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U.S. Instructors Spotted On Donbass Frontlines: Report

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U.S. Instructors Spotted On Donbass Frontlines: Report

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The press officer of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) Ivan Filiponenko claimed that instructors from the United States had taken part in the training of Ukrainian artillerymen in Eastern Ukraine. The claim was made during the daily briefing on April 17.

According to Filiponenko, the training of Ukrainian forces took place near ​​the village of Pokrovske.

“The trainings of the UAF 40 separate artillery brigade were attended by US instructors stationed at the Yavoriv training range,” Filiponenko said.

The press officer noted that foreign specialists were carried to the spot by white vehicles with the special marks of the Ukrainian representative office in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination. This was made in order to ensure secrecy.

The US forces are reportedly deployed at the Yavoriv training range in Lviv region, Western Ukraine, as part of the Joint Multinational Training Group (JMTG-U).

Filponenko also claimed that a Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter arrived at the northern LPR front line, admitting that it could deliver foreign instructors who arrived to train the UAF in sabotage and reconnaissance operations and mining works.

On April 17, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal claimed that Ukraine had asked the United States to increase the military presence of its troops on its territory, first of all, this concerned US military instructors.

According to US Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine Christina Kvin, there are 160 American troops in Ukraine on a permanent basis, but if necessary, their number can be increased.

Currently, the foreign instructors in Ukraine are mainly Americans and Canadian military personnel. They are deployed in Ukraine since 2015.

On April 15, WarGonzo reported that 150 Turkish service members had arrived in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on the coast of the Sea of Azov. Locals reportedly said that they were probably Turkish special forces. Meanwhile, Turkish military is known to train Ukrainian forces to use newly-acquired Bayraktar TB2 combat drones.

It seems that the Ukrainian soldiers are not good students. On April 17, one Bayraktar TB2 combat drone reportedly lost signal over Ukrainian southern regions.

U.S. Instructors Spotted On Donbass Frontlines: Report

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The US drone was also spotted on April 17, surveying DLPR borders.

U.S. Instructors Spotted On Donbass Frontlines: Report

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    1. catalin zt says:

      Love it! thanks!

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Hear hear.

  1. Fog of War says:

    Guess whats coming ?

    – Czech Republic to expel 18 Russian diplomats, сiting claim that ‘intel officers involved in 2014 munitions depot explosion’ –


    1. shylockracy says:

      EU testing the waters. Despite having supported the launch of a terrorist massmurder campaign by Ukrainian Zionazis and proxies on Russia’s borderlands and in historical Russian lands, EU terrorist Ziocorproate globalists are worthy business partners for Russia that deserve nothing more than proportionate responses, 18 Czechs kicked out of Moscow is acceptable.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Who cares about a toy county like the Czech republic?
      And they found this out after 7years….
      Exactly now…
      Yeah right…

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      Europe seems complete dumb.

  2. shylockracy says:

    Putin’s hotline with his terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners of EU/NATO must be extremely busy now. Gotta finish that Nordstream2 before summer weather brings better warmongering conditions.

    1. AM Hants says:

      77th Squadron rather busy, with usual soundbites today. Is it bonus time?

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        I am reliably informed by an entrenched black mole in 77 Brigade, that there will shortly be ‘Donna Dare’s’ to compliment the all male ‘Dan Dare ‘ ethos of 77 Brigade, AM.

        A statement from the boys and girls brigade reads as follows:- ‘UK Persons Brigade is working very hard on the front lines of cyber warfare in a sustainably air conditioned secret barracks in central London in order keep British subjects safe from the fake news’.

        This 77 Brigade propaganda is sometimes referred to rather laughingly as “truth”.
        Whereas in the minds of the few who, in time will be generally accepted, Britain politically , is still living in it’s days of Empire pre-WW1. :)


    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Hi Shlomo…

  3. johnny rotten says:

    The Russian Federation has long equipped the Donbas republics of Krasukha-4 systems, that make Turkish drones useless. [Avia.pro]
    Canada suspended a mission of military training in Ukraine due to a coronavirus epidemic among military staff. The CBC News local television channel reported this on April 17 with reference to the command.

    1. John Wallace says:

      The Globe and Mail newspaper notes that the Canadian mission employs about 200 troops, who are scattered across 12 different locations in Ukraine

      Читать далее: https://ukraina.ru/news/20210417/1031164292.html

      1. Cheryl Brandon says:


        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Canada is just a extension of the US.

          1. Frank says:

            To be more accurate, Canada is a puppet of the US and has no control over any aspect. The US immigration and homeland security even controls its borders. Canada is an occupied vassal state like Germany or Poland.

          2. Ivan Freely says:

            I believe it’s worse than that. US agents can operate inside Canada as well.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Only their doctors are allowed:)

          4. klove and light says:

            learn histoty befoe wriritng brainwashed zionist stuff—-

            CANADA is british was british…… just read “their” constitution!!!!

            ps. it is BRITISH zionism that has the saying………united states of america= british zionist controlled………. or is it just a XXXX coincidence that ALL US presidents including g.washington can trace their ancestry back to british monarchy…..bush is 16th cousin of prince william, duke of cambridge, etc.. etc….

