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JULY 2022

U.S. Military Released Video Of Strikes On Kataib Hezbollah In Syria, Iraq

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U.S. Military Released Video Of Strikes On Kataib Hezbollah In Syria, Iraq

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The US military released a video showing strikes on Kataib Hezbollah targets in Syria and Iraq. On December 29, the US conducted airstrikes on Kataib Hezbollah accusing the group of being responsible for the recent attack on the US base in Iraq’s Kirkuk. MORE HERE


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Joao Alfaiate

Israel’s Foreign Legion at work.

Jacob Wohl

prove it, antisemite

Joao Alfaiate

Go register as an Agent of a foreign power, israel.

John Wallace

You don’t have to sign off every comment you make with your nickname. We all know it already. Not sure what it means though . It is a bit like anti being against and thermite so you are against something like thermite. ?? Look I am taking up a collection of soap bars , some of them have been used , but still some use left , and want to know where to drop them off antisemite.. You know what , it does have a better ring to it than Jacob doesn’t it..


In what way is he antisemite? Cannot he or anybody else criticize Israel?


they, the squatters and the north american vermin are vying for war and if the end result is the end of the squatters illegal occupation of palestine, then that is good and if the squatters are left pushing daisies that is good as well.


So we see again the US carries out strikes just on the basis of accusations not proof same as Douma in 2018. The fact that they targeted the border crossing suggests they are trying to weaken the PMU to allow Isis to over run it or get their own forces in control of the area.


My thoughts as well. 1/ Create an incident. 2/ Apportion blame within hours. 3/ Attack their opponent.


Their proof is 3 rocket that was found there next to the launching tubes that looked clean and it turned out they were Iranian made hmm… I mean if they go through all of this trouble I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t use Iranian rocket nor leave any trace at all.

Lazy Gamer

Maybe they are reopening the crossing for entry of more proxy forces or worse, an expanded official presence at Syria.


Good point, it is possible.

Christian S

ZOG US wardog is fast in finding Hezbollah targets but seems to fail to find Deash targets in the same desert for many years now, US air force are cheap prostitues flyin for dirty money

Ceasar Polar

The US are cowards, hitting where people least expecting it. Following its ZioNazi master’s sof IsraHell in occupied Palestine

Rhodium 10

ISIS&US partners!..

Azriel Herskowitz

Pristine work by USAF. This sends a message to all of the Shia terrorists in the region. Don’t mess with the US or you will find yourself receiving airstrikes in the dead of night. This was the US showing mercy by only striking in one location. Next time Mullah backed Shia terrorists attack, the US will launch strikes against multiple targets.

Jacob Wohl

don’t forget the tomahawks – the US Navy has over 1,000 of them on standby in the Arabian Sea right now! :-]

Wayne Nicholson

Tomahawks at $1.4M USD each? You want to use these on PMU camps in the desert? Don’t you think the purpose of having these in the gulf is to strike deep into Iran?

Once your Tomahawks are gone your ships have to return to base to reload.

You obviously aren’t a US taxpayer. The last US TLAM raid on Syria consisted of 76 TLAMS to take out a low rise commercial structure at the University of Damascus. Pictures from the day after showed the building still standing but blown out. That’s 104 million in ordinance alone to do a job I could do in a week with an excavator and a dump truck. Not exactly value for money.

HIMARS rocket arty costs $100k and are ballistic …. harder to shoot down than TLAMs. Or there are regular old artillery shells at a fraction of the cost or warplanes with iron bombs do the trick as well.

Joao Alfaiate

The US is worse than the Nazis in one way. The Nazis fought for Germany. The US is fighting for israel’s benefit, not for the interests of the United States. Why would an American citizen care who rules Syria or Somalia?

John Wallace

You could wipe the cum off your beard before you comment but anyway I am still waiting to hear how you know Jacob antisemite is innocent.. Doesn’t matter how many times I ask you never , I was going to say come back but you can keep the come , answer me. Just like you never answer how and when the Washington Post became the mouthpiece for the Kremlin.. I am beginning to think you are nothing but full of shit , bullshit .

