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U.S. Is Setting Ground For Military Intervention In Venezuela

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The Venezuelan government seems to be openly preparing to face a US military invasion.

On February 10, the country’s military kicked off large-scale military drills, which will run until February 15. According to President Nicolas Maduro, the drills are set to become the biggest ones the country has held in its 200-year history.

On the same day, multiple air defense systems, including Pechora-2M launchers, were spotted maneuvering in the area of San Cristobal, near the border with Columbia, an expected member of the US-led coalition in the event of invasion in Venezuela.

On February 7, Israel’s satellite company ImageSat International released a satellite image, allegedly showing that the Venezuelan military was releasing its S-300VN air defense system from mothballs in Captain Manuel Rios Airbase on February 4.

Separately, President Maduro announced the setting up of 50,000 “popular defence units” and promised that the US will get a South American “Vietnam War” if it decides to invade.

The military preparations came amid several important security developments. In January, authorities detained fugitive Colonel Oswaldo Garcia Palomo after he had crossed back into the country from Colombia. On February 7, he appeared on a video confessing to his ties with the CIA and Colombian officials to overthrow the Maduro government. According to Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez, Palomo was involved in an effort to rally soldiers to mutiny, close off the capital and overtake the presidential palace.

On February 5, authorities seized a shipment of US-made weapons, which was discovered at a storage yard of Arturo Michelena International Airport in the city of Valencia. The stash included at least 19 rifles and 118 magazines, high-caliber ammunition, as well as 90 radios and six mobile phones – and was likely sent from Miami, Florida on February 3.

At the same time, Washington is reportedly engaged in so-called direct contacts with representatives of the Venezuelan military and government to convince them to support the coup and help to bring US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido into power. These efforts achieved at least a partial success.

On February 2, Air Force General Yanez, reportedly defected to the opposition’s side,. He called for others to follow him in supporting “the right side.” On February 9, Colonel Ruben Paz Jimenez declared his support to the opposition. Separately, two more service members, Captain Hector Luis Guevara Figueroa and Army pilot Carlos Vásquez defected and called for others to do so.

Another, but also important front is the media sphere. US President Donald Trump has openly states stated that he does not rule out a military option for Venezuela. Nonetheless, Washington still needs some formal pretext. Therefore, State Secretary Mike Pompeo declared in an interview with FOX Business that there is a growing Hezbollah and Iranian influence in Venezuela.

“People don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells — the Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America. We have an obligation to take down that risk for America and how we do that in South America and all across the globe,” Pompeo said.

Washington says that Hezbollah, which it is considers to be a terrorist group, has been using Latin America as a base of fund-gathering for years. If it accidentally appears that the Maduro government has “deep ties” with Hezbollah, this could become a sufficient and necessary condition to propel a military intervention.

One more point of pressure is the delivery of the US humanitarian aid, which the Venezuelan government rejects.

President Maduro called this effort a “fake humanitarian assistance” designed to “humiliate” the country and “justify a military aggression”. On February 9, Guaido stressed that he would not rule out authorizing a US military intervention, whenever the term “authorizing” means in the case of the nation leader appointed from Washington.

With all these public statements and accusations, the White House cannot afford to tolerate the Maduro victory in the ongoing standoff. So, the US will continue to ramp up the pressure in political, economic and clandestine spheres. However, if these measures appear to be not enough to overthrow the government, a more direct action, including a military invasion, may be implemented.

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Sniper Riffles, MANPADS and ATGM’s are always a good deterrent. Tunnel engineers also send a message. Maduro needs to send a not for “free” message.


Plus IED’s.

The US military loves to feel liked and welcomed as heroes in a foreign land.

No Americans should feel safe again , in Venezuela :)

Vince Dhimos

I get it. Israel is gathering intel because it is weighing invading Vene on the pretext of stopping Hezbollah. That is definitely a lie but Trump no doubt cooked this up together with Satan Netanyahu. Russia needs to send a Pantsir battery now.

Tommy Jensen

Syria asked for S-300 in 2009-10, Russia refused it to please Israel. First when Pentagon openly planned to bomb and take over Russia´s Latakia port, Soleimani travelled to Moscow and told Kremlin it was now or never in Syria, and presented to Moscow a plan for defense.



Tudor Miron

Venesuelian “elies” which guiado is representing don’t give a hoot (same way in the rest of the world) about ordinary people. They see them as a work force at best.

