE POLISH NAVY WERE DOING OFF KALININGRAD WHEN THEY WERE BUZZED BY THE RUSSIAN AIRFORCE… http://johnhelmer.net/boy-on-burning-deck-what-the-uss-donald-cook-and-the-polish-navy-were-doing-off-kaliningrad-when-they-were-buzzed-by-the-russian-airforce/

Jens Holm

comment image

There we go

AM Hants

Why didn’t the US sign or ratify the Montreux Convention, back in 1936 or ratify the Convention of the Seas, which is International Law, applied to all Seas and Oceans, including Black Sea and the Arctic Sea, the latter being a different story?

Why was the Montreal Convention needed and wasn’t it for Turkey to keep itself safe from the US and their aggressive demands?

Then you have the US Navy, heading the NATO task force, back in 2014, believing that Crimea and the Russian Military Port was up for grabs and Russia would be easy to throw out of it’s military base. So what happened next?

About 1 hour and 24 minutes into this video, you see the USS Donald Cooke, fleeing from the friendly greeting of the Bastion. That was over 7 years ago and can you imagine what toys Russia has, protecting Crimea almost a decade later? When does the S-500 come into active service? Why were NATO measuring up the curtains and carpets in Sevastopol, when Russia were still leasing the military base and had signed the agreements to remain until 2034? Why were NATO setting up schools in non-NATO Crimea, prior to the self determination vote, in 2014, which led Crimea to return home to Russia?


Crimea The Way Home EN Subtitles Full Documentary HD… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbGhKfWrfOQ

If you have not seen the above video, it is well worth watching. Showing how you set up a colour revolution and how you prevent it from happening. A long video, but, easy to watch slowly, one section at a time, if time is limited.

How Russia Ruined American Plans In Crimea… https://fort-russ.com/2016/03/how-russia-ruined-american-plans-in/

Jens Holm

USA hardly has a single vessel for trade. It also was demilitarized and up to 1938 they only had 400.000 soldiers including the Home Guard.

Just as for WW1 the USA tryed to avoid being in WW2.

The Europeans had 99,5% of the USA trade vessels and the USA fokus was at thepacific only.

The black sea was as unimportant as it could be.

Maybee You also should ask why Turks as almost the only ones not even has signed the Human Rights convention by UN.

Ricky Miller

The United States didn’t try not to be involved in WW2. There was an isolationist wing that didn’t want to be involved and they were politically powerful, but the Administration and the proto-deep state of the time moved the United States to involvement, despite there not really being public support or proper Congressional votes for it. The U.S. Navy began escorting convoys toward the mid-Atlantic line, an act of war. Lend-Lease was also hostile to Germany, in practice, as German ships couldn’t reach American ports to participate. The United States gave the British 50 Destroyers in exchange for 99 year basing rights in the Caribbean, and the U.S. moved it’s Pacific Fleet to Hawaii from the West Coast when France and the Netherlands fell, as a warning to Japan that European colonies in Asia were off limits. Things were more complicated than the USA trying to not be involved.

You are just as ignorant as most people in the West regarding the importance of naval warfare in the Black and Baltic Seas. The landings and moves using vessels and mines in and around Crimea and Russia’s Black Sea Coast were intense, and tens of thousands of Russian servicemen and civilians gave their lives defending and then retaking the region. Of course, you don’t know about any of that because, D-Day and Amurica, and democracy and all that nonsense.

Jens Holm

I wrote about Bosperus and the Black Sea and why USA had absolutly no reasons to be involved in anything there.

Lend and lease was later. The extra trade mainly to GB and USSR was paid with 27 and 12 billion dollar or something.

Sure, there was an escalation. I will remind You that many in USA admired Germany making jobs and they bought a lot from there until WHEN. Dont You have a calender.

Sinking ships is not war???

I dont think I ignore things. I ahrdly has commented much from that region at all.

I ahve commented the Baltics a lot, because Danes now can contact the Baltic countries after the Russians mainly are ion Russia apart from deploying missiles at Kaliningrad.

comment image

Ricky Miller

Yes, I’ve seen that cartoon before. But note, the USSR kept it’s end of the deal. They exercised control only over the buffer territories as provided for in the agreement and the USSR ensured that all the natural resources specified as being supplied by the USSR to Germany flowed on time. In fact, the night that Germany assaulted Red Army positions, the Wehrmacht waited until all the early morning supply trains came across the border; one last shipment for the Reich before violating after 21 months a non-aggression pact that was supposed to last for 120. In the end, Germany violated the agreement and attacked the Soviet Union.

