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U.S. Informed Its Proxies In Al-Tanaf Of Its Decision To Withdraw

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U.S. Informed Its Proxies In Al-Tanaf Of Its Decision To Withdraw

Illustrative image, fighters of the Revolutionary Commando Army in al-Tanaf, source: @MaghaweirThowra

The U.S. has informed its proxy group, the Revolutionary Commando Army, of its plans to withdraw from the Syrian area of al-Tanaf and the 55km de-escalation zone around it soon, Muthanna Tala, the commander of the US-backed group, told Enab Baladi on December 21.

“The notification, which was delivered to the faction, said that the withdraw will cover all the areas in Syria,” the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet quoted Tala as saying.

Revolutionary Commando Army leader added that the U.S. didn’t provide any details on how the withdraw will happen or its timeline.

The Revolutionary Commando Army has less than 100 fighters, according to Syrian pro-government sources. The group is also well-known for being involved in illegal activities including smuggling.

A day earlier, an official in the Pentagon confirmed to the Washington-based Alhurra TV that U.S. forces will withdraw from the al-Tanaf base as a part of the White House’s decision to withdraw all U.S. service members from the war torn country.

The fate of the Revolutionary Commando Army is not clear yet. The group’s fighters will likely reconcile with the Damascus government or try to strike an evacuation deal that would allow them to move to the Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria.

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Good without US protection they’ll be running like little girls when SAA comes knocking


The US are bored with their prostitutes in Syria and are now eying up Ukranian ones instead :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

or whats left of them LOL

Robert Guttierez

Russia recently established a base just outside the 55km radius. It’s as if they knew what was going to happen and were getting ready.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What about all the ex Isis fighters hiding amongst the refugees at Rukban camp, I’ll bet there’s a lot more than 100 of them, I hope they also separate the wolves from the sheep there as well.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

thank the good Lord :)))

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