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U.S. Is Preparing For Full Withdrawal From Syria: Confirmed

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U.S. Is Preparing For Full Withdrawal From Syria: Confirmed

US forces, accompanied by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters, drive their armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey on April 28, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / DELIL SOULEIMAN

UPDATE: It seems that the White House has confirmed the withdrawal of US troops. However, considering the wording of the statement and the US successful experience of “troops withdrawal” from Afghanistan, it can be expected that the US will reduce the number of personnel deployed on the ground, but will not withdraw fully.

A notable part of US Special Operations Forces will remain on the ground and additional forces of US-linked private military companies will be deployed to “defend American interests”.

The Turkish state-run media already came up with a list of US facilities in Syria:

U.S. Is Preparing For Full Withdrawal From Syria: Confirmed

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In a surprise move, the U.S. military is preparing to withdraw its forces from northeastern Syria immediately, sources familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal on December 19.

According to the New York-based newspaper, U.S. officials began informing their allies in northeastern Syria of their plans to begin immediate withdrawal of American forces out of the region.

Citing an U.S. official, the Washington Post confirmed the Wall Street Journal’s report and revealed that the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria was taken at the late hours of December 18.

“The withdrawal is expected to occur as quickly as possible,” the Washington Post quoted the official as saying.

Following both reports, U.S. president Donald Trump said on Twitter that the U.S. has “defeated ISIS in Syria” and added that this was the only reason why he kept his forces in Syria.

Trump said last March that the U.S. will withdraw its troops from Syria “very soon” and let “other people” handle the situation in the war-torn country. However, U.S. officials denied this later.

Northeastern during the last two weeks Syria witnessed a high-level of tensions. The main reason is that Turkey began preparations to launch a military operation against US-backed forces in the region. This may be one of the reasons that have forced Washington to reconsider its stand on Syria. On the other hand, Trump’s statement could be just another PR stunt deisgned to show the “big” role of his administration in the war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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Southfront you are F late

Michał Hunicz

Seems that a new “animal Assad’s chemical attack” is coming soon.

Zo Fu

Nope. Looks to me like they are consolidating troops and equipment for a major offensive somewhere else (Asia or Ukraine, cough, cough)


I thought same thing. Something is out of whack. I applaud Trump for realizing that it’s time to stop wasting lives, money and energy. My fear is that Government is looking to focus chaos on another place. I pity that place.


The Russians set up bases around al Tanf, with air defence and rocket artillery.

That’s way to close for the Yanks, and they are getting out before they lose a whole unit to artillery strikes.

They are cowards, running away from Syria when they see the Russian troops closing in around them. The Yanks know full well there will be no air supply or defense for this base, not after Russia faced them down.

AM Hants

Africa, Ukraine, Caribbean.

Wonder where Turkey lies with it all? What promises made, during ‘Patriot’ negotiations? Who controls the Black Sea, with regards military access, in and out.

There again, how many behind the ‘Greater Israel Project’ are still alive, or waiting to spend time in a cell? Has the burial of Bush, changed opinions?

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Call me over-romantic, but this could mean that The Storm is about to start (https://www.qmap.pub/analytics#indictments)

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, the Americunts and British poodles will test Russian in Ukraine and Crimea.


Not a hope.

The Turks won’t allow a NATO fleet pass the Bosphorus, so there is no cover for NATO troops or equipment. Unless NATO get in their tanks and drive through to inevitable nuclear disaster, then all NATO can do is arm a few Ukrainians and wish them luck.

The Germans will not be heading East ever again, at least not further than Silesia.


MRAP’s won’t be any good against T72s.

The Yanks are going home, far away from all those missiles made in Russia.


Ukraine probably

Bigaess Wangmane

It didn’t even take 2 weeks between the last announcement of a withdrawal and the resulting false flag chemical attack to occur, expect nothing different this time, what a complete joke.

AM Hants

Christmas Day – seems to cause the satanists to react.


Hey look the Polish nationalist is back!

Siegfried Stahl

very factual argument. it enriches this discussion.

scott apparently does not like polish people. maybe he is english? but what does that have to do with the withdrawal of americans?

hmmm, wait, I have an idea …


Oh sorry this isn’t meant for you. Must’ve went over your head.

Zionism = EVIL

Not happening. Americunt losers wasted billions for nothing, but will now destabilize Ukraine with their Jew masters.

Icarus Tanović

Seem that Americans scraped Kurds for Turkish animals.

Zo Fu

Kurds are scums and Turks are pigs. And they are both terrorists so what’s the difference.

Icarus Tanović

There’s no difference, Turks are even worst pigs.


