U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

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Before pointing the finger at Russia and Syria, the U.S. should answer for its own record

Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront; Brian Kalman is a management professional in the marine transportation industry. He was an officer in the US Navy for eleven years.

The world is once again witnessing the height of U.S. hypocrisy as members of the U.S. State Department ratchet up anti-Russian and anti-Syrian rhetoric surrounding the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the UK. Ambassador Nikki Haley has warned Syria, Iran and Russia that they will be held accountable for their pre-determined use of chemical weapons in Idlib on innocent civilians. No evidence was provided to support her threats. The United States carried out cruise missile strikes on two previous occasions, and each time provided no evidence to prove their assertion that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in attacking civilians, nor was any rational reason given for such an obviously irrational decision on the part of the Syrian state. No evidence has ever been provided to justify the clear international crime of aggression committed by the United States on these two earlier occasions. Now, the UK and the U.S. are both attempting to accuse the Russian government of using chemical weapons in an alleged attempted assassination of a Russian national on UK soil. Once again, no real evidence has been presented, only assertions and hearsay.

On Thursday September 13th, Assistant Secretary of State Manisha Singh declared before the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee that the United States would level the most severe of sanctions against Russia, including breaking all diplomatic ties, if Russia refused to admit its guilt in perpetrating the Skripal assassination fiasco and refused to submit to International inspections by the OPCW of its alleged chemical weapons and biological weapons programs. She stated that Russia would have to meet this requirement by an arbitrary November 4th deadline, set by the United States in accordance with a U.S. law, not an international law. H.R. 1724 – Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 specifies in part:

Title III: Control and Elimination of Chemical and Biological Weapons – Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 – Declares it is U.S. policy to: (1) seek multilaterally coordinated efforts with other countries to control the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons; and (2) strengthen efforts to control chemical agents, precursors, and equipment.

Requires the President to use the U.S. export control laws to control the export of defense articles, defense services, goods, and technologies that he determines would assist a country in acquiring the capability to produce or use such weapons.

Amends the Export Administration Act of 1979 to require the Secretary of Commerce to establish a list of goods and technology that would assist a foreign government or group in acquiring chemical or biological weapons. Requires a validated export license for the export of such items to certain countries of concern.

Requires the President to impose certain sanctions against foreign persons if he determines that they knowingly contributed to the efforts of a country to acquire, use, or stockpile chemical or biological weapons. Declares such sanctions to include: (1) denial of U.S. procurement contracts for goods or services from such foreign persons; and (2) prohibition against importation of products from such persons. Authorizes the President to waive imposition of such sanctions if he determines that is in the national security interests of the United States.

Amends the Arms Export Control Act to set forth similar provisions.

Requires the President to make a determination with respect to whether a country has used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or has used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own nationals. Authorizes specified congressional committees to request the President to make such determination with respect to the use of such weapons.

Requires the President to impose the following sanctions against foreign countries that have been found to have used such weapons: (1) termination of assistance under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (except humanitarian assistance and agricultural commodities); (2) termination of arms sales and arms sales financing; (3) denial of U.S. credit; and (4) prohibition of the export of certain goods and technology. Directs the President to impose at least three of the following additional sanctions unless such countries cease the use of such weapons and provide assurances that they will not use, and will allow inspections with respect to, such weapons: (1) opposition to the extension of multilateral development bank assistance; (2) prohibition of U.S. bank loans (except loans for food or agricultural commodities); (3) further export prohibitions; (4) import restrictions; (5) suspension of diplomatic relations; and (6) termination of air carrier landing rights. Provides for the removal and waiver of such sanctions.

Requires the President to submit to the Congress annual reports on the efforts of countries to acquire chemical or biological weapons.

Repeals certain duplicative provisions of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1992 and 1993.

It is important to note that nowhere in this law is there a legal commitment made by the United States itself, to eliminate its own chemical and biological weapons capabilities. This is not an oversight, yet speaks to the imperial hypocrisy of the United States and an acknowledgement that it alone has been the largest perpetrator of chemical weapons use and proliferation for more than 50 years. It currently maintains the largest stockpile of both chemical and biological warfare agents of any nation on the planet, and continues to expand its biological weapons research and development on a scale far larger than any other country.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

While the U.S. Department of Defense maintains that its massive biological research programs are meant to counter and defend against new biological weapons being developed, they are in fact developing bio-weapons in the process.