Pave Way IV

Don’t forget organ donors. Little people are good for that.


The Venezuelan rich are mostly of Spanish origin and I am sure that their money is safely in US Dollars or Euros deposited in foreign banks . This enables them to live well without worrying about hyper inflation too much.

Tudor Miron


Beron Garcia Daniel

please South Front, COLOMBIA not Columbia.

Pave Way IV

But best to keep an eye on those sneaky Canadians in British Columbia, too. Who knows what they’re up to at this very moment?


ya u best….


*Logged in just to remark on PWIV being called ‘mossad scum’.*



sneaky hey punk??sneaky my fckn ass more like covert just like u punk ass bitches!!

Tudor Miron

That Guaido creature doesn’t even understand that failry soon his US handlers will think that he will be more usefl dead than alive. Those traitors never learn.

Ichokwadi Here

Perfectly so tudor well said

Tommy Jensen

Guaido is a donkey being pulled around. Probably selected to fit the low IQ in US regime change department.

roger temple

Indeed. He’ll probably be bumped off in a cia false flag to provide the excuse for urgent armed intervention. Humanitarian of course.


All the Guaido types around the world can see are pictures of gold, US dollars and palaces.

They are blinded by their greed.

Ichokwadi Here

American politicians are vampires feeding on innocent souls blood

Eskandar Black

Maduro is a scum bucket, he needs to go. American involvement may not be ideal, but it is preferable to Maduro rule.

Albert Pike

Surely there where voices that Saddam Hussein or Gathafi ‘needed to go’. Those countries are now in ruins. And they are in ruins, because the US wanted them in ruins. Its their strategy to destroy countries, and it was developed into the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski plan. And that’s the official US doctrine – regardless if it’s the middle east or the Caribbean Basin…


Eskandar Black

Venezuela is wrecked, yanks or not, maduro needs to be removed. I understand americans didnt do well in iraq or libya, but frankly i dont care who removes maduro as long as he is gone.

Tommy Jensen

Who cares when there are still tits and cold beers.

El Mashi

Since racist traitors like you have an opinion. Very sad. President Maduro and President Chavez, RIP, constructed 2,500,000 low cost houses given to the very poor. That represent almost 8,000,000 people who will fight to the death against enemies foreign and domestic. Being called “scum” by a traitor like you is no insult.



Eskandar Black

racist traitor, lol, you are obviously some sort of a moron, go back to your propaganda manager for your bolivar check, death to maduro, gory painful death.


If Gweedo is ever successfully installed by the Empire, Venezuelans can be sure of a few things: 1) their resources will be stolen and used for the benefit of a few Plutocrats in the Empire. 2) Homelessness will increase tremendously 3) Whatever Venezuelans exist that had decent jobs will instead face the fate liken to that of Ukrainians or Greeks.

One has to be a complete and utter moron to believe that backing someone the US wishes to place in power in their country will be a benefit to the people of that country.

Joe Kerr

Won’t happen… Trump doesn’t want to lose another war, and he knows the U.S. will if it tries it with Venezuela. Perhaps you can grab a gun and lead the way, pussy.

Eskandar Black

you are talking utter idiot nonsense. US could destroy the Venezuelan military very easily. The state that the country is in wouldn’t even require a serious effort. As for my involvement in any such operation, thats no concern of yours. You seem like you are likely one of maduro’s paid idiots, or another propaganda officer from cuba or some other shit hole, i hope a piece of shrapnel find you soon.

Joe Kerr

Well then, walk your yap doggy… but try to do better than in Afghanistan against cave dwellers who had no outside help.


after the last 18 years of miserable failures in the war/regim change department to the tune of what, 8 trillion frigggin $$, no can do – in particular since no one else is there prepared to help out. and if I remember correctly the morons from moronistan (aka usa) said the same thing during the vietnam war, i.e. that the morons could wipe vietcong off the map easily, and in the end the morons fled the country in chaos leaving, as seems to be the morons standard performance mode, devastation and death which still lingers. just say to your self agent orange good name on a deadly product made in moronistan. shame on you!

Eskandar Black

Haha, thanks for worrying about American finances. I am not that worried about it. Trump is actually a fairly good leader. Despite the democrat 2 year shut down of government, he has managed to score points for the people.

Maduro on the other hand is a fool. He took over a dictatorship that was falling apart and he accelerated the decay. Once the venezuelan people take their homeland back, they will never let socialists rule again.

