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U.S. Military Preparing For War With Russia


U.S. Military Preparing For War With Russia

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The United States Air Force is aiming at developing fighter jets that mimic the Russian Su-57 and Chinese J-20 and FC-31, so that it can exercise against fighting them.

“The objective of this request is to establish the availability of sources capable of developing, integrating, constructing, testing and producing an affordable set of technical solutions and equipment for air targets (radio transmitting devices, electronic warfare equipment and consumables, such as dipole and thermal reflectors), capable of sufficient to reliably simulate advanced enemy aircraft (Su-57, J-20 and FC-31) to test specific test scenarios,” the US Air Force’s request said.

Initially this was reported in March 2019, but in May the US Air Force actually painted F-16 fighter jets to resemble the Su-57 Russian fighters.

The F-16s are part of an Aggressor squad, that mimics the enemy during military exercises.

The 64th Aggressor Squadron’s mission is to emulate Russian aircraft and flying tactics, teaching U.S. Air Force pilots how to properly react and counter their moves. Giving an “aggressor” aircraft meant to emulate Russian fighters adds a level of realism to training.

But this is only a temporary solution, since the Pentagon’s request actually is looking for contractors who have the necessary technology to produce equipment that would more closely mimic that of the Russian 5th generation fighter jet – Su-57.

According to the document, which RT had access to, such a need to develop new solutions was caused by various threats around the world, as well as the limited military budget of the United States.

So, targets should be remotely controlled, as well as capable of landing on their own if they were not destroyed. Their service life should be at least ten flights with 30 hours of flight time before they are destroyed. Also, potential contractors are faced with the task of presenting targets that can recover after contact with salt water.

“Destroyed targets must be able to produce appropriate (J-20, Su-57, and so on) radio and electronic signals, supporting proper EPR, IR signature, or both for a given test scenario,” the request stated.

RT furthermore got access to another document, which requests the procurement of five simulations of AK-47 that would copy how the assault rifle behaves.

“Five sets of simulations of AK-47 shooting assault rifles with small oxygen and propane cylinders to simulate live fire,” the document said.

As indicated, such models are necessary for the department as part of the supply of training equipment.

Controls and a holder for carrying gas cylinders in a backpack will also have to be attached to the mock-ups of machines.

The list of necessary purchases within the framework of the same tender also includes two installations for simulating an explosion with six smoke containers and boxes with smoke bombs.

Previously, the Pentagon placed an application for the purchase of supplies for Russian weapons and ammunition.

This was first reported back in May 2019, by Defence Blog.

“The U.S. Army Contracting Command, on behalf of the Office of the Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems (OPM-MAS), is issuing a market survey to identify technically and financially capable sources for supplying and delivering multiple variants of Special Ammunition & Weapon Systems (SAWS) and Non-NATO commercial ammunition from around the world for delivery to OCONUS locations.”

These included small-caliber ammunition for use with Makarov and Tokarev pistols, AK-47 assault rifles, PKM and YaKB / DshKM machine guns, SVD Dragunov sniper rifles.

And these would be delivered through Fiscal Years 2021-2026, so it is a long-term project.




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Seriously, the dumbass lardass Americunt morons puny brains have been eaten up by filthy Jew amoeba, the dumbasses are 2000% debt to GDP, 24 TRILLION dollars in hawk, the lost Islamophobic Jew wars have cost over $14 TRILLION, with 6 million homeless shitting in the streets, India style, and the idiots want to fight Russia which as ocher 6,000 nukes and a first rate military. Talk about shitheads!

    • Boycott-Israel!

      What A JOKE that US military has limited budget.

      • Kilgore Trout

        You noticed that too.

  • Tommy Jensen

    This is because we wanna defend the planet against Russias spreading of fossil gas EVERYWHERE causing clima change and the sea level raising several meters.
    Russia refuses American and British scientific evidence that fossil gas is causing famines, dry deserts, storms, displaced, refugees and terror.
    As we in the West have an obligation to protect our values and our way of living and also our planet, we do this military preparation for world peace……..but also world freedom!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The parasitic Jew and Bilderberg corporations see Russia’s immense natural resources as a last rip off and plunder frontier, they were gleeful after the USSR broke up and the moron drunk Yeltsin was put in power, but now even with Putin and rising Russian nationalism the morons agenda is up the creek. Any attack on Russia will be met with the full force of a nuclear deterrent. In the meantime, Russia needs to beef-up military alliances with China, Iran and other Zionist free nations.

    • Tiresia Branding

      so the westerners cars, airplanes, boats, industries go with pure water!? Funny
      please, increase the budget, we need a little bit better trolls

    • Nosferatu

      You are pathetic. US buys that gas from Russia too.