International Obligations and the OPCW

Russia is one of 192 signatories (state and non-state parties) of the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, along with the United States. On September 27th, 2017 it was announced by Russia and the OPCW, that Russia had verified the total destruction of its large chemical weapons stockpile dating from the years of the Soviet Union, estimated at 39,967 metric tons of chemical agents. Russia was obligated to do this by 2020, yet was able to accomplish the task three years ahead of schedule. Under the original agreement, both the U.S. and Russia were obligated to accomplish this by 2007, but both nations required an extension of the deadline.

Although admitting to a total stockpile of 28,000 metric tons of chemical agents, the U.S. admits to destroying 90% of its chemical arsenal. The U.S. requested and was granted an extension out to 2023 to achieve verified elimination of 100% of its chemical weapons. The only other signatory of the law other than the United States not to have already met the requirements is Iraq. It must be stated that much of the chemical weapons in the Iraqi arsenal are based on the chemical warfare agents supplied to the Saddam Hussein regime during the height of the Iran-Iraq war by the United States and other western nations. Saddam used some of these U.S. supplied weapons to murder thousands of Iraqi Kurds in the town of Halabja in 1988. Estimates range between 3,000 – 7,000 deaths and over 10,000 injured.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

Saddam Hussein was a valued asset of the United States and its Western allies for decades. Hussein pictured above with former French President Jacque Chirac and U.S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Not only did the United States, and France for that matter, provide chemical weapons to the Saddam regime, but the U.S. intelligence agencies provided the Iraqi military with vital battlefield intelligence, including satellite imagery in aiding them in the war. The U.S. was well aware that the Saddam regime had used chemical weapons in at least four offensives during the war. Of course they knew, they had facilitated the transfer of these weapons to help the Iraqis prosecute a war of aggression against Iran. Declassified CIA documents clearly show that the United States was well aware that the Iraqis had used chemical weapons at least four times between 1983 and 1988. Iran had accused Iraq of using chemical weapons, and tried to build a case to bring before the United Nations. The United States withheld its knowledge of course, and continued to aid its ally in perpetrating these crimes against humanity.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

Perhaps the most powerful photo taken of the Halabja chemical attack perpetrated against Iraqi Kurds. This woman died running with her child in an attempt to save her, yet could not escape the deadly effects of the chemical agents used. Their embrace will forever symbolize both human love and sacrifice, and unfathomable human cruelty.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has lied through her teeth repeatedly in her statements before the U.N. Security Council and the General Assembly. She has stated repeatedly that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people in Ghouta in 2013, Khan Shaykhun in 2017 and Douma in 2018, yet has not supplied one shred of evidence beyond dubious social media posts of unknown provenance. She has also stated that the United States is certain that it could only be the Syrian government, as no other party in the conflict zone could possibly possess chemical weapons. Here’s the problem with her statement. Firstly, the United States and the OPCW verified that Syria destroyed or surrendered all of its chemical weapons agents. On its official website, the OPCW states:

“Veolia, the US firm contracted by the OPCW to dispose of part of the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile, has completed disposal of 75 cylinders of hydrogen fluoride at its facility in Texas.

This completes destruction of all chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.  The need to devise a technical solution for treating a number of cylinders in a deteriorated and hazardous condition had delayed the disposal process.

Commenting on this development, the Director-General of the OPCW, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, said: “This process closes an important chapter in the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapon programme as we continue efforts to clarify Syria’s declaration and address ongoing use of toxic chemicals as weapons in that country.”

Secondly, the OPCW and the UN have both verified that opposition forces within Syria have used chemical agents as weapons on numerous occasions during the conflict. Not only has Carla Del Ponte, UN human rights investigator, former UN Chief Prosecutor and ICC attorney stated that opposition forces had used chemical weapons, but also the former OPCW head field investigator in Syria Jerry Smith stated to the BBC that he found it very unlikely that the government perpetrated these chemical attacks.. As recently as October of last year the U.S. State Department itself seemed to acknowledge the same truth in its warning to U.S. citizens traveling to Syria. The travel warning stated:

“Tactics of ISIS, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and other violent extremist groups include the use of suicide bombers, kidnapping, small and heavy arms, improvised explosive devices, and chemical weapons.

They have targeted major city centers, road checkpoints, border crossings, government buildings, shopping areas, and open spaces, in Damascus, Aleppo, Hamah, Dara, Homs, Idlib, and Dayr al-Zawr provinces.”

U.S. History of using Chemical Weapons and Supporting Those that Do

The last country in the world that should lecture anyone on the possession and use of WMDs is the United States. Not only is the United States the only country in history to ever target civilians with multiple atomic bombs, it has used chemical weapons against the populations of Southeast Asia and Iraq in the past. Now, they were smart enough not to use mustard gas and anthrax, but the accumulative effects of Agent Orange and depleted uranium in these populations has been devastating, and will not only cause great harm and pain for these populations, but will leave the land poisoned for generations.