The truth is Russia wants to use venezuela to bargain for ukraine, or syria. You are just talking shit.

US would destroy the venezulan military in less than 2 weeks, their own people would eat what is left of the remains of their charred corpses.





And even that’s missing a few. I don’t see the most recent intervention in Haiti, for instance, where they sponsored a terrorist group and then used its existence as a pretext to send the Marines to kidnap president Aristide and fly him to Africa. Nor do I see anything relating to the most recent coup in Honduras, although I suppose it’s possible the Americans only supported that after the fact. And of course this is just the successful stuff. They’ve tried a fair number of things that didn’t work, too.

Pave Way IV

“…Israel’s satellite company ImageSat International released a satellite image…”

You should describe Israel’s ImageSat (ISI) as a defense-oriented satellite imagery company. Their primary internal customers are Israeli Intelligence and defense. It’s primary external customers are foreign intelligence and militaries, not other companies. Israel has no particular interest in monetizing its two ancient EROS satellites. They’re trying to ‘commercialize’ the failing ISI as a cover for it’s intended military and intelligence purpose. Israel also wants to know who is trying to see what and where – THAT intelligence is worth more to those paranoid snoops than ISI’s crappy, fuzzy imagery.

“…allegedly showing that the Venezuelan military was releasing its S-300VN air defense system from mothballs…”

No, SF – the imagery does not show that. Venezuela’s S-300VN was ‘mothballed’ or is being taken out of some king of long-term storage, Israeli ISI just published their first image of reloading drill despite Venezuela performing hundreds of them since acquiring the then state of the art S-300VM in 2012. ISI can offered the preposterous suggestion along with the image that Venezuela had these hidden away ‘mothballed’ in storage, but that defies common sense. The image shows nothing related to that – siting and reloading drills are what the crews do. Even if ISI had never published their nothingburger image, one could still presume Venezuela is preparing their air defenses for a US attack to destroy them.

The insignificant U.S. paid-for defections and laughable Hezbollah threat are not worth commenting on.


Exactly! So now we have both Hezbollah and Israel involved in Venezuela conflict. You just can’t make this stuff up, it is so laughable.

Pave Way IV

I think I can see a Houthi hiding under the missile launcher, too. Might as well toss them in to the clown car of ‘justification’.

El Mashi

Expect the false flag murder of Guido Bandido.


Yet another reason why he should be in jail–you know, the place built on purpose to house bandidos of all stripes.

Tommy Jensen

Hezbollah are sitting everywhere as trojan horses inside our governments. Havent you notice how our purchasing power has slowly but surely gone down since 2006 ?? This is due to Hezbollah´s global terror network and influence! Your grandpa, your uncle, all kicked out of job after 30 years of loyalty to the same GMO factory, only because of Hezbollah´s hate to decent usury banking and Israel.


God Bless Hezbollah :)


S-300VN or S-300VM?

Pave Way IV

Venezuela may have secretly purchased the mysterious Vietnamese S-300 clone, the S-300VN. . Or it’s just a typo.




The BM-30 multiple rocket launchers shown in the video have new guided rockets available with 100s of km in range and 1 meter accuracy. They can be stopped with Patriots, until they run out of missiles to interdict them. If the target is protected by them. Which many targets won’t be.

They probably won’t reach Panama. But they can hit most or all of Columbia. Including transportation hubs like ports, airports, bridges and roads being used to attack Venezuela. If the Columbians change their position and approve a war. Which hopefully they won’t. Where the Panamanian’s are at I’m not sure. But the canal needs to be a target if Panama allows the US to attack Venezuela.

That wouldn’t be a sanction. But it sure would put a big crimp on the Panamanian’s cashflow. As would port, bridge, road and airport closures. The Panamanians stand to lose a lot more than they would gain from attacking Venezuela.

But Jewmerica is skilled at getting leaders to betray their citizens. Just like in the US where the vast majority of federal legislators are Israel first rather than America first.


How would you cater for the fact that Colombia, as a member of NATO, can call on all NATO members to help her IF she is attacked by Venezuela ?

This is the trip wire that the US hopes to use in a military confrontation. That was the sole rationale of inviting Colombia into NATO I would think.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I wasn’t aware of it. I looked into a little. It doesn’t look like Columbia is technically a full member for mutual defense. Even Russia belongs to some of these NATO affiliate programs. Which include many countries beyond the full NATO membership spectrum.

