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U.S. Military Buildup In Saudi Arabia Will Whip Up Tensions In Persian Gulf: Russia Warns

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U.S. Military Buildup In Saudi Arabia Will Whip Up Tensions In Persian Gulf: Russia Warns


The US plans to step up its military presence in Saudi Arabia will fuel tensions in the Persian Gulf region, Russian Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told media on November 20 answering a question from TASS.

“This is just an escalation of tensions. Are they going to fight someone or what?” he said.

Bogdanov aslo recalled the Security Concept for the Persian Gulf region promoted by Russia.

“Our concept contains the philosophy of joint efforts without any dividing lines and confrontation. On the contrary, [the Russian concept envisages] the involvement of all parties concerned without exception — states and regions, Arab countries, not only members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Iran, Iraq, maybe someone else,” he said.

Earlier, the US announced plans to send additional forces to Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks. The number of US troops in the country will reach 3,000. Washington openly says  that these movesd are aimed against Iran, which, according to the US, poses a threat to security in the region and is responsible for attacks on Saudi oil facilities, which occurred in September 2019.


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Hasbara Hunter

Come on don’t be so dramatic Russia…just let the U.S. build up their troops in Wahhabistan …They have lost a lot of bases in recent years…gotta stack all these poor homeless soldiers somewhere right?

George King

There is an abundance of homeless US soldiers living on the streets of the USA. Bring them home and put them to rebuilding crumbeling infrastructure and building new infrastructure for renewable cheap energy.

Hasbara Hunter

The number of Homeless folks in the “First” World is rapidly growing through speculation (Demand & Supply) of the Real Estate Sector, Banksters & Governments…I just returned from NZ…the streets in Auckland are also covered with homeless folks…

Pave Way IV

The neocons that run clown world here in the US are back-stabbers. Maybe this buildup is really in preparation to regime-change the Saudi head-choppers and steal their gold and oil. Would anyone be surprised? Would anyone even care? I mean, it’s Saudi Arabia…


sure but whichever way you look at it Iran is controlling the persian gulf and the hormuz strait directly plus the red sea into the gulf of aden indirectly and what can the squatters do about it – the morons of washington dc will never allow the squatters to settle the matter by themselves and thus they are primed for extinction and palestine returned to the rightful owners, the palestinians.

and honestly who would say they would miss the squatters there or anywhere else.

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