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U.S.-Made Javelin ATGM Failed To Work In Demonstration In Front Of Ukrainian President Zelensky


U.S.-Made Javelin ATGM Failed To Work In Demonstration In Front Of Ukrainian President Zelensky

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The American anti-tank missile system Javelin failed to launch its payload during a presentation in front of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

This took place during the United Efforts 2020 exercise in Mykolaiv region on September 23rd, Ukrinform reports, citing the commander of the Northern operational command Valery Zaluzhny.

“Javelin didn’t fire, the rocket didn’t fly. Perhaps this is a mistake of the operator, maybe something else, we need to figure it out,” Ukrinform quoted him as saying.

“This is the first exercise that is fully conducted in accordance with NATO standards after Ukraine received the status of a NATO partner with expanded capabilities,” the statement on the official website of the President of Ukraine said.

Kiev is extremely enthusiastic about the supply of American Javelin ATGMs.

Nevertheless, it has already been discovered several times that Ukraine is receiving “expired” complexes of this type that have undergone “restoration” in the United States.

In addition, Washington demands that these weapons be stored in the western part of the country, fearing the loss of Javelins in the combat zone in Eastern Ukraine.


The exercise United Efforts 2020 is a joint exercise between the UK and Ukraine.

In Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, Ukrainian and British airborne assault brigades practiced storming settlements, seizing a bridgehead, and crossing water barriers.

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Posted by Генеральний штаб ЗСУ / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

U.S.-Made Javelin ATGM Failed To Work In Demonstration In Front Of Ukrainian President Zelensky

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According to the plan of the command, the paratroopers of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and the Armed Forces of Great Britain were to seize a bridgehead in battle on the opposite bank of a large river. And then to ensure the crossing in the sector recaptured from the enemy by the shock group of its troops, which, in turn, should begin an offensive.

On the eve of the crossing of the Dnieper, during reconnaissance, the military attracted divers who checked whether there were engineering and mine-explosive obstacles, fortification equipment, traps on the opposite bank. In addition, the divers laid remotely controlled explosive devices in the bottom and bank of the Dnieper.

The role of the enemy was played by units of one of the Ukrainian motorized infantry brigades.

First, artillery and a pair of Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of the Royal Air Force of the British Armed Forces struck at the enemy positions – they suppressed the work of command posts and hit the places of concentration of manpower and equipment.

Further into the Dnieper to make passages in the enemy’s obstacles by swimming, combat vehicles for remote mine clearance of the terrain entered. In front of the coast, they afloat launched demining charges that are capable of creating passages in minefields up to 6 meters wide and up to 90 meters long. Behind them, five demining groups landed on the opposite bank in Kolibri high-speed boats.

Then the key action of this stage of the operation began. On ferry installations, the Dnieper was crossed by a British airborne unit aboard the Kazak AFV. With the support of aviation, anti-aircraft anti-aircraft installations and a surface barrage detachment, the Support Forces units deployed a pontoon-bridge crossing.

The pontoon-bridge battalions assembled a pontoon bridge about half a kilometer long. At the same time on the left, to mislead the enemy, a ferry appeared in the middle of the water with mock-ups of tanks on pontoons.

The exercise United Efforts 2020 was announced on September 15th, directly in response to Russia’s long-planned Kavkaz-2020 military drills.




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