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U.S.-led Coalition Strikes Al-Qaeda Headquarters In Idlib, Kills Dozens Of Terrorist (Video)

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On August 31, the US-led coalition struck headquarters of al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar al-Tawhid northwest of Idlib’s city center in northern Syria.

Local sources said that the headquarters, located in the vicinity of the town of Kafarya, was leveled to the ground by several precision-guided missiles.

“U.S. Forces conducted a strike against al-Qaida in Syria leadership at a facility north of Idlib, Syria … This operation targeted al-Qaida leaders responsible for attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians,” the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in an official statement.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least 40 terrorists, including commanders, of Ansar al-Tawhid and other al-Qaeda-affiliated groups from the so-called Wa Harid al-Muminin operations room were killed in the U.S. strikes.

Last June, a strike by the U.S.-led coalition in western Aleppo killed two senior commanders and several terrorists of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din.

Ansar al-Tawhid and its allies in Wa Harid al-Muminin played a key role in the recent battles against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in southern Idlib and northern Hama. These factions are all close allies of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

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So the US want to help in Idlib after all these years!

Wolfgang Wolf

help to cover their own involvement in breeding and supporting those camelfuckers, yes

Wolfgang Wolf

liquidation of witnesses ……


Yes, 100%. Plus the possibility that Erdogan will seek to deploy them to the Kurdish front with promises of looting there.


You might be correct on this point. It is likely that US would quietly cheer the destruction of turk affiliated islamists in Syria.

AM Hants

Read a comment, over on Moon of Alabama, that it was the Turks who provided the US with the information and Russia cleared it with Damascus, to hold the ceasefire, in order to have the airways clear.

Now that they realise they have lost in Syria, guess they have no further need for their good friends.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The very last thing the Turks would want is for the US to go scaring even more refugees north into Turkey, and that bombing was the best thing the US could do to scare even more anti Assad civilians north. So that means the Turks just authorized a US attack against the very peoples leaders, who the Turks are desperately trying to encourage to stay in Idlib and not to flee north into Turkey. Which means the Turks were stupid enough to do something to exacerbate the very situation they’re trying to avoid like the plague, mmm, perhaps we shouldn’t believe everything we read, the Turks aren’t that stupid, no matter what sort of benefit eliminating these leaders might have had for Turkey [or the US], it couldn’t possibly outweigh the detrimental effect it’ll have on the anti Assad civilian population.

AM Hants

Or were the US picking up their team, to take them home? A way of saving face, knowing it is virtually over?

There are a couple of interesting articles, over on the Moon of Alabama, with regards Yemen and the Saudis throwing in the towel. The last one was published on the 29 August. Together with Trump, deciding not to go ahead with a $250 million advance to Ukraine. Plus, a seriously fascinating article over on Zero Hedge, with regards the New World Order, being in meltdown. I wonder if they all link together?

……….. New World Order In Meltdown

“… The Western world is in turmoil: the previous overwhelming geopolitical domination is gone and over with; military solutions against the main adversaries – China and Russia – are off the books; hybrid wars against them have failed; China and Russia are economically stronger than ever, too strong for the adversary; and to boot the domestic Western economies are in extraordinary bad shape, risking a depression of epic proportions….”



MAJOR: Trump Cancels $250 Million In “Aid” For Ukraine, Lamentations In New Ukrainian Parliament (VIDEO)… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/08/major-trump-cancels-250-million-in-aid-for-ukraine-lamentations-in-new-ukrainian-parliament-video/


Fugitive Oligarch Khodorkovsky Cut Funding to the Underperforming Fifth Column in Russia… https://www.stalkerzone.org/fugitive-oligarch-khodorkovsky-cut-funding-to-the-underperforming-fifth-column-in-russia/


Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Defeat In Yemen – Starts To Sue For Peace (29 August 2019)… https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/08/saudi-arabia-acknowledges-defeat-in-yemen-starts-to-sue-for-peace-.html


Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen…

‘… Officials from Iran, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, exchanged views about political resolution of the protracted war in the Arabian Peninsula country. The meeting was held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Saturday with delegations from Iran, Ansarullah and the four European countries in attendance.

