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U.S. Hybrid War On Venezuela Entered Hot Phase

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The US hybrid war on Venezuela has now entered a hot phase.

On April 30, Juan Guaido, US-declared ‘Interim President’ of the country appeared in a video calling for a military uprising. Guaido, accompanied by heavily armed men, claimed that he had backing from the  military and  that the video was filmed at the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base in the capital, Caracas.

Opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez, who had been held under house arrest after “inciting violence” during the anti-government riots, appeared alongside Guaido. He claimed that he had been “released by the military”.

The US immediately declared its public support for the coup attempt at the highest level and once again threatened the country’s legitimate government with military action. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the actions of Guaido and his armed supporters a “quest for freedom and democracy”.

The US-backed coup attempt was branded “Operación Libertad” and received at least vocal support from leaders and officials of US Latin American allies. But something went wrong.

Despite the initial claims, Guaido supporters failed to establish control of the Francisco de Miranda Air Base. In the first half of the day, the main clashes between the rebels and the country’s National Guard took place on the highway alongside the military facility and in the Altamira area. Both sides used tear gas and in some cases even opened live fire.

There was at least one incident when an armored vehicle supposedly belonging to the National Guard loyal to the government rammed into a crowd injuring at least one. The incident took place after a group of rioters attacked a National Guard detachment.

Meanwhile, the country’s President Nicolas Maduro called on his supporters to mobilize. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez reaffirmed that the Armed Forces reject the US-proclaimed president. Samuel Moncada, the ambassador to the UN, described the situation as an “attempt by foreign powers to spark a civil war.” The government characterised armed service members supporting Guaido as “a small group of traitors”, reinforced security measures across the capital and warned that the army would resort to force if necessary.

Measures were undertaken to take off air or limit access to local and international media outlets endorsing the coup.

By the evening, rioters and defectors had been expelled from the airbase’s gates, but clashes with the sporadic use of fire arms continued across the capital. Rioters, including armed ones, marched towards the Palacio de Miraflores, the official workplace of the real president, but lacked resources to storm it. Low-scale riots also took place in various provinces.

All this came amid speculations by US officials that “democracy” was about to achieve victory and Maduro was ready to flee the country to Russia. This did not happen. This round of the coup attempt failed because of the lack of support from the local population.

According to reports, the number of soldiers and security officers who defected to Guaido is around 80. Up to 100 people were injured as a result of the April 30 clashes in Caracas. Around 70 people were detained by the authorities.

Guaido announced a new round of protests to overthrow Maduro on May 1. It appears that Guaido and his supporters will be not able to seize power without direct foreign support. Such support may come in the form of an open or a silent US-led invasion under some formal pretext. Just recently, data leaked to the media that Erik Prince had pitched an idea to deploy some 5,000 mercenaries to support the coup against the Venezuelan government.

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Vince Dhimos

I have been following this closely at the sites venezuelanalysis and Telesurtv, and it boils down to this: there were only 25 military men who participated voluntarily. There were a few others who were tricked by a turncoat superior. They left the scene as soon as they figured it out. There are 200,000 soldiers in the Venezuelan military, and only 25 participated voluntarily. We were tricked again. Guaido is desperate because without a real coup, he is laughing stock. The 25 are in the Brazilian embassy, which must be pretty crowded by now. The criminal Leopldo Lopez, who had organized the 2014 gurarimbas, is in the Spanish embassy. Here is the story on Lopez: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/news–analysis/venezuela-opposition-power-utility-sabotage-and-violence


In late January 2019, Bolton was photographed with ‘5000 troops to Colombia ‘, written on a clipboard he was carrying. This was reported in the UK Daily Express on January 29th 2019.


So we now know what Bolton meant. It was 5000 mercenary troops. My summation is that it was intended that the US proxies capture the airfield, and fly mercenaries in to operate the helicopters etc there , and also men and equipment to create mayhem on the ground in Venezuela.

EVERY illegal coup the US has been involved in has sought to dominate with airpower.As a result of the US airpower being based inside Venezuela on a ‘liberated airbase’, Bolton and friends could argue that it’s a Venezuelan internal dispute, and that the US only wants peace for the country.

If the US was a rabid dog, it would be shot on sight.


The US is so ‘yesterday’ with it’s militarist and financial machinations. Old hat, as it were. Now this is how you subjugate a country without a shot or infrastructure damage. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-ap-schools-anti-semitism-banned-20190429-story.html Florida now joins the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, et al., in the ZSA.


This is the message I got when I tried to access that link.

“Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.”


Well, shit. It figures. Maybe through a VPN? Here are a couple excerpts:
Lawmakers mentioned the shooting(of the synagogue in Cal.) before passing the bill, which would mandate that discrimination against Jewish people be treated the same as acts of racial discrimination in public schools. (There is no mention of such a bill regarding Muslims though, even after the shootings in Mosques recently. How special it is to be Jewish.)
The bill also includes an extensive definition of anti-Semitism, including speech that makes dehumanizing or stereotypical (wow!) allegations about the Jewish community.The anti-Semitism definition also includes expressing hatred for Jews, calling for the killing or harming of a Jewish person, criticizing the collective power of the Jewish community (AIPAC?), or accusing Jewish people or Israel (!!!) of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust(I suppose the term ‘holohoax’ is now a criminal offense in Florida).


