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JUNE 2023

U.S. Is Preparing ‘Tactical Assault’ On ‘Nuclear Facility’ In Iran: Report

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U.S. Is Preparing 'Tactical Assault' On 'Nuclear Facility' In Iran: Report

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln conducts a replenishment-at-sea with the fast combat support ship USNS Arctic, April 12, 2019 in the Atlantic ocean. IMAGE: US Navy

The US is planning to carry out a tactical assault on Iran, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported citing diplomatic sources at the UN headquarters in New York.

The report claimed that the attack will be justified by Iran’s supposed involvement in the attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on June 13.

“The bombing will be massive but will be limited to a specific target,” Maariv quoted an anonymous Western diplomat.

The supposed military action under consideration is an aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program, according to the report.

The report also noted that the US is going to continue reinforcing its military presence in the Middle East.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

The tactical assault on Israel, would also probably target a nuclear facility.


Amen to that!


Actually you raise an interesting point. By targeting a nuclear facility the US risks putting huge amounts of nuclear contamination into the atmosphere, another good example of how the US could give a flying fuck about other people or countries. I guess aging neo cons score fairly low on any sort of empathy measure.

So what would be the ideal target? I think your biggest bang for the buck is always going to be a carrier. The headline alone would be very sobering.

Dumping munitions on civilians seems just fine for Empire but in the bigger scheme of things? It seems the quickest way to alienate if you have to occupy. Which begs a further question, what happened to the civil war in Syria?

But honestly maybe knocking out the MSM might be more effective than anything. Be curious what others think.


HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) will be the weapon of choice employed by the US Government against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The so-called “military build-up” of American forces in that region is just a distraction.

Hisham Saber

The Chinese and North Koreans already have countermeasures for your HAARP. And they have already given them to Iran.

There will be no attack on Iran. The U.S. would be committing economic, social and military suicide. The U.S. would quickly turn into a third world banana republic if it decides to attack Iran and start a hot war in a far-off region against an adversary that’s a whole Shia crescent, some 194 million people, that are very determined and have been preparing seriously since 1979 for such a showdown.

No matter how much Israel dreams of such a scenario, the international Jews would have killed their goose that lays the golden egg for them for the last 100 some years. It would be the effective end of the Petro-dollar, the entire U.S. , Jewish led economy would go boom, The Gulf Monarchies would fall one after another, after they are put out of the oil and gas business by the sheer numbers, in the thousands of Iranian ballistic missiles that will be raining down on their vital infrastructures.

Israel will too suffer a debilitating and fatal blow as the Iranians have every square foot/meter of Israel mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy. And groups like the IRGC and Hezbollah would roll up the acres all the way to Jerusalem and whats left of Tel Aviv. So Israel should think long and hard about the suicidal option of using non-conventional means on Iran. Are the international Jews ready to lose their ‘ promised land ‘ , and 6-7 million of their own ?

And all U.S. troops and assets would be overrun and destroyed in the entire MENA region. With the U.S., France and Britain expelled from the entire region. A lot of collateral damage would consume Turkey too, due to her arrogance and meddling in the affairs of various regional countries like Qatar, Libya’s power struggle, in which the LNA hate the Turks to the core, and will eventually win the Battle for Tripoli, and also its blunder to intervene in Syria.


Apparently, you cannot visualize that HAARP’s military installation located in Gakona, AK is capable of sending a Gigawatt (1GW) of high frequency radio waves into the Ionosphere heating up a portion of that layer of earth’s atmosphere; then be redirected to any part of the planet and subsequently being discharged back to earth in the form of lightning strikes equivalent to the power of 100 Mount St. Helens eruptions taking place at the same time. Iranian nuclear installations and MRBM underground facilities will be the primordial targets of HAARP (thus no need of tactical nuclear weapons to accomplish such goal). The outcome of the usage of this strategic weapon will leave speechless and traumatized many generations of Iranians for centuries to come: parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran where once nuclear and ballistic facilities used to operate could easily resemble Arizona’s Grand Canyon after HAARP’s lightning strikes.

