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U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward


U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward

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In view of the coverage of the US protests, a very apparent phenomenon is being observed in MSM.

The current mainstream narrative is such that it is an avalanche of Black Lives Matter, and no statements, articles, and even considerations against this avalanche are acceptable, even in the slightest. This happens regardless the real state of events in the field of ethnic violence and problems that appear from this situation.

In such a way, this MSM approach is leading to a very apparent example of the double-faced reporting that has been going on for quite a while.

When conflicts are away from the US, reporting is uniform – if the government is allied to Washington and is a “partner”, the protesters are rioters, and their activities are constantly condemned, with constant calls for their adventurism to stop, because they’re essentially funded by China, Iran and/or Russia and are fighting against democracy and human rights.

If the government is not allied – Venezuela, Syria, and so on, the “moderate opposition” (regardless of the fact that in the Syrian example it is comprised of terrorists) is fighting for human rights, democracy and for the US to be able to cooperate with the new government and received benefits (in the form of resources more often than not).

Propaganda is pushed in all spheres of life and there is a sort of relentless tide of it in order to push forward any and all US interests.

This is the same for all conflicts and a short review would very evidently prove it so.

In the US, clearly that approach doesn’t work.

Following are examples:

  1. A rally for Black trans lives took place in Brooklyn, it saw massive numbers and support. This is a positive event, according to the mainstream narrative.

And there can be no doubt, protests are likely necessary, since change is due. At the same time, they are presented as absolutely vital, and there’s nothing stopping them.

  1. US President Donald Trump plans to rally his supporters on June 20th. This is taking place when most of the US is recovering from a COVID-19 shutdown, the peak of which may have passed, as debates are still taking place.

Health experts are disagreeing with his decision.

The thing is that both events are taking place at the same time (roughly), and the epidemiologic situation is similar – one is necessary, the other isn’t.

It is difficult to push US interests forward via mainstream media, when the events are transpiring inside the country, and it is needed to paint Donald Trump as some sort of enemy of the people, while others are protesting for the greater good.

There are plenty of examples that are presenting the absurdist representation of events, and it is more apparent than ever, due to it happening in the US, unlike it being largely ignored when it is happening in a similar manner on the other side of the world.

The media coverage is such that violence by protesters against police officers, or other civilians, and the looting are being presented not exactly as positive, but are getting almost no mention. At the same time, any response (or initial violence) by authorities is propagated and even possibly blown out of proportion to push the narrative forward.

Another example is that the US Department of State is applying its tactics when it comes to the US protests. US President Donald Trump has been positioned as an opponent of the protests. At the same time, the US Department of State, part of the Trump administration is posting messages of support and even branded a massive Black Lives Matter banner.

U.S. Media Propaganda Machine Turns Inward

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