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U.S. Intelligence Declassified Report On Russian Interference Into U.S. Elections. Again

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U.S. Intelligence Declassified Report On Russian Interference Into U.S. Elections. Again

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On March 15, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an “Intelligence Community Assessment On Foreign Threats To The 2020 U.S. Federal Elections”. The report claimed that Russia meddled in the recent U.S. election process, again. Among other Trump’s foreign “supporters”, there were Iran, China, Cuba, Venezuela and Hezbollah mentioned.

Russia’s efforts were aimed at “denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.” – the report says.

According to the declassified document, Vladimir Putin authorized to organize special operations in order to discredit Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

This time, there were no indications that any foreign state had altered the technical aspects of the voting, there were no “persistent Russian cyber efforts”, but Moscow, alongside with Tehran, “spread false or inflated claims about alleged compromises of voting systems to undermine public confidence in election processes and results.”

According to the U.S. Intelligence community, Iran conducted a “multi-pronged covert influence campaign intended to undercut former President Trump’s reelection prospects—though without directly promoting his rivals—undermine public confidence in the electoral process and US institutions, and sow division and exacerbate societal tensions in the US.”

At the same time, the US intelligence has not decided on Beijing’s influence on the elections.

According to the report, Beijing “did not deploy interference efforts and considered but did not deploy influence efforts intended to change the outcome of the US Presidential election.”

While the National Intelligence Officer for Cyber claimed that Beijing “took at least some steps to undermine former President Trump’s reelection chances, primarily through social media and official public statements and media.”

It seems that the Washington establishment is completely incapable to organize an independent election process in its country, as not only “evil Russia” but even Cuba may influence its results. Meanwhile, one can only admire Putin’s savvy to create more new ways to interfere in U.S. elections.

Nonetheless, the newly declassified report may traditionally result in a set of sanctions against the U.S. adversaries. Moreover, it was released exactly at a time when the Eastern Ukraine is preparing for another military escalation.


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NEW IDF attack, defended by SAA over Damascus being reported.

Just Me

Nothing worth noting. Most missiles fired from Occupied Golan and shot down or failed with debris already in Tehran being examined.

Assad must stay


Fog of War

Some things never change. A.K.A ….. WW2 was a setup.


– Hitler was not the only one to accuse the British press of warmongering. Among others, Lord Beaverbrook, the biggest newspaper man in England, made this same observation in a pair of 1938 private letters. Beaverbrook:

“There are 20,000 German Jews in England – in the professions, pursuing research. They all work against an accommodation with Germany.”

In a subsequent letter, Beaverbrook added: “The Jews have got a big position in the press here. . At last I am shaken. The Jews may drive us into war.”

In regard to Poland being propped up and encouraged to fight Germany, again, Hitler can be corroborated by an independent source. From Count Jerzey Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the United States, written privately in 1934:

“Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe … President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”

Just Me

Jews are loyal to no one, but money.

Jens Holm

lazy bums like You are related to no money. Its a great help You keep Yourself illitarate Yourself.


“U.S. INTELLIGENCE” that’s an oxymoron…. Only complete morons believe in these insane hallucinations and dirty lies without any evidence from so called U.S. Intelligence: “Murican enemies, especially Russia, trying to undermine our perfect society with their black magic influence, they are solely responsible for each and all Murica problems, and they all are against our glorious messiah Biden! Hail Biden!” That’s basically their report.
Of course CNN and all other professional liars will repeat this garbage 100x times and whoever dares to question it will be crucified as a ‘russian spy’. Deja vu.

Just Me

US is an imploding failed state being run into the ground by Jews. US “intelligence” is a bunch of inbred rednecks and evil Jew bastards who think that Russia is an easier target as it is infested with Jews who act as a fifth column. They are mistaken though, historically Russians have a threshold beyond which they can not be pushed.

Jens Holm

bork bork

cechas vodobenikov

jens 1st language sub-primate
impressive semi-lingual sociology from borneo

Assad must stay

we on here are smarter than all of them US agencies combined lol

Steve Standley

Iran, China, and Venezuela also were trying to get Trump in office again? US intelligence thinks you’re retarded. They should be strung up with their Zionist allies.

Clarence Spangle

comment image


comment image

Just Me

Iranian Embassy in Moscow Hosts Hezbollah delegation

Iran’s ambassador to Russia and a parliamentary delegation of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement discussed various regional issues at a meeting in Moscow, along with Russian security and diplomatic officials.

Iran’s ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali and the delegation of Hezbollah bloc
in the Lebanese parliament, led by Mohammad Raad, held a meeting at
Iran’s Embassy on Monday.

The two sides talked about the Middle East situation, including the latest developments in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and issues pertaining to the axis of resistance.

Reaffirming Iran’s support for Hezbollah, Jalali described resistance as the only way to gain victory over the Zionist enemy.

For his part, Raad lauded Iran for backing the Islamic resistance forces in
Lebanon, stressing the need for continued resistance until ultimate
victory over the enemy.

The high powered Lebanese delegation has also held a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other senior Russian officials in the visit to Moscow.

comment image


Russia has taken a very strategic and wise step to strengthen its alliance with Iran and Hezbollah. This is far more powerful and dependable bloc than the rotten Warsaw Pact, full of traitors.

Just Me

US racist cowards in the meantime are killing Asians.
Eight shot dead at three day spas in U.S. state of Georgia, suspect arrested after targeting Asian massage parlors and businesses.

