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U.S. Is Ashamed To Admit Its Sordid Vaccine Distribution Policy

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U.S. Is Ashamed To Admit Its Sordid Vaccine Distribution Policy

2020 Annual Report by the US HHS Department

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released it’s Annual Report. It became public in January 2021, and has clearly demonstrated that the political will of the Washington establishment is above the lives of millions of ordinary people, and that the U.S. is not ashamed to sacrifice the health of its neighbors in order to pursue its interests. Today, Washington tries to deny its own claims.

The chapter of this report that describes the ways of health cooperation strengthening and methods to establish the U.S. humanitarian leadership includes the “combating of malign influences in the Americas”. The chapter says:

“OGA (The Office of Global Affairs) used diplomatic relations in the Americas region to mitigate efforts by states, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Russia, who are working to increase their influence in the region to the detriment of US safety and security. OGA coordinated with other U.S. government agencies to strengthen diplomatic ties and offer technical and humanitarian assistance to dissuade countries in the region from accepting aid from these illintentioned states”

Human Services’ Office of Global Affairs is the diplomatic structure of the HHS Department that is aimed at “coordination of global relationships and international engagement, providing leadership in global health diplomacy in order to contribute to a safer, healthier world.”

According to the report, among its recent efforts there are tentative to persuade Brazil to reject the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Also, for example, the U.S. has offered technical assistance by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in exchange to Panama’s rejection of Cuban doctors offers.

Thus, in order to influence its leading positions, Washington is sabotaging supplies of reliable COVID-19 vaccines from the Russian-Cuban-Venezuelan ‘axis of evil’.

U.S. Is Ashamed To Admit Its Sordid Vaccine Distribution Policy

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The OGA efforts were in vain, it has only retained the vaccine supply to Brazil. In mid-March, Brazil signed a contract for supply of 10 million doses of the Russian vaccine. The delivery will be carried out in coming months. However, the national Brazilian regulator Anvisa has not yet approved the Russian vaccine.

Today after such a fail, Washington denies its claims about its pressure on Brazilian authorities. 

“We cannot persuade Brazil or any other country from accepting vaccines authorized by their respective authorities,” said a spokesman for the HHS department to the Russian news agency RBK.

Despite all the efforts of Washington, as well as its European partners, the list of countries that approved the Sputnik V vaccine is constantly expanding. Azerbaijan was the last to join it.

The efficiency of Sputnik V is 91.6%, which is confirmed by the publication in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most respected medical journals in the world; it is one of only three drugs in the world with over 90% efficacy.

The inconsistency of U.S. policy and the accountability for its actions amid the global crisis unveil the real intentions of Washington establishment. Taking into account the current fail of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe, and US sordid policy amid the growing popularity of Sputnik V, fprobably, a spread of fake news about Russian vaccine should be expected in the nearest future. It may turn into provocations like staging of health problems of those who were vaccinated with Sputnik V. One hopes that it would not really influence anyone’s health.


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Assad must stay

its a collapsing empire so that explains alot lol


Collapsing perhaps, but still dangerous. A wounded beast….


Big pharma is not collapsing, its expending, thanks to china flue

Assad must stay


Pave Way IV

Department of Health and Human Services? What do they have to do with foreign countries’ vaccinations? The CIA runs that scam.

In Pakistan, Legacy of Fake CIA Vaccination Programs Leads to Vaccine Hesitancy
While hunting for Osama bin Laden, the CIA organized a fake hepatitis B vaccination program. Now, after years of distrust, Pakistanis don’t want to get the coronavirus vaccine.


They really like these farcical names, like in Orwell’s 1984: Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Love…. Operation Iraqi Freedom, Defender Europe 2021….

So the “Department of Health and Human Services” actually brags how they stopped vaccination in Brazil and medical help in Panama. Just the opposite of health and human services.


There is significant evidence that the US mRNA “vaccines” are in fact bioweapons. While there isn’t evidence that the Russian non mRNA one is.

If I was going to have children, I’d be disinclined to let US doctors anywhere near them for vaccination purposes. And would research having them vaccinated in Russia instead.


“Henry County Judge Brian Amero on Monday conditionally granted members of a Georgia-based coalition the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election in Fulton County.

Members of that group, VOTER GA, may now inspect those ballots for evidence of voter fraud.”

cechas vodobenikov

senile hologram Biden wants to transform dna of people in colonies into mid level primates, except jens/tratz (half vegetable/ half fruit)


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: “our greatest achievements – we stopped anticovid vaccines in Brazil and we stopped doctors in Panama. Thank to our effort more people die and we are proud to openly brag about it.”

They should change their name to something more appropriate tho: U.S. Mass Murdering Department of Diseases and Inhuman Services.


Why blaming us government when it acts on behalf of big pharma ? Which is owned by black rock, vanguards (and some more)


They can have my shot(s) of the gift from God according to the “devout Christian” Francis Collins at the National Institutes of Health.

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