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U.S-led Coalition Deployed M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles In Northeastern Syria (Photos)

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The U.S.-led coalition announced on September 18 that it had deployed mechanized infantry assets, including M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), in northeastern Syria.

In an official statement, coalition spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto said the IFVs were deployed to “ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.”

“CJTF-OIR [Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve] plans to position mechanized infantry assets, including Bradley Fighting Vehicles, to Syria to ensure the protection of Coalition forces and preserve their freedom of movement so they may continue Defeat Daesh operations safely,” the spokesman said.

The Bradley IFV is armed with a 25 mm M242 chain gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial M240C machine gun and a dual TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile, ATGM, launcher. The M2A2 version was upgraded with additional armors, a better engine and an improved targeting system.

In October of last year, the U.S.-led coalition deployed a number of M2A2 IFVs in northeastern Syria after withdrawing its troops from Aleppo and Raqqa. The step was meant to ensure the coalition’s main local ally, the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The new deployment was seen by many observers as a step to counter the growing Russian presence in northeastern Syria.

In the last few months, U.S. forces made serious efforts to restrict the movement of Russian troops in the region. This led to several incidents. In one of the most recent incident, seven U.S. service members were injured.


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Probably because their MRAPs aren’t heavy enough to block Russian BTR-80/82A. Nor are they armoured enough to withstand shots from one.


I’m genuinely curious what Russia will bring into MadMax competition.


Jens Holm

They probatly regain them with pedals:)


Nah little bitch, pedals are for mighty danish army – two rusty bicycles that Germans left there after they conquered you in 60 seconds. Or it was full two minutes before you surrendered?

Jens Holm

I feel fine about it and has given the reasons in pro and contra.

My parents hardly was in school in those days.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

What do the Yanks do when Russia sends T15s?

Shit themselves lol.

Jens Holm

The Russians only have 20 of them and someof them probatly are wood or plastic models. The Russians cant even efford to use them themselves.

The counterweight to the Armatas, which all in tests are better then the T90 are Abrams in heavy and light versions, Leopards in different versions and fx LeClerc.

I would say a new Bradly has changes against and Armata but its hit and run and they run fast because they are light versions and not meant against big tanks.


Put the crack pipe away.

Jens Holm

Anybody can make an Armata if they want to spend the most advanced and expensive materials for it. They even can put gold and diamants on it and use it for the next James Bond movie.

But thats no how You make and upgrade of Your armed forces unless You have too much money. The solution is “best to the price” apart from a few examples here and there.

Assad must stay

hahaha yea is the BTR still strong enough against these bradleys?


The Bradley is heavier since it’s a tracked vehicle. BTR-80/82A have a 30mm auto-canon which would probably struggle to take out a Bradley, except maybe in the rear.

The Russian equivalent would be the BMP-3, whose’s canon should be able to take out a Bradley if it gets in-range. Bradley has 2 TOW missiles however, so it would have a range advantage.


They can destroy Bradley without problem. There is an account from Matthew James (an officer in the armor branch, who commanded Bradleys during the gulf war) who claims to have seen Bradleys knocked out by heavy machine guns. According to him: ”All calibers (12.7mm, 25mm) easily penetrated the front, sides and rear of the Bradley, killing the crew.” The only reason why they send it it’s because heavy as shit (and tracked), and can’t be rammed by BTR’s. Russians should now include T-90 in their convoys ?


I see. To be fair though, this is the A2 version, not the old gulf war era one. The new ones have better armour apparently.

Daily Beatings

… but all of the original design flaws are still retained. You can’t change that no matter how many upgrades the BFV receives.

Jens Holm

Maybee You should update Your win85 and internet as well.

The new missiles in one of the versions are made in Kongsberg Norway. Cant they knock out a Russian tank.

Yes they can – any russian tank and even their 20 Armada s and by hidden distance.

