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JUNE 2023

U.S. Is Plotting To Reanimate Insurgency In Southern Syria – Report

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U.S. Is Plotting To Reanimate Insurgency In Southern Syria – Report

Fighter of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army in western Daraa

A number of Free Syrian Army (FSA) commanders who fled to Jordan last year are now plotting to start an insurgency in southern Syria with support from the US, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on September 5.

According to the SOHR, recently, a number of meetings was held in Jordan to discuss the new plot, which includes the formation of a group named the Army of the South to attack “Iranian militias” in southern Syria.

The U.S. Military Operation Center (MOC) in Jordan will reportedly support the new group. The center was supposedly closed in late 2017.

“The issue is still being studied, where consultations and meetings are being held with the plan to make it a reality in the upcoming period,” the SOHR’s report read.

Last year, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured all militants’ strongholds in the southern region in a successful military operation. Back then, most FSA commanders and fighters joined the reconciliation process. However, some of them fled to Jordan.

In the last few months, several attacks targeted Syrian and even Russian forces in the southern region. The attacks are usually blamed on ISIS. However, there is a real possibility that U.S.-sponsored cells were behind some of these attacks, at least.

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If they were defeated before, they will now be defeated even quicker then the last time.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunts are very sore losers and will continue to sponsor, fund and arm the headchopper terrorists, unless there is cost to the them. They are running from Afghanistan due to the daily casualties now. Syrian forces and their allies must target the Americunt cowards like Hezbollah just showed the filthy Zionist pussies who fled even from their lice and rat infested Avivam base.

Taliban claim deadly attack near US embassy in Kabul

10 civilians killed along with US and Romanian soldiers after car bomb explodes near a heavily fortified area in Kabul.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt lardass terrorist sponsors should be sent back in toilet paper boxes. They are the ones who are arming, sponsoring and creating these Wahhabi terrorists to keep the region destabilized as they plunder oil for their Zionist masters.


It would not be wise for the US to do this, if true. On the other hand, if Assad was governing in a good way there, rebuilding, allowing people a voice, it would not matter as happy people cannot be turned on the government.

Tiresia Branding

mine were “plain BS”, right? ;-)

Jim Martin

Assad and Erdogan have NO concept of “happy people”, just “obedient subjects”; to be caged, beaten or put to death on their whim of impunity. Its the 8th and 9th Century all over again except with modern ordnance to make killing more industrial in nature

Ziønist šhill

Yea ok (((martin)))


Bibi has no concept of happy people, but you Israeli parasites are cowardly psychopaths without a true human thought I your pea-brain of yours.

Jim Martin

You may want to read my comments on the Al Monitor article today entitled

“Netanyahu’s deal of the century: Immunity in exchange for annexation”

….Before opening your mouth with your brain in neutral . Read and learn


another hasbara ziojew troll blocked

Zionism = EVIL

US is an official shithole and you trolls live in Zionist arsehole obviously:

Healthcare, living costs, and security makes US one of world’s worst places to live

The US ranked only 47th out of 64 countries as one of the worst places to live in the world for the second consecutive year.

That’s according to the major benchmarks of health care, life span and quality of life 2019 report which surveyed thousands of people , representing 182 nationalities and living in 187 countries or territories, the United States spends the most on wars, weapons and violence than on the welfare, security and health care of its people, especially minority and poorer population.


It has all appearances you are correct. The trolls ranting above have no arguments but namecalling. I bet they would scream in fright if ever the fascists of Assad and Erdogan were all around them. They now enjoy the freedoms they despise. To hell with them.

Luke Hemmming

And the USA is such a paradise to live in??? The US government and its associated agencies are tyrannical at their best, the police force excessive, crumbling infrastructure, economy nosediving, poisoned skies and drinking water. Yup the US is a paradise…not. and Assad is rebuilding cities that have been cleared of the foreign backed rebels and ISIS. Southfront and other non MSM media outlets have published articles over the last 2 years showing this especially in parts of Aleppo and Palmyra. And the people’s support for Assad is in the high 80 percentile. What’s Trumps popularity rating.. ? Oh that’s right the low 30’s. HMMM what was that you were saying about Assad? You and Dutchnational are obviously very out of touch with the reality of the situation. You should check your facts first before you comment.