The delegates at the meeting explained their respective governments’ views on the developments in Yemen, including political and battlefield developments as well as the humanitarian situation in the country. … The delegates stressed the need for an immediate end to the war and described political means as the ultimate solution to the crisis…’


Willing Conscience (The Truths

To put it simply, I think all the major world players have had enough of both Erdogan and his lopsided deals. They’ve all tried to play him against each other one way or the other, and they’ve all failed miserably, so now I think they’ve all decided to punish him and look for someone new. How’s that for a simple explanation. The only way for me to understand world domination is to look at who’s controlling most of the oil now, the one thing every country’s war machines need, it doesn’t matter which side you’re on if you don’t have enough fuel to run you war machine, neither small armies or big armies run without fuel, so it doesn’t really matter if the western world has a bigger one, not if they can’t supply the fuel they need. I look and see what Putin’s done with OPEC, which is the exact opposite of what the US want’s, Venezuela, the Saudis [traditional US allies], Iran, Russia, all the countries that produce the most oil are all lowering production and lifting prices, just what Putin’s been asking then to do. And all of them apart from the Saudis are now geopolitically aligned to Russia. Then we have China, Russia’s pseudo ally, it’s taken over so many of the US and EU’s traditional market suppliers there’s not that much left for anyone else now, and that’s despite the fact the Chinese already buy more than half their oil and gas needs from Russia already, and btw they could buy all their needs from Russia if they wanted to, they don’t need to go to Africa, but it serves their purpose better to steal the US and EU’s traditional market suppliers. Then we have BRICS and the independant Chinese/Russian monetary fund, that cleverly offers cheap loans to developing nations in direct competition to the US and Israeli run IMF, which denies the Zionist run IMF the [much needed] funds they used to make out of the atrocious loans they provided. That and the fact the BRICS nations bypass the petrodollar denying the US a major revenue earner, they barter like our ancestors did now to avoid using the petrodollar, “we’ll sell you 1000 barrels of oil for 100 cars” type of deals. So indeed the world dynamic has changed, I look at the climate change debate now and recognise it to be just a part of the US and Israels defensive strategy to lessen the impact of what the Russians and Chinese have been doing. Russia and China now either directly control or control by proxy, more than half of all the oil and gas being produced today, and Putin because of OPEC, has most of the rest of the major oil and gas producers towing his line as well, since they make way more money out of doing things Putin’s way. Increasing production and lowering prices was the US mantra, and the petrodollars flowed, Putin’s new mantra is lower production and increase prices, and the producers get rich and the US doesn’t, LOL. Things have definitely changed since I was a boy, and they’re the biggest changes I’ve noticed, at least concerning world military and economic domination by the Zionist/US led western world. But the biggest change for me was the halt to the LGBTQI agenda in the non western world, Putin stopped that in its tracks in Russia way back in 2006 and Xi Jinping in China soon after, and now Trumps trying to do the same in the US, so maybe I might just live long enough to see that mad fantasy done and dusted too, and the people responsible for it punished.

AM Hants

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your interesting and informative comment.

‘…I look and see what Putin’s done with OPEC, which is the exact opposite of what the US want’s, Venezuela, the Saudis [traditional US allies], Iran, Russia, all the countries that produce the most oil are all lowering production and lifting prices, just what Putin’s been asking then to do. And all of them apart from the Saudis are now geopolitically aligned to Russia…’

Nice one and interesting times, that the MSM have completely ignored. Wonder how they will try and sping the fact they did not see the East replace the West, during this historical period?


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks, I appreciate that.


Done your homework as usual kid! Thanks, didn;t know about the piece in zerohedge — Tyler Durden ,, going there now. Jeez,, it looks good! Btw let me know what you want for your country– I would love to know your take on it … many of us are very confused at the moment, while we also wants what’s good for most of you ordinary jacks and janes.

AM Hants

To be honest, I want for the UK, to go back to the days of my childhood. When there was an industry, a sense of humour and you worked to live and not live to work. In the days when you had manners, courtesy, respect (of course you had your bigots, but, you get them everywhere and they were the minority, not the majority, we have today). The days that you could walk out of a job one day and into another job, the following day. Do believe we even had seasonal weather haha, before HARRP got invovled in the weather cycles.