Hisham Saber

Fantasy. 19 yrs and the U.S. is still mired in a protracted conflict in Afghanistan against guys wearing bedsheets and beach sandals, armed with only light weapons.

HAARP ? Then Godzilla is real too.


You mean Cuban crickets?


In Syria there is not a civil war. Syria war was planned by Israel-USA-NATO with the help of Qatar-Saudi-Jordan-Turkey to destroy this country. Non civil war at all.


Agreed it never was, the MSM quit mentioning it over and over. I guess it was too obvious that if it was truly a civil war and Assad was hated so much by the people, how is he still in power. They couldn’t make the lie stick, so they quit telling it.


I have mentioned in 2018 that 2019 is the last year of Israel existence. Israel 1948 to 2019.

Toronto Tonto

Funny the end of Russia is in 2019 as well .


Oh really? And how you gonna do that?

BTW are you really Canadian? If so, you people are the last to talk about wars with your tiny almost non-existed armed forces, I wonder why we have you as a NATO member.


Justin Trudeau is too busy playing dress ups

Toronto Tonto

The Russian populace will be the ones to do it . It will be a bunch of little rouge states .


Russians love their country and love their president, nothing will happen, keep having wet dreams about revolutions lol. You better watch out your powerless and weak country with your gay little prime minister, I don’t want something bad to happen to your guys.

Winnie Eldrup

You mean the end of Ukraine


I love to see the end of Squatters… ☕


And if your prophecy doesn’t come true would you cut and eat your peepee?


Are you LGBT, I mean are you a gay?


Why, do you need to make some money, boy?


Sorry I am not interested in LGBT. Wrong number.


But are you interested to cut and eat your peepee, if 2019 isn’t the last year of Israel existence?


Sorry I am not interested in gay words.


And why are you keep saying it, is that your fetish? “Sir, I’m not gay, pull out your big dick right now, I’m not LGBTQRFUCK you’re so big! Give me a buck to whip my arse”


Go to LGBT website please. Again wrong number.


That ‘wrong number’ makes me think you’re still in the game. Are you referring to my dick size, stable boy?


Playing the percentages, I’d say that the chances of Israel ridding us of “Rob” in 2019 are a lot greater than the reverse.

Hisham Saber

Nah, I’m gonna have to take ‘ Rob’s ‘ side on this. Any attack on Iran or its core national interest would effectively be the end of the Zionist squatter State.

Iran has one ballistic missile per Israeli citizen, and in redundancy. Jokes aside, Iran does have every square meter/foot of Israel mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy. There will be so many ballistic missiles flying into Israel that they will collectively block out the sun.

In the event of a suicidal attack on Iran by the U.S./ Israeli’s, Iran’s Supreme Council will rescind the ‘ Fatwa ‘ on the use of nuclear weapons in case the fanatical Jews or the Pentagon fatally and suicidality in using non-conventional means on Iran. They have been planning for such an attack since 1979. And an attack on Iran would be an attack on the Shia crescent, with some 194 million people.

Hezbollah and the IRGC would roll up the acres all the way to Jerusalem and whats left of Tel Aviv.

Better believe it.

chris chuba

Mechanical air defense

I’ve been watching how air defense batteries would be attacked, typically, low flying jets get within a certain distance then pop up and fire missiles.

I was wondering to protect your more valuable ground air defense, is it feasible to build a barbed wire screen where you have one strand of wire hanging vertically every 15 ft apart. It would be well anchored on the ground but break away on the top. The idea is to create a downward saw effect on the wing. The scaffolding for the wire does not have to be strong, just strong enough to hang the wire. A swept wing Jet will quickly slice through most cables and wires but it would just have to be strong enough to create a partial saw effect, just enough to compromise its flight. I’m not talking about Ewok episode 6 Star Wars destruction of Imperial Walkers, just enough damage to abort the mission.

