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U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward

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U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward

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In view of the coverage of the US protests, a very apparent phenomenon is being observed in MSM.

The current mainstream narrative is such that it is an avalanche of Black Lives Matter, and no statements, articles, and even considerations against this avalanche are acceptable, even in the slightest. This happens regardless the real state of events in the field of ethnic violence and problems that appear from this situation.

In such a way, this MSM approach is leading to a very apparent example of the double-faced reporting that has been going on for quite a while.

When conflicts are away from the US, reporting is uniform – if the government is allied to Washington and is a “partner”, the protesters are rioters, and their activities are constantly condemned, with constant calls for their adventurism to stop, because they’re essentially funded by China, Iran and/or Russia and are fighting against democracy and human rights.

If the government is not allied – Venezuela, Syria, and so on, the “moderate opposition” (regardless of the fact that in the Syrian example it is comprised of terrorists) is fighting for human rights, democracy and for the US to be able to cooperate with the new government and received benefits (in the form of resources more often than not).

Propaganda is pushed in all spheres of life and there is a sort of relentless tide of it in order to push forward any and all US interests.

This is the same for all conflicts and a short review would very evidently prove it so.

In the US, clearly that approach doesn’t work.

Following are examples:

  1. A rally for Black trans lives took place in Brooklyn, it saw massive numbers and support. This is a positive event, according to the mainstream narrative.

And there can be no doubt, protests are likely necessary, since change is due. At the same time, they are presented as absolutely vital, and there’s nothing stopping them.

  1. US President Donald Trump plans to rally his supporters on June 20th. This is taking place when most of the US is recovering from a COVID-19 shutdown, the peak of which may have passed, as debates are still taking place.

Health experts are disagreeing with his decision.

The thing is that both events are taking place at the same time (roughly), and the epidemiologic situation is similar – one is necessary, the other isn’t.

It is difficult to push US interests forward via mainstream media, when the events are transpiring inside the country, and it is needed to paint Donald Trump as some sort of enemy of the people, while others are protesting for the greater good.

There are plenty of examples that are presenting the absurdist representation of events, and it is more apparent than ever, due to it happening in the US, unlike it being largely ignored when it is happening in a similar manner on the other side of the world.

The media coverage is such that violence by protesters against police officers, or other civilians, and the looting are being presented not exactly as positive, but are getting almost no mention. At the same time, any response (or initial violence) by authorities is propagated and even possibly blown out of proportion to push the narrative forward.

Another example is that the US Department of State is applying its tactics when it comes to the US protests. US President Donald Trump has been positioned as an opponent of the protests. At the same time, the US Department of State, part of the Trump administration is posting messages of support and even branded a massive Black Lives Matter banner.

U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward

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Zionism = EVIL

Actually wild white chicks leading from the front are doing the damage as western men are mostly faggots. In recent US riots, young white women are leading the protestors and causing havoc as depressed white males have become intimidated followers.

Many young western men are shunning sex. Is it because feminism and #MeToo are constant reminders of the inferiority of Western male identity?

comment image

Tommy Jensen

Its because correct gramma and language is gone. Truth is gone. When language and truth goes away, you cant figure out whats up and down. Your emotions slips, your libido slips.
You need to understand, know and feel by language a man is a man and a woman is a woman. If you are confused here, your dick and your pussy freeze or slips away into pervercy.

Ashok Varma

This LGBTI nonsense is destroying all decency. Western women have become aggressive and the males have been castrated.


When a real war comes, the letter people (LGetc) won’t matter anymore. They’ll just die

Zionism = EVIL

What have I been writing all these years, it is part of the Jew agenda to destroy western civilization by first destroying the family unit with selfish individualism, consumerism and materialism and then ultimately destroy the gender differentiation. Now the Bilderberg Jews are in the anarchy phase.