Conservative values, meant low tax, minimal Government control and you looked after those in need, not make sections of society, reliant on social benefits, rather than supporting themselves. Bearing in mind, not all of those on social benefits, are there from choice. However, sadly there are also those who use social benefits for a lifestyle choice, which is passed down, through the generations.

Must admit, I seriously enjoyed reading the Zero Hedge article, together with the graphs it contained, which no doubt I will happily share.

Going on a picture rant now, haha. Where would I be, without the ability to rant away?

AM Hants

Cost of a barrel of oil


Household debt and % of disposable income 2015


National Debt to disposable income


US Debt Growth in excess of GDP Debt https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74499b3218bf378b56105feebb707ddbc771d8a7a703ce2ef18de7d800982d27.jpg

Growth of Debt and Growth of GDP 2003-2013 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a508ea18932bb9f8cadb4215d96e3bf08bba0c14e1ff3f4169c86590a5e122e.jpg

Russian National Debt to GDP https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85dfd08252b0a2e144b477fb89813d76811db938cbf79d26281704205772fb5f.jpg


Yes, was wondering for the USAF to operate west of the Euphrates, must have needed an “all clear”.


Yes, and the US/UK will find it harder to blame Russia and the SAA perhaps.

AM Hants

With Boris running things, cannot see him walking away from blaming everything on Russia. Do like what he is doing so far, but, also do not trust him.


Yes, Boris dug a deep hole for himself in Russia whilst he was foreign secretary.

He is knowledgeable enough to know that Russiagate et al is complete bollocks and he would have garnered much respect if he had refused to jump on that broken down band wagon.

AM Hants

He was Foreign Secretary, and in charge of intelligence, when the Steele Dossier and ‘get Clinton into the White House’ was going down. With him wanting Russia kept out of the G8, during the G7 summit, it showed that he cares nought, with regards the relationship between the UK and Russia. Plus, I do seriously believe he wants what his ancestors tried to achieve and his priority will be making Israel Great Again, once BREXIT is out of the way. There again, I might be wrong.


The US is in terminal decline and decomposing from within. Israel will rot without US military support and the majority of people of Europe have little love for jews, even the large number of decent ones.

Sadly there will be many deaths before the world is in balance again, and all of this is preventable IF the Khazar criminals were bought to account.

The tentacles of the Khazar Mafia are so intertwined with governments though, that only civil wars with all the horrors they bring can rid us of the Khazar crime cult, I think.

Icarus Tanović

They couldn’t lift them all up.

Zionism = EVIL

It true, then Americunt criminals are destroying evidence. However, regional media is reporting a strike by Russian ships based in the Mediterranean.


MSM helping to give credence to alleged decapitation of jihadi commanders by Yanki Fucktards. Another Big IF, IF Russian navy carried out the attack Russian MoD would have acknowledged it. By suggesting it “might have been the Russian navy it gives real weight that what is supposed to have happened actually did. Read O’Brien’s interrogation of Winston in 1984. Gives a clear insight into contrived situations…..


Let’s not all buy into this Yanki Propaganda Krap. I. If there was a high level Rat Pak Conflab the Russian Air Force would have taken them out. It is not something that they would trust the Yanki MIC Terror Hub to carry out on their Special Op Commanders. 2. If and it is a BIG IF the Rats were allegedly going to assemble there the Yanki Terror Hub would have redirected them to their Kurdish backstabbing Proxies. And when they were safely in the Traitors Ghetto they would carry out their false flag event, blasting, their supposed decapitation of al queda, across the planet on their msm channels to extract as much kudos for ridding Syria of the terrorists they created. Anyone who believes these lying Yanki scum do not fully appreciate their capacity to conjur fantasy into a distorted reality….. Rem. 9/11


I agree. This sounds like Labor Day weekend grandstanding. They want to take credit for the cleansing of Idlib.

Xoli Xoli

Just as usual USA shut them down forever to avoid link to the rats and dogs.