AM Hants

Remind me, who was the only leader that never signed an agreement with Adolf? Wasn’t it Stalin? Even Churchill signed an agreement with Adolf, but, nobody mentions that.

Fog of War

” Remind me, who was the only leader that never signed an agreement with Adolf? Wasn’t it Stalin? ”

Come on guy you make this too easy.


The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union that enabled those two powers to partition Poland between them.

The German–Soviet Credit Agreement (also referred to as the German–Soviet Trade and Credit Agreement)[1] was an economic arrangement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union whereby the latter received an acceptance credit of 200 million Reichsmark over 7 years with an effective interest rate of 4.5 percent

The German-Soviet Treaty of Friendship was a secret supplementary protocol of the 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, signed on September 28, 1939, by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union after their joint invasion and occupation of sovereign Poland that delineated the spheres of interest between the two powers.

AM Hants

OK, but, which nations signed the Munich Agreement, back in 1938, and why do United Kingdom, France and Italy come to mind? In fact what was the Munich Agreement all about and how did it work for Czechoslovakia? Didn’t Poland find the agreement was to their advantage and genuine question?

AM Hants

I am just very slowly reading ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ by David Talbot. What I found interesting, was the fact that Allen Dulles, the first CIA Director, who set up ‘Operation Paperclip’, was so close to the Nanzis. His brother was also an investment banker or was he a lawyer working for an investment bank, anyway besides the point. The brothers clients were heavily investing in the Nanzi investments and Allen Dulles, was sent over to Switzerland, where he had more in common with the Nanzis, lurking in the area, then his own people. Then you had the father, a clergyman, and part of his education was via a German school.

Ironic, how the CIA has worked so closely with the Nanzis and nobody noticed, let alone complained. When Allen Dulles left the CIA, I do believe he was involved setting up the Nanzi Atlantic Council, finding many positions for those he provided safe passage, courtesy Operation Paperclip.

Fog of War

” Ironic, how the CIA has worked so closely with the Nanzis and nobody noticed, let alone complained. ”

Isn’t it also funny how the Soviet Union did the exact same thing ?

AM Hants

But, I have always said that the same people created the Bolsheviks, created the Nanzis. Together with Allen Dulles and the first CIA Exercise provided safe passage for both Bolshevik and Nanzi elite. We have been played all our lives and continue to be played.

Fog of War

The US was in full war preparations in 1939 and probably even earlier. World history is not as it seems.

” Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish handswhen bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps . President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.) “

AM Hants

Did Israel ever sign the Human Rights Convention in the UN? Or the chemical weapons convention? Or any treaties to do with nuclear armament? Remember, Israel is the only nation in the Middle East to have nuclear weapons and never signs anything coming out of the UN, good or bad.

Fog of War

” never signs anything coming out of the UN, good or bad. ”

Maybe Israhell is smarter then the other nations. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free ?


The UK government warmongers are again stirring the poo as we all can see.
Do these people really think that Russia will surrender?

If they do, there is an asylum waiting for them.

Will you be celebrating in a cold beer garden next week, after showing your ‘papers’, AM?

AM Hants

Haven’t got any papers to show and not many beer gardens where I live, sadly. Dying for a white wine and soda, but, indoors. The local rugby club, last year decided to use their grounds as a mega beer garden, last year and kept them going this year. Do believe they are going to do the same again. Might get around to checking them out, but, want the pubs open to the public, like pre-covid days.


I agree.
I have no intention of being in a medical experiments that are still in their ’emergency use trials stage’s’.

The obfuscation of data by Boris and his coterie of expert charlatan’s does not promote any confidence. The EU is as bad of worse.

There has been a trickle of dissenting voices in recent weeks. Lord Sumptons opinions being just one.

The question is whether the dissenting voices are genuine or not.
On ballance I think that they are. This might be because the ‘establishment’ dissenting voices are losing some of their influence, rather than their love for the general population.

It did not surprise me that Cameron had his snout in the Lex Greensill pot of cash. :)

AM Hants

With the V, if they had a debate, with regards both sides of the story and presented the pros and cons, then I would have more confidence in it all and perhaps accept the toxins, associated with it all. However, they refused, which automatically makes you suspicious. Together with the special advisers, and not just SAGE Vaccine industry crowd, but the High Tech crowd, who demand all medical records of the UK citizens. Can you imagine it, Facebook and Twitter in charge of your medical history and all the rest that goes with it? Then you have a guy with a lust for eugenics, who is running the show, plus, what are the pros and cons of gene therapy, which comes with the vaccine? Does not inspire confidence. Then, just like the US (Texas), it is open borders, anybody turning up who don’t get tested, whilst we embrace lockdown, and the masses appear to enjoy being masked and locked up. Something of the Max Mosely’s about them, I guess.