Aleks Chernyy

I am not sure I would see this US response as a success. In fact, it is likely an admission that Iran has the ability to hurt US interests in Iraq, and the middle east, if it choose to do so. Sure, the mighty US air force can bomb shia militias, but the reality is that Iran defines the terms of the battle. The escalations will likely continue, and will escalate until US forces leave the region. The problem with the US response is that it has nowhere to go. What will continue to happen is that US forces in Iraq will be under some sort of attack, whether it is by rockets, or bombs, or other types of aggression, and at some point, continued responses put US on a course for war with Iran. This maybe an ideal scenario for Israel and Saudi arabia, but it does not help americans much.


ha ha fat old stupid cum guzzler lol hope you die soon

Jacob Wohl

F-15 Eagles doing their duty to God and Country! God bless the USAF!

Joao Alfaiate

For “God and Country”: For Yahweh and israel.

Mehmet Aslanak

It’s futile to attack Iraqi land forces in pretext of being Iranian allies. Iraqi government is already in control of shiites, natural ally of Iran. At that point Iraqi war is lost, pretty similar to Afghanistan was lost to the Taliban forces, who was legitimate government of Afghanistan before US invasion.

John Wallace

Are they bombing where Israel wants to build their pipeline.. Clearing the way .and using bullshit as an excuse..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I miss the Iranian and Hezbollah fighters, they were a great help in defeating HTS after the Saudi’s abandoned them, just one short month and all of Daraa and Quneitra was back under SAA control, the good old days when the Iranians and Hezbollah were actually active in the fight, but sadly now they’ve become more of a burden than a bonus. So what are the Iranians and Hezbollah currently doing in Syria to help, well I know they’re in Deir ez Zor, parts of western Aleppo and north eastern Idlib, but what are they doing there, I’ll bet not many people know what they’re really doing. Well in Aleppo and Idlib they were creating a buffer between the SAA and the Turkish backed moderate opposition, they were also helping to protect some majority Shia towns and villages in the buffer area and stopping any fighting between the 2 groups, I often say they’re protecting Turkish interests more than they are Syrian interests and I dont think I’m exaggerating, it certainly seems that way. But Deir ez Zor is certainly a lot more transparent for anyone who wants to know what the Iranians are doing there, they were helping the SAA put an end to Isis activity in the area but that hasn’t proven to be too successful, Isis hasn’t been slowed down at all in fact they’ve escalated hostilities to a worrying point, so perhaps the SAA would be better off doing it themselves, since the Iranians have way too many other things to worry about to be a really effective helping against Isis, I’m tempted to say useless. And they’re building infrastructure to help threaten and confine Israel, that sounds good but I’m worrying it’s not really good at all, sadly that’s painting a really big target on Syria’s back and giving the Israelis an excuse to demand a continues US presence, so at the very least it’s a double edged sword, it does damage on both sides. And they’re antagonizing the Sunni population and forcing them to adhere to strict Shia religious conventions, that’s making them totally antagonistic towards the Sunni population, and brewing up even more trouble for the future And they’re in a battle with Russia to garner political influence in the area, several Russians and Iranians have already been killed in their ongoing dispute, for allies they sure aren’t on the same page in Deir ez Zor, more like mortal enemies. I even wondered to myself if it wasn’t the Russians themselves who’ve given the US permission to attack Iranian assets in Deir ez Zor, even if they pay lip service and condemn the US attacks against Iran, they probably all smirked when it happened. So I started thinking, are the Iranians and Hezbollah really worth the trouble anymore, mmm, probably not. Since they aren’t helping the SAA with the fighting anymore, And they’re for all intense purposes just protecting Turkish interests in Idlib and Aleppo, And they’re continually wrangling with the Russians, mainly in in Deir ez Zor [even killing each other], And also antagonizing the local Sunni Arabs there as well, And on top of all that they’re also antagonizing the Israelis by building threatening infrastructure on Syrian soil, which is definitely not helping the situation. So I’ve come to the conclusion they’re actually doing way more harm than good in Syria now, and because of that from my perspective, I think it’s actually time to say goodbye to them, because as the old saying goes, “if you’re not a part of the solution you’re just another part of the problem”. So when I said the Russians quite possibly may have been the ones giving the US permission to strike Iranian assets in Syria, how many people choked on that comment, how many of you are getting ready to send me a post calling me a trouble making troll, don’t bother, I’m not a troll paid for or otherwise, I just told you the truth in case you were unaware of it, things are not as rosy as they seem. I have no idea at all if the Russians did in fact give the US permission to strike the Iranians, it was just a thought and I said it to make a point, and the point is the Russians and Iranians have their own conflict in Syria, Russia is trying to minimise the amount of influence the Iranians have over the Syrian government and it’s institutions, and this time I agree with Putin, the Iranians are asking for way too much. Iran’s trying to take over Syria and Russia’s trying to stop them, don’t assume the Russians are cooperating with Iran in Syria, that’s far from the truth now, and since Turkey and Iran are becoming more and more cosy lately, and Russia’s feeling more and more isolated, the situation is becoming worse. Iran has it’s own agenda for Syria, just like every other player in Syria does, but I think the Russian agenda is far better for Syria than the Iranian one is, the Russians don’t want Syria to play piggy in the middle with Iran and Israel, but both Iran and Turkey want to turn Syria into a piggy in the middle, go Russia go, on this one matter I agree with the Russian agenda, which it isn’t very often I do. Just like most people I used to wonder why the hell it was Russia allowed Israel to attack Iranian assets in Syria with impunity, I don’t anymore, now I wonder if the Russians are actually letting if not encouraging the Israelis to hit Iranian targets in Syria, that’s starting to make a lot more sense lately when I think about it, way way more sense.

