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U.S.-led Coalition Warplanes Conducted Live-Fire Rehearsals In Syria’s Al-Tanaf

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On July 30, The U.S.-led coalition announced that its warplanes had conducted rehearsals in the southeastern Syrian region of al-Tanaf.

The rehearsals, that took placed on July 17, were carried out by F-15 fighter jets. Live ammo, likely guided bombs, were used in the rehearsals. Photos released by the coalition show fighter jets hitting a mock target in al-Tanaf.

“The International Coalition supports partner efforts to contain Daesh, routinely provide immediate threat response in the 55 km deconfliction zone in southern Syria,” the coalition’s Special Operations Joint Task Force said in a statement.

Last month, U.S.-led coalition F-15 fighter jets carried out a simulated attack over the 55 km zone surrounding al-Tanaf garrison.

The U.S.-led coalition maintains an illegal no-fly zone over the al-Tanaf garrison and the 55 km zone around it. The no-fly zone was established in 2016.

A week ago, two F-15 fighter jets of the coalition intercepted an Iranian civil airplane from Mahan Air that was on its way to Beirut, Lebanon. The interception was carried out in an unprofessional manner.

The U.S.-led coalition presence in al-Tanaf is disturbing peace in southeastern and central Syria. ISIS cells in nearby desert areas are reportedly receiving supplies from U.S.-backed fighters in al-Tanaf. The coalition’s garrison in this area is also used as a center for sabotage and spying operations.


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Lone Ranger

Looks like cluster bombs.
I guess as a friendly warning…
They must be slightly on the edge due to their bsses being hit on a daily basis in Iraq.


US base at Al Tanf should also be mysteriously rocket attacked.

johnny rotten

Even the Chinese should justify themselves in the South China Sea with the ISIS excuse.


They will if it will give them a good excuse.


Well done U.S, we’ve got your back at Al-Tanf if needed :)

John Wallace

The only reasons they are there is to control the main Damascus – Baghdad highway and access to cheap cannon fodder at the nearby refugee camp. The terrorist groups there have already shown they would jump into bed with Assad if the Yanks pull out. They have absolutely no right nor reason to be there. This drill was a warning too Assad and the SAA , nothing whatsoever to do with ISIS.

Jens Holm

I has been a very good blocker against ISIS with Saudis as well.


Lol, proxy fighters staking the sun daily, itting in the desert doing basically nothing and surrounded from all sides by either Syrian, Russian or Iranian bases. Ok let’s be fair : with the occasional airshow where they can watch US planes HITTING the dirt. Man, US taxpayer money is being well spent. I see the strategic value here. Alternative highways and roads have been built around this crossing by Syrians with Russian help for months now and they keep on boasting useless postures…

Jens Holm

Its their money and the poor in USA hardly pay tax being mpore cost then benefit. Syria is a hobby.


A hobby that makes these poor poorer and the middle class less middle, genius. There’s no such thing as a “hobby” when it comes to funding billion-dollar deployments, asshole. They haven’t been in such a dire economic situation in 50 years and you speak like they’re high up in the skies happily dancing with record growth rofl xD

Jens Holm

Prefering lira, rubels or rial or whatever they have in Venezuala is no option here.

The taxpayers dont get paid by the USA state as well. They åay TO the State. They get a paycheck for, what they actually do or do not.

“If You work, You eat”. How can the more wealthy steal from the ones, which are poor and do nothing or almost nothing. I dont see that at all.

The main reasons for the many poor are many. We think we have solved many of them better USA has. Even so we are blamed by people like You. Fx half of Our muslims Emmigrants not even has a job after 10 years even education is free. Most muslim women are eirther forbidden to work or will not.

We pay them 3 billion dollar a year. If You come here not asked for and behave as You mainly prefare to live as You used to somewhere else, then go to there – Not here.

We get more right wings as a contrast too.

Parts of the US problems can be solved if people actually adapt, integrates and assimilates more.

So things also are made by people themselves by bad bad traditions. Most of those people not even vote. Here both ways of course are parts of the republicans do their best to make them not vote.

But its starnge, they dont insist and follow the traditions for fx no contraseption and early children by making unwanted children and by that dont educate – And Your evil taxpayers has to pay – very low – wellfare. And too many men are exat the same. They dont educate themselves as well and by that not even are able to support homemade children. The state does.

So I see very big parts of those groups make their own stupidities themselves and support the wrong Leaders and traditions.

And as written: Its exact the same in many parts of the world. If You dont make schools, education and not even can innovate simple things and work hard and are payd for skills, You fx are like Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon and like that.

As written before, so many things are forbidden by traditions at them just as some “western Sunni” made by people themselves. Why should someone like me pay for that. As Middleclasser, I already pay most of my money as tax and of course most of them are for my own by education but also healthcare almost free medicine, relative good hopitals and a State pension – as well as I have a small private pension foind and a small house incl. TV, Computer, and Old Samdung Galaxy and a scooter.

So if half of them, which can, worked, I would pay less tax and help the rest better.

I write that because Sanders in USA actually try to take in the the good parts of Our Shandinavian models and implement them. But see how diffucult it is even they have had Obama. Obama care only is an amputation. Insted they most likely will get Biden.

But they should not have andy Maduro or Snaches just stripping the productions sysemes until nothing is left. When they took over the Feudals there already had damaged and lowered to innovation. Even the old cows giving at least some milk are eaten. Socialisme is not stealing from the rich but all produce more and better for more.

