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U.S. Main Proxy In Syria’s Al-Tanf Rejects New Leader, Starts Mutiny

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U.S. Main Proxy In Syria’s Al-Tanf Rejects New Leader, Starts Mutiny

Green Berets and their partner force, the Maghaweir al-Thowra (MaT), during a joint patrol mission near At-Tanf Garrison, Syria, April 29, 2020. Coalition forces train and advise the MaT in southern Syria in pursuit of the enduring defeat of Daesh and to set conditions for regional stability. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. William Howard)

The United States main proxy in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, Maghaweir al-Thowra (MaT), has officially rejected the coalition’s recent decision to remove its leader Muhanad Tala.

Tala, who founded the MaT in 2016 with support from the U.S.-led coalition, is a former colonel of the Syrian Arab Army who defected early on in the war. The coalition removed Tala from his position last week. The leader was replaced by Muhammad Farid Qassem, a former captain who joined the rebels after defecting from the army and later formed the al-Qaryatayn Martyrs Brigade in al-Tanf with support from the U.S.

In a statement released on October 2, the Joint Military Command of the MaT rejected the U.S. decision to appoint Qassem as the group’s new leader, denouncing the coalition’s attempts to intervene in its internal affairs.

“We reject the attempt to impose Cpt. Muhammad Farid Qassem as the army commander for many reasons, the simplest of which is that he is not one of our officers or affiliates, and call on the General Command of the Coalition to intervene directly to avoid the dangerous repercussions that could arise as a result of this irresponsible decision,” the statement reads.

The MaT maintains at least 300 militants in the coalition al-Tanf garrison, where some 200 U.S. troops are usually deployed.

Qassem, who is a violent radical, was reportedly appointed as the new leader of the MaT upon direct orders from the U.S. Central Command. Despite his alleged terrorist activities with the al-Qaryatayn Martyrs Brigade, Qassem remained very close to the coalition. He even worked with the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Tala was allegedly sacked from his position because of a recent trip he made to Turkey, during which he held talks with the country’s intelligence officials.

The decision to remove Tala led to a series of protests by civilians and militants in al-Tanf garrison and the nearby Rukban refugee camp.

In an attempt to ease the tension, the new MaT leader and and unidentified commander of the U.S.-led coalition released a video message on October 2. Qassem said in the message that he will work with the coalition to build “future Syria,” while the coalition commander stressed that they will provide all support for him.

The poorly-directed message, which highlights the coalition’s sadistic relationship with its proxies in Syria, has clearly failed to convince the opponents of Qassem.

All in all, it appeases that the U.S.-led coalition al-Tanf garrison is now experiencing a mutiny led by the MaT. The coalition does not appear to be willing to compromise. This could lead to more escalation and instability in the area. It could also open the door to the area for Damascus and its allies.



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Pro Russian Axis of Resistance

Damn these U S coalition commanders have no shame being amongst terrorists, and training them; says a lot about the U.S military.

Pro Russian Axis of Resistance

USA #1is a bitch.


You would be surprised to know The US is a country full of terrorists – Which is why it is also a Police State.

Bigg Chungus

The USA does not want partners, only servants and serfs. It is on plain display for the world to see.

All for Greater Israel…


US owned terrorists and bandits, not happy with their share of plunder


the US attempt to create a democracy in a small camp of terrorists in a desert seems to be failing

Joseph Day


John Wallace

al-Tanf should have been bombed out of existence years ago as it is an illegal intrusion by a foreign country that is there to block the main road Damascus-Baghdad and to train and deploy terrorist groups into the Syrian interior who also steal the Red Crosses supplies to the refugee camp and extort the people there.

M from Romania

“we are with you” until our interests dictates that we are not, and will abandon you in a second or even kill you ourselves …. USA policy

Ziological Warefare

US is a parasite on the globe that needs to be wiped out

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