The United States sprayed copious quantities of TCDD (dioxin tetrachlordibenzo-para-dioxin), a class 1 carcinogen all over regions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in an attempt to defoliate the jungle environment, and thus rob their enemy of an environment they excelled at fighting in and hiding in as part of Operation Ranch Hand. Known as Agent Orange, the chemical was banned in the U.S. in 1970. Although extremely hard to quantify, the devastating effects of dioxin exposure in the Vietnamese population are easily identifiable, as the same effects were observed in U.S. veterans that returned home after exposure to the toxin. Abnormally high levels of various cancers and debilitating birth defects are present in Southeast Asian populations in areas of greatest use of Agent Orange. Dioxins remain in the soil and water table, as they do not degrade naturally. Dioxin also bio-accumulates in the fatty tissues of animals and thus remains in the food supply.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

One of the many young Vietnamese born long after the war with debilitating, neurodevelopmental diseases and birth defects due to Agent Orange exposure of their parents.

The United States learned little from the crime it perpetrated in Southeast Asia, nor did it seem to care as it repeated a similar offense in two successive invasions of Iraq. Having failed to achieve its aim of defeating Iran through its brutal Iraqi proxy, even after helping the Saddam Hussein regime in chemical warfare attacks against Iranian soldiers and Iraqi Kurdish civilians, the United States largely ignored the numerous atrocities carried out by one of its favorite dictators. The U.S. would turn on its erstwhile henchman in 1990, after Saddam decided to attack one of its favorite corrupt emirates in the region. The resulting 1991 invasion of Iraq saw the heavy use of depleted uranium armored piercing rounds. Depleted uranium is extremely dense, and thus good for piercing hardened steel or composite armor. The follow-on invasion of 2003 brought more death and destruction, and more depleted uranium.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

Locations of depleted uranium munitions used by U.S. Airforce A-10 ground attack aircraft in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. Depleted Uranium is also used in anti-armor munitions utilized by all U.S. tanks and armored fighting vehicles as well, so the true breadth of distribution and employment of depleted uranium in the above map are understated.

The U.S. has not funded the reclamation and disposal of depleted uranium contaminated scrap in Iraq. The new Iraqi government has started cleaning up the approximately 350 sites identified as having depleted uranium contamination in the country, mostly around Basra and Baghdad, yet also scattered over the entire country. It is estimated that between 1,000 and 2,000 metric tons of depleted uranium used in various munitions fired during the invasion of 2003 alone. It is hard to narrow down the exact amount as the U.S. military has failed to provide any definitive numbers. Iraqi doctors have recorded and reported higher cases of cancers in adult patients and increased birth defects in children being born in Iraq since the invasion took place. The U.S. government seems determined to undermine any attempts to draw direct correlations between this recorded phenomenon and its use of depleted uranium in two successive wars in Iraq. It has also fought all attempts by U.S. war veterans suffering from various cancers and neurological diseases from their similar exposure in both wars.

Continued Support of War Criminals

Nikki Haley fails to acknowledge the historic role of the United States government’s support of some of the world’s most horrible regimes in the past. From the Khmer Rouge and Saddam Hussein then, to Saudi Arabia and Tahrir al-Sham now, the United States has supported many of the world’s most deplorable violators of human rights. Yet Nikki Haley has the arrogance and delusional belief that she has the moral high ground in chastising Syria and Russia before the U.N.?

Just this week U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo clarified that the Saudi and UAE have acted in good faith in taking steps to reduce civilian casualties in their military operations in Yemen and that the U.S. military would keep providing both material and direct support to both nations in prosecuting their illegal war. U.S. manufactured and supplied bombs are being used to kill civilians in Yemen regularly, amounting to an estimated 15,000 killed or injured civilians over a period of three years. This does not take into account the deaths and suffering associated with the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the Saudi-led coalition destroying virtually all infrastructure in the Houthi controlled part of the country. I am sure that it is also just another “unintended consequence” that al-Qaeda has expanded and strengthened its position in Yemen as a direct result of the conflict. When will any member state in the U.N. finally tell Nikki Haley that the Security Council must acknowledge that al-Qaeda has always been a proxy of Saudi Arabia and the United States?

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

Children injured when a Saudi airstrike targeted a school bus in Saada, Yemen. A total of 51 civilians, 40 of them children below the age of 15 were killed in the strike. The United States supplies the aircraft, bombs, aerial refueling and intelligence gathering resources to support the bombing campaign.