            George Washington (descendant of Edward III of England)
            Thomas Jefferson (descendant of Edward III of England)
            James Madison (descendant of Edward I of England)
            James Monroe (descendant of Edward III of England)
            John Quincy Adams (descendant of Edward III of England)
            William Henry Harrison and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison (descendants of Edward I of England)
            Zachary Taylor (descendant of Edward I of England)
            Franklin Pierce (descendant of Henry I of England)
            Rutherford Hayes (descendant of William I of Scotland)
            Grover Cleveland (descendant of Edward I of England)
            Theodore Roosevelt (descendant of James I of Scotland and Edward III of England)
            William Howard Taft (descendant of Edward III of England)
            Warren G. Harding (descendant of Henry II of England)
            Calvin Coolidge (descendant of Edward I of England)
            Herbert Hoover (descendant of Edward III of England)
            Franklin D. Roosevelt (descendant of James II of Scotland)
            Harry S. Truman (descendant of Robert III of Scotland)
            Richard Nixon (descendant of Henry II of England)
            Gerald Ford (descendant of Edward I of England)
            Jimmy Carter (descendant of Henry II of England)
            George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush (descendants of Edward I of England and Robert II of Scotland)
            Barack Obama (descendant of Edward I of England and William the Lion of Scotland)
            Donald Trump (descendant of Edward III of England)

          5. klove and light says:

            it gets better though..-.
            check out hillary clinton…….she is the cousin of justin trudeau,madonna,celine dion,justin bieber,ryan gosling,angelina jolie,and camilla-duchess of cornwall………….

            obama is 9th cousin to brad pitt, angelina jolie his wife is 9th cousin to rodham clinton,ben affleck is 11th cousin to obama,ben affleck is 10th cousin to mat damon,tom hanks is 3rd cousin to abraham lincoln through lincolns mother nancy hanks, so tom naturally narrated the 2011 made for TV drama “killing licoln”

            wake the XXXXXX up you 99% dummies………….

            THEY are playing a theatre play for you 99% dummies!!!!

          6. klove and light says:

            and i could go on and on and on and on……..

            all those “celebrities”,, movie stars,,,, billionaire and millionaire, presidents etc…. are interconnected you 99 %brainwashed dummies !!!!!!

            you 99% dummies are sooooo dumm it is ridiculous and pathetic already…posting bs day in and day out…..

            IT is a theatre play for you 99% dummies….

            The agenda.A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.
            digital money via Nano dot tattoo
            digital vaccine pass via Nano dot tattoo

            the Nano dot tatto is the Barcode for us humans…….

            and putin is also part of the agenda, also china etc…. they all are you 99% dunmmies

          7. NirKon says:

            Let me give you an insight to the Anglo-American Zionist Axis, have you seen the Deagle.com figures for the respective countries in 2025?? They will not exist anymore. The Almighty controls everything, the Elites, their incarnate controllers, everything.

          8. Jens Holm says:

            My blatter too:)

          9. NirKon says:

            Yeah, you might be pissin’ in your pants before long too! 😂😂

          10. Tommy Jensen says:

            2025 is just the beginning. Five more years…………………………LOL.

          11. Tommy Jensen says:

            Just when all the card players think the won, the joker is thrown on the table……LOL.

          12. Jens Holm says:

            DNA still dont show well which sheep You come from.

          13. NirKon says:

            The evil seed is dying…..and let us rejoice for the Almighty knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff better than anyone.

          14. Jens Holm says:

            If there was an amighty the wheat would be without that need.

          15. Jens Holm says:

            Ha ha. never heard before. If You are one of those Assads and number one million, You can win a bag of sand from Al Tanf and a boottle of water and make Your own beach.

          16. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

            i can vouch for that..I Lived in NEW YORK CITY for 36 yrs ..filipino here..before passing by Canada to visit relatives…then go back to philippines..(on a ‘detour’ before that i gave myself a little long dreamt passion to BE in russia…so i visited ST PETERBURG before that…for 2 weeks…my sort of ‘GIFT” TO myself..since my life in NYC as a musician really was intimately tied with russian friends , teachers,,and colleagues)

            canada is ..as i had always maintained a COPY of USA…nothing but a VAST FACTORY run by USA “culture” …really..it is like that..no matter what canadians say..

            i had actually warned my relatives ..in e mails or phone..IT IS TOO LATE for filipinos to “dream the american dream” …”it s a waking nightmare” ..they would not listen..blinded by 145 years since 1989…”liberation from spain by USA” …

            AND sometimes led to heated arguments…

            NOW they are IN A GIANT PRISON..”due to covid” ..hatched in the BELLY OF THE BEAST..as i often told for over 2 decades…

            FILIPINO — CANADIANS…following the model of filipino – AMERICANS…following that materialistic dream..(i never did) …now find out the PRICE of their life.s invstements …..

            i told them..and back here..in ANOTHER USA VASSAL philippine state…

            BEWARE of that “stateside dream of yours…the PINOYS across the pacific ..just won t ADMIT to the embarrassment…that they re OWNED..as the price of their notions of ”success in the american dream”….

            so yes…POWERFUL as the FILIPINO BIG immigrant community HAD become in recent years…THAT IS NOW POINTLESS..under “covid” ….

            their young adults who entusiastically wanted to “prove how canadian and western value” they are..by joining the canadian armed forces…as i also warned…will be FACING REAL WARRIORS….RUSSIANS…and find out what their ILLUSIONS bring them to…..

            but canadian filipino s would never listen..they thoguht i wasn CRAZY…having lived even a MORE american way than ANY filipino could boast…but not seeing that i SEE IT AS an american life liver…that also saw what it is IN ITS TRUE character…

            and it s DIRECT OPPOSITE..as EAST of europe..and america…RUSSIA



            I Chatted for a whole afternoon one day in my two weeks in st pete…2 young guys from moscow…university grad students…Funny..both ALEXANDER..they laughingly said…

            their first time in st pete..very “western”

            at the end of our wonderful afternoon..sharing coffee..next to a river across from my hotel..at FONTANKA river..

            they said: ”come back to russia again…next time visit MOSCOW…it is fr bigger…try other cities nd places…RUSSIA …you want REAL RUSSIA…? DEEP RUSSIA.? it is EAST of st petersburg…this is just a small piece and does NOT REPRESENT DEEP RUSSIA..