And the Russians so far only has one Armata for experimental use in the whole Syria. The rest probatly only are models made in plastic and wood:)


Janus assHolm, only your mom’s dildo is made of plastic and wood :D They don’t need Armata to destroy that worthless pile of garbage called Bradley, a bunch of angry Arabs with sticks are torches are enough. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c3890c1c73d4104fe7562ac0d2e8123f768227a025704614280120ab53735c98.jpg

Jens Holm

The Braslys can knock them out, but its for higher mobility. USA replace soldiers by an improved flexibility. Thats how I see it.

If needed Im sure USA will use airplanes and drones against tanks and semilar vehicles.

Daily Beatings

Bradley is a joke. It’s always been from day one:



Hah, excellent movie about Bradley and the US military industry in general.

There is full version on Youtube.


Jens Holm

Thats 22 years ago.


Janus why don’t you stop spamming crap and do something better with your time – watch the movie for example, trust me it’s a great movie better than most Hollywood garbage today. Perhaps you learn thing or two, better english at least…

Jens Holm

Its as snowcatsor write. The Gulf war was 30 years ago long time before I got my Win95.

My best hope for the future is, that internet get filters, which can move Your kind directly to jail, where You can talk with Yout TV.

Daily Beatings

It’s the same platform plus some upgrades, so the comparison is valid since all of the original design flaws are still retained. You can’t be this stupid?

Jens Holm


All the russians tanks still alive in the T models has same platform.

And I do compare. It seemes much better then the first ones. I have been reading all about who is who and who ordered them and why and the many changes in their dilemma quagmire.

I dont know or think its the best in the world but the improvements are real.

Denmark just bought 100 for almost semilar use. Many produce semilar ones. Our new ones are from Switzerland.

Jens Holm

Thats 11 years ago and was true.

Daily Beatings

… and it’s still true today. Dressing up a turd still makes it a turd.

Jens Holm

Its a ittle more then that:


Jens Holm

Tempting:) If it walk like a duck, look like a duck and quak as a duck – It might be You.

Assad must stay

so instead of doing the right thing, leaving a country they have no permission being in, they double down..what a bunch of thugs


A couple of IEDs and a few body bags will do the trick!

Jens Holm

We will see. The succesrate against the Americans seemes low.

Fog of War

When ? Its been how long now ?

Jens Holm

The Regime in Damaskus is as illigitime as any in that quagmire. They are the reasin to the uprise. Russians has made no fresh air and extra killings and destructions.

But Russia do its best as usual giving food and weapons for no oil.

Potato Man

Eastman Gang (NYC Zion gang) “The Eastman Gang was the last of New York’s street gangs which dominated the city’s underworld during the late 1890s until the early 1910s”. Criminal activities: Armed robbery, theft, illegal gambling, extortion, prostitution, and peddling opium. They bought most of the American politicians, no matter who you look into, you end up finding they owe to Zion.

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which directly lobbies the United States Congress. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations which “is the main contact between the Jewish community and the executive branch” of the US government.” <– this shit is stupid.

Jens Holm

As ususal the rest of the gangs from those days are not there. Very nice to have New York with no crime from 1880 – or what.

The Eastman gangsters was the first NON IRISH GANG.

Fog of War

How many movies were made about the Eastman gang as opposed to movies made about gangs of a non ((( tribal ))) nature ?

Jens Holm

All is very discriebed by history books, photos and even movies later on. The Irish as corrupt police force is very well described.

The interersting thing was that the Jews against all odds were able to establish their dirty power.

When You make movies, You often find the interesting parts. At the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes in WW2 it was Bastogne. But the main game changers was there but in north where Model could not break through the american lines.

The northern part was kept by the few soldiers left and a very well organized artillery and a few hard bombardments by airplanes.

It also was more important that Malmeday as well as St Vith was kept some days and eroded the German forces as well as they had to change direction.

Here its by strange reasons always is about General Piper mudering soldiers and Skorzeny using american uniform. Using the Hellcat Tanks is only mentioned for speed.