Nikki Haley continues to claim that Russia is directly facilitating an impending humanitarian disaster and war crime in the impending Syrian military operations to retake Idlib province, destroy a host of ISIS and al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups and liberate hundreds of thousands of civilians. She said the same thing during the battle to liberate Aleppo. Her lies were revealed when the SAA and Russia finally liberated the city and Syrian civilians who were kept as prisoners there by the Islamic terrorists were finally free of the horror of their captivity. Is it no wonder that tens of thousands of Syrian refugees displaced by the conflict are now returning to their home country?

Apparently Nikki Haley sees no issue at all in Imperial America supporting Saudi Arabia and the UAE killing Yemeni civilians by the thousands in Yemen. The U.S. not only supplies the bombs, but directly provides in-flight refueling of the aircraft and the intelligence used to conduct the “precision” strikes that target schools, hospitals, funerals, and even school bus loads of children. Does this surprise anyone? U.S. coalition airstrikes against ISIL in Raqqa and Mosul killed an estimated 6,000 civilians. In Raqqa, U.S. aircraft conducted 90% of the airstrikes, and the U.S. fired at least 30,000 artillery rounds into the city. The U.S. has yet to pay any political or legal price for its indiscriminant destruction of these cities.

U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes

One of thousands of airstrikes carried out on the Syrian city of Raqqa. The U.S. led coalition was widely criticized for its blatant disregard for civilian casualties in its targeting of the city as part of its offensive to destroy ISIL. They have yet to be held accountable for the estimated 800-1,000 civilians deaths caused.

The Russian Response

Russia needs to finally accept the reality that there is nothing to be gained by negotiating, or attempting to collaborate with the United States in solving problems. It’s like a shepherd using a wolf to defend his flock, or a detective enlisting the aid of a criminal to solve a crime that the criminal is a co-conspirator in perpetrating. It is illogical in the extreme. The Russian U.N. mission needs to call out Nikki Haley and the U.S. on its own deplorable record and hypocrisy and while seeking  the aid of other member states, must also realizing that most of them are bought-off by Washington. Hasn’t Haley repeatedly threatened to stop giving money to nations that do not support her resolutions?

The Russians need to realize that they can never have a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with the political and financial elites that control the United States. Russia will always find a friend in the American people, but Washington? This same elite despises the American people more than it does Putin or Assad. If it wasn’t for working class American citizens fed up with the U.S. establishment elite, we would likely already be in a direct war with Russia, China and Iran. I hope that the Russian political and military leadership understands this. Stop trying to placate Washington and start preparing to defend your nation. The Deep State will not stop at Ukraine or Syria. They desire the complete subjugation of Russia and a return to the Yeltsin days, or worse.

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ben brown

Paul Craig Roberts has been saying the same thing for months, maybe years actually.

Does Putin understand?

Is he simply buying time to build a new torpedo for every western ship and a hypersonic missile for every silo?


I would think that President is using time to his advantage.

Preparing the population and military for a confrontation that he does not seek and letting ‘time’ fracture the US society more and more as the two camps continue to fracture the USA and descend further into debt.


and sell more oil and ramp up the profits of the oiligarchs.


Without money the US cannot build its WMD’s. Without money the US cannot buy off the politicians that allow American WMD’s in their countries. Without money the US cannot bribe the media to hide its crimes. Military strength comes from financial strength. The Achilles heel of the US military is the collapsing US economy. Russia is targeting Americas weakest point, the dollar, a very smart thing to do. Destroy the dollar, and Americans will turn their weapons on themselves.


It will be no refugees, no wars to destroy nations


Feel sorry for Mexico.


The US impoverishes the whole world. Just look at Haiti and Cuba, both were American colonies, but Cuba broke free. Haiti is the poorest country in the region, because America steals from the poor, to give to the rich. Virtually all refugees are caused be American bombing and pillaging.


Sorry I misunderstood. We already have American refugees here(Oz). They come over for a holiday, and never go home.

Brother Ma

Nowwhere but Canada and Mexico.


they (Fed Reserve) just print them up as needed, regardless of the consequences, and have been doing so for years.


You are confusing the dollar, which is an IOU, with money, which is gold. Currencies are the share price of a nation, and just like Netflix shares, or Bitcoin the price is based on belief, not reality. The US dollar will in the fullness of time revert to its true value, zero.


when the dollar collapses, then so will all the banks.. The refugees will stay where they are and all of us will starve (except the 1%)

AM Hants

Perfect solution. The other alternative, hurts Russia, together with the planet.


