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JUNE 2021

U.S.-Made Howitzer Capable of Delivering Chemical Weapons Spotted With HTS In Syria’s Idlib

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On August 7, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, released a photo showing its terrorists firing a U.S.-made M114 howitzer.

The terrorists used the heavy howitzer to shell an artillery position of the Syrian Arab Army in the town of Jbala in the southern countryside of Idlib.

U.S.-Made Howitzer Capable of Delivering Chemical Weapons Spotted With HTS In Syria's Idlib

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The 155 mm howitzer has a maximum firing range of 14,6 km and a rate of fire of up to 40 round per hour. The howitzer can be used to deliver chemical weapons such as White phosphorus and Mustard gas.

The howitzer was likely supplied by Turkey. More than 500 M114 howitzers are known to be in service with the Turkish Armed Forces.

Ankara has recently supplied HTS and other factions in Greater Idlib with loads of weapons and ammunition. Last year, HTS terrorists were spotted with a Turkish-made HY-12 120 mm mortar, a licensed copy of the French MO-120-RT.

Turkey committed to neutralize the remaining terrorists in Greater Idlib under the ceasefire agreement with Russia signed on March 5 . Yet, Ankara is stepping up its support for these terrorists.


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Lone Ranger



Since when is photo proof of anything?
If they want to stage chemical attack they would have all interest in the world not to brag about it; but to keep a secret.
I don’t buy that !


ah these ones dont have much schooling or intelligence.. why else would they think others would be their slaves freely or die?


Just because they are fanatical that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are deprived of any capacity to think. I don’t know about their “schooling” or intelligence and I would not go that far to declare them all idiots. I just think they all should be killed because that’s exactly how they treat others.
BTW it can be argued weather everybody is directly opposed to them.
Many Sunni’s in Syria… they are maybe not happy with them but they really don’t mind, because they don’t see them as an instrument of Israel or the West but as members of their own religion.
That is my 2 cents.


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