Pave Way IV

It’s about time you do the job you’re supposed to be doing, you treasonous CENTCOM fucks.


It would be far better if the US military returned to the US and started to build bridges in their own fractured homeland, I think.


If you ever travel the farmroads in Texas, you notice they have a 50ies infrastructure. Only in the bigger and rich cities it is up to date.


Quit whining… I live in NM, lol.


Am not whining. In fact, my feeling on NM is they have better roads. Have travelled extensively in NM the last few years. Still, around Gallup, NM is not that great.


Many of our roads would be improved if they would take the pavement off and return them to gravel roads.


Its the same in parts of Britain as well. Personally I prefer the unmodernised locations.


And then there is Ukraine and Mexico

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, if you travel in Texas, which was stolen from Mexico, these days you see daily mass shootings by angry racist rednecks toting guns.

Tony B.

The mass shootings are total, total bullshit.

Zionism = EVIL

There have been 20 mass shootings since Trump took office. Here’s how he’s fueled angry young marginalized white men into committing mass murder of fellow American citizens.

Bill Wilson

In Texas we build stuff to last forever!

You can call me Al

But why did they carry out this attack ?, I say it is so Trump can BS the braindead Americans (USA) about it and pretend that the USA are really fighting terrorists.

Some nonsense like that.


Could be it was a target of opportunity. The rats felt is was safe to gather for meeting during the ceasefire and lack of bombing.

Pave Way IV

BS us braindead Americans? Of course. But don’t overlook the practical use of such a strike: ‘leak’ information about a big al-Mummy head-chopper leaders’ meeting at some rural location and proceed to level the place, “killing 40 of them”. Of course, the place was empty except for the unfortunate family living there and a couple of head-chopper guards sent there ahead of the supposed meeting.

In the mean time, you arrange a covert evacuation of those same leaders (CIA employees) back to McLean, Virginia and congratulate them for a job well done. They get a few months off for rest and relaxation, then they’re off to another head-chopper op. Yemen, maybe? Lebanon? Detroit? When you’re in the protection racket, it’s a good idea to provide a suitably scary enemy that must be eliminated.

AM Hants

Good point. One way to pick up your boys.

You can call me Al

That Sir, is a very good point. What mind work !!.


Sounds like a hush campaign, there may be some terrorists that have to be silenced.

AM Hants

Something strange is going on, besides getting rid of friends, that are no longer worth knowing.

He has cancelled $250 million aid to Ukraine. Banned Bolton from joining him in talks, in Afghanistan, owing to the locals not liking Bolton. Plus, does not wish to visit Poland and is sending Pence instead.

US running out of money and they have just cottoned on? Or has he realised there is an election next year and he has been too busy making Israel Great Again, to be able to deliver on his campaign promises?


Well, the US beat ISIS all by themselves. Trump said so, Al. :)

Icarus Tanović

Oh yeah, that’s so fucking right, that’s right…


It was just the ‘smart’ thing for Trump to do :) I expect a Hollywood epic about ‘How Idlib was won by US Military Heroes’ very soon.

Reality is soooo Last Year,Icarus.

You can call me Al

Damn good folks the AMericans (US) – LOL.


As Trump would say, ‘Thay are amazing’.

What other nation could have achieved a 22 trillion dollar national debt and still have many US cities and towns etc as ‘Third World lookalikes’?

Amazing indeed.

Pave Way IV

Never going to happen, FlorianGeyer. Our treasonous dual-citizen congress uses the Middle East to keep US troops as dumb, mean and psychopathic as possible while convincing them that they are somehow ‘protecting’ our freedom. That will come in useful when the troops are called back here to protect the government from the little people. The U.S. military, like our law enforcement, must be conditioned to consider any dissenting US citizens as terroristic threats that must be eliminated. Rules of engagement and meat targets – just like Iraq and Afghanistan.


Most , if not all Empires I have studied have collapsed from within. Such disorder within those nations have had various and often multiple reasons for the degradation of Empire.

To name a few, we can see that Intercine Conflicts between the Elite and/or lower order civilian factions, Venality from top to bottom, Famine, The expense of Empire when the looting phase of conquest fades, Disease epidemics, Narcotic abuse,Civil War, Tyranny of the Elite, Failed military adventures, Rebellious vassal states et al , are all factors that destroy empires.