The military has a friend in CNN


When Trump fart so nikki complain in UN that look I feel that Putin and Assad used chlorine gas on small small children.

Rüdiger Preiss

There is a mistake in the above reports: “One of thousands of airstrikes carried out on the Iraqi city of Raqqa” – Raqqa is in Syria. They might have meant “Mosul”?


Thank you for the feedback.


It reminds me of the psychological device called projection. You accuse your rival of all the things you yourself are guilty of. The more sustained and vociferous the attack the more likely the attacker is guilty of exactly what they project onto others. She mentions over and over how hell bent Syria, Russia, Iran are to kill civilians. Evidence clearly supports that this is the Number #1 mission of the US. Classic Projection!

The fairly new article from southfront linked below documents current US involvement in chemical/biological research including some very damning casualty numbers. Just a warning, maybe it was just me, but this article is depressing as hell. Titled: us-diplomats-involved-in-trafficking-of-human-blood-and-pathogens-for-secret-military-program/


Empire's Frontiers

‘Strike, and cry out in pain’, it goes.


I don’t follow what you are saying?

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s face it, US is a criminal racist thug regime that nuked Japan twice even when it was surrendering and then used chemical and phosphorus weapons in Korea and then the list of US war crimes goes on to Vietnam (agent Orange), Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Africa and so on. That does not include banned weapons lie cluster bombs and phosphorus used against civilians by the Zionist regime, Saudis etc. US is a global outlaw regime.

stary ujo

The friends ,we speak unwanted true ! Western countries never had interesting about civilians of Syria ,Iraq and Libya ! They have interest about NATO specialists , who underfucking legal goverment of Syria ! Politician USA is war crime ! OSN is l.t.d. of USA , with fucking false Guttieres !

J Roderet

Nikki Haley is easily one of the most evil women on Earth, along with her fellow war criminal Hillary Clinton.


Sadly, US is the most vicious criminal cowardly nation on earth and seems to breed wanna be AmeriKKKans like the Sikh woman Nikki “Haley”. US has a history of using banned NBC weapons from Japan to Iraq.

Brother Thomas

Samantha Powers ver 2.0


Exactly, they get an amoral woman to do the talking, whilst the real evil hides from the light.

AM Hants

Who else ended up in the same chair?

George H. W. Bush served 1971–1973, born June 12, 1924 (age 94)

Andrew Young served 1977–1979, born March 13, 1932 (age 86)

Donald McHenry served 1979–1981, born October 13, 1936 (age 81)

Thomas R. Pickering served 1989–1992, born November 5, 1931 (age 86)

Edward J. Perkins served 1992–1993, born June 8, 1928 (age 90)

Madeleine Albright served 1993–1997, born May 15, 1937 (age 81)

Bill Richardson served 1997–1998, born November 15, 1947 (age 70)

John Negroponte served 2001–2004, born July 21, 1939 (age 79)

John Danforth served 2004–2005, born September 5, 1936 (age 82)

John R. Bolton served 2005–2006, born November 20, 1948 (age 69)

Zalmay Khalilzad served 2007–2009, born March 22, 1951 (age 67)

Susan Rice served 2009–2013, born November 17, 1964 (age 53)

Samantha Power served 2013–2017, born September 21, 1970 (age 47)

Russell Bonner Bentley III

Three way tie – Clinton, Haley and The Beast – Karen Pierce of the UK. Real monsters.

AM Hants

So many to choose from. Not forgetting Nuland, plus, Albright.


The U.S. are the Biggest War Criminals in the World…. Bolton recently threatened to Attack The International Court of Justice in the Hague if one of their Soldiers was Arrested for War Crimes to get him back to the States… the U.S. thinks they are Sacrosanct

John Whitehot

she’s just a paperflipper, while Clinton is a mental patient.


Nikki Haley is a saint compared to Hillary Clinton.

AM Hants

Genetic programming, so popular over in Washington DC. Or just enjoy the benefits her sponsors provide?

AM Hants

Nominated by Donald Trump.

Nigel Maund

I’n not sure she’s human? I have a feeling she’s a US Deep State Cyborg mouthing off of a prescribed Globalist script that’s programmed into her internal software?


The US needs to be dejudified. 40% of US billionaires in any given year and many deca and centi millionaires are Jews. They are with no comparison even close, the highest percentage of “financial elites that control the United States”. And it isn’t just financial elites, they are also proportionally over represented in many other other control areas of society, like the media. No other group per capita comes even close to the Jews in responsibility for the criminal nature of the US government.