The report only mentions NE Syria what about the rest like Al Tanf.

Zo Fu

nothing. US will sit there and make troubles. As well as in Eastern part and namely at Omar oil fields.


As usual they will say one thing and do the opposite.


lol………that withdrawl, IF it occurs, is a very very smart move by the us, caused by the russian pressure on turkey in regards to the kurds.Any attack of TAF in north eastern syria against SDF cannot be maintained as a nato member as long as us troops r there. Turkey is the southern flank of nato in regards to russia.This and ONLY this, outweighs any other point for staying in syria for nato command including israel. So for the usa the parol must now be “watch out for false flag terror attacks commited by the jews”, cause if 1 country is going beserk right now, its israel.I seriously wanna hear the phone conversations and the screaming between bibi and donald.lol. Then again…the jews will probably try to follow through with an impeachment of trump any time soon.Just watched fox, and cnn and the rest of them scumbags….and the narrative is the same…..”trump is in the pocket of putin, and hence is a danger for national security”.

this aint over yet folks.


ps. just checked pentagon page……reporters asking about withdrawl from syria , their offical answer is, and i quote

“At this time, we continue to work by, with and through our partners in the region,” spokesman Col. Rob Manning said”

now the commander in chief puts out the order “to leave syria with all troops as quick as possible” and the pentagon puts out this cute bs statement, mentioning no withdrawl.I sure hope he has trusted men in the secret service or he could well be the main actor of JFK 2.0

Fred Summers

LOL, Just a tactical withdrawl at best, most likely just a precaution whilst Turkey do some dirty work and make a few moves into more of Syrian territory.

All the US will do is pull back and reinforce another area. Even if they do fully withdraw from ‘Greater Turkey’ or ‘New Kurdistan’ (aka Syria east of the Euphrates) then where to? Al-Tanf?

Not a cat in hells chance of getting the US to leave Syria this side of a major military confrontation, and even then it will just give them an excuse to move in more troops and resources.

Besides, Israel will never allow it. Israel have multiple entry points into Syria now thanks to the US taxpayer and thanks to Uncle Sams military protection.

There are very big plans for Al-Tanf.

Not many people know, but the planned US (and Israeli) airbase that was to straddle 3 countries (Syria, Iraq, and Jordan) was one of reasons S300 was shipped to Syria along with Iskander. Getting the base to straddle 3 countries was the work of a diplomatic diabolical geneius – US airstrip in Iraq, Israeli airstrip in Jordan, and a Jihadi runway / heliport in Syria – all within one big heavily protected US base.

Sadly there is little anyone can do about it now. Containment at best.

stary ujo

This is fake news , USA dont destroy Syria from joke , for 7 years ! USA has big interest stay in the region and with Kurds legalize their illegal stay there ! Never believe psycho Trump , hes biggest liar al around the world !

Zo Fu

Few comments from my perspective: 1. S300 made no fly zone for Jews and FUKUS, a game changer. (It took Putin 3 years to put S300 in Syria and it could be made easily 3 years ago, clap, clap, clap Putin-Lavrov idiots) 2. Real escalation and possible war in Ukraine. US needs Turkey to cut off Russia in Bosporus so (suddenly) US forgot mantra ERDOGAN must go and let him kill US backed YPG swines (meanwhile US advisors are busy training Poroshenko neonazi squad how to kill Donetsk civilians properly). 3. Internal problem in the USA. Economy recession, migrants on Mexico borders, they will need use those army boys against their own people.

AND BY THE WAY SF, they are not putting soldiers back from whole Syria, but from northeast only (spoiler alert, not much oil fields there).


To be honest, that’s just stupid.

Zo Fu

Let me guess, Ukrainian, isn’t it.


Nope, I am on your side, but your comment doesn’t make any sense to me. No offence.

John Smith

No, that’s fucking genius… especially this part, “Real escalation and possible war in Ukraine. US needs Turkey to cut off Russia in Bosporus so (suddenly) US forgot mantra ERDOGAN must go and let him kill US backed YPG swines” THAT^^^ is instantly understood as the defacto situation, it makes perfect sense, considering the US’s decision to pull out of NE syria.


Well then, I am stupid.


There are so many jews ruling over Ukraine that it would make your head spin, the same with Russia and almost everywhere else.

AM Hants

2. Real escalation and possible war in Ukraine. US needs Turkey to cut off Russia in Bosporus so (suddenly) US forgot mantra ERDOGAN must go and let him kill US backed YPG swines (meanwhile US advisors are busy training Poroshenko neonazi squad how to kill Donetsk civilians properly).