Karen Bartlett

While claiming to be supportive of Syria’s fight against terrorism, you seem to try to sow doubt on the loyalty of Syria’s allies to Syria and to each other. Why?

Wayne Nicholson

I’ve noticed that in a few contributors here. The best propaganda is subtle.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Propaganda is subtle but the truth is like a sledgehammer, when it finally hits you that is, and you need the sledgehammer to hit you. If you can point out even one error in my comment please feel free to let me know, if you do then I’ll apologise for my mistake, but how about this, if you go check the facts concerning the thing you say are just my subtle propaganda, and then and only then, if you find out ‘every single thing’ I said is accurate, then you apologise to me, how’s that for a deal, are you interested.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you can point out one inaccuracy I made I’ll apologize, if there’s even one thing I’m wrong about please point it out, as far as I can see I’m the only person commenting on SF who has anything close to any understanding at all of the current situation in Syria. I’m supportive of Syria’s independence, FROM EVERYBODY, and that does entail fighting terrorism, but it doesn’t entail being pushed and pulled from every direction by anyone, allies included. Though I do have to say I don’t always agree with Assad either, but it is his country and the Syrian people elected him, so I always try to take the same stance he does, and I do in just about most things. Russia’s trying to shut down Iran in Syria now, the Iranians are no longer active in the fight against the Turkish backed moderate rebels or the terrorists in Idlib/Aleppo, and effectively Isis is the only terrorist force in Syria that Iran or Hezbollah fight. The Iranians and Russians are bumping off each other big time, hundreds of proxies killed and several Russians and Iranians as well, why is that happening Karen? And Putin’s been forcing Assad to sack just about any of the Syrian military commanders and government official who have pro Iranian associations, replacing them with people that have pro Russian sentiments, what do you think that means Karen? I’m not sowing doubt Karen, I’m repeating the known facts, and the facts suggest there is doubt, how can there not be, when we see Iranians and Russians killing each other in Syria it has to mean something’s happening, what do you think that means Karen? So if the Israelis are already bombing Iranian targets in Syria, and the Russians are trying to curb Iranian influence but are constrained by their alliance to Iran, wouldn’t Putin be an absolute idiot not to take advantage of the fact, I would. I’d be providing the Israelis with info for the targets they wanted to hit, recommending even better ones to help them out even more, and then asking them to hit a few Iranian targets that I wanted destroyed. I’m astounded you think I have to be a anti Putin troll or ati Iranian troll to say that, it seems in your eyes just telling the truth, and then speculation on the possible reasons are enough to make you an evil propagandist with a negative agenda. By your reasoning, the fact the Russians and Iranians are killing each other in Syria, in a power struggle to control Syria, doesn’t necessarily mean they’d use the Israelis to covertly bomb the very same people they’re killing anyway. You need to read way way more news, and you have to get it from a wider variety of sources, you’re objections to me telling the truth have become annoying, go find out for yourself if what I’ve said is right or wrong, there’s enough news articles from a wide variety of sources that will tell you everything you need to know.

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