Look at the Jew population and Jew per capita of the 12 most Jew infested nations on the planet are, and look at who the planet’s biggest trouble makers and criminals are:


– Jewish population by country –



Dejudification in Europe, the Near East and North Africa 1945 to 2010:



“Of the forty-three(43) Council on Foreign Relations directors, twenty-eight(28) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented on the Council on Foreign Relations board of directors by a factor of 32.5 times(3,250 percent).”

“Of the fifty-one(51) senior executives of the major Wall Street banks, trade exchanges, and regulatory agencies, thirty-seven(37) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 72%.”

“Of the twelve(12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine(9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses.”

“Of the eleven(11) current and former senior advisors of President Barack Obama, nine(9) are Jews, partial Jews, or have Jewish spouses.”

“Of the fifty-six(56) Trilateral Commission Executive Committee members, twenty-three(23) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 41%.”

“Of the thirty-five(35) Bilberberg Steering Committee members, sixteen(16) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 46%.”

“Of the twenty(20) U.S. Senate Committee chairmen, eight(8) are Jews or partial Jews. This is a numerical representation of 40%.”

“Of the seven(7) Federal Reserve Board governors, four(4) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 57%.”

And the list goes on and on:

“Banking/Finance Who Controls the Economy? Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 2) Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 1) Who Controls Goldman Sachs? Who Controls American International Group? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1) Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 2) Mass Media Who Controls Big Media? Who Controls Hollywood? Who Controls Television? Who Controls Music? Who Controls Radio? Who Controls Advertising? Who Controls the News? (Part 1) Who Controls the News? (Part 2) Government/Politics Who Controls the White House? Who Controls the Senate? Who Controls the Congress? Who Controls the Supreme Court? Who Controls the State Department? Who Controls the Justice Department? Who Controls the Defense Department? Who Controls the Treasury Department? Social Engineering Who Controls the Ivy League? Who Controls the Think Tanks? Who Controls Professional Sports? Who Controls the Anti-Defamation League? Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who Controls the American Civil Liberties Union? Who is Behind Gun Control? Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax? “New World Order” Who Controls the Group of Thirty? Who Controls the Bilderberg Group? Who Controls the Trilateral Commission? Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 1) Who Controls the Council on Foreign Relations? (Part 2)”

– Who Controls America? A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America –



And the balance of members of these organisations, are they by any chance the so-called Christian Zionists?


Good point.


All criminals try and shift the blame onto others. I’m not saying Jews are innocents, but America was a depraved criminal long before most of the Jews arrived in America. They like America, because you are so alike.


For me it is a very specific disease. Psychopathic individuals, of all races are employed. You will find many Jewish people who hate Rothschild Zionists more than you do. Those are humanity’s real threat. The psychopathic Zionists leading many organizations world wide.

Russell Bonner Bentley III

EXCELLENT article. Comprehensive ( except you forgot the smallpox blankets given to Native Americans by US Army in the 1800’s) Meticulously documented and referenced, and above all, comes to the absolutely correct conclusion. SHARED.


Good one SF .

Turning the tables is required, and could possibly be achieved by using US law in a class action suit(s)against the (US)government, using the mentioned, “HR 1724 Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991”. These types of law suits generally seek financial compensation for damages due to loss of property or person(s). Bankrolling these law suits could be facilitated via NGO’s created to do just that. While the cost would start at a couple of hundred thousand dollars for retainer fees, winning just one case could bring in millions. The PR alone would make it worth while, Americans need to know just what kind of nefarious activity their government is up to. It can only be changed if they find out this is happening.


She is only a woman making money following someone else’s script. She is good looking so they know you will notice her.

It would be better to ignore her and focus on the details of this article. The engineers of this catastrophe are ugly old men hunched around tables figuring out how to kill off all the young people they are so envious of.

We should remind ourselves that not all American women are paid slaves of Empire. The congress woman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard gave a heroic speech yesterday.

Titled; Congresswoman Accuses Trump, Pence of Shielding Al-Qaeda in Idlib



good-looking????? Sorry..


“It would be better to ignore her”


This is a must read article. Along with another SF piece. Titled; Us-diplomats-involved-in-trafficking-of-human-blood-and-pathogens-for-secret-military-program


Both a challenge to read due to length and technical hurtles. Press on anyway.

We are all concerned with a Nuclear holocaust. What really may be going on is the preparation of several large catastrophic chemical/biological events. F.uk.us and evil co-conspirators are absolutely obsessed with the chemical weapons accusations against Russia and Syria. It’s unrelenting!

Yet obviously, from this article and the one linked above, F.uk.us are way more capable of fucking us with chemical/biological weapons than any other entity. Their ongoing use of these devices is not well published, but not really hidden either.