Main requirements, inexpensive, hard to detect in low level flight, good enough to damage aircraft. I guess it depends if modern Jets have delicate features that are exploitable or if their wings are super strong, I’ve never seen one. Just curious.

Rhodium 10

USA would launch long range missile…they will never fly in the range of SAM missile…while Iran main deterrence weapon is to launch long range missile vs USA military assets many of them( Kurdistan, Irak, Syria) dont have Patriot protection!

chris chuba

Fair enough, just wondering if the physics even worked for one type of defense. What I described would be useless against a missile that both hugs the ground and has radar honing, don’t know what other targeting technologies exist. GPS type of targeting against air defense batteries is of limited value because every modern system is mobile.

Hisham Saber

What you are describing is similar to the old Soviet military air defense doctrine of the ‘ Iron wall ‘ . Saturate the given kill zones of aerial attack with massive amounts of anti air flak, and thus disrupt a close up bombing campaign.

That’s yesterdays stuff. Iran has created , on its own, and with heavy assistance of the Chinese and North Koreans multitudes of countermeasures, including Electronic countermeasures of the most sophisticated kind.

But then again, Iran’s main deterrent to not being attacked in the first place it its vast and enormous amount of ballistic missiles, who’s sheer numbers are in the hundreds of thousands.

No target within 2000 km of Iran is immune from ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy. Far too catastrophic for Israel and the Pentagon planners to contemplate.


An tactical assault huh, they meant to say a declaration of war and it will lead to mother of all wars.The Iranians have been preparing for this war and mostly tbos war. The US might the best equipped military in the world or trained but they ain’t ready for such war, They knows it and all observer around the world knows it.


Iran would, were she to be attacked, fight with that same hot passion of someone with nothing to lose. I would enjoy the fight if I were them.

Toronto Tonto

Is this info from Lavrov ????


Ask your mother, Labrov was with her last night.


Tonto is very unlikely to be an actual Canadian. Ukrainian facists seem to like impersonating Canadians. By the way, as a real Canadian, I too wonder why we remain in NATO, all members are relegated to the status of mercenaries in support of Israeli interests. We may be small in population, but that never stopped us from fighting in support of the USA. It’s time for us to realise that the USA is no longer putting her citizens best interests first however.

Toronto Tonto

If you were a REAL canuck you would know we are not governed by the USA in any way other than trade deals , Canada is Canda and we are the champions Raptor your head around that . And when we do fight its for the people of CANADA .

Nick Sobkowiak

Yea the US controls our trade deals, but THE RAPTORS WON!! Who needs control over their own trade when you can WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP? hahaha


Real Canadians don’t refer to themselves as”canuck”. As for the Raptors, one, count ’em, one Canadian is on that team. There were twice as many Canadians shot during the Raptors parade in Toronto.


What has Afghanistan done to Canada?

Or the daughter of a Chinese businessman?

Xoli Xoli

Bring it on Pompeo and die for Israel like pigs.Unfortunately USA bases and Israel nukes take out will realized and eliminated once and for all.Good bye evil Israel and great great Babilon.

Brother Thomas

Difficult to know if this report is not part of US-Israeli psy ops. My guess is that it is just that. Any attack on iran, tactical or not, local or widespread, would be met by a fierce retaliatory response including disruption of shipping in the Straits of Hormuz.

Xoli Xoli

USA apparently advance weapons are no match and useless against mighty Iran.Soon we will salvage for scrap from USA weapon carriers.Israel Judas Iscariot make it quick rubbish rabbis.


the squatters are goners anyhow and they will have to relocate to the quickly disintegrating states of A or be wiped out.


Massive bombing can do loads of damage in Iran. A few guys with spray bottles of gasoline and lighters can do even more massive damage in the US.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

massive bombing can destroy saudis, and another country


What is more aggressive than staging false flags? Retaliation based on them.

klove and light

too many wise asses here


Since inception, Israel’s main purpose is canon fodder, the grunt, if you will. True power does not reside in israel. As in WW ll, it’s the poor yid that’ll pay the toll.