If we add to that the hubris of the ruler and the populace , together with the puffery demanded by the Elite, we have the perfect incubator for what we see in the USA today. A nation in Moral,Physical, Financial and National unity decline.

The USA is now a nation at war with itself. Long may it last :)

AM Hants

Something strange is happening. If they are striking the right people, for whatever reasons, around the same time that Trump has decided he cannot be bothered to keep Ukraine in weapons/cash and cannot be bothered to pop over to Poland. Sending Pence instead, for the Polish visit. Not forgetting he has banned Bolton from going to Afghanistan, for some Presidential meeting, owing to him upsetting the locals.

I wonder what went down at the G7? Not forgetting that President Putin had a meeting with Maccron, just before the event and no doubt, messages were passed around?

VIDEOANGLO 5EURASIAFINANCE MAJOR: Trump Cancels $250 Million In “Aid” For Ukraine, Lamentations In New Ukrainian Parliament (VIDEO)… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/08/major-trump-cancels-250-million-in-aid-for-ukraine-lamentations-in-new-ukrainian-parliament-video/

Icarus Tanović

What is happening? Well, elections are happening the least, and many more things around. But don’t be fooled, they are still with Ukraine, they still sees Russia as arch nemesis, or Iran, or China, or Venezuela, and sees Wahhabis as their army of destruction. Nothing has changed.


It is difficult these days to make much sense out of anything. The US strike on previous allies suggests that all is not well in the ranks of US contract terrorists.

Perhaps some US special forces lost their heads :)

There are so many possibilities with US thinking in these NATO days of intellectual anarchy and chaos, that all we can do is ‘look out of the window’ to see which way the winds of US farts are blowing.

AM Hants

There is so much helium over in Washington DC and also amongst the ‘wrong type’ of Generals, over in the US, that it is no wonder those American farts, blowing in the wind, have no idea which way to go.

Willing Conscience (The Truths – just replied to one of my comments, with a seriously interesting and informative reply. It is well worth reading and must admit I love this part of his reply:

‘…I look and see what Putin’s done with OPEC, which is the exact opposite of what the US want’s, Venezuela, the Saudis [traditional US allies], Iran, Russia, all the countries that produce the most oil are all lowering production and lifting prices, just what Putin’s been asking then to do. And all of them apart from the Saudis are now geopolitically aligned to Russia…’

Saudi – now wants peace with Yemen. Ukraine – Trump is cutting them off. Iran – holding up well, despite everything. Israel – not having much luck with their hissy fits. Syria – the end is near and look how things have turned, since President Putin addressed the UN, back in September 2015.

How many oil producing nations, have teamed up with Russia, China and Iran and how many are still part of the US, Israel, Saudi team?

Henry Kissinger – “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”


Theresa May-day -” Control wind power and you could Highly Likely control nations; control food and you control the expenditure of the NHS “. :)

AM Hants

Never liked that woman and could not see her appeal, during any period of her being in Government.


Yes, I have never warmed to her either. I suspect she is ‘Common Purpose’ at heart.

I fell out with an old friend, or rather, he fell out with me when she became PM and I said that Mrs May did not want to honour the vote for Brexit and would do everything she could to thwart a clean Brexit.

My old friend was a Leaver as well.

AM Hants

Interesting how ego and politics go together. Most of my friends, believe I am completely insane, for following events post Ukraine, from a different perspective to the Government/media. It suits me, for some strange reason, especially as I have no respect for their political judgement. Like them for other reasons, and they just have my pity, when they assemble in a local field, with woolly overcoats and a vocabulary of ‘baa’.

Doubt you have lost much, with regards your old friend.

” People come into our lives for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime. Once we figure out which one it is, we will know exactly what to do.”

Do like the saying and find it so true.


Following different perspectives of news from around the globe is time consuming but necessary these days especially.

The parroting propaganda readers of the BBC etc are now bordering on insanity, yet the lazy still accept what they say.