How did they ever get the use of depleted uranium approved? Ok dumb question, why are Glysophate, Fluoride, mercury in vaccines, GMOs legal?


seven new united snakes-funded bio-tech labs in Banderastan in the last one and a half years alone… Of course.. People are too blind to see (or to object)


Yeah looks to me like this is their real agenda. Nukes are too messy, but poison everyone who isn’t protected, then gather all the cookies. Scary.


If you use nukes, you destroy the assets you are trying to steal, germs and poisons leave the loot intact.

War, invading, not defending is robbery at a national level. Usually the theft is hidden from the public eye, but lately, in Libya and the recent offer by the US to leave Syria in peace, if they handed over the oil leaves no doubts that America is nothing more than a thief.


Seems the way they are always talking about CW that their real agenda is to use CW/biological, I would say they are already doing it.

Yes, in their minds, the assets of every single country on the planet already belong to them, they just need to take possession.


I skimmed through it but the article looks very thorough and the images are gripping. SouthFront could use a search feature. I first came across this article on Axis Of Logic. They offer the url source to all their articles and the url source for this led to Mint Press News, a good site, but they made no effort to point to the source of this article other than to say SouthFront. Manually, I was able to find this article using a simple search with Start Page. But if the title had been different, I would have been screwed. Also, There should be a date of publication on the article.

I’m surprised that the article’s author doesn’t mention the recent reports by Bulgarian journo Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, which can be found on her blog and on the 21st Century Wire website, which fails to offer a search feature for some reason.



It often seems only the MSM is funded to cover these very serious topics in a revealing fashion. Of course they don’t but they could. You seem very astute technically, if you had some extra time to volunteer, I am sure you would be appreciated.


Jews are an invasive parasitical disease, enemy of the state, and national security threat. They gravitate to control positions in society to take it over, exploit, enslave and victimize non Jews. This has been their modus operandi for thousands of years. Which is why they’re the most persecuted, expelled and genocided group of miscreants in human history.

“Over representation in the economic elite of a visible ethnic minority of the degree found in Poland and Hungary was certain to cause trouble regardless of the identity of the group: if Belgians, Bulgarians, or Bolivians had constituted 62 per cent of the highest income-earners of Hungary, rather than Jews, that would certainly engendered resentment against them … To us [Jews], European antisemitism appears to be a weapon of the strong against the weak, a kind of ideological sadism. To European right-wing nationalists of the post-1870 period, however, antisemitism appeared to be a weapon of the weak against the strong, an attempt (as they saw it) by a downtrodden nation to regain control over its resources from a separate, distinctive minority which appeared to dominate the economy — an aim not unlike that of anti-colonial movements in the Third World vis-a-vis the Europeans and foreign entrepreneurial minorities (like the Chinese throughout South-East Asia). The Zionist movement understood this perfectly well, however disturbing such a perspective may seem to us viewed with post-Holocaust eyes.

Moreover, research is most likely to demonstrate a very considerable actual Jewish over-representation in many other social and political areas which figured largely in the litany of continental antisemitism of the post-1870 period, especially Jewish participation in the radical left, the liberal professions, in journalism, and in the media.”

— W. D. Rubinstein, Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 42, nos. 1 and 2, 2000, p. 18-19″

– A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America –



“”Probably 90% of medieval people [in Europe] were peasants. But astonishingly little is known about them. Universally illiterate, like prehistoric people, they left no documents of their own. Literate members of medieval society, mainly churchmen, either ignored the peasants or, in most cases, mentioned them with contempt. To reconstruct the life of peasants, not only their economic condition but also their customs, attitudes, and inner experiences presents an impossible challenge.” …

“[Medieval] satire [about peasants],” says Jacques Le Goff, “often emphasizes the peasant’s filth, poor clothing, and minimal diet, but also a sort of bestiality that placed him … between beasts and humans … [This reflects] the undeniable and widespread conditioning brought on by harsh living conditions, alimentary shortages, monotonous work, a daily struggle for existence, the great scourge of famines, recurrent epidemics, and the dangers of war … ” [LE GOFF] (As recently as pre-World War II Poland, Jewish author Norman Salsitz, who was raised in that country, notes that “all across Poland the peasant was held in almost universal contempt.”) [SALSITZ, N., 1992, p. 88]

These peasants are that stock from whom most Euro-Americans have descended. And these impoverished and often desperate people who harbored the greatest day to day grievances against the Jews, and who perpetrated most of the violence against them — are rendered entirely mute in the twentieth century. We know well the Jewish martryology myths of the Middle Ages story, told and retold by their Hebrew and Yiddish chroniclers that are popular Jewish canon today. But we don’t know the peasants’ version of things; there is only scant reference to them by the Christian clergy or local aristocracy, neither of whom were even remotely sympathetic to their plight. …

“None of these restrictions applied to the Jews. They were free to come and go, marry and divorce, sell and buy as they pleased…. The priests were excluded from work, the nobles did not want to work, and the serfs were not allowed to enter the bourgeoisie or middle-class professions. There was no one left to do this work except the Jews, who therefore became indispensable. The Jews were the oil that lubricated the creaky machinery of the feudal state.””