Then you have ‘heir to Blair’ Cameron, and his lust for pigs, whether his snout is in the trough or his private parts are in the mouth, he sure has a thing about pigs. At least he was honest about his ambitions to become Blair’s heir, but, cannot see Samantha as Cherie’s heir?

I do find it strange, watching the tribute show to Prince Philip and all he achieved and stood for, how the same Wokey Crowd are presenting the show. The same mob, that were fully supportive of Meghan claiming the family were racist, without naming names. Whether you like Philip or not, he was a character, spoke his mind and came with the ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude, acquired by quite a tough childhood. His grandson thought he had it bad, losing his mother, but, being born on the dining room table, your mother in a mental home and your dad hardly around, whilst you are exiled at the age of 1, I do believe tops the whinging grandsons reasons to be unhappy with life.

Ralph London

NO way, Anne-Marie: ‘and perhaps accept the toxins’ – it’s FAR worse than that, it’s PERMANENT genetic modification, MADerna calls its ‘vaccine’ ‘software’. In short, BOTH pfizer’s & MADerna’s ‘vaccines’ are SATANIC. Go and look up Yeadon, see what he says (thought you knew about him already).

AM Hants

I said if they had a two way argument, with all pros and cons discussed. Which will never happen, owing to the reasons I gave. Oligarchs, High Tech and Vaccie Industry control the politicians.

However, if the debate was transparent, I would have more trust in it and hypothetically, possibly, accept the toxins. Although, it would have to be seriously convincing. Which it will never be.


It will be fascinating to see how the great unwashed masses, who have not even been scheduled for a life taking therapy, react to those pubs, shops etc that refuse entry without a ‘yes your in’ mark on an app :)

As I have said before, our so called leaders, are in a great hurry to place us all in a Control Grid for some reason. They fear something and all they care about is their survival. That being the case, do they a general fear a global tsunami of bankruptcy that would require Marshall Law on steroids to control ?
OR something else :)

Fog of War

” OR something else ”

It’s something else.

Jihadi Colin

Read this, posted by (by not authored by) Russell Bonner Bentley in Donetsk:


Again and again I’ve said that the Donbass armies were stopped by the Putinist regime from taking Slovyansk and Mariupol. Here they agree with me. The Putin worshippers like the Faker keep claiming that it was the Donbass forces themselves who stopped because of the “threat of being surrounded.”


Fog of War

This has been known for years. Putin stopped the Donbass offensive just like he stopped the Idlib offensive. Not to mention, that he insisted all Western troops were allowed to be extracted unharmed. Read about the Debaltsevo cauldron for starters.

Jihadi Colin

This *has* been known for years, but mentioning it on the White Russian emigre hypocrite Andrei Raevsky’s Junkyard Of The Faker will get you banned and called a “low IQ troll”.

Fog of War

Good ole oblivious Saker.

Jim Allen

The problem with you two trolls is instead of maintaining the context Putin’s statements are cherry picked, as any half-assed honest people conduct themselves, all the rest of the content is
“forgotten,” and your Zionist Khazar programmers provide you with the narrative they wish to project. You rush to place the corrupted narrative into the comments, then wait to use your ad hominem basic training, in place of whatever rational argument you’re incapable of forming.
Given the fact Ukraine has been stopped in it’s tracks, failing to reach it’s objectives, being slapped down hard at every attempt to advance, regardless of the amount of weapons US Government throws at Ukraine’s military to tilt the balance in UAF direction.
Since it’s doubtful you’re able to entertain both sides of any argument at the same time, and so any hope of considering the subject at a logical level far beyond your grasp, attempting to explain strategy at the Geopolitical is an excersise in futility.
The big boy’s know what they’re doing, and no one believes your silly-ass fake narrative in the first place. Are you paid based on the number of down votes your nonsense receives ?


This isn’t a show of strength. Those ships are going to be massively outgunned and vunerable. If this was really a tactical move then they could easily deliver the same firepower via air power from a multitude of NATO airbases or even carrier / subs in the Aegean sea.

These ships are tethered goats daring the Russians to sink them … or better yet setting up a false flag.

Ivan Freely

“An unnamed official from the Department of Defense…”

In other words, CNN made this shit up.

Jens Holm

No they dont. Its allow to make guessings where we live and by that use “consider” as a relevant possibility.