            AND to the eye..these are as ‘white’ as europeans and westerners…BUT they THINK…ASIAN….and there is the real difference under the surface….
            ..and what PUTIN MEANT…


          17. Jens Holm says:

            Russia is just an extension of Ukraine. They even took their name.

    2. Ashok Varma says:

      Turkey is training thousands of Salafist terrorists to destabilise Russia and Putin the corrupt inept toady is selling weapons to its enemies.

      1. AM Hants says:

        President Putin corrupt and inept?????? Really? Remind me, but, wasn’t Russia bankrupt, when he first took charge and only getting 20 cents to the $US for their energy? Plus, they had to pay contractual fees to mine their own resources. Then along came Vladimir and now they have paid off all the debts of the Soviet Union, along with Russian Federation debts. Have over $600 billion in currency and gold reserves, minimal debt and most of the worlds natural resources, earning more than 20 cents to the $US.

        Compare with David Cameron, who is pimping for his mates and using his old political pals to grant tax payer funded gifts. Then look at most politicians in the West, with nations deep in debt, and how much they personally make from being in politics.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          You just create Your own dark again.

          1. AM Hants says:

            My own dark is 95% white. Are you colour blind Jens? Or just projecting, yet again?

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Well said ,AM.

          1. AM Hants says:

            Thank you Florian. I hope you and Hans are well. Give him a Waitrose carrot from me.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            Hans sends his regards. Now the spring is here he has a new coat to go with his new shoes.
            I will go to Waitrose tomorrow :)

          3. AM Hants says:

            Lucky Hans. New coat, new shoes, sun is out and carrots on the way. What more could a horse ask for? Besides his personal 2 room apartment, aka stables.

          4. FlorianGeyer says:

            Hans also has a 37ft long Volvo limousine, with chauffer as well.
            It’s equipt with running water, a private shower for Hans, rugs store, internal video during the journey and a food store with his favourite diet.

            When to you think the current madness will end, AM ?
            Or will it ever end in our lifetime?

            Most of NATO, led by the decrepid US and the puffed up UK, seem determined to start a hot conflict with Russia, Iran and China. Such actions are seen historically with all dying empires and by those vassals controlled by them.

          5. AM Hants says:

            With regards where we are at the moment, I seriously have no idea, but, will not give up on hope. Hope that sanity makes a comeback.

            Just flicked through the DM and Boris is so desperate to take on Russia. Could not handle the image of him drinking a pint of beer, when the Bars in the Palace of Westminster have been open and serving the scrounger we elect. There was also another story, with regards Russia having 150,000 serving military personnel on Crimea. Which made me laugh, when you think of the Mega NATO Exercise, on her border, with 30,000 active, military personnel. They are seriously deluded and have absolutely no idea how weak NATO are, compared to what Russia has in her toy box.

            There again, I am expecting a major false flag, with Russia getting the blame and would not be surprised if they tried another version of MH17.

            The other thing, as I ramble, is how they were hoping to assassinate most of the Belarus Government, but, Russia prevented it. Together with what and was not on the ‘Ever Green’.

            Do believe the DS is in one heck of a state of panic, with nought going right, including how many of us have woken up. It will go one way or another and no point worrying as what will be will be and in the meantime, enjoy life, be happy and have fun. The powers that be, would seriously hate that.

          6. FlorianGeyer says:

            I agree.
            The panic of Boris and whoever is operating Bidens mouth is palpable.
            The plans of mice and madmen is seemingly not going so well :)

            The cops in London were completely overwhelmed by many thousands of revellers thronging closely on the streets at the weekend, and elsewhere in the ‘Gulag Britanica, I suspect, AM.

            The public are fast gaining the knowledge that mass demonstrations of multicultural people are the way forward to freedom.

            Boris will doubtless call out the dragoons, BUT will the Dragoons fire on the assembled crowds this time?

          7. AM Hants says:

            Must admit, I am interested in how the local elections go. I know there is no way on earth I would vote for any mainstream party. So either spoiled vote, or the most insane one on the ballot. Cannot be any worse than what we have got, dictating to us.

          8. FlorianGeyer says:

            I agree, and its a toss between not voting or spoiling my ballot.

          9. Ralph London says:

            AM, if someone bothers you about a vaccine/’vaccine’, tell them: “I AM IN THE Vaccine CONTROL GROUP” – this is for those that have not got beyond the experimental stage. See wiki ‘Treatment and control groups’ 1st 2 paras.

          10. AM Hants says:

            Thanks Ralph, nice one.

      2. NirKon says:

        The S400s sold to the Turks are useless against Russian air assets, are you aware of that? There is an internal IFF(Identify Friend or Foe) device which disables the warhead when confronted against Russian planes, drones, helicopters and even missles if I’m not mistaken.

      3. Jens Holm says:

        We know. Its about 80 millions. They even let EU feed 7 million extra.

    3. AM Hants says:

      Do you remember when 11 Canadian Military Personnel turned up, a few years ago, and went home in bodybags, the following day?