The populace in general throughout the US and EU have little moral stamina and almost no mental stamina for the consequence’s of US orchestrated wars that are even a fraction of what those in the Ukraine ,Iraq, Syria, Yemen et all have endured.

That is why the ever so Democratic West have utilised rapists and murderers who are effectively the current day mercenaries of the West.

When, or if the retaliatory missiles devastate the West the tears of the snowflakes will evaporate in the heat of devastation. If I am alive, I will laugh.

AM Hants

If I am alive, I will laugh.

If I am alive, you will not be the only one laughing. Still trying to get my head around them needing puppy therapy, play-doh, colouring crayons and books, at under graduate level, to handle a democratic, Presidential Election.

Davey Crockett, posted this, in a reply to one of my comments. I seriously could not believe how ugly the girls looked, together with the fact, they really should have gone to a ‘Colour me Beautiful Stylist’. Snowflakes at their best:

Pussy Riot Attacked At Sochi by Russian Forces… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=125&v=ud8DoWpl3-g

Together with this blast from the past. I seriously missed out on the feminist movement, I am so glad to say.

Feminist Fight Club: Femme Feral… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgvqEcS4OqA



Identity politics has always been a form of control and todays version encourages a regression to faux savagery, yet in the Yemen, Syria et all, these warriors would be humbled and hysterical.

Perhaps the Western nations actually need a world war with the mass devastation that would incur, in order to regain some sanity and their moral compass.

AM Hants

Can you imagine the kids of the 40s, who were signing up for the front line, at the age of 16 (some place legally, some places illegally), and how they would view the snowflakes of today?

I wonder if they would have been so willing to sacrifice their lives, for our freedom, if they could have seen the snowflakes of the 21st century? Especially, the undergraduates.


Its debatable I suppose that ‘signing up’ or being conscripted to fight wars abroad and in defence at home are, and always have been, a futile waste of life and national resources UNLESS the ‘enemy’ is seeking to enslave ones home nation in any form, and I would include modern Debt Slavery in that equation ( a form of slavery that the UK excells in).

There may be a case for assisting nations (with UK military volunteers only) who are being attacked by barbarians, mercenary or otherwise, and an even greater case for attacking the nations that sponsor the barbarians, such as Saudi Arabia,UK and the US today. :)

I am sure that many young people would adapt to adversity, by necessity if nothing else , yet I agree with you 100% that most are incapable mentally to endure real hardship these days. And that includes losing connectivity to social media etc :)

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, me to.

Icarus Tanović

Americans created them and opposed any move against them, this is more like erasing witnesses, not any kind of support.



Violent, bloody America lectures the world about human rights yet 40 million Americans live in poverty and are on food stamps which is (larger than the whole population of Venezuela)! 15 million American children reside in xtreme poverty, 28 million Americans live without health insurance, with widespread urban decay, yards filled with sewage, rampant levels of crime, violence, suicides, has the largest prison population on earth and hundreds of thousands dying each year from suicides, homicides, opioid epidemic, mass-murder, abuse and police brutality! Hundreds of mass-murders in America every year! Bloody America is more violent than Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia combined!!!

Even Amnesty International is warning any kind of travel to the violent and bloody US. More below:



This is what awaits you when you are no longer useful to the Empire and have become a liability instead. Take notice, Kurds, a similar fate may await you. As a Russian proverb says (hopefully I don’t mangle it too much), when you have dinner with the devil you better be using a very long spoon.

Pepe Little Sudiar

USA attack terror forces ? started from Turkei? no Izrael? no Iraq very more miles. Libanon possible?

Tiresia Branding

I see nothing else that two ambulances in a not bombed area


It is not beyond the realms of the imagination that this is nothing more than a propaganda exercise by ZionoYanki war-machine to gain some traction on the world stage. I for one am inclined to believe that the headchopping fraternity who were supposedly here were in fact somewhere else when this attack happened. Anyone who believes these lying Yanki scum do not fully appreciate their capacity to distort reality into fantasy….. Rem. 9/11

AM Hants

Pave Way 4 said something similar. Did they take them out or pick them up and return them to Langley?