Israel is canon fodder but the “poor yid” isn’t the only one who paid in WW2 or will pay in a potential future war.


Bonjour, C’est a propos du Clergé clopin clopant avec le Vatican dans l’Empire US… ==========================================


Sans le soutien de l’Église il n’y aurait pas cette crise au Venezuela

par oscar fortin (son site)

mardi 18 juin 2019

Il y a un dicton qui a de quoi nous interpeler : “En Amérique latine, aucun coup d’État ne serait possible sans le soutien de l’Église. ” L’histoire des 50 dernières années confirme cette phrase. Cela se confirme encore davantage dans le cas du Venezuela où l’épiscopat, soutenu par le Vatican, mène la lutte contre la révolution bolivarienne. Voyez ce que le cardinal Porrasa récemment déclaré :

“L’institution qui a le plus affronté le régime vénézuélien est l’Église.”Plus clair que cela, ce n’est pas possible.


Hugo Chávez, grand croyant de cette église, définit ce régime de la façon suivante : humaniste, socialiste, chrétien, avec une démocratie participative et anti-impérialiste. On peut se demander en quoi ces caractéristiques vont à l’encontre de la doctrine sociale de l’Église. Le socialisme dont on parle est un socialisme qui place les intérêts du peuple avant les intérêts des oligarchies et des multinationalesqui opèrent dans le pays. Les richesses du pays doivent avant tout servir les intérêts du bien commun du peuple comme la santé, l’éducation, le logement, le travail avec des salaires justes, entre autres font partie de ces priorités.


En substance, l’ensemble des encycliques sociales de l’Église des cinquante dernières années, que ce soit celles du pape Jean XXIII, du pape Paul VI, du pape Jean-Paul II, du pape Benoît XVI auxquelles s’ajoute l’Exhortation apostoliqueÉvangilii Gaudium du pape François vont toutes dans cette direction du régime de Chavez. S’affranchir de l’impérialisme, donner priorité au bien commun de tous, assurer la défense des droits de la personne, transformer le capitalisme sauvage en un socialisme humain et juste.


L’Église, y compris le Vatican et les épiscopats, ne peut promouvoir une doctrine sociale, condamnant le capitalisme sauvage tout en luttant contre ceux-là mêmes qui veulent le transformer en socialisme humain. C’est exactement ce qui se passe au Venezuela. L’épiscopat et le Vatican vont de pair avec les oligarchies et l’empire pour empêcher que cette transformation du capitalisme sauvage devienne réalité et que l’empire ne puisse plus intervenir dans les affaires internes d’autres pays. Sans cette présence active, de l’épiscopat vénézuélien, soutenu par l’État du Vatican, l’opposition et l’empire, ne ferait pas ce qu’ils font présentement. Il n’y aurait pas de crises au Venezuela, comme celle que nous voyons. S’il y a une crise, c’est parce qu’ils sont pleinement impliqués pour que le régime socialiste, tel que défini par Chávez, soit éliminé, par tous les moyens possible. En aucun cas, ils n’élèvent la voix pour condamner l’interventionnisme des É.U. et encore moins les sanctions et la guerre économique qui affectent directement le peuple. La raison est simple, ils font partie de toute cette opération.

Nous avons déjà une idée de ces moyens utilisés : mensonges, manipulations, appel à la désobéissance civile, violence de rues, sanctions de toute nature, guerre économique, menace d’invasion militaire, etc.Tout cela pour que les gens qui accompagnent la révolution et les autres qui ne les accompagnent pas souffrent suffisammentpour blâmer le régime Chavez de tous les malheurs qui leur tombent dessus et pour qu’ils se révoltent contre le gouvernement et soutiennent l’opposition et l’empire dans leurs projets de prise en main de l’État et de celui du plein contrôle sur les richesses du pays.

Il y a un jésuite, au Venezuela, curé d’une paroisse de Caracas, qui a eu, la semaine dernière, une rencontre avec le pape Francisco pour lui dire la vérité sur le Venezuela.Je vous invite à lire ici le résumé qui en a été fait.