Never claimed US is a paradise. It is not . It has much shortcomings and problems. However, their government has not killed some 3% of its population. Has not driven out some 50% of its people, does not have a secret police killing tens of thousands. But still, education, health care and infrastructure are substandard compared to Europe.

Luke Hemmming

Calm down Dutchnational and read the comment was directed at jim you idiot. I added your name because you too commented about assad. You fuck wit. it was implied through his first comment about happy people. So I countered it by saying that is the US any better really in reality? Implied dude implied.

Luke Hemmming

No it wasn’t Assad that drove 50% out. It was the war! The war instigated by Saudi created ISIS who were supported by the US, ISRAEL, UK, UAE, and others. And then HTS, the FSA and all those other foreign backed rebel groups. As for that 3% you are talking about wat torn country here. The US kills it citizens by stealth. Cancers through poisoned food chains and Monsanto corn, water systems, pharmaceuticals oh and guns too. High percentage of incarceration leading to a feeling of hopelessness and most been unemployable leading to more crime, suicidal returned service men neglected by a lack of proper mentle health care, shrinking middle class. The population is boosted by immigrants to replace the 2.74 million per annum death rate. That’s more than a 1% death rate Yearly!!compared to the one off 3% that you said of Syria I think Assad is doing better.

Jim Martin

Assad, the Kremlin, and Tehran have lost all credibility to talk about law or illegality as they expand the piles of bodies in Syria. Your comments are a farce, and a bad one at that


You have as much honor and credibility as your gov. One look at MH17 fiasco says it all.

Zionism = EVIL

The Dutch are cowards by nature and abetted in the worst genocide in European history at Srebrenica where they hit behind women and children. In WW2 they and the Danes aligned with Nazis too.


Seems the Leopard hasn’t changed their spots.


Still better than antisemites too cowardly to be honest and claiming to be antizionists instead.

Luke Hemmming

And yes I’m not anti Semite but anti Zionist there is a difference. .fuckwit


Yeah, cling to that same old, same old. Covering up the murder of 298 innocent people is cool, huh? Your priorities give you away. Zion first, screw the rest… murder, lies, theft, war…it’s all the same to you.


I know people who went to Syria before the troubles and they described Syrians as very happy people. And consequently a huge proportion of Syrians never turned on their government. Assad’s popularity rating is something western leaders only dream of.

klove and light

Reconciliation = BS Agreement

Reconciliation with rapists,torturers and murderers under a foreign Control…. how was that supposed to work?


Bastard in the WH promised to stop all the wars

Zionism = EVIL

and the crown pimp MBS and Talal of Citigroup. Trump is living off Saudi pimps money and even the repulsive Jew pedo Epstein had a Saudi passport for his sick perversions.


Bastards in the WH come and go! The “Deep State” remains!


If this, then maybe that or the other but who knows……..More to the point the SAA have launched what looks like a very serious attack on Kabani which is the Gateway to Al-Ghaab Plain. The place is infested with vermin which will need to be exterminated before opening this doorway to the Plain, of course they will also have to capture a number of other mountainous strongholds under rats control before they can make the final push towards the headchoppers final redoubt at Jisr Al-Shughour. Where I expect their unwanted presence will cease to exist. All Power to the Forces of Liberty, Victory to the SAA and its allies….


Not some of the attacks in Daraa where from ISIS 99 percent of them were from FSA cells. The Resurrection of rebels in Daraa is a matter of Days to months, Just today MOC and Southern Front rebels negotiate and plan this revolt that will be very soon


The USZOG is not being allowed to let the Greater Israel Project die… Sorry ISISrael its a dead horse, 70 years and $trillions lost…

Zionism = EVIL

Pisrael is a joke as we saw the filthy lice infested Avivam barracks which were worse than most third military military facilities. Even the poorest African nations have higher hygiene standards than the IDF gutter rats.