“Unnamed” can be made up or a silent true message.

cechas vodobenikov

jens found in orphanage–named by LGBT sex trafficker

Jens Holm

We try to take well care of any. It pays off. LGHTs are allowed and accepted well here … mainly well accepted.

Jim Allen

No, Western MSM, exists to parrot the content given it by US military PsyOps, and propaganda.

Jens Holm

Russain propaganda

Jihadi Colin

Fresh from Moswoc.

Jens Holm

I think so. We see none of this in the news apart from what Biden said about Putin.

Jihadi Colin

You mean Bedin and Pitun.

chris chuba

Any ship we send to the Black Sea will only serve to raise the sea level by a fraction of a millimeter when it rests on the bottom of the sea floor.

Daniel Martin

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to sail in to the Black-sea, the difficulties start when you want to leave.

mike hutchings

stupid is as stupid does…what kind of ships are going to be able to operate in a closed body of water like the black sea…perhaps some that defy physics

Fog of War

They operate under the principle that Russia, China, wont do a damn thing to harm any US assets. As proven in Syria, Iraq , and the South China sea. The US will plant itself there and dare anyone to do something about it.

Jim Allen

Not true, Russia simply refuses to engage, and so give the West what it desires. This is very frustrating to arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics that have become accustomed to being given whatever they desire, instantly.
Leaving Western leaders at a loss to explain such unacceptable behavior.
Inevitably, they’ll come up with their own explanation. That their chosen enemy refuses to fight due to inbred cowardice, inability to develop adequate weapons, train their conscript’s in military practices, and/or otherwise defend themselves, and country from the superior superpower. Convinced there can be no other answers, the bully’s do what has worked in other small, poor country’s US military is able to overwhelm with it’s large forces.
These action’s rarely being lasting success, and more often than not eventually lead to US military forces being driven out of the country the resources are being stolen. Puppet Governments, installed by Western Government’s to serve City of London interest’s, almost always end up turning on their master’s, as was most notably demonstrated by Saddam Hussein in the Iraq wars. Ultimately he failed, unlike neighboring Iran, which succeeded despite Overwhelming economic sanctions, that increased over the past 42 year’s, and 8 year war against Iraq directed by The City of London to punish Iran for it’s audacity to take their country back from the control of the criminal Cabal. Nothing the Cabal has visited upon Iran has succeeded in strangling the country to death. Slowing Iran’s growth has been the best the Cabal managed to achieve. Then only in limited ways.
Now highly industrialized, with world class technology, and manufacturing capabilities, self-sufficient in raw materials, and a leader in electronics technology, military technology, medical technology, Research, and Development in all area’s of scientific advancement.
With it’s long time allies, sharing technology in economic, and military subjects, Iran gained manufacturing capabilities to produce it’s own replacement parts for US made aircraft, putting an end to being forced to rely on questionable sources to supply parts.
Iran’s war production using advanced military technology it largely developed has built it’s military forces into a strong regional power, capable of defending itself from even US military attack. US military was shocked to discover it cannot defeat Iran in conventional war today. Iran’s Russian ally advised Western Government’s, any attempt to use nuclear weapons against Russia, and/or it’s allies will be responded to with a counter-attack no Government on earth is capable of defending against today. Western military technology is decades behind, and the distance is increasing. By the time it develops the technology to match Russia’s capabilities today, Russia will have developed new technology that has no analog. China, also has this advanced technology in use, Iran is very close to possessing this technology, Iran’s military hardware is world class, particularly in missile defense systems, drone technology, electronic warfare.
Armor, and aircraft technology is advancing since it’s gained the ability to produce the exotic alloys necessary, and the machining, heat treating, etc., capabilities to produce precision components.
The West was surprised yet again to find Iran had managed to overcome their best efforts to prevent Iran advancing these capabilities.

Jens Holm

I agree and has written above the message written as it is is hostile propaganda to USA as well as Nato.

Its very strange none in the whole Nato know nothing about it apart from some extra commas.

mike hutchings

Geography should be taught to the NATO commanders. nd what’s the end game Poland and Ukraine are front line states that Russia has no interest in invading. its clear who is pushing this… but what for? perhaps to give NATO a mission because it doesn’t have one and its just an occupying force

mike hutchings

is south front deleting my opinions?

Jens Holm

Mabee they die themself, because they are too bad:(

cechas vodobenikov

Jens becoming more farcical, stupid by day

Jens Holm

Thats no comment.