Imagine Yanki mic redeployed them to their Kurdish Rat Pak aka SDF


No airstrike until now. Misunderstanding between USA and Alqaeda

Rhodium 10

Friendly Fire…


Better than RuAF.

AM Hants

Russian Special Forces Eliminate Entire Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorist Unit in Idlib, Syria… https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/08/31/russian-special-forces-eliminate-entire-ahrar-al-sham-terrorist-unit-in-idlib-syria/

Wonder if the US realised they had to get rid of some of their good friends, before loose lips, upset the propaganda? They do make a habit of eliminating people who have served their purpose.


Very convenient just when the cease fire is announced; looks like a deal was struck with Russia otherwise the Syrian army would have made an attempt to intervene.


To the man who is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And CENTCOM have been running low on nails.

Domenic Patrone

Rather, I suspect the terrorists “were not advancing” or otherwise adhering to the will of their masters, hence their destruction.

northerntruthseeker .

I absolutely smell a rat here… When you consider that “Al Qaeda” is run, financed, and totally controlled by US/Israel evil interests, the idea that this was a strike against “terrorists” is nothing but a bunch of bullshit..

What we have here is the criminals in the US and Israel basically preventing these “assets” from now switching sides and going over to the SAA….. It is so obvious that the US/Israel evil entity wants to prevent that from happening…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the US is bombing HTS and Al Nusra leaders [Al Qaeda], and the only reason is to silence them before they can expose US complicity, but that’s not how it usually works. Usually all those leaders are spirited away and given huge pensions to retire on to help silence them, or sometimes even moved to another field of operation, but the US never ever bombs them in huge groups, just sometimes individually assassinates the problematic ones. And I specifically mean their own double agents, not enemy combatants who they do bomb in that way, but they don’t do that to their own agents, they’re a valuable resource that’s usually recoverable for the right price. Trumps been saying since June last year that “Assad can remain in power, we have no more issues with Assad remaining in power but we have one condition, he doesn’t kill innocent civilians”. Then just a few weeks after that he ended US support for the FSA [free syrian army], and kicked them out of the Al Tanf region where they were operating under US supervision. Then during the Daraa/Quneitra campaign he told the rebels there to reconcile with Assad because he wasn’t going to provide them with air support. And finally he announced he wanted to completely withdraw his forces from Syria, even though as we all know he hasn’t been able to, but he still wants to. But Trump can’t pull his forces out while Turkey’s still in Syria, the Turks have to leave Syria first with a binding agreement before the US will leave, so it’s in the US’s best interests now if Turkey gets out altogether. Israeli opposition to a US pull out is a separate issue and will also have to be addressed to ensure a complete US withdrawal, unfortunately. And Putin and Trump have had agreement on many other issues too, no one seems to have noticed Venezuela is no longer in the firing line, so I’m sure there’s been some horse trading going on to get us to the point we are now, and that point is, EVERYONE WANTS THE TURKS OUT OF SYRIA NOW. For the last month or more Erdogan’s been pleading with the EU and NATO to help him stop Assad advancing further into Idlib, he’s been warning them that Turkey’s economy won’t be able to handle a new influx of refugees, and trying his hardest to get then to do something about it, but they’ve both just more or less ignored him. Then just last week he began asking Trump to help him do something to stop Assad too, but due to problems like the purchase of the S-400’s and the bad aviation deal, Trump also said no. So in short, no one’s in the mood to help Erdogan out of this pickle, the US, EU and NATO have all been approached to help out, but Erdogan went away empty handed each time, so the only person left that could possibly help Erdogan out of this ‘endgame situation’ is Putin. And I’m unsure which way he’ll swing, I’m leaning towards him dumping Erdogan altogether, but don’t rule out him helping Erdogan either. I was expecting to wake up and see Turkish aircraft attacking SAA positions this morning, but instead I see it’s US coalition aircraft hitting a HTS and Al Nusra leadership meeting, that was unexpected, but for me a welcome bit of news. The anti Assad civilian population in Idlib is already running scared, they’re starting to move north in really big numbers now due to SAA advances, and now all of a sudden, the very people some of those anti Assad civilians believed would come in to assist them, have now just blown up some of the people they fanatically support. That’s going to drive the anti Assad civilian population to Turkey in even bigger numbers than they already are, and now even faster than they have been. So even if most people believe the US only attacked this leadership meeting to silence rouge agents ready to spill the beans on US complicity, and that may be true, I don’t discount it entirely, but I’ll also suggest that the US must have also realized that they just drove the last proverbial nail into Erdogan’s coffin by doing it, and this will mean the end for Erdogan, this is the one thing guaranteed to get the refugees moving north like never before. Thanks Trumpy, you’re actually helping Assad more than most people realize, I’m just waiting to see what the Syrian government says about Trump’s illegal intervention over Syrian sovereign territory, usually they’re full of rightful condemnation, so I wonder what the official response will be this time, not that I’m expecting Assad to say thank you President Trump for doing that, but I suspect the next official statement won’t be quite as scathing as they usually are, since trump just did Assad the biggest favour anyone could do him, EVEN PUTIN HIMSELF COULDN’T DO ANYTHING MORE HELPFUL FOR ASSAD RIGHT NOW, all assad’s christmases have come at once,opr at least the Muslim equivalent. Bye bye Erdogan, you gambled and lost, as I predicted 2 years ago no one will help you in the end, they’ll all turn against you and put the boot in when the time comes, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now, you’re about to be kicked out of Syria, and soon you’ll be kicked out of office in Turkey, then the UN will place you in front of the international courts and charge you with complicit dealings with Isis, and then you’re going to rot in jail for the rest of your life, and hopefully it’s a Turkish prison, just like the one in midnight express. LOL LOL LOL THE WAR IS OVER, even if Turkey commits itself to a military intervention now to stop the refugees it’s still game over, no one’s going to help the Turks attack Assad, they’re all just going to sit back and watch. And even if Putin stops the SAA from attacking further and also assists the Turks by enforcing a ceasefire, it’s too late, the panic has already started and can’t be stopped, it’s game over for Erdogan no matter what he does LOL LOL LOL.