Je ne saurais croire que le pape François soit complice de tout ce montage. Je suis plutôt enclin à penser qu’il a été manipulé et induit en erreur par ses collaborateurs à la Secrétariat du Vatican et par un épiscopat, sans scrupule. Quelque chose qui ressemblerait un peu à ce qui s’était passé au Chili, lors de son voyage. Il est donc urgent, suite aux révélations que le père Numa Molina lui a confié qu’il fasse une enquête sérieuse et qu’il mette fin à cette coopération avec l’opposition et Washington en dénonçant avec vigueur les sanctions et toutes les formes d’interventionnisme qui vont à l’encontre du droit international. Il faut que le monde sache qu’il a été victime d’une manipulation interne et qu’il est bien décidé à tirer toute cette histoire au clair. Il s’agit d’un problème politique, économique et social aux conséquences très lourdes pour l’Église et les peuples qui en sont les premières victimes.

S’il n’est pas complice de ces manœuvres, il est urgent qu’il intervienne pour identifier et condamner ces manipulateurs, tout comme il est urgent qu’il dise aux É. U. de mettre fin aux sanctions, à la guerre économique et à toutes les entraves de nature à nuire au bon fonctionnement de l’État et au bien-être du peuple. Le silence du pape François, sur ce drame dont le peuple vénézuélien est victime, en ferait un complice. Ce serait de quoi à ébranler les murs du temple.

Oscar Fortin

17 juin 2019


Bonjour Alex. Merci pour l’article. Absolument, l’église a joué et sans aucuns doutes continuer de jouer un rôle néfaste dans la cas du Venezuela. À faire vomir.


What I mean by, poor, is this. The European Jews that had no money, the ” blue collar “, the ghetto dwellers. The Yiddish, the ” Jews ” that couldn’t speak hebrew and we’re transferred to Palestine and were forced to learn Hebrew and how to be ” Jews “. The elites, the zionists, didn’t suffer one bit…they went west. I suggest you re-read my comment. Don’t put words in my mouth. Never said they were the only to suffer…history is written by the victor. Truth dies with the true victims.


I know what you meant; and I agree. But when you write the “poor Yid” instead of say “the poor average citizen”, you make it solely about Jews. Millions of non-Jews were killed by the Anglo-American degenerates during WW2, millions more throughout the past decades in the Middle East and the world. It boils down to what you astutely wrote to m Saber: “we share a common enemy”.

Hisham Saber



Q – What do you call 40 Jews in a basement ?

A – A whine cellar !

Please bro, spare use the eternal crying and whining of the so called holocaust / holohoax. It didn’t happen.

It is the barbaric and bloodthirsty Jews who instigated WW1, WW2, even declaring ‘ Judea declares War on Germany ‘ in 1933, committed a diabolic genocide on 60-80 million citizens of the former Soviet Union. They were heavily involved in the Ukraine Holodomor that wiped out 6-7 million souls in gruesome fashion.

as the actor and director Mel Gibson said, ” The Jews are behind all wars”.


Just because we share a common enemy, it doesn’t make you righteous.

The zionists, posing as Jew, declared economic war on Germany in 1933. Human suffering is human suffering, no matter their affiliation. My point was, the zios posing as Jews used the financially lower class European Jews. They tried the same pre WW l in Russia ( fake holocaust ). It didn’t take. I’m fully aware of true history. I’m also fully aware of your being a xénophobe and racist.

There’s a sentence in the Quran…kill one man and you have killed all of humanity. Save one man and you have saved all of humanity.

Drop the hate bro. Know yourself and you will know your enemy. Hate your enemy and you will hate yourself.


So when a Saudi plant is attacked in response, the US can sit back and watch Israel’s competitors play nicely together? Clever … Not !!! It would be foolish if the US thought the game could be constrained to Iranian, Syrian or Iraqi playgrounds.


