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U.S. Military Accuses Russia Of Jamming Its Troops In Northern Syria

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U.S. Military Accuses Russia Of Jamming Its Troops In Northern Syria

AP Photo / Hussein Malla

US troops in Syria are allegedly suffering from Russian jamming devices.

On July 25th, U.S. Army Col. Brian Sullivan spoke to reporters in the US Department of Defense. He said that his troops had encountered a “congested … electronic warfare environment” while fighting in Northeastern Syria during their nine-month deployment between September 2017 and May 2018. His words were: “It presented challenges to us that we were able to successfully contend with, and it gave us an opportunity to operate in an environment that can’t be replicated anywhere at home station, including our combat training centers. It’s a great opportunity for us to operate particularly in the Syrian environment where the Russians are active.”

Sullivan did not disclose how the jamming affected his team. However Foreign Policy cites experts in electronic warfare saying that an attack can impair communications equipment, navigation systems and even aircraft.

Laurie Moe Buckhout, a retired Army colonel who specializes in electronic warfare, quoted by Foreign Policy, said that suddenly communications would stop working or a soldier would be unable to call for fire or radars wouldn’t work, because they’re jammed.

Foreign Policy has cited unnamed officers who have experienced electronic warfare, they claim it’s no less dangerous than conventional attacks. However, it might also have a silver lining, it allows for US troops to have a rare opportunity to experience Russian technology in the battlefield and think of ways to deal with it.

Syria is a battlefield with forces from the US, Russia, Iran and even Israel, as well as the Syrian army. A miscommunication or inadvertent encounter may lead to a full-blown war.

An expert on national security and military issues at the Lexington Institute, Daniel Goure says that Russia’s new electronic warfare systems are sophisticated and can be mounted on large vehicles or aircraft and can affect targets hundreds of miles away.

Earlier this year, on April 10th, it was reported that Russian jamming has seriously affected US drones. The targeted drones were the smaller surveillance ones, and not the larger ones with strike capability like the MQ-1 Predator or the MQ-9 Reaper, as reported by NBC News. Russian electronic warfare systems affected the US drones despite the encryption that is supposed to protect them from such attack.

Analysts, cited by Foreign Policy, claim that Russia is increasingly using Syria as a testing ground for its new electronic weapons. The electronic warfare systems were developed over the past 10-15 years in response to NATO’s dominance in conventional weapons. Russia’s operations in Ukraine offered Moscow a similar chance to test its equipment. Furthermore, the conflict in Syria allows Russia to discover how sophisticated US response is to electronic attacks.

Gen. Raymond Thomas, the head of U.S. Special Operations Command, at a conference in Florida, on April 24th, said that Syria is “the most aggressive [electronic warfare] environment on the planet.” According to him Russia were testing the US every day by knocking communications and even disabling aircraft built specifically for electronic warfare.

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Russie Unie

Fuck off ! USA have nothing to do on the syrian soil ! Terrorists !!!

You can call me Al

Damn you beat me to it.


I hope they won’t prolong this dirty war just to test their new toys.

Zainab Ali

just admit you lost ameritards big time in the 21st century and will be losing more – total losers


Wah! there jamming communications of our armed forces illegally operating in Syria!


I think that your valid point is not really understood by the US Coalition of Terror Jamie :)


Jammed on recent ISIS strike in al suwayda. Gee i wonder why.


The tired old cry from the muppets in the US Congress , Senate and corporate media for two years now has been, Russia ‘interfering with our democracy’ lol and now Russia ‘ interfering with our military’ lol.

Whatever will be next As?
‘ Russia interfering with our prescription medication ‘ ?


OSN l.t.d. USA , dont want listen this !! This is justice of world !


The Trump forces together with a bunch of terrorists are illegally occupying the land of Syrian nation. Nobody have invited them.


Actually and as amazing as it will sound. The US and other forces are not legally in Syria they are just in Syria. Only Russia can be legally in Syria owing to Russia having a defense Treaty with Syria – Interestingly No one NO one else has a treaty that allows them to be there.
The entire MId East knows this and we wonder why they hate us?


My heart breaks: how can those evil Russkies do that to those kind, cooperating Americans? Especially when one considers that those kind Americans would never ever do anything like that.


Yes, they learned to overcome the Russian jamming. They can’t jam 2 tin cans and a string. But US forces can’t figure out how to get them working on a plane as yet.


That’s due to US Defence underfunding I guess Zman :)
More cash required.


Yes the US should spend that mutch that all Americans wear rabitskins !