I do rembember one movie, where the Irish police is trying to kil the Godfather at a hospital. No Jews. And no Jews in Havanna as well.

Thats what I see.

I dont see Jews all over as if I was menthally ill. I can only give facts as I do. Jews dont run my world at all – And even if they did as it is now, I anytime willprfare that for Turks, Syrians, Iranians and Russians.

Not too much Chinese too but I nderstand them better. They make the cake to eat bigger. Its certainly needed after fx Mao.

Fog of War

You babble to much about things unrelated to my point. Obfuscate much ?

Jens Holm

I think I so a very good description as well as its supported by facts in crime, periods and who is who and how many.

Your refer to movíes and I have seen Godfathers., They dont say Jews are the dominating ones even they in periods has or had or made some nasty influence – But it is too.

And You of course ignore the many Jews which were no criminals and made New York full of new created jobs and partly USA as a progressive innovative country as well.

If You look at their influence in big companies, You by that should add the milllions of jibs and taxpayers they make too.

Big companies has imployed too – havnt they.

So I allow me to add crime AND subtract creating wellfare by jobs and production.

In Denmark I will say old danes are 95% non criminals apart from parking tickets and like that. The muslims are about 90% which never has been crimials even being poor, even beeing unimplyed men keeping their women as prisoners home.

But its the last 10% which are criminals, so ablut half of the crime in the whole Denamrk is done by them. We see exact the same for safehouses for woman. Even muslims are less then 4% half of the women are muslims.

And I relate to all populations. You should not blame the 90 or 95% non criminals for, what the rest do.

Statistics say so. Parts of all populations are criminals in all countries. We have to keep it down by taking care of the guilty ones and not etnicities.

And we see that overcrime by muslim nations here in Denmark too and work with it according to change their traditions to Ours and the non criminal muslims.

We have NEVER has problems with Jews being criminals here, because we tax all hard, if they have a high income so they kind of share. They are semilar to anybody else.

The main problem for most muslim countries as well as Russia by Tzars and Bolshevics are, they not even create a middleclass. So the only very needed edicated ones often are the Jews, because that a must sometimes not even being allowed to own property.

By that You use them as Goverment or poor, when things are not doing well, because You are kept stupid by Yourself and Your Leaders also need an excuse to explain doing nothing for You as well.

Assad must stay

wow i didnt know that thanks, i guess new york has always been fucked up hahaah

Jens Holm

Yes new York was a dirty boiler too. It was normal procedure at that time many 1000s a year imigrated into USA by Coney Island.

Many stayed a year and often in building construction until they after learning english left to other parts.

The ones, which didnt leave was the ones, which were not strong enogh ti leave and there was no security system. Thats a good base for crime.

It was the Irish, which infiltrated the police and the politics there. The Jews kind of took over later,so blaming Jews only is a biased lies for jew haters.

fx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_New_York_City_Police_Department

Fog of War

Watch this, it will open your eyes and is very much worth your time.




If Trump hadn’t pulled out our troops in the first place, they wouldn’t be sending equipment like this back there.

Jens Holm

Its possible. The retreat by Obama was depended in some balance, where SDFs got some local influence united with Damaskus.

I see Assads as very stubbern ones. They have given SDFs nothing.

It whould be easier to see who is who there if there were no Turks, Assads and Russians in the SDF.

Trump must be laughing seeing the Russian succesrate:)

Potato Man

“The Bradley’s enable continued force protection for @FukingZionSucker partners in their ongoing #StealingSyrianOil mission”. (With the help of Zion wannabe Kurds).

Nothing is cheap or “free” when you are dealing with US, so Kurds gonna steal and “give” Syrian oil to Americans? Trump talks like Kurds sold Syria oil fields to US, if Kurds don’t understand or remember history…..I hope the worse happens to them. Just look at Afghanistan that puppet government which US put in place is good as died…do fuking Kurds think they can just steal from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey….