There is no such thing as a tactical assault on a sovereign country. Once attacked, the sovereign country will fight back with everything they’ve got. That’s why Russia hasn’t been hit yet; because no matter how many assets the US places around it, they won’t escape retaliation. In the case of Iran, it’s likely that if/when the US initiates a war based on the tanker false flags, they will attempt to get Europe onboard because Iran fights back. In that event, I hope the Europeans tell them ‘you’re on your own’.


and that they close down the hormuz strait with layers and layers of anchored mines, serious mines capable to rip open aircraft carriers bottoms. would be nice to see the american yesterday’s pride sink to the bottom. and then they can take out ras tanura and the houthis close down the red sea for vessel’s going south into the indian ocean. stand still when world trade in crude is reduced by say 50 % and mohammed bin salman of fake leonardo da vinci picture purchase, sees the income turn to dust.


If the Iranians have the missiles similar to those ship killers that Russia and China possess, I believe a carrier would be a sitting duck. I do believe that an attack on Iran will open up the possibility of a 3rd world war as it will escalate very quickly.


Hollywood gesticulations as usual, only manipulated proxies cannon folder are problematic



Iran paralysed

by Thierry Meyssan

The rise of tension in the Gulf is a dangerous game which could turn bloody at any moment. The unclaimed sabotage of the tankers could have been perpetrated by almost any of the parties, including the United States, who are well-versed in the use of false-flag operations. However, rational analysis shows that Teheran today is not at all in this state of mind.



The United States and the United Kingdom accuse Iran of the sabotage of six petrol tankers in the Gulf, without presenting the slightest proof except an indecipherable US video. According to the accusers, the video shows a craft of the Guardians of the Revolution recuperating an unexploded limpet-mine from the hull of one of the tankers, although the sailors themselves assured that their ship had been hit by a drone or a missile.

The Irano-US duel has changed its nature since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House, in January 2017, but the Iranian reaction can only be understood in the context of the previous episodes and their reversals.

President George Bush did everything in his power to launch a war against Iran following that against Iraq. He intended to continue the systematic destruction of the State structures in the « Greater Middle East », as planned by the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy. However, the Baker-Hamilton Commission (2006) prevented this first attempt. The US ruling class judged the return on its investments too slow for them to support an « Endless War ». A second attempt was foiled in 2007–2008 by the opposition of CentCom Commander, Admiral William Fallon, who had begun discussions with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad concerning the stabilisation of Iraq. Finally,vice-President Dick Cheney gave instructions to Israël to rent Georgian airports so that they could bomb Iran directly without having to refuel their planes in the air. But it was Russia that grounded the Israëli bombers in the first hours of the war in South Ossetia (August 2008).

On his arrival at the White House, Barack Obama attempted to continue the same strategy, but in a less brutal manner. Like Bush and Cheney, he was persuaded that action had to be taken rapidly to get hold of Iranian oil, since the resource was soon to become scarce on the world economy (the « peak oil » theory). Rather than launching a new war which the US public would not support, he increased the number of demonstrations intended to overthrow his Iranian counter-part (2009). Noting the failure of this « colour revolution » faced with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he began discussions with Washington’s usual partners since the Khomeini Revolution, in other words the clan of Hachemi Rafsandjani (March 2013), and more particularly Cheikh Hassan Rohani, who had been the primary contact during the Iran-Contras affair. When Rohani was elected(2013), he immediately began State-to-State negotiations to share the Middle East between the Saudis and the Iranians, under cover of the struggle against nuclear proliferation. A treaty was negotiated in Switzerland in the presence of the great powers, but it was not signed until 2015. Iran regained the right to export its oil in order to kick-start its economy.

Progressively, the relations between the two states normalised until Donald Trump became the US President (2017). His objective was completely different – the White House no longer believed that the US were about to run out of oil, but was persuaded, on the contrary, that there was too much of it on the market – the White House no longer pursued the imperial policy of its predecessors, but occupied itself solely with making money. Instead of organising US domination of the Middle East, it decided to limit its supply on the market in order to be able to maintain the price of crude oil at the level of US shale oil. The United States encouraged demonstrations against the politico-religious class (2017-18), then canceled the agreement on nuclear energy (2018).