US general Patton said in the end of WW2 when the Bolshevik Jews were infesting out of Russia, “The Jew is the lowest form of life on earth, you had to threaten them with the butt of a rifle to keep them from crapping in the corner of the house”.


https://rense.com/general92/patton.htm General Patton Discovered The Truth


Sooner they finish off Idlib, the sooner they need to shut Al-tanf base and further secure the Jordan and Iraq border area.


Well, if they feel like reactivating extremist zealots anew, I guess they will again get those freshly produced proxies killed with zero return on investment, and even bolder moves by the Russian military on the Al-Tanf US-proclaimed interdiction zone. It once was close to happening but since the SAA pretty much blocked them from every side soon after their declaration of intent, it never materialized. But in the end its Washington’s call if it wants to rip-off its own taxpayers once more on the same vain goal. It not like they’ve been doing that in a million other ways in parallel.


It might be tough to get many volunteers for the job, especially after what has happened to AQ commanders and others in Idlib within the last week.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Lies, damned lies, and even more damned lies, is it any wonder most of us have no real idea what’s going on in Syria, here’s some facts I know some SF readers won’t be aware of. Trump ended support for the FSA just before June last year and subsequently kicked them out of Al Tanf. Trump, Putin, Erdogan and Assad, all arranged for them to be shipped to Idlib and placed under Erdogan’s authority. King Abdullah along with the other Arab League members [AL] were the first to say they had no problem with Assad remaining in power, then the US and the Israelis agreed, and finally most of the EU countries did too, Erdogan alone said no, and he’s still saying no now. Trump refused to give the FSA air assistance during Assad’s campaign to recover Daraa and Quneitra. King Abdullah persuaded the 50,000 strong Southern Front Alliance and two other big rebel militias, 10,000 strong to reconcile with Assad during that campaign, he also closed his border for Assad when the SAA attacked the FSA and HTS, and then reopened it again when Assad asked him to. And now the only party that gives the FSA full support are the Turks, possibly the Israeli’s too to a lesser extent, but it’s Erdogan behind everything the FSA does now, no one else, and definitely not Trump or King Abdullah. Egypt and Jordan had their own problems with Isis at the time this was all happening, they feared the turmoil from Syria would spill over into their countries and exacerbate their own problems, so they, as well as most of the AL, more or less forced the US and Israel to change their mantras from “Assad has to go” to “Assad can stay”. But they only did it to save their own skins, don’t be under the impression they did it for noble reasons. Back during the Daraa/Quneitra campaign the FSA 30,000 strong and HTS about 15,000 strong fought together to defend the south from Assad, as soon as it became obvious the SAA was going to easily annihilate them, the FSA swiftly switched sides and turned on both HTS and Isis. Now Assad has 25,000 of those ex FSA fighters fighting on the front lines in Idlib using them as cannon fodder. 25,000 of those 30,000 FSA are now SAA soldiers, so when you see pictures of dead SAA soldiers from the front lines in Idlib, they’re usually the corpses of ex FSA fighters you’re looking at, not always the bodies of noble SAA soldiers, last year it would have been about 75% ex FSA conscripts killed and 25% SAA killed, this year sadly it’s nearly 50/50, they’re doing things a little differently this year due to mass defections last year, and now they’re using less FSA conscripts in offensive operations. This is plain and simple Russian propaganda, deflecting blame from Turkey to the US to protect Erdogan, that’s all this stories purpose is, to deflect blame. The SAA was poised for a complete victory in Idlib, they had nearly 500,000 terrorist/rebels and their families heading north to Turkey before the ceasefire was imposed, without a ceasefire it would’ve been closer to 1,000,000 refugees today, and Idlib only has a population of just over 4,000,000, so just how close was the SAA to a complete victory in Idlib, just a week or two away possibly, but not anymore thanks to Putin’s ceasefire. Thankfully the SAA hasn’t completely abided by the ceasefire [continuous artillery shelling], they’re still doing what they can to keep the terrorists guessing, if the terrorists think the SAA is just going to ignore the ceasefire and continue retaking towns, they’ll still keep moving north, but sadly just not in the numbers and at the speed they were before the ceasefire. Go SAA, ignore the madman’s ceasefire, victory is still close even now, despite Putin’s sickening intervention to stop it. And to all those homosexual Putin lovers who want to have a go, F–K off, there’s absolutely nothing you could possibly say to defend Putin’s actions, they’re indefensible, it’d be like listening to a child molestor trying to make excuses for their sickeningly perverted behaviour. The FSA, the US and Jordan aren’t cooperating at the moment, it’s the Russians, Turks and the FSA actually cooperating right now, and they’re cooperating together to stop an eminent SAA victory. Neither the US or Jordan are doing anything right now to stop the SAA, Putin’s the only one doing that, that’s what the real story should be about, not the crap we just got. And I’ll get in first before my detractors do,”you’re the one full of crap”, LOL, no I’m not, I’m actually telling you the truth.