      • Tiresia Branding

        not only: US oil companies EXTRACT in Russia :-D

    • Ilya

      From villain to saviour with a little tech (US tech, Russian/Iranian/Qatari nat gas!)


    • verner

      you recall that papa bush, no 41 I think, said ‘that the american way of life is not negotiable’ – couldn’t have put it better myself!

    • FlorianGeyer

      The ‘ Climate Change’ religion does seem to have a large number of devout and brainwashed followers I agree.

      As for the US Military Planners, it is fortunate that they are all still taking their mind destroying drugs. I would willingly donate to a ‘Support the US Military with Drugs Day’.

      Has the US Military defeated the Taliban yet ?


  • chris chuba

    I hate so many things that my country is doing but this is normal activity. I would have to think that Russia and China likewise train against U.S. aircraft. What are we doing to do with our massive budget, train against whatever the EU makes? Actually, that might be prudent since everybody sells weapons all over the place. We should probably be training against F16’s as well.

    • Garga

      That’s normal, everybody trains their forces against their real or imaginary adversaries. My own country even built an aircraft carrier mock up for “training” purposes. Stupid thing didn’t sink no matter how hard they hammered it (Our products are just insanely though, like the vases which refused to break in an Army parade some years ago, didn’t care how many soldiers punched and kicked them :)

      You’re also right about F-16. Some might find it hard to believe, but there are people in Pentagon who think the old F-4 Phantoms of IRIAF pose a serious threat for their assets because currently there’s no jet in US navy’s arsenal (or even USAF) that can compete with it in terms of speed, range and capacity. They train against them, but since they don’t know what are the upgrades in Iranian Phantoms (and Tomcats), so for now it’s just training against the air frame.

      • d’Artagnan

        China has invited a large Iranian defence delegation and looks like some major arms deals are in the works. Armenia and Iran have also pledged closer defence ties recently as a counter to Israeli arming the corrupt Azerbaijan regime. It is only a matter of time that Iran will get the SU-35.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Feel free to leave and join your buddies in the shitthole of the east .

    • grumpy_carpenter

      The USA had 2 advantages over the Russians that gave them air superiority over any Russian aircraft they went up against from 1979 until just recently.

      First they had lots of front line Soviet aviation from former East Block countries to play with while I doubt the Russians have a single US aircraft

      Second they had a treasure trove of information from Adolph Tolkachev who worked for the Soviet radar firm Phazotron and gave them detailed information on the radars and avionics of the Mig-29, Mig-31, SU-27 as well as the S-300, and all their air to air missiles. They knew the frequency, range and characteristics of just about every radar and radar controlled weapon the Soviets produced from 1979 to the fall of the Soviet Union which allowed them to jam them as well as they were able to tune their weapons to avoid Soviet built jamming.

      That led to all the turkey shoots of the 1990’s up until the Syrian war. I believe the Russians have upgraded their weapons systems and that advantage is now lost. Consider that through the Vietnam war Soviet weapons shot down 10,000 US aircraft but after 1979 the USA pretty well had a perfect record against Soviet weapons.

  • Nosferatu

    US aint going to attacj Russia directly as long as Russia has the capability to destroy US mainland and most of US armed forces in a single day. US aims to destroy Russia from within by paying traitor scum such as Navalnyj and more.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Your funny there stupid .

  • Garga

    Well good luck with “mimicking” Russian jets.
    They just need some long range, BVR air to air missiles like R77, radars to support them, radars in jet cheeks, IRST integrated with radar and weapons system, a pesky thing called super-maneuverability and a few other things, like pilots to operate them.

    I wonder why they don’t take a couple of guns and ammunition they purchased in bulks for their ISIS and AQ employees? Guess they were really cheap, they need the ones with “small Oxygen and Propane cylinders” which cost a leg and an arm for each one.

    In distant years of ’70s and ’80s they used F-5 and even the useless Kfir to mimic MiG-21. It “might” be a challenge to find something to mimic Su-35 other than, well, Su-35.

    • Uwe

      Right, better try to mimic starship Enterprise or a Tie Fighter squadron. If US air force can beat that they can beat anything!

      • Garga

        That’s the reason Trump wants to have the “SpaceForce” now!

        • S Melanson

          The reimagined Star Wars for our universe.

          Emperor Trump to Darth Netanyahu: I think it is amazing and incredible to be your apprentice, embracing the power of AIPAC, the most potent manifestation of the dark side of the force.

          Darth Netanyahu: Yes my dutiful apprentice but you have still much to learn about your place which is sole devotion to me. Yes, you have made strides in pleasing your master but you get distracted from groveling at my feet and so you fail to kiss it with passionate slurps.

          Still you have pleased me enough to name a planet in your honour… Alderaan

          Emperor Trump: but that is the planet you plan to blow up with the Merkava Planet Destroyer.