Four victims were killed and another was wounded in a shooting on Tuesday afternoon at Young’s Asian Massage in Cherokee County, north of Atlanta, said Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and others of Asian appearance were gunned down at random in what is described as a racist attack, fanned by rising anti-Asian and anti-Chinese sentiment in the US.

Ivan Freely

More to come.

Just Me

There have been 250 racist attacks on Asians in March alone and over 30 deaths. Drudge Report is running a tally of anti-Asian terrorism by trailer trash instigated by Jew media. Asians are easy to target due to their different appearance and they don’t report these attacks normally. However, now they are forming defence committees in California to patrol their neighborhoods. PBS has good coverage on their website.


Frankly, the ugly American racism is now out of control. The latest attacks seem to be officially sanctioned and have made global headlines and getting angry reaction in Asia.

At least eight people died in the shootings that come amid a recent wave
of targeted racist attacks against Asian Americans that coincided with the spread of
the coronavirus across the US.

Pave Way IV

Russia’s efforts were aimed at “denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.” – the report says.

denigrating President Biden’s candidacy – the guy suffers from obvious dementia, 10% for the big guy, fake campaign rallies with same paid actor audience in same rental trucks, boxes of mail-in ballots in the middle of the night, Hunter Biden is ‘first gentleman’. Russia’s ‘efforts’? FFS, Biden’s candidacy self-imploded. It was clown world on steroids with flying chainsaws. Russia just sat back and laughed.

denigrating… the Democratic Party – Sorry Russia, it already went down hard in flames. No work to do there.

supporting former President Trump – He wasn’t bright enough to get a shit-ton of Republicans to film drop-off boxes and the loading docs of counting centers. He wasn’t clever enough to cut internet access and block cell phones in counting centers. He didn’t think to arrange electronic audits of shady-ass Dominion machines. He gets Rudi Giuliani [use code RUDY20 for instant discount] to mount a pathetic dog-and-pony-show legal challeng. Why would Russia waste time helping Trump? They probably knew beforehand that TRUMP THREW THE RACE ON PURPOSE. It was fixed. It was always fixed. What does the Deep State they got on him, or was this just a money deal?

undermining public confidence in the electoral process – Russia did that? No, I think they would have left when saw the extremely long line of American asshats waiting to do the same thing with their usual ineptitude and corruption. Putin would have put a bullet in the heads of treasonous Dominion execs by now after long and painful ‘enhanced interrogation’. You need balls to keep these fuckers at bay.

and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.- And I discovered the secret document Russia used for that purpose: the U.S. Constitution. How devious – damn you, Putin!

Just Me

comment image

Band Itkoitko

The Malakia empire is weak and essentially admits it. This only inflates the Russian influence in the world. I think the empire is tired and wants to be dismantled but doesn’t know how to ask due to pride.


US is in irreversible decline, despite printing trillions of worthless dollars its economy is shrinking daily.

US economy unexpectedly sags as unemployment rises further

Excluding autos, February retail sales dipped by 2.7%; manufacturing component of industrial production lost 3.1% and is rapidly declining as Wall Streets cautions that
Chinese bonds a better bet than US declining Treasuries.

Chinese ten-year notes pay roughly twice as much as comparable US T-bills but their appeal is much wider than yield.


US intelligence agency is a joke. They worked for the interest of zioniste…


US is a very stratified and racist society and the intelligence services are inept as they reflect a group think closed shop of WASP and Jews who represent the Bilderberg MIC agenda as the endless war lobby’s only real aim is to perpetuate a permanent bogeyman. Previously, it was the USSR and Reds under the Bed. Now the primary focus in Russia, Iran and to a lesser extent the PRC. With China, the Jews and Bilderberg corporations have to tread lightly due to its immense economic and trade clout. You don’t want to alienate the rednecks at Walmart by targeting China too openly. However Russia and Iran are fair game.

Assad must stay

they are nothing but JUNKASSES!!! LOL

Just Me

But Jew Hollywood queer spooks and 007 are a legend :)

Assad must stay


Band Itkoitko

“So far so good!” – said the person falling from the 10th floor when flying by the 5th floor.

The ship is sinking with a strong determination.


US is a imploding racist failed banana republic and nothing can save it.

Racist attacks on the rise in US as its economy implodes

The recent racist killings came amid a recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans that coincided with the spread of the coronavirus across the United States.

A white man suspected in the Acworth shooting was captured by surveillance
video pulling up to the Asian businesses about 4.50pm, minutes before the
attack, authorities said. Baker said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, 21,
of Woodstock, known to be a member of a right wing militia was taken into custody in Crisp County, about 190 miles south of Atlanta after a manhunt.

comment image

cechas vodobenikov

suburban amerikan must always vote as Russian will require…anytime jens wants lunch he calls Russian to ask if cheese okay


Are we supposed to believe in anything coming from JoeBama admin ? The guys promoting all fake Russiagate for the last 4 years. The only thing to understand from this garbage is that our overlords dont want to see the alliance US + Russian military


I’m willing to consider accepting vetted ET specops embeds in my security force on a limited case by case basis.


The special forces super soldier colonel was found dead shortly after giving the above interview according to the information contained in this video. I don’t want to end up the same way.



There was no mention of the Israeli and Zionist elephant in the room interference in the election for obvious reasons.

“She met her Jewish husband, Douglas Emhoff, on a blind date in San Francisco”

– 5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris –

comment image


The Jew infested US needs to be dejudified so that it’s Jew free. The Jews rape 1,000 children worldwide every week. Which are felony crimes that non Jews are sent to prison for every day. Blood sucking Jew baby rapers.
comment image


“U.S. Intelligence”? Is there such a thing?

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