Jens Holm

Actually the Syrian oilfields half and half are owned by others.

“Syria’s two biggest oil companies are the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC), which is owned by the Syrian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and Al-Furat Petroleum Company which is 50% owned by General Petroleum Corporation and the other 50% are foreign owned.” – by Wiki

As usual people in Russia and Assads believes more in Trump then the americans and the rest of us do.

That includes some oil&fuel production. I am sure USA already for years has been buying local fuel for local matters there. Why shouldnt they. TRump has noidea about whats going on there and probatly most of thge wolrd.



Potato Man

Actually you stupid. I’m talking about Kurds who are straling & holding oil field (Hasakah in the north-east) which belong to Syrian.

“Syrian Kurds Ink Oil Deal with U.S. Company”

The autonomous government of northeast Syria has signed a deal for the marketing of crude oil with a U.S. company, Al-Monitor reports, citing unnamed sources in the know. What’s more, the report says the deal had the blessing of Washington. Most of Syria’s oil is in the northeast of the country, which is under the control of a Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Council, the political wing of opposition formation Syrian Democratic Forces, which has enjoyed U.S. support through the prolonged conflict. A representative of the Syrian Democratic Council to the United States confirmed that the deal was made by Delta Crescent Energy LLC, Al-Monitor said, although she did not provide any further details. The unnamed sources also told Al-Monitor that the United States was going to supply two modular refineries to northeastern Syria, which will satisfy a fifth of the oil-rich region’s needs. At the moment, most of the oil still produced in Syria—around 60,000 bpd—is refined in makeshift facilities. Before the war, the country produced 380,000 bpd. Separately, Kurdistan 24 reported that Senator Lindsay Graham had revealed a deal between the Syrian Democratic Forces and a U.S. oil company to modernize the oil fields under the control of the opposition group. According to the Al-Monitor sources, this is the same deal closed with Delta Crescent Energy.

“The autonomous government of northeast Syria has signed a deal for the marketing of crude oil with a U.S. company” They are making deal without Syrian government you fuking ape, do you see the problem here bud.

“As usual people in Russia and Assads believes more in Trump then the americans and the rest of us do.” LMFAO you are fuked in head kiddo, what are you 12? aha YeS, I’M fRoM Russia LMFAO. Пошел на хуй No wait we are all Russian here LMFAO

“So You LOVE and HOPE USA is STUPID as TRUMP.” LMFAO STFU what are you on about low life? You are much stupider than Trump bud.

Jens Holm

I dont recognize Your socalled Goverment. It gave the Baathists everything just as communists did in Moscow. It also was and are higly corrupt.

And the a lot of the empty fields in the “nonnorth” are oonly empty because there is not invested in high tech, which often can take in 3 to 5 times more crude oil instead of the dripping or 0.

Shell, BP or even the Danish oildrillers can do that. Russian cant.

So Assads also loose very high and very needed incomes even they of course has to pay the foreigners their part of that not empty income.

I tell how tings are use the same sources as You because they are availible. I wonder how much money fx India and South Korea has got since the fightings began – and oil?

Thats close to nothing and losses for millions of dollars.

And its the same for Iraq even the history is different. Here the WW1 winners took over the Turkish PetroleumCompany as reward for defeating the Osmans.

Today several oilcompanies are main owners of many things and outsource to others too.

You operate in “state”. I operate in OWNERSHIP. The Baathists are private owners and nort some Syrian State.

If Assads was a state, they would include people by investments, where many things could give a higher income and a better life. Not even 50% unimplyment by men/close to 100 for vomen did it.

As in other low educated and stubbern countries poor people by that has abandonned their from ancient times old farms for Urbanisation – BUT NO well paid or even poor paid TOWNJOBS was and are made.

You deny to see those simple relations. People want to have any job to keep themselves alive – a paid job againt the ones making none to them becomes a solution.

And Kurds and SDF beig close to 2 millions should have become refugees in Turkey too and wait for Assads comming back for how many years.