Jim Allen

Unlikely, however Discus may be. Western
“intelligence” agencies are working frantically to hack, disrupt, and deny SF’s ability to continue operating. Western Government’s have a real problem with the truth, facts, and tangible evidence that doesn’t support their bullshit narratives.
US Government is attempting to censor all opposing views from reaching Western populations, and by whatever means necessary. It’s Zionist Khazar existence is built on a foundation of outright lies, falsehoods, criminal conduct, and an extreme brainwashing program that was accelerated in the mid-1970’s through the public education system, the media, marketing, the motion picture industry, using an endless different methods to get inside sheoples head. And shrink it. US military has literally divisions of ‘shrinks, scientist’s, working to control the human mind, by means previously unknown before today’s technology exposed the vulnerabilities our species have that can now be exploited. The use of mRNA gene therapy, to alter specific DNA within a strand, and so cause changes in behavior that could never occur in nature is being advanced as a “vaccine” against man-made, derivatives of the Corona Virus.
The virus did not perform as desired, failed to kill thoseinfected, and completely fizzled out, faster than it began. What became clear is this untested, unapproved, and to date unsuccessful gene therapy, is killing large numbers of people within day’s of injection, permanently disabling, and destroying the health of others. Government claims these are unrelated to these people having been injected with this not vaccine are not believed by anyone able to put two thought’s together. Unfortunately the brainwashed are accecpting, and the stupid, and brainwashed are fanatical in their mistaken belief Government is protecting them by it’s rigid policies that are 100% against all known medical practices worldwide. These sheoples will get us all killed. Their kind are present in all populations, and Government’s have legislated natural selection ineffective by it’s legal protections, and absurd safety regulations. The problem with this group is, they breed. Without natural selection to maintain their population, leaving only chance they’ll take themselves out, their numbers have grown exponentially. Driven by emotion, fear being foremost, these are the first to panic, some attempting to flee, others frozen by fear, all are underfoot.
Plugging transportation routes, impeding the progress of those capable of responding to whatever emergency has caused their erratic, dangerous to themselves, and others behavior. Not even God could fix this level of stupid.

Al Balog

Disqus has censored my comments before, particularly my ones criticizing Erdogan.

mike hutchings

ahh…..thank you

cechas vodobenikov

LGBT amerikans looking for gay ukrainians—if Ukraine attacks in Donbas, ukraine devastated, US does nothing—no different than when the cowards did nothing about Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea….the little amerikan girls whimper and bend over every time…now sneaking out of Iraq…one of many humiliations


According to RT, two destroyers are indeed on their way. Do the Kremlin critters have it in themselves to stare down Uncle Sam? So much of the abuse directed at Russia’s is predicated on the premise that, no, the Russki’s will huff and puff, only to back down at the hour of truth while praising themselves for wisdom and restraint–“Long Game” and all that. The missile batteries in Romania were called “unacceptable”, until they were quietly accepted; so then, if you got away with it and the good times continue, you build a couple more in Poland of course.

But, as much as the wheeler-dealers in Moscow would like it, the issue of NATO expansion cannot be fudged forever: you’ll actually have to shoot at a couple Americans before they march through Red Square–which they dreamed of in no uncertain terms as Kiev fell. Interesting times.

Diana Cornwell

How do the Russians move ships from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea?

You are all insane.


The time is right for Russia to send some Kalibr missile armed warships and subs on a cruise to the Gulf of Mexico. With port stops in Cuba and Venezuela. Send some TU160 bombers to Venezuela again and have them practice mock bombing runs on Florida and the Panama Canal area. See how the imperialist dogs like that.

Tommy Jensen

I have advised our US Command Centre to send 2 Air-Carrier Groups to the Black Nato Sea and sail ups and downs in front and around of Crimea.
To show Russia we mean business when we say there is a red line Russia cant cross without disturbing consequences.

AM Hants

Only problem, they are not allowed entry into the Black Sea. Now are they Tommy?

Remember USS Theodore Roosevelt, when the ship got to close to Khaliningrad? It had to limp into the UK for some Naval Health Care. Ironically, it had only just come out of a refit, owing to the same thing happening to it, courtesy of a French submarine with Russian ‘magrav’ technology. Ooooooooops.


“Remember USS Theodore Roosevelt, when the ship got to close to Khaliningrad? It had to limp into the UK for some Naval Health Care. Ironically, it had only just come out of a refit, owing to the same thing happening to it, courtesy of a French submarine with Russian ‘magrav’ technology.”
That was a reasonably good taster of things to come for the dilapidated US Navy in case they had the bottle to challenge Russia.

