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JUNE 2021

U.S. May Impose Sanctions On Russians Included In So-called Kremlin List – Media

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U.S. May Impose Sanctions On Russians Included In So-called Kremlin List - Media

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

The US may impose new sanctions on a number of Russian persons from the so-called Kremlin list released by the Treasury Department in late January, the Washington Post reported on April 4 citing “US officials”.

According to the report, the sanctions will be imposed by March 6.

“The sanctions are economic and designed to target oligarchs with ties to President Vladimir Putin, the officials said. The final number of Russians facing punitive action remains fluid, the U.S. officials said, but is expected to include at least a half-dozen people under sanction powers given to the president by Congress,” the Washington Post’s article reads.

The so-called Kremlin list, with 210 names, was released by the Treasure Department on January 29. The public part of the list includes all members of the Russian government, top officials of the presidential administration and heads of state corporations and banks as well as businessmen with a net worth of $1 billion and more.

The Kremlin list is not a sanction list. However, it’s clear that people in it may become a target of some restrictions or even sanctions imposed by Washington.

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As I have stated before, to target Russian oligarchs living in the UK , US EU etc who have wealth they cannot reasonably account for is surely Anti Semitic :)

This is a can of worms for the UK and one which president Putin will be happy to see exposed :)


Wealth from Russia held by non-US citizens not reasonably accounted for ought to include Bill Browder too.


What is the reason now? More sanctions on Russia for the sake of more sanctions on Russia? Not even the USSR got this kind of treatment back in the Cold War.

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