      1. Supreme Blyat says:

        No, did they smell you?

        1. AM Hants says:

          Wow, what an eloquent comment. Your mammy must be so proud of her little soldier.

      2. Bruno Giordano says:

        Remember the ” Cargo 200″ transports, Hants? Facts, reported by a.o. the OSCE and Nemtsov. Otoh your comment about the Canadians is a hoax. Disinformation from StalkerZone, Sept. 2016.

        1. AM Hants says:

          Yabbadabbadoo – time for a very long snooze. You still boring me Bruno?

          1. Bruno Giordano says:

            As long as you post bs, lies and propaganda.

    4. shylockracy says:

      Putin’s US/EU terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners know that quite well, that’s why:

      NATO’s support to Ukraine

      Has been increasing steadily. Truth is, the 2014 Odessa massacre alone was more than reason enough warrant liberating EUkraine, with the Donbass war being orders of magnitude worse.

      The issue being that Russia itself isn’t liberated from having to do “business and trade” with the Zioterrorists, who’ve got powerful supporters in Russia means the Krasukhas will be under Kremlin control like Syria’s S300 and won’t be used as long as Putin’s negotiations and business with the Zioterrorists can be saved from geopolitical skirmishes.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Cool disney story Shlomo…
        And now back to your matzoball soup before it gets cold…

    5. NirKon says:

      Speaking of Avia.pro, are there any Russians here who can confirm if this is an unbiased news reporting agency or covert propaganda? Years ago in a blog, a Russian, claimed that they are in fact, underneath very anti-Russian.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Well, they could not walk, coulnt they:)

    6. Jens Holm says:

      Very thin conclusion. A useually understaimating of the enemy for propaganda mtters. Only no learnes condlude like that.

  4. catalin zt says:

    What the anglo-saxon SCUM, perverse &pervert , capitalist-fascist PAEDOPHILE could teach the ukrop nazis??? They must practice what the anglo abortions know the best…screwing children and exercise mind games… that’s all this white sacks full of s*** can do! Don’t worry when ww3 will start israhelli will swim and the anglo rotschild mercenaries will be VAPORISED all from baby future criminal to adult paedophiles in seconds!!!! Amen!

  5. COVID19 says:

    The “friend and partner” Erdogan sending special forces? You too, Brutus! Who would have thought?

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      diseased CIA agent with Covid braincells cannot think
      “murikans are not at all happy –they feel themselves lacking in something. all the sensitiveness has dried up in them. the crystallization of love is impossible in USA. I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it: it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR SPECIES”. Stendhal

    2. Ashok Varma says:

      Putin will sell out the Donetsk freedom fighters in a New York second when he grovels in front of Biden in Helsinki soon. The reason Russia is not respected is its subservient policies and perpetual inferiority complex. It is a small weak middle power of barely 140 million dissatisfied diverse people, but acts as if it is a major power or matters.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Russia have said no to a summit with Biden. Why would they want it, especially after the way Biden has treated his Japanese Guest.

      2. HB_Norica says:

        “It is a small weak middle power of barely 140 million dissatisfied diverse people, but acts as if it is a major power or matters.”

        Really …. you should share your opinion with president Biden because this quote is from a speech president Biden gave 2 days ago.

        “Good afternoon, everyone. Earlier this week, I spoke with President Putin of Russia about the nature of our relationship — the relationship between our two countries. And I was candid and respectful; the conversation was candid and respectful.

        Two great powers with significant responsibility for global stability. And President Putin and I have had a significant responsibility to steward that relationship. I take that responsibility very seriously, as I’m sure he does.”

        So according to Biden Russia is a “great power” …. consider that just a day earlier Biden chickened out and decided not to deploy 2 warships in the Black Sea after the Russians warned him not to.

        Biden went on further in the speech asking for a summit with Putin this summer just a day after his first summit proposal was rejected by Putin.

        You’ll notice that Biden who was talking smack about Russia not five days ago is today asking them nicely to deescalate and begging for a summit. he even admitted that there is fuck all the USA can do to stop Nord Stream 2.

        Full transcript here https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/04/15/remarks-by-president-biden-on-russia/

        1. Frank says:

          Lol, Biden called Putin a KILLER. Very respectful indeed. Which planet are you guys from :)

          1. HB_Norica says:

            Yea …. one day he’s calling him a killer …. the next he’s calling Russia a great power. Read the White house transcript. I shit you not the USA is spinning like a top. Something scared the shit out of them over the last couple of days and they are backpedaling like crazy.

          2. John Tosh says:

            They realized Russia was ready for war. The CIA plays the bluffing game until it gets serious then adults take over in the USA. Same thing happened with Iran bombing US military. Adults took over when they realized Iran was ready for war.

            The cowards in the CIA are loud mouthed children with the guts of a roach. They get pushed out of the way after creating problems. The US military realizes they will die in massive numbers if they go to war with Russia or Iran so they did the best they can by pulling the childish CIA back to their little playpen of computers and bluffing

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Pedobide and the U.S. govt are a joke.
            So is the U.S. nowdays.
            Their economy is toast, sane as their society and morals.
            Its a falling empire, going out kicking and screaming.
            Not very graceful…

          4. John Tosh says:

            The CIA put the “reporter” up to it. Biden has old brain cells and said “he agreed”.

            CIA poops on everyone including Russia, the USA and Biden!

      3. Frank says:

        Russia supported every US war and sanctions against countries, but now ironically is being targeted itself and being treated like a little third world weakling. I guess grovelling to the masters does not pay in the end. Russia will never be respected or treated as an equal.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Not true.