Now, we warned you, and its just sad, some people, cant handle truth, instead they end up with insane stupid prodjections of something I or others never intended, ad-homeniems, etc to guilt by associations aka we are all neo-nazis, this is the sole reason for me to end my jurney thry the cometary field this days, the thing is, everything gets worse, some cant handle it, and to SF I have just an final warning, I know you dont give an f…. but to others, we are an dvindling group of people whom knows the truth, and that dont always coordinate with what people belive, and to then start to scream inuedos isnt making anything any better, and I will link to an site that have lost the grip on reality as we speak, and gone into lalaland like Saker and others have, cant differentiate at all, and instead of debating, they scream louder, and if you stil dont cofirm, they start to howl. Like RT, an entire article about so called Neo-nazis and they never mentioned whom is behind them, suporting, founding and arming, even ISISrael have admited it, even Jews have admitted it, but the RTians never step on to that, huh, thats why I dont read much this days, just flyes by, shit in, shit out.


This is an classical example of shit storming, and my initial thoughts about Fort-Russ is been confirmed, they are an basked case, I dont go there, I have never claimed to be an suporter of anything, the only thing I have ever writen under with my full name was about animal rights, thats it, to then fight for truth they whining rat packs and hasbaRats etc, etc, have pushed some of us into all directions simply because they cant handle it or dont wanna handlle it, wilfull blindness is what this is, yapping propaganda hammered into them and they think its about winning something, idiots it never was about that, it was to show the other side of the coin, pity, not because,but the truth is been denied, nobody denies the effects of wars, I have never done that, in any case, but when the story of the oposition is coming, like in the Libyan war, and when the so called Assad Gassin we where few, f…. FR, even before you low life rats took it, we where there, f….. and you came limping after. I could refere to countless other case where some of us where there before this f…. had the balls to do so, but now, they are just an insane loby of staggering idiots, ignoance and arrogance, the best tools to destroy society ever invented.

Some of you knows this, I dont denfend my self, nor will I ever apologize my self, never, bitches, never ever, I could go on but dont, I leave it there.

Just an side mark, why dont we see on the TV serials or even “better” the same type of “documentarys” about the millions killed by the Bolsewiks, huh lands invaded decades before WW2 started, why do you think we never see that, huh, only the same standard demonistaion of the German people now this days, “debunking” with official docs we know are basically just bullshit, numbers nobody can verify, 6 gassilion gasses etc, to the attacks on the Chines, and decades before Russia and Muslims, both hammered and witch I have defended rigorously thru the years, because I know the difference and yet this f…. RFsians where dead silent. But now, we are scums acording to FR and otheres, just for defending our land and people.

I hope FR and their leading rats burns in hell.


Jim Bim

Syria, Iran and Iraq should create groups that can attack the US bases.


Nonsense at all. You have not idea how USA could respond to this, and this would be great for USA industry to increase the budge in the military sector. Just take into account that PEACE in the WORLD is the worse thing that could happen to USA economy.


USA-Israel-NATO can re-create ISIS-Al-Qaeda-Nustra-Opposition terrorists whenever and wherever they want. Only Russia-China can stop this situation.

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