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U.S.-Led Coalition Reinforces Base In Syria’s Oil-Rich Rmelan

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U.S.-Led Coalition Reinforces Base In Syria’s Oil-Rich Rmelan

U.S. Marines with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment provide security support during mission on Sept. 9, 2018, at an undisclosed location in Syria. (Cpl. Gabino Perez/Marine Corps)

The U.S.-led coalition has dispatched reinforcements to its main base in the oil-rich area of Rmelan in the northeastern region of Syria.

According to Xeber24, fresh reinforcements arrived in the base on April 2. The base is located near one of the country’s richest oil fields, which can produce up to 90,000 barrels a day.

“International [U.S.-led] Coalition forces sent military equipment and massive logistical supplies to their base in the city of Rmelan, northeast of al-Hasakah,” the Kurdish outlet quoted a local source as saying.

In the last two days, similar supplies arrived in the coalition base in the area of al-Shaddadi in southern al-Hasakah. The area is also located near key oil and gas fields.

The U.S. withdrew its troops from vast parts of northeast Syria last year, facilitating a Turkish offensive on its allies, the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Washington later announced a plan to “guard” oil fields in the region.

Around 500 U.S. troops are now deployed near key oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah. The reinforcements arriving in these areas could be related to recent threats against coalition troops in Iraq, where protective measures are being taken.


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Alot of people in this board were praying and hoping for the American energy sector to get effected by the Russo-Saudi Oil price war negatively. I agree to somewhat degree it did but what it also did is that now the Americans are more obsessed and possessive with their OIL-FIELDS in IRAQ AND SYRIA.

The Oil price decreasing means the Americans will safe guard the Petro more than ever now and they will even dig deep into these fields as the times become harsh and you need every little drop you can get to survive this harsh times. Reinforcing the Oil-fields is the only logical way


I have an acquaintance, who immigrated to the US to become an oil-engineer and he was already complaining 5 years ago about the horrible state the US oil industry is in with companies going bankrupt one after the other. Not much changed since then. Only the price of oil collapsed, as will the US Empire be.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Cheap shale oil production has made a huge difference, the US is doing very well in that department, they still have profits over production costs and can still make money, Russia on the other hand is only operating on a few cents per barrel profit now, so just one or two more cents less per barrel and it’ll cost them more to produce it than they get to sell it, when that happens Russia faces a huge economic recession.
Did you know Putin’s been asking Trump to help him stop the Arab League and OPEC countries that are now devastating Russia’s economy, it’s probably not going to work though, I don’t see Trump being able to help Putin even if he does want to help him.

Jens Holm

So many here are from lowproductive countries, which has been bankrupt for years. They learn its normal and increased production as well as education for it is forbidden by politics, culture and religion.

Jens Holm

You are upside down in that. The oiltaking from sand as well in deepwater is very expensive.

So the winners among the companies are the ones, which can innovate and make profit. Thats Kapitalisme in its best and often best for the consumers. Thats why we have Kapitalisme and not Uncle Marx and Copusin Engels and Muhammed.

You therefore should not expect more jobs. You should expect more oil with less employed. New and old companies therefore must grow or collapse.

You forget USA do export and import same amount of oil now. People therefore are not dependent in the way You think.

The American cosumers are happy for fuel and other fossile products are lowered. Most of them are happy for it as long as the get a goood octane 95.

Your assumtions for the american economy is totally wrong. It seemes You have not studied simple facts about them or dont understand. Oilprices is a tool for the rest. If You get cheep oil and also loose some oil jobs You will win in other productions as well as in any home and office of US.

If there is a regression the loosers mainly wil be big producers like Russia and also a few others. If they have to sell for 20 dollars a barrel and 40 dollars are needed but no one buys even at 20 dollar, they are the ones in big trouble.

The problems for western economics are if there is not enough oil or the prices are skyhigh.

I can agre in USA has some economical problems and should need some vital changes. Here low oilprices nakes them happy.

And fokus in the article is wrong. Where are all the billions around the world, which hardly can effort to buy for 40 dollar.

You should look at the american import and export as well as their own consumtion.

They are very slow in using energy better. They also are slow in trplacing fossils with windturbines and solar electricity.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US cheap domestic shale production is partly the reason that oil prices are so low, that and an increase in production and lowering of prices by the Arab League countries and OPEC.
Russia is producing oil at cost price already and can’t afford to lose even one more cent per barrel, otherwise they’ll be selling their oil at a loss and no one can’t do that for very long, when it happens [and it will] Russia’s economy will be hit hard and they’ll be facing a huge recession.
But the US is still making money though, and so are all the OPEC countries except for Iran.
Iran’s also only a few cents away from cost price production too, so they’re in the same boat the Russians are, but at least the Russians have a few other commodities to fall back on when they lose revenue from oil sales, Iran has nothing else, sadly they’re about to be destroyed economically.
The Arab league is getting their revenge on Putin and Iran, they begged them both in June 2018 not to allow Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood take over Syria, and I think they should’ve listened to the Arab League, because the paper tigers are about to show Russia and Iran just how big and sharp their paper teeth are.
Up until Putin refused the Arab League’s request the Arab League and OPEC countries were cooperating with Putin, they’d all lowered production and increased prices in solidarity with Putin, but since Putin sided with Erdogan and pitted himself against them, they’ve all done the opposite of what Putin wanted them to do, and Russia and Iran are about to pay an incredibly high price for spurning the Arab league.
Putin’s been begging Trump to help him with the Arab league and OPEC, that’s how dire the situation really is, and if Putin can’t convince Trump to assist him putting the brakes on the drop of oil prices, the Russian economy will be devastated soon.


“Their oil fields”. Only thieves think what belongs to others should be theirs.

Jens Holm

Maybee You should read about what happend to the Turkish Petroleum Company after Osmans were defeated in WW1.

The same goes for Syria as well as iraq. You also can see it in Venezuala.

Xoli Xoli

Putin ceasefire only aid fire and more redeployment of enemy.Putin decision got negative impact on Syrian territorial and dignity as well as sovereignty.


All ceasefires made by Russia-Turkey had the intention to please Turkey and to help its terrorists. Russia knows this but…TurkeyStream is a priority for Russia.

Jens Holm

If not for the Russians and after that for the matter USA, the Assad Syria was not there at all.

Jim Bim

The US is the most evil empire in history, the most low life and pathetic country on earth.

Jens Holm

Stalin supported Hitler killing 27 million Russians.

It wasnt enough Rssia as the only one lost WW1 three times and years of civile wars as well as systematicly starvation.

Millions was hard working slaves in Gulag and other places to compensate for the Bolsjevic ineffectivity.


Don’t talk Bollocks you clown,the Soviet Union incinerated the third Reich

Free man

This was done in parallel with the reorganization of American forces in Iraq. In preparation for a possible war with Iran and its sectoral militias in Iraq and Syria.

Jens Holm

Of course they are coordinated.


Good! The US gang-rapist thugs know their days are numbered in Syria. I hope most of these roaches will burn in accidental rocket strikes.


There are not that many off these rats in those bases,they should have been annihilated a long time ago,the US thugs don’t have the balls for yet another ground war.

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