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U.S. Increases Pressure On Russia Amid Chaos On Energy Markets

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U.S. Increases Pressure On Russia Amid Chaos On Energy Markets

Image by Russia Business Today. Click to see full-size image

The United States and its allies may impose sanctions against Russia in the even that ceasefire in the Syrian province of Idlib falls apart, said United States Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey at a telephone briefing from Brussels.

His words are quoted by the press service of the US State Department.

James Jeffrey said that according to the US, neither the Syrian government, nor Russia had any interest in the ceasefire continuing.

“So our goal is to inventory here in Brussels with our European and NATO colleagues what are the military, the diplomatic, the economic, the sanctions, and the media and outreach steps we can take to encourage Russia and Syria not to do what we think they want to do, which is to break the ceasefire, push these 3 million refugees across the border, but rather to think twice.  If they ignore our warnings, if they ignore our preparations and move forward, we will then react as rapidly as possible in consultation with our European and NATO allies on what the package of sanctions and other reactions will be.”

These would be introduced in the case that the ceasefire falls through, since it wants to guarantee that it would be a long-lasting one.

Furthermore, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad government, together with Russia and Iran would not be allowed to reconstruct Syria, and even win the war, according to Jeffrey.

“We don’t believe they have any interest in a permanent ceasefire in Idlib.  They are out to get a military victory in all of Syria.  Our goal is to make it very difficult for them to do that by a variety of diplomatic, military, and other actions.”

The US does that in three ways:

  1. “We have basically prohibited the use of chemical weapons, which was a favorite tactic of the Syrian regime in making advances, because they know that we, probably with several of our allies, will respond in a very savage military way to that.” Which is to also remind that none of the alleged chemical attacks were substantiated by any proof, rather there’s ample evidence that they were false flags;
  2. “We have for other reasons – fighting Daesh – U.S. and coalition forces in parts of Syria. That is a complication for the Syrian Government.  They have to take that into consideration.” So, except fighting ISIS, the US forces are there to also fight the Syrian government, and so on, not that it wasn’t apparent, regardless;
  3. “There are U.S. sanctions; there are European Union sanctions; there is a ban on any reconstruction assistance to put this country back together again – all of which we are not going to relent on nor will the European Union from all of our conversations here until the Russians and the Syrian Government will actually sit down and talk about a compromise political settlement that will involve a ceasefire, not just in Idlib but throughout the country. So we’re waiting for them to respond to us.” A political settlement that forwards US interest in a sovereign country.

Regardless, the US simply said that it plans to ramp up pressure on Russia, which is struggling economically, due to the all-out oil price war, initiated by another traditional US ally – Saudi Arabia.

Of course, US media maintains that Russia started the price war to attempt and “attack” Washington, but that’s also entirely in the area of conspiracy theories, since it has, so far, only been to Moscow’s detriment.

Currently, Russia is also rather weakened internally, since there are on-going constitutional amendments.

On March 10th, when Russian Parliament adopted in the second reading a bill to amend the Constitution, the first female astronaut, a deputy from United Russia, Valentina Tereshkova, introduced amendments to the House’s review to nullify Vladimir Putin’s presidential terms or to remove restrictions on the number of terms.

The Russian president came to Parliament to comment on the fresh proposals of the Tereshkova and other deputies, he supported the idea to nullify his terms if the Constitutional Court considers this idea legal and the amendments as a whole will be approved by popular vote.

If the package of constitutional amendments is approved by an all-Russian vote on April 22, Putin, who headed the country in 2000, will be able to run for president for the first time in 2024 and be re-elected in subsequent elections in 2030. Thus, by law, he will have the opportunity to lead Russia until 2036.

Of course, this is presented by a shameless power-grab by the “evil overlord” and MSM are losing no time in presenting it as such.

At the same time, the coronavirus scare is on-going, and Moscow banned events with more than 5,000 people in attendance over the next month. Of course, this can also be presented as an attempt to ban any form of protest against “evil overlord” Putin’s “nefarious plans.”

The increase in activity in the Russian neo-liberal opposition are also obvious, and an exacerbation of the situation is expected on all fronts for Moscow.

It would appear that Russia’s recent success in the diplomatic sphere, as well as in Syria have led to a necessity of a sort of push back.


