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U.S.-led Coalition Withdrew From Military Camp Near Iraq’s Baghdad (Photos)

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On July 25, the U.S.-led coalition withdrew its troops from Pasmaya military camp and handed it over to Iraqi government forces.

Spanish troops of the coalition were involved in a training mission in the camp, which is located 60 km south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The coalition said it will continue to give “specialist support,” to Iraqi forces despite the withdrawal from the camp.

“Thanks to Spain for leading the training with Portugal, Canada, UK and U.S. Spin will remain through anti-ISIS advisors in Baghdad, helicopter support, and NATO staff,” OIR Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III said on Twitter.

According to the spokesman, the coalition trained 50,000 personnel of Iraqi government forces in the camp. $5M were invested to build weapons ranges and service buildings in the camp.

A day earlier, four rockets targeted the camp. The attack caused some material damage. However, no casualties were reported. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, so far.

In the last few months, the coalition withdrew some of its troops from particular camps in Iraq. Several military bases and camps were handed back to Iraqi forces. According to a recent statement by Maj. Gen. Kenneth P. Ekman, Deputy Commander of the coalition, the number of the remaining troops in Iraq will be slowly reduced.


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Ivan Freely

They are all leaving due to the ever increasing stupid moves by Washington. No one likes to be the bag holder.


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Spain, Canada and Portugal best hand over the rest of the facility to Iraqi forces.
Soleimani’s assassination will not be forgotten. All ‘coalition’ forces must leave Iraq.

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