AM Hants

Not forgetting Boris, and sending out an aircraft carrier, that needed a refit, before it was commissioned, and has it got the F-35 failed aircrafts yet? Or still borrowing what the US can lend us, when travelling to the Pacific? Ironic, when we cannot defend the UK against the Dinghy Tourists, but, believe we are up for a fight with the Chinese and the Russians, at the same time?

Why did Boris send the SBS to Ukraine? Around the same time that he was laying a wreath to Nemtsov, on the Bridge by the Kremlin, when he eventually got around to popping over to have a chat with Sergei Lavrov. Didn’t he cancel the original meeting, just after the UK military exercise near Porton Down, when they were preparing for a chemical weapon attack, a few days before the Skripals had lunch. Or am I muddling up, the reason why Boris backed out of meeting Sergei? Why has Boris got a problem with the Kremlin? Why was Boris involved with helping Hilary, with regards Steele and the Dossier, she paid for?

Talking of Boris, why did he need the Tory Party Donors to fork out and turn 11 Downing Street into the Rovers Return, aka 60s style? Has he been taking financial advice from Biden and the Clintons?


I don’t think Boris has a problem with Russia.
I think he is under constant pressure form the same ol clandestine attack dogs run by the British and US military hardware manufacturers via mi6, sadly ..
I also know that Boris asked Putin for help with Covid crises last time he spoke to him and Putin did help in the best and most dignified and respectful manner imaginable. Incidentally, Boris is currently under attack again from the ever so mindless labour attack (sort of) mongrels. At best they don’t have the slightest idea about who’s game they are actually playing ..

AM Hants

Used to like Boris, way back when he was a Mayor, but, cannot stand him now. Do not trust him as far as you could throw him and with my back, not very far. If it is any consolation, I feel the same about 99% of what is working out of Westminster and cannot see old Sir Keir having anything to bring to the table. Just another Blair and full of political helium. With regards Conservatives and who to replace Boris, nothing that is in the cabinet and not sure about what is worthy on the back benches. With regards who is playing what game, must admit, have absolutely no idea, whatsoever.


I used to like Obama – then I turned the TV and radio off
Boris is the #1 patron of the US/Israeli-backed terrorists sent in to destabilise Syria

AM Hants

Hello stranger. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for the video and must admit I have not seen it, so double thanks.

AM Hants

£65 million – UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office hands over to White Helmets and I wonder how much goes to funding Belingcat, Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Partnership and 77th Squadron? Wasn’t Allen Duncan also involved in handing out the money?


It’s lonely at the top, don’t you think ..

As far as the shots are concerned, ever since the most invaluable Thatcher buried the Great British Manufacturing Base once and for all and made British arms the main British export , it is exactly the same state of play as in the good ol US of A ..

AM Hants

I was working on a long ramble reply, going back to when I first started working in 1977. As I remember the days when you could not bury the dead and three month strikes, if you used the wrong tea bags, when brewing up for your morning break haha. Starting work, when Labour were in control and just after reading ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’. It was then that I realised that all politicians were basically b*stards, but, Conservatives were more honest about it. Then Maggie arrived and I seriously loved her version of feminism, together with her handbag.

The 80s, I so loved that era, but, must admit even then I was turned off by the political artists with attitudes. Starting with Paul Weller (and I liked Jam) and his rants. It was weird, with regards the Miner’s Strike, that nobody complained with regards old Skargill and his three houses, whilst the miners were starving. They blamed Maggie for everything. Funny how Poland benefitted from it all and not forgetting that Maggie’s Special Adviser, Timothy Bell, the advertising executive whose brother was the publishing executive David Bell, who launched Common Purpose and now runs the Media Standards Committee as well as Cambridge University Press. Funny how each and every Prime Minister after Maggie were all members of Common Purpose?

Wasn’t Common Purpose launched in 1984, along with so many movements and NGOs. Why does Jonathon Porridge and ‘Save the Earth’ so come to mind and Richard Branson becoming the Rubbish Tzar, around the mid-eighties?

Gorbechev, Reagan and Maggie – talking about dismantling the Warsaw Pact.
Bush replaces Reagan and Major replaces Maggie, who had swapped her handbag for Conservative Stilletos, firmly positioned in her spine. Chris Patten, the Conservative Party Chairman, who ended up the Governor of Hong Kong, when people stopped voting for him. John Major, who did a deal with $oro$, to make sure we got thrown out of the ERM and $oro$ walked off with £billion, which came in handy when launching colour revolutions. Funny how Common Purpose Member John Major has done so well from it all and remains good mates with $oro$, despite what the media says. He put Pattan into Hong Kong, when the CIA were being thrown out and replaced by the NED. The Governor of Hong Kong, was not a political position, until Major turned to Patten, who then went onto become an EU Commissioner, before joining the BBC, as their Chairman.

