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JUNE 2023

U.S.-led Coalition Deployed Howitzers In Northeast Syria Bases: SDF

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The U.S.-led coalition has deployed heavy howitzers in its bases in northeast Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on March 10.

In an official statement, the Kurdish-led group said the U.S.-led coalition deployed the howitzers to defend the region as well as strength cooperation with its forces.

“The heavy howitzers were deployed to defend the base and our partners [the SDF] from any threat,” an official in the coalition told the SDF.

The coalition official added that the U.S remain committed to protect “its forces, partners as well as innocent people” in northeast Syria.

Additionally to the statement, the SDF shared a photo of a M777 155 mm towed howitzer, one of several deployed in northeast Syria apparently. The howitzer has an effective firing range of up to 40 km and can fire GPS-guided shells.

U.S.-led Coalition Deployed Howitzers In Northeast Syria Bases: SDF

M777 155 mm towed howitzers. Source: sdf-press.com

This was the second batch of heavy howitzers to be deployed by the U.S.-led coalition in northeast Syria in the last 30 days, according to the SDF.

By deploying such heavy weapons, the U.S.-led coalition is fortifying its bases which control key oil fields in northeast Syria. The coalition began tightening its grip of oil-rich areas in October 2019, after abandoning its ally, the SDF, in the face of a Turkish-led attack on northeastern Syria.

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capture the heavy stuff and turn it around and hit the disunited states of A’s white trash from the fly over states. they’re not overly prepared to fight someone prepared to kill you before you have time to say squat!

Stinky Man

Tell your moms I said Hi and to shave that hair lip it tickles my balls.


just feck off, you pollute these threads and like your name indicates, brings an evil stench.

In Exile

It would be better to use it on the Jews the real scourge not some poor white guys doing the only job they can get.

Lone Ranger

They are protecting the beautiful oil… Wonder why the U.S. needs it if they are the biggest producers… Also wonder where the stolen oil and the profit from it ends up…

Tim Williams

SDF controls the oil, they sell it to the SAA, SAA then supplies the SDF with arms and ammo …

Lone Ranger

Hm. So the Kurds are selling Syrian oil to Syrians… Why is that good for the U.S.?


To keep the kurds as separate entity and use them

Tim Williams

USA does not have to cough up the money for weapons and ammo to the SDF …



Lone Ranger

Very eco…

Tim Williams

Yes it is … Kurds and SDF also get food and medical supplies


Have you notice that this is USA information ? Please, don’t you remember “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” USA has lost any credibility at all on this matter.


Will you please give us your source information ? I seems to me that you do have none.

Tim Williams

The links are there .. click on them

Xoli Xoli

What law is that which permits a certain tribe among multi cultural tribes to steal claim and sell oil to a legitimate government. We understand for now Syrian is so cornered and really needs oil to put all mobile machinery in action.The biggest world economy built with stolen products and resources are stealing Syrian interests with might and nuclear power.Tim let your intelligence infor machine updates us please my man.

Tim Williams

Syrian govt is ok with the situation at the moment … they do not have the manpower to work the fields nor manpower to drive the trucks … obviously once the war is over things will change

Xoli Xoli

Thanks infor man much appreciate.

Xoli Xoli

It is true no doubt no questioning.Putin even supported this when Deir Ezzor were iberated and USA turn against forces which refuses to attack SAA forces.USA tactical withdraw knowing Russia will rescue SDF If Erdogan invade and rearmed SDF and reposition.The aim and tactic was if tensions call down negotiations on going between Russia and Kurds.Again USA will sneak in through the back door and reestablish its self at new bases.Both Erdogan and Putin were got off guard.



Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are bringing in heavy weapons to support their alCIAda terrorists in Syria, but will fail and resistance against them will only increase with rising casualties as in happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Xoli Xoli

USA,Britain and France are in final desperation drive to safe their collapsing economy’s which are base on stolen African oil,gas ,mineral resources and raw material. The interest which their claim is vast oil and gas of Arabs and Muslims plus their gold.Iraq war Iraq gold stolen oil and gas exploited.Afganistan war vast opium fields invaded and exploited by USA,France and Britain.Libyan war gold stolen by USA,Britain and France oil and gas exploited for self enrichment. Ukraine destroyed to weaken Russia trade and boost fear in immediate Russian bordering neighbor’s. Just to deploy western short range missiles in this particular countries. Namely Estonia,Latvia,Georgia,Poland,Yogoslawia and Belarus.


US doesn’t care as long as Syria doesn’t benefit. This is denial of resources.

Icarus Tanović

This is becoming laughable.

Tim Williams

BREAKING NEWS … 18 rockets fired at USA base in BAGHDAD …injuries reported


I meant to see that protection when The Turks start destroying the SDF like bugs!!!


More targets, dumb move guys.

Xoli Xoli

USA,Britain and France are denying Syrians from buying oil from Iran. But again their openly steal Syrian oil and blocking Syrians from own oil.Erdogan is behind Syrian oil for him and his sons benefit. Erdogan openly making deals with Putin to jointly control Syrian oil.Erdogan uses refugees which were cause by his ISIS to flee to Turkey as a bargaining chip just by forcing them with violent police and army oppression to run over Greece border.Putin should tell his best friend Erdogan to pull his troops out of Sovereign Syria. If Syria cant reserves the right of sovereignty then no one on this world reserves it.It should be clear to bias USA tool Guterres of UN.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Everyone jumped with glee when we attacked Erdogan’s favourite terrorists in Aleppo, the Turkmen were ungraciously liberated against their will while the Arab’s in the south were left to rot, and that’s despite the fact the Arabs signed their reconciliation agreements with Assad more than 2 years ago, but we at least got the M5 Highway :] :[ grrrrrrr, F–k the highway, we also got a massive Turkish incursion for our troubles, and equally as bad we also got a permanent hold to any possibility the US would just withdraw. These are the fruits of our Aleppo Labours, so are we all enjoying them, I’m not, it actually tastes like a damn lemon to me, it’s not even bitter sweet.

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

How this state of America can be so evil? Americans, what kind of people you are???

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