Since that time, Iran seems paralysed. Unlike politicians, the religious leaders are rigid and are unable to question themselves. God, whom they represent on earth, can not contradict Himself. This is why, contrary to a widely-held idea, the Iranian theocracy is excellent at business, but weak at diplomacy.

Iran refuses all offers of negotiation with the United States, and is waiting desperately for the Democrats to regain power in Washington – a dangerous gamble insofar as Donald Trump may be re-elected for 4 more years, and the Iranian economy is currently on the brink of collapse.

This paralysis prevents Iran from planning the sort of provocation of which Washington and London are accusing it, particularly since attacks against Western interests would compromise their future relations with US Democrats.

Unexpectedly, the Trump method will not prevail in this case. Persian culture is one of miniatures. In particular, the Iranians are a people who are capable of enduring long periods of torment before they win.


The stage is set. The U.S. has made it’s accusations and Iran is giving them even more “reason” to attack by upping their uranium enrichment. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks as long as Israel and the U.S. agree with themselves. Now they have to attack or find some way to deescalate while saving face. If there IS an attack then what happens afterward will finally put to rest any questions of Iran’s, (and almost every other countries) ability to engage the U.S. and Israel militarily.

Redsky B

Is that so?




Yep. Every time the camel-fuckers attack the hooknoses they win? Israel can, and does, literally kill any Muslim anywhere they want. Twenty two Israeli agents can walk into a hotel in Dubai, strangle a “Palestinian” and walk out without consequences. We are only alive, you and I, because Israel wants us to be.

Tommy Jensen

If they give us tips just before they walk out, why should we care? We also have our lives to think about.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I and Bolton have recommended. Finally our Allies have been desensitized and come to their common senses………………………LOL. A discrete intensive carpet bombing with tactical nukes here and there on Irans nuclear facilities, and building up of US^UK Special Forces, 1000 by 1000 by 1000 until we reach 100 000 US Elite Forces.

Then Iran will bow and accept central usury banking, whoppers and gay movies……………………LOL.

allan Massey


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

in ur wildest dreams kid, instead ull be the one to get blown away by a Shahab-3

Astrid Watanabe

Don’t you understand the simplest satire?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

dont u?


you must be trolling.Nobody is that bigot and brain dead

Rafik Chauhan

physcoligical war news. Cowards should not think they will safe . Atack on iran will bring WW3 and end of Zionist empire in middle east completely tighter with Wahbhi kingdom

Saso Mange

Israel has been preparing their balls to attack Iran for decades.

Balls are still tiny.


Actually Israeli weapons don’t have the range to reach Iran. They sell themselves as the super race, but it’s all BS.

Xoli Xoli

Israel men doesn’t have balls because their dont make sex only war.No wonder Israeli women divorce rates are high.

Saso Mange

I am not sure, haven’t tested it personally :D

Xoli Xoli

Dont test Israelis will kill you.

leon mc pilibin

Israhell will be the front line in any attack on IRAN


That will push up the. price of oil and save the American economy from reality.

All wars are about money, and America worships money.


I don’t war to nobody but finally those Zionist scum will bite what can’t chew.. fuck em!

James Staten

Several years ago 5-8? Bill Salus wrote that an attack or an earthquake would take place in Iran near the Bushehr Reactor. He gave many bible verses stating that parts of what is now Iran in ancient times was called Elam, and that there is an unfulfilled prophecy about something happening in that area and people would be dispersed throughout the nations of the world. Jeremiah wrote about prophecies concerning Elam and Ezekiel wrote of prophecies concerning Persia. Both these areas today compose modern Iran. We will see.


If this does not happen, will you still believe what the jews-christian-Bible says ?

James Staten

You can reject the bible if you so choose, but to your on demise. Life’s Only Question: What will you do with that dead Jew who got up and walked out of that tomb? Your eternal destiny depends on Him. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

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