Must admit, it would not surprise me. Only, Turkstream, might be a reason for it not to happen. The pipelines are being laid down in the Black Sea, which is more of a threat to Ukraine than Nordstream II.


They are desperately trying to stop North Stream 2, and now South/Turkstream as well…

John Whitehot

“1. S300 made no fly zone for Jews and FUKUS, a game changer. (It took Putin 3 years to put S300 in Syria and it could be made easily 3 years ago, clap, clap, clap Putin-Lavrov idiots)”

clap clap clap for showing you don’t have a clue about diplomacy and military actions once more.

John Smith

That’s not a counter-argument. It’s an ad hominem attack targeting his credulity… please stop attacking him and attack his argument. Please provide an alternative narrative to continue posting.

John Whitehot



From the beginning. I think this was a long-term game between the US and Russia. The idea was not to bring down the roof on everyone, was it? And yes, it was a chess game, and it seems the Russians have won


I believe it when I see it – but it makes sense since there are few rational arguments left for the monkeys of the disunited states of to put forward, except the mic will howl in dismay (and it might reach a long way, unfortunately)


All US of Arrogance politicians are flip flops. Kerry negotiates a deal and the next day they bomb the SAA in Der Ezzor. Assad must go, next day there is no solution with Assad in power. Political inversion every few days.


We ‘ll see. Never trust the yanks


I understand that the Kurds are urgently in need of toilet paper to clean the US government faeces off their faces :)

Donations to ‘ Clean up the US crap @ another betrayal.orgasm’.


UK rejects Trump’s claim that ISIS has been defeated. LOL

John Whitehot

UK certainly has trouble admitting defeat these days.


The UK should know as the UK helped arm and train them :)

Pave Way IV

“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

Whoa there, Donny… You didn’t ‘defeat ISIS’ yet. It took CENTCOM and their fake SDF nine months to take the tiny village of Hajin – well, half of it. Kind of. There’s still all those ISIS-held villages south of Hajin. What the fuck is so difficult about finishing the job?

Damn suspicious that the US can’t (or won’t) take out that last pocket of ISIS in Syria. Did we run out of helicopters to ferry the leaders out?


US forces were found to be freely mixing with terrorists in there … no fight no nothing.

Tudor Miron

Yes, there’s delay with accomodation of leaders in new deployments (Afganistan, Ukraine). RuMod officially stated that it would take SAA two to three weeks to complete this operation (as recent experience suggests). They were loughing at CENTCOM deaming that someone will buy into this BS “fight against terrorism”.


I tend to think that US won’t take the Daesh out because it gives them a reason to stay. The Kurds won’t take them out because they want to keep the US around, and they don’t want to waste lives for a piece of land that they won’t be able to hold in the long run. Kind of stalemate resulting in extreme inaction.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think the surprise will be for the russians when they realize the turks over smart them and now will be holding them by the balls.


I agree that its possible that the US is now using the Turks as proxies. The pay off to the Turks being control of Syrian oilfields East of the Euphrates . However the Turks would be in the unenviable position of perpetual war with the Kurds. This is possibly what the US wants.

The SAA would need to divide their forces to protect the Western bank of the Euphrates at the very least and this would detract from efforts in Idlib.

Russia may soon be heavily involved in Crimea. So is all of this a typical Zionist ‘Divide and Rule’ exercise ?

There are solutions to this BUT will NATO be dragged , largely unwillingly, into the US quagmire?

Tony B.

Are you kidding? NATO has been in Syria up to its eye balls from day one.


Not with ‘front line forces’ in the form of NATO batallions /regiments though.

Icarus Tanović

But, it’s easier to fuck up Turks than Kurds and all those You stuff, because they were under direct protection of America. And since Turks are distracted fuck around Kurds, we can liberate Idlib aka wahhabistan. Expect some large shit to happen in next days. War is going on.


I don’t think the Turks will advance far south to the Omar oil fields, they can try to access the northern oil fields, if US is not a factor in Eastern Syria, SAA can cross the Euphrates and clear up the area leading to the Iraqi border. SAA can become a buffer in controlling Turkish advances and possibly the Kurds might reach to Damascus for reconciliation for a joint effort to control the Turks in northern Syria.


That would be the best situation I agree.The Kurds would need to be enrolled into the SAA though for maximum effect, as Erdogan would find it hard diplomatically to invade borders that are properly controlled by the Syrian Government.

Promitheas Apollonious

to your question I believe nato already are and is participating.


The Russians are not wishful thinkers hoping Turkey will tow the line, they have contingencies for either case, they have a response if Turkey will try to double cross them.

