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JULY 2022

U.S.-led Coalition Hands Over Another Base To Iraqi Government Forces

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The U.S.-led coalition announced on March 29 that it had handed over the K1 Air Base in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk to the country’s Ministry of Defense.

Col. Myles B. Caggins III, a spokesman for the coalition, said that the move was pre-planned and a result of the recent success against ISIS.

“Today, Coalition troops transferred $1 million of property as they depart Operation Inherent Resolve compound inside K1 Iraqi Air Base. This long-planned move was coordinated with the Iraqi government,” the spokesman said, adding “The ISF [Iraqi security forces] are successful against ISIS, Coalition troops will support from fewer places w/ fewer faces.”

Around 300 service members of the U.S. Army and Navy are known to be deployed in the K1 Air Base. All of them will be departing the base.

The K1 Air Base was the target of a series of rocket attacks over the last few months. An attack on December 27 of 2019 killed a U.S. defense contractor working in the base.

Two days ago, coalition forces handed over the al-Qayyarah Air Base to Iraqi government forces. Prior to that, French troops operating in the framework of the coalition withdrew from the country.

Fear of coronavirus widespread, Iraqi forces success against ISIS remnants and mounting tension with Shiite groups appear to be the motives behind the U.S.-led coalition partial withdrawal from Iraq.


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I’d not get excited and wait for a confirmation from Iraqis themselves.


Good news, for BS reasons from the Coalition but, I am also waiting to see how this plays out.

Assad must stay

Hey US I have excellent strategy for you leave Iraq completely and entire middle east completely, never go back, and you wont have to worry about constant rocket and missile attacks anymore :)

Azriel Herskowitz

The US is consolidating its forces into large bases in Iraq so that it can launch an operation to destroy Kata’ib Hezbollah. And if we are lucky, they may take out a few other Iranian backed terror militias as well :)


Apparently, US forces are concentrating in kurdish oil rich areas and also near Iran. I´m afraid the US is going to push the kurds to “work”.


The trend is not their friend right now. They will try to stay in Kurdish areas but they will be overwhelmed again. The other thing is the economic crisis. It is accelerating the demise of the empire. They will deny it and take actions that will accelerate even further their demise.


Keyword is “lucky”. Thus far any military operation undertaken by the OUTLAW, psychopath-run, blackmailing, sanctioning, belligerent, rogue empire-in-decline and its zio master has been a complete and utter failure.

They’re having to rely on luck to make it work this time round?

A piece of friendly advice: look the definition of madness. It has something to do with repeating something that keeps failing and relying on luck.


idiot! double idiot!

Wayne Nicholson

I believe that was the plan. It’s not a done deal but from what I’ve read they’re considering an offensive against Shia militias in Iraq or at least the neocons that infest the white house are pushing for war.

It’s not going to happen. Covid-19 is going to explode in the USA. Trump thinks this will be over by Easter …. it’s only just getting started. Half the country believe this is either fake news / conspiracy or like the seasonal flu and is out spreading it around. The USA is going to be shut for business into the summer or longer.

Hard to see them going to war in the middle of the biggest crisis to hit the USA since the civil war.


Your fake state is looking very tenuous too.

El Mashi

Consolidating = retreating = losing = defeated.


Operation Inherent Resolve has resolved to pack their bags and run while the going is good. ROFLMAO ?


americans on the run – whoahahahaha just like in vietnam whre they withdraw step by step closing down the bases and getting closer to saigon until there were no other places to close down and run from.


US is in headlong flight after being targeted daily by Iraqi resistance forces. The lost wars are now an Albatross around the American neck. It would be prudent to remove all occupation forces from the region and deal with the growing coronavirus calamity at home facing the worst death toll in the world. US failed policies of spending trillions on wars and pittance on the welfare of its hapless people is now on shameful display.

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