  6. John Tosh says:

    The Beast knows its time is short… it is pushing out everything it has….. Poland, Czechs, Romania.. sanctions, ships, western media etc…..

    Revelations 12: 12 : Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

    1. Fair treatment says:

      F..u..c..k religion

      1. John Tosh says:


        1. Fair treatment says:

          Religion dosent make you better or worse.
          You don’t need Religion to believe in God

      2. John Tosh says:


      3. NirKon says:

        OK, I agree with you 100%. But spiritually, the time of the Dark Forces on Earth is over. The Light is going to make a Majestic Return and the reign of control and manipulation over humanity will all be a part of a soon to be forgotten past. The Dark just can’t accept this fact and doesn’t want to face the fait accompli.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Much as Your arms are too short whe You deliver from below. Very dood internet cant send smells yet. Iif so most of the world has to impleemnt small filters too.

      1. John Tosh says:

        Are you on drugs or having a seizure ? Lol.

  7. Raptar Driver says:

    America and it’s NATO lapdogs need to be put back in line.
    A bloody nose would have worked 10-15 years ago.
    A broken nose would have worked 5-7 years ago.
    Now what is necessary is bifurcation.
    This is what happens when you wait too long to put the bully back in place.
    He becomes embolden and pushes further and further.
    How is it that the Russians don’t understand this simple concept?

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      The ultimate art of war is winning without a shot. Putin/Russia did that superior intelligent exercise in Crimea. Maybe we amateurs should keep our mouth shot.

  8. johnny rotten says:

    MINSK, April 17./TASS/.

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has informed about the detention of a group that was scheming an assassination attack on him and his children, and purportedly, had links to the US intelligence agencies, BelTA news agency wrote on its Telegram channel on Saturday citing the president.

    “We have detained a group, who have guided us and showed how they had been planning all that,” the Belarusian leader said. “Then we exposed operation of evidently foreign intelligence services. Most likely, the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI, I do not know which Americans were working there.”

    “We monitored them, and found out they were willing to return to Minsk and to get into organizing the assassinations of the president and the children,” Lukashenko added.

    MINSK, April 17./TASS/.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin focused on the issue of an assassination attempt on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko prepared by US intelligence agencies in a call with US President Joe Biden, Lukashenko said aired by the ONT television channel on Saturday.

    “Another thing that surprises me is why Americans behave like this.

    Remember that no one except the top political leadership can set the task of getting rid of a president. Only them, not the special services,” Lukashenko said.

    “I’ll tell you more. I am grateful to Putin. When he was talking with Biden, he asked him this question. Gurgling and no answer. Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] called me and told me about this when I arrived
    from Azerbaijan,” he added.

    1. AM Hants says:

      How many lives of other Presidents, besides Yanukovich and Erdogan has President Putin saved?

      1. BMWA1 says:


        1. AM Hants says:

          I bet there are many others, that we do not know about. He seriously took it to heart, when they took out Gadaffi and the manner in which they murdered the man. I seriously respect President Putin and one of the only, perhaps few politicians that has my respect. Not forgetting the team behind him in the Kremlin.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Of course, yes. Well said.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Only shows Putin snd Russia are the leader of the Free World.
        Shame on CIAisis terrorists.

        1. AM Hants says:

          Coming from the UK I 1000% agree with you.

          The CIA, were created by a Nanzi sympathiser and supporter. That is what I cannot get my head around, after a life of believing they were the good guys. Knowing they were just a branch of the Nanzi Operation and now no longer hide it.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            After Operation Paperclip nazis slowly but steady took over the U.S.
            FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, you name it.
            They weren’t even hiding it.
            The head of NASA Wernher von Braun till the late 70s, the same guy who was the member of the waffen ss, and whos V-1 and V-2s killed tens of thousands of civs in London.
            The same guy who worked untold number of concentration camp victims at hua secret underground rocket base at Penemunde.
            This guy is a national hero in the U.S., with Presidential honors…
            They even maje fun of this in movies.
            In the 50s and 60s many U.S. made movies had an ongoing joke about some govt agent telling you gesundheit in german after a snieze instead of the usual bless you…
            In Captain America and the winter soldier they basically tell it like it is with hydra…
            Funny thing its real.
            Same organization as Spectr in James Bond movies…

          2. AM Hants says:

            It wasn’t just the Nanzis that he put on his ‘special list’, but, also the Bolshevik elite.

            Earl Browder, was the grandfather of Bill Browder and the leader of the US Communist Party, back in the 30s. Who worked closely with Allen Dulles, his brother (the Nanzi Investment Banker) and Reinhard Gehlen, the SS Intelligence Officer ( who was working with pre-CIA since 1939), as they created the list of who could and could not be provided safe passage.

            Over in the UK, we have many children of the Bolshevik elite, who ended up in Government, including the Miliband Brothers, whose grandfather Samuel, was the right hand man, with Trotsky, when the suddenly disappeared, around the time Poland was working with the Bolsheviks and causing grief for the Russian Empire and post Empire. Ed and David Miliband, with the latter running a charity, in tandem with the NED and Open Source Foundation, run by $oro$ and a charity that keeps being kicked out of many nations, owing to dodgy dealings, including spying. The Milibands, grandsons of Samuel and their father Adolph ‘Ralph’ Miliband, an esteemed academic, who worked from the London School of Economics and his chosen subject was Karl Marx. He was buried close to Marx, in the Highgate Cemetery. A man who was given safe passage in the UK, allegedly fleeing the Nanzis, but, devoted to Social Nationalism/Communism. Who created both the Nanzis and the Bolsheviks as the world got played?

