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U.S. Is Rebranding Its Proxies In Syria’s Al-Tanf As FSA V2.0

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U.S. Is Rebranding Its Proxies In Syria’s Al-Tanf As FSA V2.0

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The U.S.-led coalition is rebranding its main proxy in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, Maghaweir al-Thowra (MaT), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on October 23.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the coalition will change the name of the proxy group to the “Army of Free Syria”. The decision was made during a recent meeting between senior officers from the coalition and MaT leader Muhammad Farid Qassem at al-Tanf garrison.

The new name resembles that of the Free Syrian Army, which was used by countless rebel groups early on in the Syrian war.

Last month, the U.S.-led coalition appointed Qassem, a former captain of the Syrian military, as the new leader of the MaT. Qassem replaced the founder of the group Muhanad Tala, who was reportedly expelled from al-Tanf by the coalition.

The appointment of Qassem, who is known to be a violent radical, was initially rejected by MaT militants as well as civilians in al-Tanf and the nearby Rukban refugee camp. However, Qassem assumed his position eventually with direct support from the coalition.

The MaT maintains at least 300 militants in the coalition al-Tanf garrison, where some 200 U.S. troops are usually deployed.

By appointing a radical as the leader of the MaT and then replacing the name of the group with a more general one, the U.S.-led coalition may be preparing to launch a new insurgency against Syrian government forces from al-Tanf. Any such move will likely be met with a response from Damascus and its allies.



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Assad Defeated Zionists

Try to rebrand this, Assad won and isn’t going anywhere. Jajajajaja. Slava Bashar Hafez al-Assad. Slava Putin.


Assad managed to survive the attempt to out him, but he still hasn’t won. There are places his soldiers can’t set foot in Syria and those places can be used by the Americans to oust his regime. So, he has survived but not won yet.

I’m reading news of events that point to a resurgence ISIS. Bill Roggio is saying ISIS is rebuilding and mustering strength in Iraq and Syria.

The Russian war on Ukraine has enraged the Americans because it wasn’t the war they wanted right now. The West wanted a Russia vs. Turkey war to weaken both countries as much as possible. It didn’t happen. What they got was a war between Russia and Ukraine, which had the consequence of making Turkey stronger in terms of economic prospects (the gas hub and many other deals with Russia).

I think Turkey and Russia are now allies in Syria even if temporarily.


200 yanks and a re-named bunch of cut-throats want to launch a new insurgency? They’ll be lucky if they get out of Al-Tanf with their skins. Would be time to mini-nuke the lot but the bastards are hiding behind refugees in Rubkan camp……………


I think Assad’s reluctance to negotiate with the opposition will spell his doom eventually. Assad needs to respond positively to Turkey’s offers because that’s the best way to deal with the American threat. By making significant compromises without sacrificing his position as president, Assad will gain support from Turkey to deal with the Kurds and their masters in Syria.

If Russia, Turkey, and Iran join forces against U.S-backed terrorists allover Syria, there’s no way America can defeat them. America’s biggest mistake was stabbing Turkey in the back and threatening the stability of Turkey – a sin Erdogan will never forgive them for. This is why Putin has more influence on Erdogan in Syria than Biden.

The U.S democrats will usher in WW3 sooner than later if their policies persist. They are creating wars between people, hoping to weaken their enemies without expending much military efforts. Their strategy is: Weaken the enemy and leave behind permanent chaos and instability. Stable governments are obviously a bigger threat than a failed state (this is the prevailing reasoning in the American government right now). But what they fail to realize is that such instability is contagious. It’ll infect even the governments Washington seeks to protect, such as Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. And then everyone, including the Americans, will lose.

Assad must brace for a second civil war and a resurgence of ISIS from Iraq. Iran must also brace for a civil war in Iraq and Lebanon. With democrats in power, civil wars will increase and intensify across the globe.


So you cant demand of Zelinsky to negotiate with the agressor and supporter of seperatists Putin.

But you can demand of Assad to negotiate with the agressor and supporter of seperatiests Erdogan?

Wheres the logic in it. If it is right to fight till the end in Ukraine then is is right in Syria as well and vice versa.

L du Plessis

Terrorists rebranding terrorists.

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