Things will have to get a lot worse for the average US citizen to realise they are slowly being enslaved by jewish interests, I think.


Sadly, I think you are correct. There have been a few awakenings, but not a general trend. Ilhan Omar is a breath of fresh air and a hopeful sign…it all depends how long she lives though…not to mention the dirty tricks they will employ to discredit her.

Tommy Jensen

comment image


There’s a little bit on Venezuelanalysis, just a throwaway note in an article, that struck me as telling: Apparently a lot of people in the Venezuelan military seriously don’t like Guaido and his type because they keep calling for the US to invade, and it would be the Venezuelan military’s lives on the line if that happened. Seems they’re not wild about the idea of having to die for their country because some pipsqueak wants to be the boss.


Voltairenet reported the same in the Hollywood-style coup: about 20 military men were present voluntarily. Also, the photos were not taken at the military base but a highway bridge in front of it.

In French and Spanish for now, English translation should follow:


paul ( original )

As I suspected this coup appears to be fizzling out. Maduro may be taking the right approach but from here it does look as though he could be more assertive. The fact that Leopoldo Lopez seems to be at liberty having been previously detained is not a good sign. Maximum restraint is not always the best course of action.


The next thing the US could try, is a false flag chemical attack , and blame it on Maduro and Russia.

I hope this does not happen, BUT it has worked for the US in Syria.

I am sure that Venezuelan and Russian strategists have considered this.
There is also a need for sensitive military bases to have procedures in place to stop officers and men who have been bribed by the US to desert their commands.

paul ( original )

One thing for sure they wont stop trying. Your right some sort of ‘humanitarian’ manufacture event is part of the play book. WMDs scare is just part of the standard order of battle.


The Russian advisers are 1,000,000 times smarter than the zio-terrorist zombied US “smart” military strategists.. they have anticipated the terrorist US military reactions already.

paul ( original )

I don’t think you need to be very smart to figure out the Americans. Totally predictable .


I think this might have been part of their method. By not rounding them
all up, they have been able to cavort with their
co-conspirators…effectively outing them. The more they find, the less
that will be able to become sleeper cells. The military/political
leaders who led Guano on, then didn’t show up at coup time had to be a
deer in the headlights moment for Guano.

paul ( original )

They certainly seem to be doing well in containing the threat. For sure they don’t need my advice.


Ditto for me. It wouldn’t be a hugely fantastic or brilliant startegy, but in realizing who they are dealing with, simple tactics are probably the best…no need to over think it.

Hasbara Hunter



Your blanket statements of hate make you Hitlerish.

Hasbara Hunter

Your statements make you Hasbararattish…


It’s just the truth, from the day the US was created, it has been a thief stealing land and resources, the same applies to Israel.
The US has been doing this kind of thing for hundreds of years, it’s not going to change its ways. It has to be but down.


The US has been doing this kind of thing for hundreds of years

The British Empire has been doing that for hundreds of years. The USA, hijacked by those who ran the British Empire, took the relay after WW2.


Un bon Article qui fait le point sur Assange

Julian Assange : 7 ans de mensonges du système politico-médiatique et première extradition d’un journaliste



Re Bonjour,
un autre article assez complet qui resume bien la situation


Venezuela Caribe

par JMBerniolles (son site)

jeudi 2 mai 2019

Le corps de cet article a été écrit avant la dérisoire tentative de “coup militaire”, sur lequel on revient brièvement, de Juan Guaido et Leopoldo Lopez déjà impliqué dans le “coup” de 2002 contre Chavez.


Bonjour Alex. Merci pour les deux articles. En voici un réciproquement:

Prison for a Cartoon in the France of Voltaire — The Persecution of Alain Soral


La spécialité des intellos “philosophes” français
c’est d’être répugnants, pire les uns que les autres,
accusant toujours les autres de ce qu’ils font eux-mêmes !
On sait entre autre par Soljenitsyne que les Bolsheviks
responsables du Genocides de Chrétiens Orthodoxe par
dizaines de Millions était le fait d’Ashkenazis dont
la Culture Racist/Fascist/Théocratique voleurs et menteurs
n’est plus a démontrer tant en Europe qu’au US,
en Israel ou ils sont majoritaire c’est l’horreur
a l’état pure !

Alain Finkielkraut, BHL, Alain Minc, les frères Attali sont
une dégoûtation qui renvoie la France dans un obscurantisme
digne des persecutions Moyenâgeuses
Le Politiquement correcte est devenus un breuvage imbuvable.
La France n’a pas su passer de l’Empire a la Démocratie !
C’est le mot le plus ridiculeusement galvaudé
a notre époque , meme la Suisse subit l’influence Judeo Otanesque sous l’effets des Medias tous contrôlés
par des Ashkenazis !