          Darth Netanyahu rolls eyes: you fall for my bull s—t, really, the Merkava could not even blow up Lebanon.

          But do not forget the most important moment… when you will know when you have truly pleased me… when I say “I have you now”.

          Emperor Trump: you are so wise, Daddy…

          Darth Netanyahu: Look, I am not your Father!

    • Toronto Tonto

      They are not out to mimic junk , its just target practice .

      • J Ramirez

        Target practice for the US means killing innocent women and children!

  • verner

    zionism=evil, the israeli troll factory name is busy again.shame on him. probably 5 to 10 different writers behind that one avatar

  • Tiresia Branding

    “the limited military budget of the United States”… is a joke!? This BS is to spend more and more and more
    for some reason I cannot post the link to a good article; search for “Unused Militaries Fred Reed”

    • d’Artagnan

      There is also a good Pentagon report on why US loses wars.

      Why America Loses Wars

      Limited War and US Strategy from the Korean War to the Present

      US failed to achieve its objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan, was
      defeated outright in Vietnam, and since World War II won unambiguous
      victories only in the first Gulf War of 1991, a war with the strictly
      limited objective of expelling Iraq from Kuwait, and in various “police
      actions” against pathetically small and weak opponents.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Here is the link ,Tiresia.

      “Unused Militaries”


  • d’Artagnan

    US military-industrial complex is desperate to stoke wars globally, Russia is again being used as a usual bogeyman. However, Russia is no pushover and has many counter strategies in play. US is a failed state and becoming an international embarrassment.

  • Damien C

    If the US want to mimick Russian pilots they’ll have to airstrike Islamists ….. The US has no idea how to do that so how can they copy Russian tactics

    • FlorianGeyer

      Lol and so true as well.

  • You can call me Al

    Whahahaha, nice one, you cheeky fuckers SF.

    Now, more serious articles please……Nope, we need a joke / spoof like this every week and see who spots it or not.

  • Toronto Tonto

    The little terrorist pootin is the ONLY one that NEEDS a war so the diktater can stay in power of the shitthole .

  • Tudor Miron

    “caused by various threats around the world, as well as the limited military budget of the United States.”(c) = thanks for a good lough.

  • frankly

    So some basic history. Every war the US has declared on any target. War on: drugs, terror, illiteracy, poverty, racism, crime, environmental decay, etc. Has only achieved the diametric opposite goal, which would almost be ok, if it wasn’t so goddamn fucking expensive!

    This is completely predictable given the transparent use of projection in US statements. If they accuse others of a behavior, they themselves are more guilty of same. So when they say they are going to ensure the truth gets out and dishonest media are controlled they are telling us this. The MSM will spread their lies with even more dispatch and any hint of truth will be crushed. Like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

    So preparing to fight WW III is a lie. When the only thing motivating your troops is self defense and they clearly perceive the evil agenda of the chain of command, you are dead in the water. We have made clear our agenda of world domination and when the world actually understands life in the US, they want no part of it. Oh the elite can still be bought and controlled, but the threat is clear. The world sees the threat and daily old enemies organize together to face off against US hegemony.

    Our military hardware reflects a lack of concern about being invaded by others and a fear of our own people. Is there any more obvious aggressive weapon than the aircraft carrier? It is the very symbol of imperial ambition. Only against the weak. I think Japan is a good example of how our “friends” see us. We demonized them before WW II and now we dominate them. Below the polite mask they can barely stand the sight of us.

    • Ronald

      “Daily old enemies organize together to face off against US hegemony”.
      Case it point, the recent meeting with Modi and Putin. It went well.
      If India, China, Russia and Iran can work together, “we the people”, stand a good chance of standing firm against that hegemony. All have the dark proxy forces of the Saudi, Pakistani and Qatari, Wahhabi “boots on the ground” up against their borders.

  • Black Waters

    The U.S it’s an empire in ruins, they call agressor to anyone because they want to maintain a war economy.

  • S Melanson

    Mimicking aircraft of potential adversaries is standard practice, consider the movie Top Gun which had this practice as a major theme.

    I am glad the author recognizes the tremendous struggles of US military planners coping with the ‘limited’ U.S. military budget. It is disappointing that the budget is barely matching the combined expenditures of the next top ten nations in military spending, how limiting indeed.

  • adzsiam

    Simulations for the AK47?! That yer old faithful weapon system (including the updated variants) and its accompanying parts, munitions, etc, isn’t exactly hard to obtain on the international market. And the US military have been testing it for real since the Vietnam war days. Why simulations?

  • Kelli Hernandez

    So a false flag to drag us into war with Russia? Drop a few bombs on American cities with Jets painted in Russian colors? Well US citizens wont know the difference. I mean to drag us into a major war, they will need to go bigger than 9/11.

  • Icarus Tanović

    But this is laughable!