Venezuela is equipped to fight NATO. Columbia’s military is vastly outgunned by Venezuela. There’s no way that they would initiate hostilities with Venezuela on their own.

As far as Venezuela fighting NATO. Their military is close to par with a lot of NATO militaries. Particularly in terms of basic weapons platforms. Their Ships and front line jet fighters are new state of the art weapons platforms. What they need is their own super power affiliation to fill in the gaps in terms of ordnance, satcom, ECM & EW, and medium and long range missiles capable of getting past anti missile defense systems.

If Russia and China are willing to assist Venezuela in transitioning from Jew world order subjugation to multi polar world independence. Then the Venezuelan military can be upgraded and integrated into SCO weapons systems and support capabilities for these systems. Resupply in the event of hostilities is critical to avoid the Venezuelan military from being overwhelmed by NATO quantitative superiority.

It looks like the SCO has qualitative superiority over NATO weapons. Primarily the Russian equipment. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if the Chinese have some superior equipment of their own. Either Russian equipment that they’ve obtained, and probably some of their own development. The SCO also has quantitative parity in a lot of areas. Unlike NATO it also has a sane and rational defense policy that is compliant with international law and basic morality.




“The Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme was established in 1994 and is based on individual bilateral relations between each partner country and NATO: each country may choose the extent of its participation.[98] Members include all current and former members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.[99] The Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) was first established on 29 May 1997, and is a forum for regular coordination, consultation and dialogue between all fifty participants.[100] The PfP programme is considered the operational wing of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership.[98] Other third countries also have been contacted for participation in some activities of the PfP framework such as Afghanistan.”

– NATO –



“On 4 June 2013, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that Colombia will be signing a Cooperation Agreement with NATO in hopes of eventually joining the military alliance. Santos also stated that: “If we can achieve peace, the army will be in a place where it will be able to distinguish itself internationally as well. We are already doing it on many fronts.”[92] In response, the U.S. government noted, “Our goal is certainly to support Colombia as being a capable and strong member of lots of different international organizations, and that might well include NATO. Ultimately this is a decision that all of the NATO members would have to make.”[93]

However, on the same day, a Colombian and NATO official both objected to NATO membership for Colombia. Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon stated his country merely wished to sign a cooperation deal with NATO,[94] and a NATO official noted that, “There is no immediate plan for establishing a formal partnership between the alliance and Colombia, but we are exploring the possibility of carrying out specific activities together…and we are currently developing a security of information agreement which would allow the exchange of classified information between the alliance and Colombia.””

– Foreign relations of NATO –





I’m not sure that it makes any difference. Few NATO members are interested in getting involved in hostilities with Venezuela. The US can provide Columbia aid unilaterally that will do everything that NATO could do.


That is true, even though the British Military have a presence in Belize I would think that Spain and portugal would also get involved .

The only advantage that the US has with Colombia as part of NATO , is the ability to ‘defend’ Columbia from real or faked attacks from Venezuela. It would give the US a mask of respectability to hide behind in the UN, as she plunders Venezuela


It’s a fluid situation. If the Russians, Chinese, and possibly others support Venezueala with military upgrades, economic cooperation and resupply in the event of hostilities. And many, most, or all of Venezuela’s neighbors opt out of a military confrontation. Then the bases become less of an issue if they’re restricted from use.

And naval and air power become the go to option. Until armies can establish a presence. It looks like Venezuela may have qualitative superiority in important areas. Unlike Germany in WWII, quantitative parity, or approaching it sufficient to get the job done, can be gotten in place and maintained with adequate upgrades and resupply. That was the lesson of Vietnam, and to an extent Korea.

There is also the issue of reach, which the Vietnamese didn’t have. But can be put in place with missile force upgrades. That’s a game changer when subs, ships, planes and bases can be taken out of the fight and NATO equipment is shown to be inferior, if it is. From what’s happening in Syria, it looks like it might be. And that’s not including what the Chinese may have, and could make available. The Iranians and Indians may also be considering participation.


I hope you are correct.

Britain, like the US, is fractured and a good example of this is the disconnect between those in government and industry who have been travelling together to China in order to negotiate reciprocal trade deals and those in the military camp with the Defence Minister who undertook a navy Drive By of the Paracel Islands last week I think, with another navy Drive By by a new navy carrier ( without planes) in the near future.