PS: Le premier secrétaire de la Mission US auprès de l’ONU
a Genève voulait engager un ami dans la CIA.
J’ai assisté a tous les rendez-vous,
une bonne douzaine de matinées !
Ne réussissant pas a le convaincre, il finit par lui dire:
“En Suisse on fait ce que l’ont veut !
voulez vous un passport Suisse ? ”
Cet ami refusa, mais il obtint son passport auquel il avait droit
par toutes voies légales utiles, et ce malgré l’intervention
de la CIA auprès d’une Magistrate Ashkénaze au Gouvernement
pour l’en empêcher !
Le cas fut réglé par le Parlement qui désavoua le Gouvernement !
Mais ce fut toute une saga en soi … !


The US first attacked Korea in 1871, around here that’s considered before WWII.
The same kind of people exist in all 3 of the FUKUS countries.
The USA stole California, Texas and New Mexico, before WWII.

Nobody hijacked the USA, it was born a cxnt.


Yes, all before WW2 and yes, the USA did all that; but under who? Most certainly not the Founding Fathers. It was under the British ruling class; whom for some reason, you never point the finger at. The same British ruling class who established the privately owned/ran “Federal” Reserve (my reference to hijacking).


Hitler was a 1,000 times better than the Zio terrorist jhous today. Better and proud to be Hitlerish.than zio jhouish!!!!! Proud anti-semitic here!!!!

Harold Smith

And your embarrassing ignorance of Hitler and your embarrassing ignorance of the Satanic evil that is the U.S., reflects poorly on you, not on anybody else.


Do Hitler is a Western Ashkenazi Media invention
to hide the Ashkenazi Titanesque monstrosity in Russia ?

According to Alexander Soljenitsyne last Book

Hitler was a Chore Child if compared with the Bolshevik !

Bolshevism Was Basically a Jewish Movement – The Historical Facts from Lenin to Andropov

Ernst Lindenberg

The thing Empire might try next is assassination Guaido (done CIA or some other pro US organization) and then blame Maduro’s regime. It won’t surprise me at all. In fact it would be logical next step after their latest coup farce.


I believe this scenario is extremely likely. Hoping Maduro is putting his best protective forces on saving the traitor from this expected false flag attack as a pretext to the U.S. invasion!

The Nameless One

The satellite POV is giving me some really heavy COD MW vibes.
Thanks SF

Luke Hemmming

Another FAILED coup attempt. They should just give up while they are ahead. 80 military personnel defected. Hmmm yup that’s gonna make a difference. The majority of the population are against the coup. Its not going to work. Well done people of Venezuela. Be strong and resist Guaido and the US. They will take your resources and sell them else where and your country will not see a cent of it. They will not solve your problems. They will not make your life better than it was before the sanctions that THEY imposed on your current government. They lie they deceive they are all about themselves and their masters because it is those hidden men in the background that are pulling the puppets strings. The bankers the chess masters that seek to exploit vulnerable nations and the population to line their pockets at everyone else’s expense. Resist the rebels throw out the traitors and rid the rot from the interference of the US and the bankers.

This illegal COUP orchestrated by the TRAITOR Guaido the puppet politician of the USA has failed, the people of Venezuela are a proud people that will defeat for at least the second time, the American COUP attempts thankfully, the world led by Russia, Cuba ,China and well over 160 more countries are totally against the Excited States of America COUP against a legally elected Two term Socialist Gov’t that the US has publicly said will not be permitted in South America, what gives the US the right to dictate who the voters of a free country vote for ? Why is the United Nation not placing the same kind of SANCTIONS on the US and it’s puppets, sadly my own Country of Canada being too afraid of the US to do the right thing and denounce the US for this illegal WAR for the sole reason to take over the richest oil reserve in the world. We need to continue our opposition to the US and its puppets an continue supporting Russia and the many other countries that are protecting democracy that sadly the US no longer does.

Promitheas Apollonious

you need to wake up to the fact that none is protecting democracy, only their national interest and is time to wake to the facts of life rather than following an illusion they spoon feed you about democracy and all the bullshit that goes with that word.

Tudor Miron

I would guess that Erik Prince is planning to lead from behind.


Where else? As big as Trumps ass is, there’s plenty of cover there.

Rodney Loder

The rebels claim Guaido is able to roam free because he has the support of the people, Mudaro is bolstered in a way by Guaido roaming free because it makes him look less like a dictator.

This is like a tiger playing possum with a mouce.

What’s the point? the Western media will never recant.

Trump won’t invade with Venezuela’s missile defence.

Prince won’t come near, if he does so what, if a few thousand mercenaries can create a big enough disturbance to defeat the Revolution it wasn’t genuine to begin with.

Besides the first to die will be Guido’s family and henchmen, otherwise we’ve been deceived so what’s the problum in Venezuela.

Enver Hoxha

Just waiting until Guaido is jailed for life. We all know that if tRump was going to intervene he would have done so by now.

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