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Nazis, neo-trotskyites, and zionists are basically the same group with slightly different flavors.
            Main reason Stalin kicked them out of the Soviet-Union.
            They still try to fet their revenge…

          4. AM Hants says:

            What I find seriously weird, is the fact they never change the script, just hope we don’t notice.

            3 Corporations Rule The World and all controlled by same mobsters.

            City of London – controls finance.
            Washington DC – controls military
            The Vatican – controls spirituality

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        I would add the president of Venezuela as being ‘saved’ by President Putin as well’, AM

    2. Band Itkoitko says:

      Here we go. This is a very important development. Let’s see what happens.

    3. Ronald says:

      Machine translation of FSB announcement:

      “The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together
      with the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (RB), as a
      result of a special operation, suppressed the illegal activities of Yuri
      Leonidovich Zyankovich, who has dual citizenship of the United States
      and the Republic of Belarus, and Alexander Iosifovich Feduta, a citizen
      of the Republic of Belarus, who planned to carry out a military coup in
      Belarus according to the worked-out scenario of “color revolutions” with
      the involvement of local and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the
      physical elimination of President Alexander Lukashenko. Zyankovich
      arrived in Moscow after consultations in the United States and Poland.
      In the Russian capital, he planned a meeting with representatives of the
      Belarusian Armed Forces to convince them to participate in a coup
      involving local and Ukrainian nationalists. The coup was planned in
      Minsk on May 9 during the Victory Day parade.Currently, the detainees
      have been transferred to Belarus. (C) FSB DSP

  9. Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™ says:

    I wonder why the US have NATO military bases in Europe but European countries cannot have them in the US. Strange alliance…

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Thats because You have no history books.

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      Because of Russia. Thats why!

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      Because crumbling U.S. Empire still runs its puppet colonies, not vice versa.
      For how more long, thats questionable…

  10. cechas vodobenikov says:

    soon peace keeping troops required from Syria and Iran in USA to protect Americans from crude ghetto dwellers looting and killing

    1. Fog of War says:

      Can you expound on these ghetto dwellers please ?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        It was a report, on RT, some security expert made an article that armed insurgency has a 90% probability in the U.S. in the next 5years.

        1. John Tosh says:

          It was written by a Nigerian in Canada. The CIA is poisoning those Americans like crazy. Killing the future insurgents in American society off. Blaming Covid while the real culprit is a heart stopping poison being spread through restaurants and fast food places in the USA

  11. Cheryl Brandon says:


    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Ah, Grenada (1983)? ;)

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        I could have won Grenada by myself with a Swiss army knife and a few packs of smokes…

    2. AM Hants says:

      Grenada, a tiny Island in the Caribbean, when Reagan was President and it took them months. The only war they won back in the 20th century and that also includes the 21st century.

    3. Tommy Jensen says:

      US won all its wars. You are a living proof of that.

  12. Ashok Varma says:

    Indian media had reported US, British and NATO special forces operating in Ukraine and even Russia for months, but the more pertinent question is what is a weak Russia going to do about it?

    1. AM Hants says:

      Weak Russia?????

      Remind me, how many nuclear warheads has Russia got and hypersonic in active service?
      Remind me, how many nuclear warheads has the UK got let alone hypersonics.
      Remind me, how many nuclear warheads and hypersonics in active service has the US got?

      Do believe, if you count the nuclear warheads in the US and UK, they are still less than Russia and they have no hypersonics in active service, now do they?

      1. Supreme Blyat says:

        Remind me how many nukes USSR had when it felt sick and decided to cut itself into pieces. Remind me how many wages and pensions did nukes paid.

        1. AM Hants says:

          Remind me, but, when did the Soviet Union fall? Was it back in 1991 and what happened to the 15 members that made up the Union? How many, never complained and never explained, remembered their history and moved on? What was that? Was it Russia, who never whinged, whined, moaned or grumbled, when the Russian Empire was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, and just moved on? Was it Russia, who remembered she was an independent nation, as she moved away from the Communist Bolsheviks, that shackled her from 1917 – 1991? Russia, who embraced her independence, free from the shackles of her ungrateful, whinging fellow Soviet Member Nations, who ran as fast as they could to Soviet EU, complete with begging bowls and professional victim status. So remind me, but, what has the Soviet Union got to do with a Weak Russian Federation, who is seriously not weak, unlike many who emerged from the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine?

          1. Supreme Blyat says:

            “Was it Russia, who never whinged, whined, moaned” you are moaning like a backdoor casting couch newbye. Fake moaning but still moaning.

          2. AM Hants says:

            Moi – a fake moaning, newbie?????/. Yeah, if you insist, but I am not Russian, so it does not count, owing to it being a Western Speciality darling.

          3. Styx says:

            I can only hope you wouldn’t mind me to post this quote in relation to your post:
            “People’s failure to wrap their minds around this issue is a testament to the power of normalcy bias, a cognitive glitch which causes the U.S. to assume that because something bad hasn’t happened in the past, it won’t happen in the future. We survived the last Cold War by the skin of our teeth, entirely by sheer, dumb luck; the only reason people are around to bleat “hyperbole” is because we got lucky. There’s no reason to believe we’ll get lucky in this New Cold War environment; only normalcy bias says we will. Believing we’ll survive this Cold War just because we survived the last one is as sane as believing Russian roulette is safe because the guy passing you the gun didn’t die.”