Not real ones of course ( I like rabbits) and in nice pastel shades to reflect the gender choice of the wearer. :)


That is too expensive, Pentagon cans on string cost 200,000 USD each.


This is indicative that the Russians are playing a cat and mouse game with the Americans, disabling the operational ability of their weapon systems with ease.
US armed forces are fully integrated within electronic linkages that provide them with a immediate situational awareness of specific details on a specific battlefield, the Russian EW jamming or blocking those linkages would render US armed forces blind, dam and fully unprepared for any specific counterattack.


It should be possible for algorithms to also alter the data that the US sends and receives and that would cause complete chaos :)


It is possible, but needed specialiced equipment cause the sended messages wether Spoken or text are first coded, than scrambled than sended by a computer controlled that jumps to different frequenties in a very quick way, it’s like prrt prrrt prrt, 3 times, the satelite recieves and transmit in the same way to other frequency’s, Russia is very strong in this kind of receptions !


We now from the Belgian Gladio’s that they had transmit/ recieving equipment to send to England or to Boston in a very simple way ! It’s not any more like in my time in Morse or coded teletype or fax by radio !

Pave Way IV

“…However, it might also have a silver lining, it allows for US troops to have a rare opportunity to experience Russian technology in the battlefield and think of ways to deal with it…”

US soldier:Russian EW isn’t a problem. Yeah, their jammers in Syria are insanely powerful, but if we yell really loud into our radios, we can usually punch through. Well, sometimes…
comment image

Tommy Jensen

US is learning from every single case. This guy should be happy that he is participating in scientific military research for America.


NO, They Arent, What did they learned from twice in A-stan, Somalia, Twice Irak, Libia, Syria, the don’t learn the are stuburn bloody village retardees !

Empire's Frontiers

They’re learning.

It’s the sinister application of the knowledge gained you’re noticing.

Pave Way IV

Eventually, the U.S. will become sentient. That won’t end well…

Tommy Jensen

Naughty naughty Russia.
It means everything Arse Carter and Obomba said about Russia´s and Putin´s unprofessional behavior endangering the world´s stability and democratic order were true.
But noone would believe it then and the media refused to write about it and remained silent. Now we see the results and the American people suffer because the sheeple refused to wake up!


Well if they dont want to be jammed maybe they should pack up their bags & get out of Syria – they are illegal occupiers arent they.

John Whitehot

the only thing Carter and Obomba are professional about is whoring.

Few whores can get to that level of professionalism.


Don’t forget Clinton, and the Bushes !

John Whitehot

how could one forget them, along with Ronnie Reagan.


See a shrink !


Hey Tommy, Neil and Bob, you have vanilla ice cream on your chin… Oh wait it’s not ice cream.

John Whitehot

“However, it might also have a silver lining, it allows for US troops to have a rare opportunity to experience Russian technology in the battlefield and think of ways to deal with it.”

How’s that a silver lining for anybody standing up against enslavement and injustice i don’t know.

In any case, it works both ways – Russians have the opportunity to experience US technology in the battlefield and think ways to deal with it.

John Mason

More like they couldn’t get their fix and are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

leon mc pilibin

Uninvited guests complaining about the facilities and their treatment.You just cant make this shit up..Only zionist scumbag ,arrogant warmongers could say things like that..UGH

Mahmoud Larfi

Another evidence of Russia meddling in US democracy.


Lol. Spreading democracy through bomb and terror.


We’re going to make a democracy out of you if it kills you.



Lena Jones

It’s funny when the vicious occupier complains :D


USA and NATO are in the Middle East hate and Russian with coalition are welcoming ! The Russian are home in Syria !


Monkey faces claimed to be jammed on a place they shouldn’t be there !


(…Syria is a battlefield with forces from the US, Russia, Iran and even
Israel, as well as the Syrian army. A miscommunication or inadvertent
encounter may lead to a full-blown war…)

The unexpected can happen at any moment! What a dangerous world we live in!


poor yankees crying!! :)


Congestion is one thing and jamming is another.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

It will give the US an idea of what a real war with Russia would be like… No shortage of bad surprises in there…


The idea that people would dare to defend themselves against American attacks is unheard of.
Russia should know that they are supposed to stand perfectly still, and allow America to kill them.

Cheryl Brandon

Well .done Russia: Jam them up some more Russia! Fucking terrorists looters and criminals!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Haha good :))


Well ofc they will Jam you, where you think you are in your back door in the US, screw you Occupators you will be Jammed none of your drones will fly nowhere.

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