The ONLY reason I even bother to coment on this shit show in the imperial banana republic Dumbf…istan, is that the same forces whom have given the rest of the world hell to pay, crushed nations after nations, instigated riots after riots witch usually leads to civil war and coups, all done by the 5 Eye comunity with the flock of pathetic spineless bitches hanging after, like the Germs, whom have show us one thing, they are just pathetic vassals, the Brits to, but compared to the Germs, they ruined their land on top of it and Bozo the Clown is making shure Britain will be an destert, and riots in France, and the MSM have an field day when they pimp BLM, firing all sylinders, and I wounder why the bloody hell do we not throw them out, send the Africans back to Africa, the Paki scums just shoot them or give them an week to pack and get the f…. out and so on, send them back to where they came from and then they have their bloody paradise with no racism? and no white ass sumpremacy, huh, do you think they would go, probably not, but whines about white expseptionalist in an white ass Europa and is been given everything to an extent natives can just dream about, in Norway they even get full pension points from day one, an native have to work for 40 years, the gangs roaming and the MSM never writes about them, and somehow, the same MSM and the corrupted scums we call politicians are somewhat surpriced about the level of anger, yeah, and that because we are racists, nice one, right, and the sobbing of the Africans while they never ever talk about the insane level of crimes and violence the same Africans are conducting in Norway, its the same in the entire EU/Europa, no exseptions what so ever, and the MSM is humanitys main enemy, until you morons get that we will loose and our chidren continued to be raped and robbed.

Yeah, follow the eh….mooney…. sorry, sorry, I meant the bricks.

The worst thing right now, with an exseption of few, SF is one of them, the mayority of sites incl shitholes like MoA and Saker, hangs them self upon the few rotten cops whom do what they want and gets away with it, that happens everywhere, but they focus sollely on the blacks, never ever on anyone else, when there are few cases of actual shootings while the blacks are been killed by large by their own scums, but no, the same sites whines about white racism, as the problem.
I dont understand why do we take that, like the football players, send them back to Africa and then tell em to just shut the f…. up and here your paradise among your own, right.

But for the Imperial banana republic, I like the shitshow, finaly the scums of this earth have an color revolution in their own back yard, and I have not the slightest symphaty what so ever with the Yankikes, you deserve everything, and I hope they burn down the entire nation, period.
Because they turned out to be qujones, like the Norwegians, loud mouthed and cocky when they bomb poor nations back to the stone age for freedom, humanism, of course and democasy, but when the shitstorm comes to their hood, they just crawl back under their shels and sobs, buhuhu, its the Chines, its the Nicaraguans, etc, etc, and despite the bloody obvious bastards behind this, they do nothing, sits and awaits the Orange mans wraps the coat around and comes down as an saviour, while the orange moron is sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp, finaly we all can see what kind of scums the Ameritards really are, and even now, they threaten others to create more wars for the only ind. left, the Devils twinns, the two MICs (medical and military).

I will enjoy every day that goes, dont for an second think just because I write and/or coment about this that I care, I dont give an rats ass for the Yankikes, but focuses sollely on the scums behind this color revolution, the elite/tribe and the MSM, witch again is owned by the elite/tribe.
Burn, baby, burn.
The only problem so far, I have run out of popcorn….



You have a point but you are still far from the truth. You cannot say peace when you have displayed the opposite, you say people should look at themselves before complaining about whites, well I say the same to you, because you sound kind of crazy to be honest.


blacks trannies matter!!! and so does dykes and LGBTYM;s..

Zionism = EVIL

The Supreme court old faggots would agree.

johnny rotten

Who of lies hurts of lies perishes, lets time run its course.

Tommy Jensen

The Police is trying to make some order and prevent violence and crimes, but the people and the politicians wants chaos to loot other people hard work. More herbs man, rastafari man. be lgbt and cash in man.


If you film the same crowd from enough angles it seems massive. Also, I’m sure George Soros can afford to mobilize tens of thousands of out-of-work drones with purple hair, after the elites have destroyed the US market economy with COVID

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