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U.S. Homeland Security Department: China Exerting “Unprecedented Effort To Influence American Opinion”

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U.S. Homeland Security Department: China Exerting "Unprecedented Effort To Influence American Opinion"

Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen says that China is “absolutely exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion.”

On October 10, Nielsen and FBI Director Christopher Wray briefed senators on the Homeland Security Committee on remarks by US President Donald Trump alleging that China is interfering in US elections.

According to top security officials, China presents the greatest long-term counter-intelligence threat to the United States.

“China absolutely is on an unprecedented – or exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion,” Nielsen said. Nonetheless, she pointed outhat that the US has not “seen to date any Chinese attempts to compromise election infrastructure.”

FBI Director went further claiming that China poses even a larger threat than Russia to the US interests.

“China in many ways represents the broadest, most complicated, most long-term counter-intelligence threat we face,” Wray said. “Russia is in many ways fighting to stay relevant after the fall of the Soviet Union. They’re fighting today’s fight. China is fighting tomorrow’s fight.”

These allegations, which came amid the already tense situation in relations between the US and China, will likely contribute to further tensions between the sides. This is especially possible if the Trump administration continues to exploit the “Chinese threat” narrative to promote its policy around the world.

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Vincent Van Zyl

The US really needs to stop crying wolf and talking constant shit without any evidence. While they do exactly the same as they accuse others if. What clowns

Ivan Freely

That’s the MO, accuse others of the crimes that you have committed.


‘Exerting unprecedented pressure’ to influence opinion? When have the Chinese been on US television to exert this pressure? They wouldn’t be allowed to in the first place. Talk about BS for the home audience. Then the ‘qualifier’….they haven’t AS YET tried to influence voting. Give the US time, they will find ‘evidence’. But the worst offender in the world when it comes to subversion, Israel, will never be mentioned.

viktor ziv

Yes, poor american opinion under unprecedented pressure from China and Russians tweaking election system. As if everything in US is outsourced. So gov should be outsourced too. I wonder if those people take blue pills instead of xanax.

John Whitehot

i’ve read journalists raving about possible “nixonisations” in the relation ship between US and Russia in a sort of counter Chinese alliance.

this is the point of brainwashing these people (and i’m saying journalists, not laymen) have been subjected.

if they ever will realize that Russia and China are the ones who are allied (alongside a whole spectrum of countries), not as an anti-US coalition, but as one trying to keep the zionist block led by the US away from their independence and freedom, perhaps we will start reading coherent articles.

If the US would ever decide to pull-out from its status of slave of zionist finance, I think both Russia and China will be glad to help them out.

Hisham Saber

Most certainly.

Ivan Freely

This is what I call, Karma. Americans getting a taste of their own medicine.


There is no block “against” the Untied States. There is a defensive alliance against the predacious United States/Nato/Israel. That is only a threat to hegemony.


A block is forming, but not one Americans would recognize.
Americans think of everything in terms of military power.
America will simply be rendered irrelevant via economic means.

Miguel Redondo

O my god , Jacky Chan is a subversive element which perverted poor innocent americans kicking the butts of poor american villans!
(Irony off)


Both USA and Russia are losing relevance in the face of India and China.


Russia is to China as Frank Nitti was to Al Capone.
The USA will eventually split up into Mexican parts and African American parts.

Tommy Jensen

The Chinese are smiling and bowing and when you smile back, your house has turned into a communist nest.
Everywhere you look in your house, in the bathroom, the toilet, under the bed, there is a smiling chinese telling you Chairman Mao said everybody should be equal.

Even when you go out shopping or partying there is a smiling chinese EVERYWHERE. Thats why we have so many problems in the United States today.

Hisham Saber

Since 1980, China has lifted around 850 million people out of poverty, into a massive middle class.

In the U.S., the middle class has been shell-gamed out of trillions by shyster Jewish syndicate of banks, led by the (sold in 1913, by a U.S. President) Federal Reserve, which is a privately held Jewish owned bank. Market bubbles and every 10 year clean-house swindle trillions.

This Syndivate of Khazar Talmudic Rabbinical Jews are now in firm control of the U.S., in all policy

You know, the Byzantine Empire which lasted 1200 years , the longest lasting empire in history, did so by enacting and strictly enforcing three laws
1- No Jews in Governemnt

2- No Jews in Finance

3-No Jews in Education ( what would now include mass media)


An Australian diplomat once remarked that “The Chinese are just like the Americans, the only difference is they don’t pretend to be your friend”


The modern Chinese state apparatus, and general public, rarely reference Chairman Mao today. Deng Xiaoping who led China into market reforms of the 1980’s is far more the modern reference point. It’s you, who is living in some 1950’s Mao-paranoid-fixated realm.


What??? No!!! This is terrible!!! I must insist that it is the USofA and only the USofA that has the right to ‘influence’, nay, impose their opinions on others.
Anyway, this is a sneaky way of saying: if ever you agree with anything but the official government line, it’s because you’ve been “influenced” by malign forces. Sure, China spreads its own propaganda but then, so does everybody.


The world and many if not most Americans are very tired and fed up with the Jew world order play book that the US uses of enemy creation and conflict fabrication. Using excuses that even if true are no different than what the US does itself and almost always on a much larger scale than the accused.

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