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U.S. “Local Allies” Face Hard Times As Washington’s Campaign Against ISIS Moves To Its End

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U.S. "Local Allies" Face Hard Times As Washington's Campaign Against ISIS Moves To Its End

Members of the US Special Operations Forces alongside with SDF members are in Syria. Source: AFP

Iraqi forces had taken the cities of Kirkuk and Sinjar as well as many other villages from Kurdish Peshmerga forces as they pressed a campaign to take back contested terroritores from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) following the Kurdish independence referendum.

KRG forces are losing control of the areas outside their autonomous region, but what about the US? The US-led coalition against ISIS backed both Iraqi Army and Peshmerga, after all. The US did not cast its lot with any of the sides. Despite the KRG pleading for help, the US has stated that they “strongly urge all sides to avoid escalatory actions,” and has not shown support for either side of the conflict. In other words, the pleas for help are falling on deaf ears.

The derogatory silence from the US speaks volumes: it says the KRG has to deal with its own problems now. It looks like US “local allies” in Syria and Iraq may be hung out to dry in the end. Both the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces and the KRG share the myopic outlook that they have the “unrelenting support of international community” and, most importantly, are unconditionally backed by the US. They try to speak with the regional players – Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq – like they are in a position of power. But that power is fickle, if you consider that they depend heavily on the military, logistic, material and reconnaissance support from the US. Without aviation support, without the US Special Forces deployed in order to assist them, SDF and KRG forces may find themselves in a dire situation with no easy way out.

The SDF and the KRG are not Israel. Their lobby in Washington is not at all as efficient as Israel’s. Their influence is lacking: the Trump Administration won’t send American soldiers to die if the only goal of the move is to help the SDF and the KRG to create own Kurdish states.

The other matter is whether the US even has the intention to help anymore. The world superpower might just have its hands full right now with other matters both inside and outside the country. The North Korea situation escalates by the day. China doesn’t relent. The relations with Iran may go completely haywire. Turkey is being difficult. Toppling Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria didn’t go so well. The Ukraine situation is still unclear. The diplomatic and military resources are much better spent in order to deal with all these problems, rather than creating a possibly wayward independent Kurdish state. It is obviously not a top priority right now.

The SDF and the KRG are going to have to take care of themselves in the end.

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Zainab Ali

good riddance to zio satanic terrorists from the bankrupt yankee state – root of all evil with israhell and wahabbi sauds

Langaniso Mhlobo

UN is in total chaose it’s spoil boy USA/Nato and Israel have ruined it by not abide by its rules and procedures.Spoil boys still want to start new wars with North Korea,Iran,Russia and China.Eu has collapse Dollar has collapse.Germany is considering returning to its mark.Britain doesn’t want to share its Pounds.


Its good, but, and here is it, there is an fundamental misunderstanding about the uISISa wars, they are NOT fought for anything other than been continuing, makes the Mil. Ind. Complex ecstatic, cash is flowing ad stocks soars, and resources stolen, if not, simply taken from whatever country they want, and again, constant never ending wars is the process they seek, and why dont you get it, the uISISa is feeding them self on wars and plunder, aka legalized rape and plundering of country’s.

Again, Mali is the best ex. where Norse specs and uISISa/ISISrael and French FL mercs couped the land, after an initial peace, with an election that was hailed as near perfect, but the Gov. of Mali did one thing the French didnt like, the talked about nationalizing their own resources, like Gold.

Not a single word, in this days, nothing, and you wounder why we get refugees, huh. Look at Africa, the next phase of their wars will come there, not new, just escalating. Boko Haram was made by uISISa, and Hitlary was their mother, she even refuses to label them terrorists, the uISISa Gov. refused to label the terrorists and now after the years have passed, we know why, Kongo, is big, and have everything, expect democracy.

I know thing will not get any way better in the coming years, just morph into/onto somewhere/something else, but the refugee stream will not stop, and thats because of EU and uISISa.



Israel is for creating Israelistan in Kurdish areas and decades more war for the US to fight in the middle east. That doesn’t have a lot of support in the US.


Wahid Algiers

One fucken policy.


Jewmerica and the Jew world order need to end.



Wahid Algiers

One fucken tribe.


Chaim Weizmann, Emir Faisal


Wahid Algiers

One fucken family.


The Kurds will soon learn that they are completely disposable as a Prostitute is to a Pimp.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Kurds, the typical prostitute believing herself legal wife, returning slowly to reality after being used for a little while by the Americans, and about to return as alone as before. After being so ungrateful, evil, hypocritical and treacherous with the same government of the country that has given them refuge for so long. Well deserved, Kurdish fools and assholes.

Brad Isherwood

SAA should be able to retake Omar Oilfields and area right to Iraq border,…cut SDF off. This leaves ISUS with a area holding in Western Iraq border….which can be reduced if PMU are unleashed.,….if Iraq main army can act while manipulating Washington hovers over their shoulder. The many US bases in Kurd region suggests the US will stay on….Israel will probably demand that and full court press via its Evil lobby in District of Criminals. The Kurds are to fractured to become a State which the UN can rush to embrace.

Kurds giving back the Tabqa Dam will be a huge future signal towards their character. I wanted SAA/Tiger Forces to airlift in with Russian TAC air roasting anything that flees. Seize the Dam…..and force the US/Kurd hand……discover what the future holds.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Very wise, objective and logical comment, my friend. I totally agree with you.

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