Brexit, like far too much in the UK , is a complete shambles. :)


Spain and the UK have serious dissolution issues, France isn’t there yet, and probably won’t get there. The last thing that any of them want to get involved in is a war where they’l lose equipment that will demonstrate conclusively the inferiority of their weapons against Russian and possibly Chinese equipment. And how their governments have wasted money on foolish military adventures rather than insuring proper national security by maintaining technology parity or superiority.

The Venezuelans would gladly sell Europe oil at competitive rates if the Europeans were rational and business like. Rather than being criminal fanatical extremists. Europe has nothing to gain from another oil war. The recent ones have been complete disasters for Europe. A new one would have almost no public support.


Again we agree.

There are the many factions with opposing goals in any country, but in the EU the illusion of relative harmony has created a situation where accidental acts of war by dillusional politicians and senior military personnel, could easily spark a hot war.

NATO chest thumping on the borders of Russia are childish and futile and that alone describes the crass mentality of those who order this.


You have a front row seat to the EU. From what I can see from the US. I don’t know who in the EU would go to war with anyone. Yes Syria is a war, and me to EU members are there. But it’s a fake war against fake terrorists. The EU member’s forces aren’t in direct conflict with the Syrian military, only the Jews are.

Venezuela would be a real war against a national military with modern weapons that could destroy EU member’s equipment and kill it’s military personnel in military to military combat. Who in the EU is going to sign up for that? And even if they did, what would a coalition of the willing look like? 95% US and 5% token tag alongs?

Ukraine is a flash point and has the highest risk of what you’re describing. But again, who in the EU is going to sign up to fight the Russians on non EU territory on Russia’s border? In Yugoslavia they got behind the US to attack when the Soviet Union was dissolving and Russia was destitute and wouldn’t even provide S-300s, let alone face the full strength of today’s state of the art modern Russian military on it’s borders. It would be suicide. I don’t see France or Germany volunteering for that. No one else in the EU would even consider it if they’re not the ones getting attacked. The prospect of the Russians initiating unprovoked hostilities against the EU are remote bordering on non existent.


All wars essentially fall into 3 category’s,.

The intended, The unintended and The Accidental.

All three seem to start with excuses, threats and stupidity, singly or all three.


Why this CIA puppet is being allowed to run around Venezuala setting up an alternative government is beyond me. He belongs in jail.

Joe Kerr

When the time is right, he’ll be dealt with… Feb 23rd looks like a good bet.


He may not have to wait that long. It would be a lesson to all current and future CIA puppets:

“Congress would not support a US military intervention in Venezuela, House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said during a hearing on the crisis in Venezuela on Wednesday.

“US military intervention is not an option,” Engel said. “Congress decides when, where and how the US military is used around the world, and Congress would not support military intervention in Venezuela.””

– US Congress will not support military intervention in Venezuela: official –



they’re still looking for the indisputable lamppost to use.


Sorry but this is what you get for letting spies and traitors running around (i.e. the Yanukovich playbook), instead of doing what is necessary to protect your country. I see all the time on this forum that the “pro-Russian” side still doesn’t get it. Doing nothing like Maduro is considered “wise” and “patient”, denying the US a pretext for a military attack. But an Empire creates its own realities: if Washington wants a pretext it can grab some scary images off the internet, splice together a video, mumble something about Hezbollah, and you’re good to go. This coup should have been cracked down on two weeks ago if not before that; by acting as if he’s not in charge in Caracas any more, Maduro is making the sharks smell blood.

Joe Kerr

The coup had already failed when Venezuela’s military refused to support Guaido, and therein lies the bitterness of Bolton and Pompeo. No problem letting Guaido run around barking, as long as he doesn’t bite, but making a martyr out of this CIA clown before it’s required isn’t advisable.


You may be right, and the noise we’re hearing now is just the farce after the main event. But complacency looks dangerous to me: B&P are not the types to call it quits right now, “oh well at least we tried”–especially given the size of the prize at stake. There is a whole genre of punditry that has declared “game, set, and match for Putin in Syria” at least five times already; well, al-Qaeda is still armed and the orcs are still there. Then again, so far the Trump admin has been better at camouflaging their climbdowns (e.g. North Korea) than in actually getting things done. I guess we’ll see.

I just disagree that arresting Guaido and charging him under the law is making him a martyr. Why should Maduro be softer on him than say the Spanish govt is on the Catalonian separatists, especially given that the latter held a proper referendum to boost their case.