Promitheas Apollonious

and what they went to so much length and compromise to avoid will happen exactly. so what ever their reaction will be it will not much matter would it?


Russia gives everyone enough rope, if you screw up and hang yourself, is not Russia’s fault. Turkey could be Russia’s useful idiot to flush out the US presence out Syria, and at the same time create create political opportunities for the Kurds to reconcile with Damascus and check Turkish ambitions and in the area.

Promitheas Apollonious

useful idiots work both ways.


I doubt they will be surprised… never trust a Turk… especially not ErDogan.

Promitheas Apollonious

the surprise will not be in syria only but also if the side again with the americans who already offered to them not only the f35 which is a good thing not bad also offered them patriots.

But will demand that the gas pipe the russians building in turkey to be killed and then you see another scenario playing meaning russians destroy syria and doom them to destruction on the long run or a total war that will happen both in ME this time with iran been attacked as well ukraine and the balkan area.

Watch. That dont mean uk/us will win but that europe again goes back to zero for the next 20 years with 10s of millions of dead.

Carne João Pasta

You must be fun at parties?

Promitheas Apollonious

not as you kid. Obviously you dont use your brain when you try and analyze what is happening but emotion.

Promitheas Apollonious

not as much as you kid. Try using your brain than emotion to think with.

R Trojson

Why would US want to stay in Syria. What benefit do American’s get from the death and destruction? It was Obama that started ISIS and the war in Syria that led to 500,000 Syrians dead. Seem to remember Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize just before starting wars in Libya, Syria, …


If the U.S bring private military there,it will just worsen the situation, just as the us has brag about killing private Russian military men the Russian might return the favor in kinds.

Tudor Miron

I would think that PMC’s are eager even if they know there only 5 actual lost but it is still a reason to remember.


Why is it surprising? I have from the beginning said only silly people think US is able to stay as their forces are too small to be able to withstand the forces around … air force or no air force which are useless against foot soldiers who fight like Hez or HOuthis.

I think the real reason is that with the Iranian sanctions on … these soldiers are opportunities and US has no way to protect them . This of course is compounded by the forces against their proxies …Turkey and the entire SAA and allies..

So to avoid being attacked and unable to defend , instead of returning in body bags in shameor bring them home alive with “honour”.

Common sense prevailed. US has no choice…. and it is just undefendable both militarily as well as politically .

John Whitehot

expect some garbage to happen in the next few days


This time I do not think so …. as the Turkish attack is on ..nothing to do with SAA .

False flag only attack SAA as Assad is the ONLY person in the world cannot use Chemical weapons .. others no problem . can anytime.

These are moronic logic

John Whitehot

Syria, Russia and their allies should be extraordinarily vigilant nonetheless, in case a mossad unit posing as SAA (or hezbollah, or ISIS) ambushes a retreating US column, or something on this tone.


There is no Hezbollah and only a few SAA troops confined in a couple of areas, east of Euphrates.


The solution is to use some of the medicine that the US uses. Create a “moderate” force to fight the US in Syria, and so the government is exempt from responsibility.

Tudor Miron

Americans – would not be missed. Kurds, enjoy American support at its fullest. Seems like Kirkuk and “independence vote” and later Afrin didn’t teach you much. Well, history doesn’t teach anything. It simply punishes those who didn’t learn.


Trump is new Gorbatchov


Kurdo Bê bexto Feqîr û hêsîro Rabe, rabe ser lingên xwe Bide nîşanê dijmin Bide nîşanê dijmin tu lawo Silhedînî De rabe zarokên medyayê Welatê te sêwî maye u Zarokên te stuxwar. De rabe Ez bextê te me Wek tavek ji rojhelat, ronike rojava, Dest bide me dest bide bakur û başûr…

AM Hants

Believe it when I see it. Either being replaced by private mercenaries, or some false flag will prevent it happening.

Or, have the Russian bombers, over in Venezuela and rumours of Russia setting up base over there, made the US change plans? Now who is preparing a major ‘false flag’ for Venezuela? Who is desperate to kick start WWIII, over in Ukraine?

Who ever believes the US, when they say one thing, within 24 hours, they change their minds.


The only thing that matters to America is money. If they do withdraw it will be for the same reason Britain withdrew from Singapore.

AM Hants

Those behind the Greater Israel Project, are dropping like flees, together with ‘Daddy Bush’ checking out. I do wonder if has any bearing. Or they will find a reason to stay, in a couple of days?

Harvey Swinestein

There is something that matters even more to the old Whore than money . . . Israel. The destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria were not as much about money as about Israel’s national interests . .


This is a contest between Trump and Pentagon’s agenda.


Trump has an agenda?


Yes he does.

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