Chrystia Freeland’s mother, was asked by Ukraine to write up their new Constitution, with the help of $oro$. Why did he get Chrystia and her mother to move to Ukraine, following the fall of the Soviet Union? What was in it for $oro$? Gosh, I could easily go on, with a chronological timeline, featuring so many Common Purpose Members and how they all link into the colour revolutions of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.

Not forgetting Maxwell and Murdoch and why do they remind me of Northcliffe and Rothermere, working both sides of politics, left and right, whilst serving the same overlords?


I remember bumping into Arthur Scargil on a fast train from my native Geordie Land to London Town and thinking – what an insignificant lil s h * t he appears to be. The truth is – he was and probably still is a cockroach who refuses to evolve. Naturally – he will survive us all ..

AM Hants

Could never stand him or his mates. Who was the one from Liverpool? Was it Derek Hatton? They never went without, but, expected their supporters to go without. It never made any sense.


King(!) Arthur and his entourage were the weirdest conglomerate of vintage fructuses that ever existed on the British political landscape.

Pretentious to the point of being fraudulent and purposefully obnoxious to the point of no return ..

AM Hants

Weird, looking back on those times and seeing how it all linked in as we got played, yet again.

Timothy Bell – Special Adviser to Maggie Thatcher, the advertising executive of Saatchi. He then moves on to an elite position with the Coal Board, Poland takes the trade of the old UK coal mines. Hanging around, whilst talks are going on with Gorbechev, Maggie and Reagan. Then he receives over $500 million from the Pentagon to spin the Iraq War, as Major replaces Maggie, Bush replaces Reagan and the Berlin Wall comes down.

Neil Kinnoch, loses out to Maggie, but, look how well him and the family did when he arrived in the EU? Wasn’t his daughter-in-law the Danish Prime Minister, a few years ago?

The same time that Timothy Bell is sweet talking Maggie and providing her with his style of advice, his brother was setting up Common Purpose. Not forgetting his involvement with Cambridge University Press and leading the Media Standards Committee. Didn’t Maggie study Chemistry, back in the early 40s at Oxford? Her father was a Methodist Preacher, as well as running his grocery store and when did they start on the MK Ultra experiments? Angela Merkel, wasn’t her father also a Preacher and not forgetting Theresa May and again, parents in the Clergy.

Now when I think of David Bell, not sure why I automatically go back to the Cambridge Spy Ring? Who were the ringleaders and was it just the worker ants they went for?

Then you had Maxwell and Murdoch, just like those Dublin brothers, neither could exist without the other, as one played those on the right and the other played those on the left. What is weird, is UK Breakfast TV and I don’t even watch it. Why does ITV have a thing for Daily Mirror Editors, whether they be Piers Morgan or Alistair Campbell?

I remember when Good Morning Britain first arrived, back in the 1983. The Famous Five, behind TV-AM, with David Frost, Maria Aitken, Anna Ford and wasn’t Mike Hollingsworth and his girlfriend at the time, Anne Diamond, together with David Icke, all involved? You had Saint Bob Geldof, a few years later, flying high with his halo, following Band Aid and Live Aid, and didn’t he set up Channel 4s Big Breakfast, a decade later? Not forgetting Branson, helped on his way, courtesy the Sex Pistols and a major publicity con. Involving the BBC, EMI sacking the band and Virgin picking up the contract. All in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, back in 1977. Maggie, Leader of the Conservative Party in 1975 and Prime Minister in 1979, the movement was well on it’s way. I wonder how it would have worked, if there was no ‘hate and divide’ with those who supported Maggie and those who loathed her? Funny how blonde politicians cause so many problems, as you compare Maggie and Trump and the effect they had on the public?


No, I don’t remember that, and I failed to find anything on the google. Consider briefly telling me what happened, and when.

AM Hants

USS Donald Cook – you can see what happened when it met Bastion at 1 hour and 24 minutes into the Crimea Putin -Way Home Video. Link below, together with one of the many articles on when they were zapped by a whicker basket, laden with electrical jamming equipment, that was hanging from a Russian military jet.

A year later, similar happened to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, when it got too close to Khaliningrad. Russia was expecting a ‘first strike nuclear attack’ and fully prepared. Allegedly the order to strike the aircraft carrier, with electrical jammers, came from President Putin, owing to the possibility of a ‘First Strike Nuclear Attack’ against Russian territory.

The USS Donald Cook, then came to the Baltic Sea, again getting too close to Khaliningrad and also got shut down, yet again, courtesy of the jammers. They never learn, do they?