Joe Kerr

Considering the interplay of various interests in Syria, not surprising that it’s taken 5 years for Russian intervention to win it for Assad (as for the orcs, they’re not flying anymore). Not quite checkmate yet, but close enough. As for Guaido, arresting him as a traitor could, and perhaps should’ve been done… particularly as the U.S. has arrested Russian “spies” with far less reason. Maduro would’ve considered it, and its repercussions, and is probably looking at the right time e.g. Feb. 23rd.


Yes there are two sides to it, and none of us know the future. More certainty can be had about the present: billions in assets have been stolen, which Venezuela can ill afford to lose. Yes it has elements of opera buffa if a nobody just crowns himself king; on the other hand, ask Gadhaffi and Uncle Saddam what you get for underestimating the Dark Throne.

Empire's Frontiers

If military action begins, AA will be an early target as always.

It’d be interesting to watch a strategy play out where the US invades, but the Venezuelans don’t waste their men meeting them on a front line, allowing the Americans ready and comfortable access to roads and bridges.

With the entire infantry dispersed in small teams entirely surrounding and hidden among the invading force, the unending nightmare could begin.

I’d hate to see another Gulf War I play out with so many brave but outgunned men sent to death by an incompatibile military doctrine.

Rodney Loder

Trump might like to think twice before sticking it to Venezuela , the Iranians are going to hit back against israel and their rebranded IS minions, the wars of attrition are the wars of devotion for comrades of many connections.


fatso coudn’t walk from the ground floor to the top floor so he had an elevator installed, first stop next to the bar.

Rodney Loder

No worries about Mossad in Venezuela they only attack little boys and girls for sex more often than not usually babies, because Zino pigs got no balls, but even so, neither do Christians, so that’s fair enough I guess one swine is much the same as another in the israeli pig pen, how do you know one pig from another when their all covered in mud ?, Trump pigs wear blue lipstick.




Death Squad Butcher Elliot Abrams http://www.interference.cc/wp-content/uploads/Soldiers-With-Their-Mutilated-Victims-Chalatenango-%E2%80%94-Harry-Mattison.jpeg


Neocon Vermin Jew Elliot Abrams http://www.susanmeiselas.com/images/uploads/MES1982002K005_520p.jpg


“Venezuela’s chief prosecutor said Thursday he has launched an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido’s appointment of a transitional board of directors for the state oil company.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab said the appointments by Guaido and his National Assembly are part of an illegal power grab backed by foreign governments. He also said that ambassadors of Guaido’s self-declared interim government are being investigated as part of the probe.

“Clearly, this legislative body through criminal means pretends to seize national powers,” Saab said in a news conference broadcast on state TV, calling the move part of a “circus.””

– Venezuelan Prosecutor to Investigate Guaido Appointments –



‘U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton warned countries and companies against buying crude oil from Venezuela, after the Latin American country’s Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo said during a surprise visit to India that Venezuela wants to sell more oil to the fast-growing Indian market.

In a tweet with a Bloomberg article on Venezuelan-Indian oil relations attached, Bolton wrote: “Nations and firms that support Maduro’s theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten. The United States will continue to use all of its powers to preserve the Venezuelan people’s assets and we encourage all nations to work together to do the same.”’

– India To Continue Buying Venezuelan Oil Despite U.S. Warning –



well, it is more evident by the minute that bolton is ready to be institutionalized in a place for the criminally insane and I suppose that also applies to fatso and abrams – yeah, almost forgot that creep pence, wow what a creep but sure as a klucking bell he’ll fit nicely in the cell next to bolton’s. hep!


Trump has filled his administration with Jews and Christian Zionist neocons, and then complains that none of his anti Jew world order policies get implemented. Not that it would make a lot of difference when being a Zionist Israel firster, anti America firster is a prerequisite to getting elected to the US legislature. At a time when 81% of Americans oppose $38 billion in aid to Israel.


nah, don’t think donny’s been filling any vacancies in his administration, rather they’ve been filled for him by the deep states officials, like pentagon, like cia, like fbi, like lockheed, und zu weiter. two or three of those are the neo-dunces, fatso pompous, padded cell bolton and just plain evil abrams all doing as much as they can to stifle donny’s march towards, the ultimate price in donny’s view, to be the unchallenged commander in chief.


Even if your contention about the positions being filled for him is correct, which I doubt, how does that help him implement America first? Cleaning house and draining the swamp makes a lot more sense.


The US should have another Bay of Pigs experience

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