I see nothing wrong in USA using a lot of money for armed force. But I see those money copuld be spend much better. Poor should shut up about it. Its decided by elections and the poor are many and dont handle their often miserable lives well themselves.

I again will remind You and others, that people acually are emmigrating TO USA and TO EU even we say NO NO NO.

Those should change their own countries and partly do as us in their own context and produce 10 to 20 times more. But they dont.

And when I and tons of more qualified people write about it here, there is never NEVER any comments about it. You are denied or deny to understand Our systems are much much better even we also has loosers.

When muslims of Yours prefare to live among infídels and Christians and half remaing poor by own choise, You are the responsible ones.

You even can see the needed changes right here at the internet in many texts as well as Youtubes. But You deny those needed changes and blame us including jews for Your miserable lselfmade lives.

What can any steal from the poor in Syria apart from oil and some dades for christmas. But the thieves are the Baathist and we actualy pay for oil to them. But You prefare Leadership like that. Are elections in Syria more fair then in USA or even here?

I dont think so. We also dont have 25% not even in the country but incommers and we feed them – too.

I have never supported any intervention since Afghanistan and spoken against it 1000s of times. We only change who is killing who, but I see no friends there and a waste.

Your real problems are not an Al Tanf and who is there. The vital problems are You accept bad people as Assads according Your bad traditions, bad parts of Your religions and bad parts of Your etnicity highly infected by Nationalisme of the wörst kind keeping all – including Yourself in the darl.

You not even has a language for how western economic works and only show the bad sides we have as majority. We in Denmark has to learn incommers from most muslim countries Danish – And after that they can get their rights at home by a traditionel and a modern version of that book and Haddits and Sharia as well.

We did that tradition by reforms here about 500 years ago. Slowly7 all learned to read Danish and it was forbidden Priest here to speak only Latin and Greek in the Churches.

And by that both boys, girls, women and men has got more rights and also becomes more repsonsible for their lives then they ever had, where they or their parants or grandparents came for.

That has changed the most infected men driven families a lot. Those longbeards cant lie anymore for own pupose. More women actually can educate and work, because the danish Sunni says so.

Women here contribute about 40% of the GDP. Thats the same as Saudi men do in Saudi Arabia. We also see most things are doing pretty well – EVEN – we have a Vomen as premiere minister. She is chosen as human being and not as vomen kept in dark as well as sold in our traditions.

Before that we had another female Premiere minister and today we fx has Margrethe Vestager trying to tax google, facebook and others. Most people would have more money, if they didnt pay tax.

Putting in Pedofiles in that makes no sense. They normally are like all of us in most things and unfortunatly dont have a strange hat or that. Its the same for other sexual minorities. Gays makes no harm. They are fine people to me.

They are good taxpayers and makes no children which is much better then Your poor partly selfmade americans.


I’m not interested in your unintelligible Google translate books Jens, I’ve told you before and our previous exchanges are way sufficient for you to know exactly what I think of the US empire. You need not repeat yourself in such lengthy monologues.

Jens Holm

Random naming people as pedofiles makes You to even more bad.

And Yes about USA and West. As long as You are not even able to understand data from here and seemes to define us as muslim countries, which are misguided, I will try to rell You, why we are not like that at all.

And Ypou dont learn and not even try and tell WE are the liars and even steal from fx Syrians. Whats to steal from ME? And WE actually buy oil and oftn also takes up, because You dont educate for it. But You blame us for it.

I have never heard about an sex offenders in Al Tanf. Some link would be nice.
Many use Gay as F word just as pedofile and motherfucker rapist as if You has.

Motherfucker seemes to be fine even debating women is Haram. And Yours mainly dont mention girls of 8 unless they have lost value in sales as well.


Jens, as always, you’re of limited intellect or can’t read English better than you write it, I should not be accountable to it. A while ago, many news outlets reported that one of the main rebel commanders ar the Al-Tanf garrison had raped an 8-year old infant, including this very site on which you so often go on with your barely readable nonsense. There’s nothing you can do to change that fact even though you live in delusions of good and bright untouchable heroes of the Revolution fighting the evil Assad oppression with noble US backing.

Besides you are taking words out of my mouth, as you presume that I would use “Pedophile” as some generic insult and also tacitly imply that I also could be a homophobe, none of which I am obviously , nonetheless you clumsily throw the most dire accusations without knowing one thing about me. I understand : reducing me to some reactionary punk helps you crawl out of your intellectually bankrupt hole. Vilifying opponents in ad hominem attacks is typical of a weak mind, after all.

Oh, and here’s your petty link. https://southfront.org/commander-of-us-backed-militant-group-raped-10-yo-girl-in-al-tanf/


Terrible misprints…”The International Coalition supports partner efforts to aid and abet Daesh, routinely providing immediate threats in the 55 km terrorist training zone in southern Syria. There, all fixed.

Jens Holm

There are no Syrian trains there.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans hide in the green zone—they bomb sand dunes and declare victory over grains of sand…pitiful

Jens Holm

Its Mexicans out there. Soon Assads with take them for oil:)

In next generation even ISIS and Kaida people will drink tequila and wear funny hats.

Only women can be elected to the Parlament and the Local Parlaments because the men in the Region since 1946 has shown, they are not able to run anthing there and not even their carrots below.



Jens Holm

If Francesca can write crap, I can write better crap then him.

None gave You speed :)

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