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Never go full retard…

  13. Assad must stay says:

    If war breaks out and russia wins (inshallah) they are pretty much rule the earth hahahaha

  14. Band Itkoitko says:

    I don’t know what to say. I can only show this that says more than 10000 words:


    We always say that the US rules Ukraine, but I’m starting to doubt that. Is it possible that Ukraine rules the US?

  15. Proud Hindu says:

    What’s Russia going to do then lol.

  16. Colleen Crouse says:

    Thank you so much DAD for finally going and meeting in person with his distant family to secure the arrangements.

    I knew that in the end you would come through. It can be so difficult when these lines are drawn in such a manner, but I always knew you’d do the right thing in the end.

      1. Colleen Crouse says:

        “Currently, the foreign instructors in Ukraine are mainly Americans and Canadian military personnel. They are deployed in Ukraine since 2015.”

        I know…I ran away to Luhansk…I probably am supposed to apologize…

        1. Colleen Crouse says:

          Never mind, DAD. It seems all you did was sell me and make an onsite economic event (probably, what, your “travel itinerary?”) to get that retirement bonus you talked to me about for YEARS every time I called you on the phone. 27 years ago…that sound about right…Damned, now I don’t even have that phone anymore. Are you going to say I owe you for it when you know it was stolen because it had evidence on it? Just like the CAR?

          You should have made sure they busted that NDI who was renting out fifteen-and-a-half-year-olds to private equity managers and then trying to pass it off as “intelligence.”

          We have WAY TOO MANY foreign imports in HIS district right now to not get exactly what your priorities are.

          You know, solidarity means something TOTALLY different when it isn’t brokered on DoD contracts bidding scandals that NO ONE is honest about. I totally put the wrong depiction on here.

          1. Colleen Crouse says:


            Is it better in Italian?

            Sorry. I am leaving and going to Myanmar without you.

  17. Lone Ranger says:

    They should take a few of them as POWs, and parade them around as it was the case with nazis after WWII.
    I would cover them in a swastika flag too, only for the giggles…

  18. Lone Ranger says:

    Shame on the U.S. and Canadian govts and armed forces…

  19. klove and light says:

    dont worry folks……… putin will come up with a “great” agreement with erdogan……..TAF will invade and occupy eastern ukraine, and set up a “deescalation zone”……. works great in syria, will work great ukraine—-sarcasm out!!!!

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      What does it say on the crown?

  20. Arch Bungle says:

    US Instructors?

    Wherever US ‘Instructors’ show up, that side is doomed to defeat.

    If you want to win a war make sure you have no US ‘Instructors’ on your side.

  21. Garry Compton says:

    All the terrorist armies and organizations that are covered by Southfront, have been trained by the USA. This would make the USA the #1 Terrorist State in the World- if there were any Honest Courts left.

  22. Tommy Jensen says:

    We do it for freedom!

  23. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    the trouble with this largely ..definitely ANGLO SAXON centered idea of “behaviour that must be instilled in the world” —is FUNDAMENTALLY…they are really just NATION/STATES…as opposed to CIVILIZATION / STATES…

    THOSE latter are what CHINA ..IRAN…INDIA…EVEN Smaller countries like SYRIA….OR TURKEY are…

    THEY ARE CIVILIZATIONS..that today are ‘NATIONS”..in the modern sense…

    ENGLAND from which the UK and former British empire…and its spawn usa…or any of the NATIONS that devolved from the ”european christians” are NOT real CIVILIZATION / STATES..but a result of the BREAK UP of the CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION..which itself is part of ASIAN civilizational state..in the middle east…

  24. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    this a symbolic example..A young superstar..named DIMASH…apparently VERY BIG among BILLIONS of a EURASIAN populations…he hails from former USSR …but more importantly …A NEXUS of asian silk roads…from china to russia…to central asia…where the people s actually share HISTORIES..and even childhood SONGS…

    NOTHING that says “we are like europeans” and CERTAINLY not with ‘ANGLOS”…

    RUSSIAN SLAVS…AS WELL AS CHINESE OR OTHER cultures UNDERSTAND what he shares with them….behind the MODERN sometimes NOD TO “western”modes…watch…this young man ..from FAR KAZAKHSTAN…then compare with MONGOLIA…CHINA…UZBEKISTAN…adding italian songs..”american” songs…but the HEART of his messages..are? MOTHER. FATHER…GRAND FATHER..GRAND MOTHER…all deeply held in the ‘AUTHORITARIAN UN DEMOCRATIC” EAST….OLD OLD CIVILIZATIONAL values..

    his personal composer is a RUSSIAN…from st petersburg or moscow…far from kazakhstan…his has Great popularity in CHINA whose MANDARIN he also speaks as well as Russian….why? THEY ARE NOT OF THE WEST…clearly..THEY HAVE NO NEED of the ”west”

    then search youtube for PLENTY of shows WHAT IS happening…the CONVERGENCE of CHINA AND RUSSIA…marked above all in WUHAN…and the BORDER CITY MANZHOULI…AND HARBIN (known during soviet times as china s city of Musicians)

    nothing Compares in the west…to that harmony between DISTINCT cultures…where it is now IRREVERSIBLE in peaceful integration…russians who work and open and manage businesses IN china…and vice versa….and among them the REST of central asia..even MIDDLE EAST..where in TRADE EXHIBITS ..THE BITTER RIVALS //….SAUDI ARABIA AND IRAN…can actually engage and partner….