How can Assads be Goverment, when about 25% are not in the country and another 25% are displaced in Syria.

Whi do You speak for – the 550.000 dead ones and the total destructions done by Assads themselves too…


Retard, no one ever reads your endless shitwalls of retarded incomprehensive garbage. 2-3 words of your gibberish is too much. People just downvote you and move on. Perhaps someone laughs at you occasionally….

Potato Man

“US Military Tankers Smuggle Oil from Syria to Iraq: Sources” https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2020/09/20/2352403/us-military-tankers-smuggle-oil-from-syria-to-iraq-sources

LMFAO you were saying….

Jens Holm

They are not smugling at all. Its in the open. SDFs need an income and crude oil and fuel are.

I also will allow me to say its the SDFs which are the main distributors to the weat and northern part of Iraq and often to the autonome Kurds there.

I dont blame them for the reasosns I have given You.

Potato Man

ISIS,Daesh, Al-Qaeda made money with oil and they buy and used weapons to attack and protect themselves… They (Kurds) making money with Syrian/Iraqi oil and gas why they need US and why can’t they protect themselves, when Turkey attacked they run, there was no fighting or even trying to hold Turkey back. The problem is where this money is going….”SDFs which are the main distributors to the weat and northern” Yeah fuking right….

They are smuggling oil, do they have sit in UN? Which countries see Kurds having country? They have to make deal or talk with Syrian government, they are “selling” oil and gas like ISIS, Daesh, Al-Qaeda. (Daesh was also distributors in Syria/Iraq) Daesh used to sell it oil to Turkey and now Kurds selling oil to US. BTW it doesn’t fuking matter what you think or I, sooner or later they are going to get fuked.

Jens Holm

Its their oil. Some old song also says: If You cant love the one You love, love the one, You wish.

So buzzz of with You hypocrite moral.

I forget they are denied trade and buy or sell from Turks as well as Assads.

…And yes its true everybody traded everything with almost anybody. So where are the rest of the buyers and sellers on the list as well as Your own moral….Gone….

Potato Man

Your head in deep in your ass. My god

Jens Holm

Its very impressing only Kurds are thieves in the whole Syria.

I see the opæosite, where I live. Syrians here are much more criminals then any others even they gets everything paid.

It seemes to be some kind of tradtion. Maybee the verses of their bibles and sharias are in wrong translation like:

If You dont steal, You wont come to heaven and at the same pages, where it dont say You can lie but You has to.

And wonder why Kurds and others should smile and dance for what Assads do and dont do and even obey.

…And they dont.

Ypu dont put rules for people, which share nothing with You. They steal from the poor. hey create not even very bad jobs…

So why follow those Baathists has any right to pretend, they are owners. If they are owners having papent like that Syria is no country but private property.


Its way past time they started killing those SOB,i have never known a situation where a foreign power sends its forces into another country and they don’t come under attack,the forces of arrogance need teaching a hard lesson.

Jens Holm

You dont know much, do You…


I know that, dickhead.

Jens Holm

You seemes expert in ignoring how the rest of the world is and think about it.

Ivan Freely

It may have to do with “giving one enough rope to hang themselves”.


Charming, how close is this move to US Elections. Absolutely not motivated to gain Political Steam.

Jens Holm

You overestimate how much a little dot like Syria is in USA.

USA for years has planned this new version of the Bradly and has had problems with that. Its tempting to see those new Bradlies as testing too.


Time to bring BMP-3 IFV with 57mm automatic cannon or T-15 with the 57mm automatic cannon to test them on Bradly and US Apache attack choppers.

They would not be able to even come closer on less than few kilometers distance.


The Bradley Infantry Flaming Vehicle has been duly deployed so that US infantrypersyns may now be cooked ‘well-done’ for the enjoyment of their overlords in the Pentagram.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Equivalent number of BMPT Terminators should be promptly deployed.

Dick Von Dast'Ard


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