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Apparently very few things scare the Empire as much as seeing VVP continue to be the head of Russia. I think it’s a very good move if Russians have it. He proved to be an effective and good leader leader and this will transform him into something more than a president, something like a father figure for the country.

He was smart when started but nothing beats experience. Add them to the nation’s blessing and Russia may finally be able to become completely free.

There will be screams and whines and cries from the west, patriotic Russians may hear it differently, as some kind of pleasant music or something!

Lone Ranger

Putin is like Trump, except he is smarter and he really drained the swamp in Russia.


Putin has a lot more character than Trump.


Considering that Medvedev is still in power as PM I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Medvedev and his corrupt clique has probably caused more problems for Putin then all Western sanctions combined.


Medvedev is not the PM of Russia. Mikhail Mishustin is.


I stand corrected then.


No worries.


Which means that they are not at all alike.

Lone Ranger

God Bless Russia and the Free World.


These new amendments to the constitution shout reduce the political influence of the atlantists, and make the Russian Central Bank independent from any western control and guidelines.


putin is over averagde, but not good and not in the least great.

moreover, he is not able to lick sy into shape in his position. after putin comes 20 years of chaos. beacuse of putins inability.

Lone Ranger

U.S. will be too busy avoiding total collapse in the next couple of years.
Bye bye zionazi U.S. Empire…
Welcome multipolar World order.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ;)

Julio Cesar Perez

The United States and its allies continue to protect their ISIS terrorists, ALQAEDA in Syria, disguising their participation in curbing the Syrian advance using Turkish Erdogan terrorists to achieve a ceasefire. They want to continue stealing the Syrian oil, saying that would put 3 million terrorists and refugees on the edges of Europe. They say they do not want Syria to win the war and allow the reconstruction of the country. The cynicism and lies of the United States and its allies, including the terrorists saying they are against chemical weapons, as they said when they attacked Iraq. They say they are in Syria because they are fighting the terrorists, when they are the creators of the terrorists.


Sanctions is the only card the empire can play around the world, given its ineptitude, the Navy decided to scrap future procurement of Gerald Ford class carrier by 6 units.

Constellation 2023

Down baby down…
Tighten the leash on the Moscovite bears a little.

Shia man

time to put the peddle to the metal Putin increase oil output because America’s shale is cutting oil output to try to fix market price This is golden opportunity to destroy the petro-dollar in my opinion. ???? plus this coronavirus fear mongering isn’t helping US either ???? what are your opinions. I would like to hear them.


I think that’s a game Russia should not play. Oil is a national wealth and finite, there’s no reason to burn it because someone else might hurt more than you do or because your fragile ego got hurt because Russians did not obey your order.

Saudis are different ilk. They are not sure they still have the power a few years into the future, so whatever they receive now is a win for them, no matter how much did it cost to come out and how much they lose by over production.

US ponzi scheme is already destined for doom. The best thing Russians can (and probably will) do is to keep a cool head, plan, achieve self-sufficiency in as many fields as possible/viable and continue to put more distance between their trade and $US.


dumber and then even dumber when you thought they just couldn’t get together a more stupendously stupid set of brainless ideas,they surprise you again and the latest set is just incomprehensibly stupid.


and so far he has been outstandingly good as president and when you have someone outstandingly good you’re better off hanging on to him. just look at the morons in the usa, they haven’t had a good president since god knows when since they are all buying the job in cooperation with the moneyed elite and the msm and so on.


and so far he has been outstandingly good as president and when you have someone outstandingly good you’re better off hanging on to him. just look at the morons in the usa, they haven’t had a good president since god knows when since they are all buying the job in cooperation with the moneyed elite and the msm and so on.


Good,it means Putin can lead russia far and beyond the future.


But Russie is the strongestest country! Therefore the little yanks can do what they want, Russia will not be harmed.


“Ban on reconstruction assistance to put this country back together again…”
That shows what an evil mindset occupies these satanists. Give them a little bit of power, and they are sure to put it to bad use! Give them a little more power and the bad uses multiply…
How is it that an entire superpower’s leadership is insane? Do they really have dirt on all of them. Is there a single leadership figure/candidate doing a fightback?


hastalavista, gringia!

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