J Ramirez

Bad news for the US, they probably mistook them for SAA;} Keep killing your own terrorist dumbass!

Terence Silvestre Jr.

How would the Americans do to kill so many terrorist rats in a single blow, unlike its Russian counterparts? Because, I have never read any report commenting on a similar achievement executed by the Russian war machine against those same terrorist rats in their fight alongside the honorable SAA. Just pure curiosity of mine.



Icarus Tanović

So, basically all of us came to same conclusion-elimination of witnesses. America will have to dearly pay for theirs crimes and invention of brainless killers also known as Wahhabis.


Cover tracks


These rats were planning to reconcile with Syrian Government. US intel hears their plans and it is a simple calculation that elimination is the only way to deal with the treasonous rats. This is a sign of just how rattled the rats in Idlibstan are. Basically proxies are absolutely not allowed to switch sides, the main player can never allow that.


To count that as effective strikes, I wonder how much those “precision guided missiles” aka tomahawk were launched in this operation.


Yankee, go bomb home!



Tony B.

One purpose of this event, if it is as described, was likely Trump sticking out his chest toward Russia and saying, “See, we can do it too.”


nah i think the unhinged states of A tried to tell Russia and Syria that they can also bomb outside their ‘realm’ given that Russia recently bombed jihadists east of euphrates and close to the Iraqi border, which the unhinged states of A had hoped to have as their own backyard. how mistaken they are since Syria, backed by the Russian airforce, will veer to the east and finish off the kurdish insurrection there and which is backed by the unhinged states of A. and once on the move eastwards, Syria will most likely join up with Turkey which can’t abide the kurds (anymore than Syria) and the safe zone agreement between Turkey and the unhinged states of A will come to an end. and rest assured that the unhinged states of A can’t support the kurds against a joint operation by Turkey and Syria so the quickest and best move for the unhinged morons in the White House/pentagon is to skedaddle back home or to the nearest safe place, which would be Iraq.

but first Idlib and then eastward and then dislodging/evicting the squatters from the occupied palestine!!!!

Lord Humongous

Then again it could have just been a very well executed plan, based on very good intelligence, that killed a bunch of rats. You’re welcome.

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