    without interference of DIKTAT from ”the west” …a real BAZAAR of civilizations is already happening….and it is NOT in need of being ‘SHOWN” how to behave….by those who are from europe…or america….


    https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=zmEaxCg6_8k&t=4765s

  25. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    by 2027 ..at latest by the looks of it..THE USA is irreversably number 2 economically…by 2050…at most..it is number 3…(goodness knows WHAT kind of …unless IRAN integration with russian and chinese coordination accelerates, or japan maintains ) ….

    as for UK still deluding itself as A GREAT power….(Try to do it s old BATTLESHIP diplomacy on hongkong!! half way across the world in front of the MIDDLE KINGDOM of china…a notion westerners simply do NOT understand…they think it has to do with INVADING and EXPANDING territory..it does not) ….forget it..
    first RESCUE it s impoverished population from CITY OF LONDON and it s PARASITIC “elites” that are barbarians in the eyes of BEIJING AND MOSCO AND TEHRAN……

    OH….ABOUT the sometimes “controversial BILLIONAIRE CHINESE who buy historical TREASURES from WESTERN museums..especially in BRITAIN? …”

    THE ANSWER IS THEY CAN AFFORD to buy BACK what BRITAIN AND western countries PILLAGED…and handing it over TO BEIJING…THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM is now TAKING BACK what the west STOLE…

    IRAN will eventually do that to…especially those gems in that ROTTING QUEEN elizabeth.s treasured CROWNS…..

    AS A TOUR documentary in iran ..puts it..”I ASKED WHY THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF IRAN LACKS THE OTHER MAGNIFICENT TREASURES AND ARTIFACTS…the answer was…’ OF COURSE…SINCE THE BRITISH took them..to the british treasury and museums”…

    to be displayed as ”THE WESTERN BRITISH CIVILIZATION”…..right…..

  26. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    MANZHOULI…BORDER CITY OF CHINA/RUSSIA….IT IS HERE..that RUSSIAN EMPIRE once entered to control..AND established great influence ..to this day….PUTIN AND XI JINPING made it into a WIN-WIN reality…next is for INTEGRATING MONGOLIA .which once RULED BOTH RUSSIA AND CHINA…all the way to half of europe…and reaching EGYPT….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzEbyx_a5ro

  27. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    ONE little discussed part of russia s real power and strength…CONSTRUCTING things beyond miliatry…
    IN ST PETERSBURG..ALONE…buildings centuries old ..it is NOT unique to find ENTIRE BUILDINGS…like MARINSKY theatre..the palaces..museums..institutions..Hermitage..winter palace…armory…churches…huge beyond comprehension…and countless!! SINGLE BUILDINGS one after anohter..

    as BIG AS 10..20 ACRES BIG!!! the western empires look decidedly PUNY..that BUCKINGHAM palace looks TINY by comparison… i tell you!!

  28. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    above all…THIS IS WHY RUSSIA WILL DESTROY THE WEST before it s corrupt ideas worm in….

    they already ended LOCKDOWN “by the west” last YEAR..september AND LIVE AS RUSSIANS …and they re not of “the west”…IN ANOTHER of his weekly LIVESTREAM…ths guy SERGEI…

    (who just finished traveling to korea)…

    strongly commented…”THE other importnat matter..this masking..social distance lockdown…IT IS FARFETCHED..that we should give up LIFE..russians go BACK to our way”

    which echoes what their DIRECTOR of HEALTH MINISTRY said last year…

    “FRANKLY …THIS covid lockdown…it is PURE BULLSHIT”…go tell that to BULLSHITTER DR FAUCI..AND SATANIST BILL GATES…of the “west”…

  29. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    as for the USUAL atlanticist US UK led talk…about russia s military massing…

    russian LAVROV..summed it: “””on the question of our MILITARY activities at the border…the answer is PLAIN AND SIMPLE….WE LIVE THERE”….”now look at the map…where is the USA and BRITAIN….where is ukraine?”

    LATELY BOTH PUTIN AND LAVROV have Decidedly SHED using the terms “our western partners” to “OUR ADVERSARIES”….and importantly…”the ANGLO-SAXON drivers behind this…that EUROPE has surrendered their sovereignty to”

    clearly the ANGLO SAXON ”UK USA AND ZIONISTS” are livid that RUSSIA ..nd china and iran fr that mtter..

  30. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    BY THE WAY..to old friends here…Those that contemplated MOVING to russia and permanent residence…THEY MADE IT OFFICIAL…recently…VISAS for interested …it is worth $130,000 dollars IF YOU INVEST and MUST learn RUSSIAN…

    as any language instructor says : ‘ IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE…YOU HAVE TO HAVE GENUINE LOVE FOR RUSSIA…otherwise…it is not the same”

    a recent documentary Showing generations of BLACK AMERICANS since soviet times..and before WW 2 …and also their grandchildren AMERICANS…

    one ..who IS russian ..and has a tv program..
    another..a granddaughter of a BLACK man..who moved there long ago…and she is learning russian..
    said : “so …i wanted to know what life my grandfather had…who married a Russian woman……as a visited russia and learned the language…the RUSSIANS..noted that i was BLACK..but learning the language…

    ” ‘ you r russian is good…oh ..wait…YOU RE ONE OF US”

    in other words…her grandfather had BECOME russian..THEREFORE she..an american…IS”

  31. disTheeNot says:

    all the murikan instructors are certified AA therapists, it has been rumored.

  32. Ralph London says:

    Would be good if info on where from the us complicit shit-stirring, MURDERERS came from.

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