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U.S. Looking To Host Its Troops In Afghanistan’s Neighbors, As Taliban Capture Border Districts

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U.S. Looking To Host Its Troops In Afghanistan's Neighbors, As Taliban Capture Border Districts

The US is scrambling to find a new “home” for the troops its withdrawing from Afghanistan.

So far, it has had no success.

Uzbekistan has refused the Americans to place a base, but negotiations are continuing on the conditions for receiving “Afghans loyal to the American authorities.”

This relates to approximately three thousand Afghan citizens who collaborated with the American administration. And their families.

Uzbekistan claims that the Americans are ready to pay for the accommodation of every loyal Afghan.

The amount per person is rumored to be between $ 50,000 to $ 100,000. For this amount, the Uzbeks must place them in guarded residential towns, guarantee the safety and inviolability of their business.

The Taliban currently are working towards capturing sections of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Control over a section of the border with Pakistan is very important for the Taliban.

Now there is an opportunity to freely transport captured equipment to Pakistan, and new militants and instructors can arrive in Afghanistan.

Previously, when NATO was carrying out its operations, it was impossible. Now, however, Pakistan has a new trump card in its hands, which will be used in negotiations with the Afghan government.

The Afghan province of Badghis, bordering Turkmenistan, has completely come under the control of the Taliban. In the morning, the militants entered its administrative center – the city of Kalayi-Nau. A few hours earlier, government forces had evacuated personnel, administrators and local prisoners from the city.

Badghis became the first province entirely captured by the Taliban since the withdrawal of American troops from the country.

The U.S. military troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is more than 90% complete, U.S. Central Command announced on July 6th.

The news comes days after U.S. and international forces left Bagram Airfield, which has served for nearly two decades as the center of the U.S. fight to remove Taliban forces from power and take down al-Qaida terrorists responsible for killing thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on defended the military’s recent pullout from Bagram, the execution of which had caused local Afghan commanders to express surprise at the departure and led to a security lapse that allowed looters onto the base.

irby confirmed that the U.S. military withheld from its Afghan allies the specific time it would complete a withdrawal, citing “operational security,” but said the departure “wasn’t done in some shroud of secrecy.”

The Associated Press reported Monday that Afghan military officials said U.S. forces had left the base overnight Friday without notifying the new Afghan commander.

“I can’t speak for how Afghan leadership briefed their people. What I can tell you is that there was coordination between General (Scott) Miller and his staff and senior Afghan military and civilian leaders about the turnover of Bagram. That I know. And that there was, even to the degree of there being a walkthrough,” Kirby said.

Currently, it seems that more than likely the pullout is moving towards


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Didn’t hear or see the “Mission acomplished” speech of the US president. Did they win?


The US Tyranny’s Jew masters did win. Lots of plunder and blood for the Jews to celebrate over.

Of course, the haste of the supposed “withdrawal” from Afghanistan is in preparation for more plunder and blood profit for the the Jews in Iran.

Thomas Malthaus

The departing or fleeing Afghan troops were given T-shirts as they crossed into Tajikistan. The front is emblazoned in red letters with “Live free or die?” The backside reads, “Don’t follow us. We’re lost.”

Ivan Freely

You first need to define what “winning” means.

Arch Bungle

I hear “neighbours”. I see only one “neighbour”.

The yanks are SOL.


That’d be Tajikistan, if US can buy their way in. But that is interesting, because whilst still in Central Asia, it would put forward base US troops on completely wrong geographical side of Afghanistan for a key objective of even being there in first place. Back in 2001 the Neo-Cons assumed they could pacify Afghanistan and it would then become a forward base for future actions against neighboring Iran (the bigger Neo-Con target). But today, with any potential relocation of US troops to Tajikistan, they would have Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan between them and Iranian border. The Neo-Con ideological mindset assumed it would all be so simple, gain dominance in US foreign policy, and use US military to forcibly reshape Middle East and Central Asia into their own image, but two decades later it all looks a little harder!

Americunt LOSERS will destroy these states

These ex-Soviet stans are corrupt one party ruled shitholes and if the warmongering Jew infested Americunts get military bases they will bring terrorism and destruction to the whole region.

Lone Ranger

Most countries don’t want to host terrorists snd pirates.
Sorry Uncle Sam…

Americunt LOSERS will destroy these states

Turkmenistan is a corrupt shithole and has a CIA base. Tajikistan should not allow these Americunt scum and ISIS will then be brought in by the CIA. Russia and Iran have far more influence and should get tough.


@Southfront – You write this article as if the Taliban are foreign invaders in Afghanistan. They captured 95% of Afghanistan before the US fake war of terror invaded their country. Taliban were the rulers of Afghanistan – and will continue to be. Southfront should avail itself of decent analysts.

Alberto Bohon

I support Taliban


Even if Uzbekistan were to accept the offer from american swine, they would be under immense scrutiny by neighboring countries.

As an SCO and AIIB member with observer status in the EEU, the Uzbeks could stand to lose far more than they would gain. american clowns are obviously very desperate to remain in the region.


“take down al-Qaida terrorists responsible for killing thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001.”

So Southfront believes that a handful of nightclub swingers who couldn’t fly a Cessna 172 somehow spontaneously learned to expertly fly Boeing jets into a building, thereby overcoming the most heavily defended place on Earth?

All commanded by someone from a third-world country cave. And they did this with box-cutters no less. These Taliban also stole the gold from the trade centers and arranged for their demolition with bombs that left people irradiated.
A battalion of such men could beat every army in the world! Why doesn’t Southfront feature a video on these amazing warriors. One night in a bar picking up whores and the next they’re defeating the Western Empire.

Wow. So is Southfront is now a gatekeeper news site?

Ivan Freely

What’s also interesting is that SF also republish news from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK based organization, which is known to publish false news.


As expected. SF is challenging it’s readers to decide what is fact and what is fiction. Exactly what any proper news source would do.

The western MSM scripts it’s disinformation in a manner that leaves no room for debate or criticism.


I am certain that SF is aware of the real series of events that occurred on 9/11 2001.

Ivan Freely

“The US is scrambling to find a new “home” for the troops its withdrawing from Afghanistan.

So far, it has had no success.”

I hope those contacted nations are smart enough to tell Uncle Scam to get lost.

Alberto Bohon

it would likely be that US troops could be stationed in Pakistan or India to watch the Kashmir region and watch the Chinese closely

john mason

Be interesting to see which country accepts a bribe. If any country is stupid enough to accept the US then their eventual fate would be the same as Afghanistan if not worse.

L du Plessis

The US will turn Uzbek into another Afghan quagmire.

Americunt LOSERS will destroy these states

If the corrupt stans are so stupid to let the Americunt warmongers in, they will destroy themselves as the Americunts have the midas touch of sh1t. Anything they touch turns into crap.

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