I could easily post the links, but, have posted them umpteen times already. It is not as though you genuinely searched for them, now is it? Others have seen them and made up their own independent minds, which is all that concerns me.


“Link below, together with one of the many articles….”

AM Hants

Should not feed the trolls.

Date is on the Putin-Crimea video. If you bothered to check it out. Then again, trolls do not bother checking for details, now do they?

Here are some links I posted earlier, including one from November 2014, that related to the USS Donald Cook, that was also featured in the Documentary and events in 2014.

Crimea The Way Home EN Subtitles Full Documentary HD…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbGhKfWrfOQ

Clash : Russian fighter jet buzzes USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea amid Tension…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=endSON41o0w

Pentagon Protests Russian Jet Buzzing Antimissile Ship in Black Sea

‘…The Pentagon on Monday criticized a Russian jet’s repeated buzzing of a U.S. antimissile ship sailing in international waters in the Black Sea.

The action happened on Sunday and involved a nuclear-capable — but unarmed — Su-24 fighter aircraft that made a total of 12 flying passes close to the Aegis-equipped USS Donald Cook while it conducted patrol operations in the western Black Sea, the Defense Department told reporters.

“The aircraft did not respond to multiple queries and warnings from Donald Cook, and the event ended without incident after approximately 90 minutes,” department spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren was quoted as saying in a Pentagon press story. “This provocative and unprofessional Russian action is inconsistent with international protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries.”

A second Su-24 accompanied the first Russian fighter jet but did not make any passes, Warren said…’. https://www.nti.org/gsn/article/pentagon-protests-russian-jets-buzzing-antimissile-warship-black-sea/

What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

‘…The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device…’. https://www.voltairenet.org/article185860.html

How Russians Kicked Out Intruding US From The Black Sea Theater…

‘…We know, since the incident of the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea on the 12th April 2014, that the Russian Air Force has at its disposition a weapon which enables it to jam all radars, all control circuits, all systems for the transmission of information, etc. . Since the beginning of its military deployment, Russia had installed a jamming centre at Hmeymim, to the North of Latakia.

Then, suddenly, the USS Donald Cook incident occurred, but this time within a perimeter of 300 kilometres – which includes the NATO base at Incirlik (Turkey). And this is still going on. Because the event happened during a sand-storm of historical proportions, the Pentagon first thought its measuring equipment had malfunctioned, but then discovered that it had been jammed. Completely.

Modern conventional warfare is based on what is known as « C4i » – an acronym which corresponds to the English terms « Command », « Control », « Communications », « Computer » and « intelligence ». The satellites, planes and drones, ships and submarines, tanks and now even the combatants themselves, are all connected to one another by a system of permanent communication, which enables the Chiefs of Staff to oversee and command the fighting more efficiently. It is this entire system – NATO’s nervous system – which is presently jammed in Syria and part of Turkey…’


What came next, over in the Baltic Sea, both with the USS Donald Cook and the US Aircraft Carrier (just after she got taken out by the French Submarine, with Russian technology)?

French Submarine Sinks US Navy Aircraft Carrier Group Using Secretly Armed Russian weapon…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnovV1aGHtY

Russian Flyby of USS Donald Cook in Baltic Sea Alarms Experts

A low pass by two Russian jets over a U.S. destroyer was one of the most dangerous examples of brinkmanship by Moscow in a worrying trend.

The following couple

Welcome to Nulandistan: US-Supported Ukrainian Democrats at Work

…. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1tpx0w

US Criminal Government: US-ICBI-CIA-BLACKWATER Oppose Donetsk-Lugansk Sovereign States…. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1vuftx

(Larry Diamond Videos, the representative/member of Council of Foreign Relations who work closely with NED/International Development USAID. How much does $oro$ receive from USAID?). NED is meant to be the CIA Arm of regime change. They took over from the CIA, over in Hong Kong, in the 90s, when the CIA were kicked out, owing to their dodgy dealings. Larry Diamond videos, rely heavily on promoting propaganda and emotional manipulation. Remember, Bell Pottinger receiving over $500 million, from the Pentagon, in order to use propaganda and emotional manipulation, to push the Iraq War).

Ukraine Crisis – What You’re Not Being Told…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWkfpGCAAuw


“King Jesus King Jesus….” So a French submarine equipped with Russian technology sank an entire U.S. carrier battle group, did it? OK, time for me to mosey on down the dusty trail — good luck to you.


Perfect. You do that. Two big targets for the Russians to test their new tactical nukes on.


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