– A CLOSER LOOK AT POLAND AND EASTERN EUROPE A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America –



“These peasants are that stock from whom most Euro-Americans have descended. And these impoverished and often desperate people who harbored the greatest day to day grievances against the Jews, and who perpetrated most of the violence against them — are rendered entirely mute in the twentieth century. We know well the Jewish martryology myths of the Middle Ages story, told and retold by their Hebrew and Yiddish chroniclers that are popular Jewish canon today. But we don’t know the peasants’ version of things; there is only scant reference to them by the Christian clergy or local aristocracy”

– A CLOSER LOOK AT POLAND AND EASTERN EUROPE A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America –





The UNITED STATES has been at war for 222 years out of 239 years. That’s 93% of the time!; Since the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, It grow TOO POWERFUL AND ARROGANT and wreak ruin upon the earth NATIONS and the human race. No country in the world is safe from the CRIMINAL machinations of the United States DEEP STATE and Israel Zionist aggressions.


America is a cancer upon all men, their thirst for blood is not found in any other living creature. Perhaps it’s the water, they look normal, but their crimes are far from normal.

Hide Behind

Please, please, please, quit the Demonizing of US alone when it comes to use and development of radiological, biological and chemical weaponry, and recognize that members of all European and a few Asian ones as well, are ” All Willingly Complicit” in crimes against humanity. The staffing in research and developement is composed of the brightest of all their nations, and also by the brain drains from all nations hired and funded by leading financials of Eurocentric, Britain, Israel and US. The populace of US, Canada and Austraila are almost totally lacking in knowledge of real historical facts of own nations, and are deliberately selectively ignorant of their leaderships part in those crimes. Contrary to opinions that WWI Germany was major user of mustard gas the allies used it as well, and after WWI as Britain and France divided ME into pieces, they dropped by air and shelled opposition forces with that gas. In Korean conflict with US leading all UN forces the use of chemical and biological weaponry was massive, and UN nations sat with fingers up ass while being paid By European nations. in the reports of Ukraine biological plants by lady from Balkans reporting, it mentions a few “Internationaly Registered Fims” and those firms have saffing of Administration of many Euro, India, US and other nations. Many many of the un undergraduate students searching for full degrees and high salarys got their starts from their own nations universities. Many of Iraqs, almost all, workers and designers of biological nuke and Chemical warfare industry, were removed after Gulf War I, and employed within Eurocentric Universities and military industrials throughout the winning allied nations. The lack of technical and scientific cultures of ME, Africa, Central Asia and S America are one reasons that Eurocentrics, India, Israel, Japan, Korean, Ukranians are so highly represented by those employed in such weapons developement and production. It is easy to be amoral when your paychecks depend upon it, as the search for material wealth has replaced “Moral and Spiritual Enlightment” as mankinds highest goals. By laying all blame of worlds woes upon one Nation only, for the Arabics it is Israel and US, is to continue to discuss within the frameworks that in truth belong to Eurocentric confines, and lets hundreds of millions of peoples off the hook, too remain in selfie delibdrately ignoranantand comfy lifestyle. Odd how the most intelligent of Southfront can designate “individuals” from all nations as the criminals but the media always uses generalities to hide behind.

AM Hants

White Helmet Video Productions – Episodes 1-3 of 8.

Alleged Video of Idlib Chemical Attack Fabrication Released by Syrian Media… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809211068240639-syria-idlib-chemical-attack-fabrication/

If you watch the White Helmet Video, check the following, together, with why would one of the victims, end up one of the rescuers? Then ask where the protective gear is:

1) Victim in blue/white striped shirt, beginning of video.

2) Man, navy check shirt, with woman, plus, young girl.

3) 0:55 – watch the hand of the victim?

4) 1:07 – Victim now up, rescuing others, but, why is there no smoke?

Video 2

1) Same victim in blue/white tee shirt, who turns rescuer.

2) 2:02 – check position of victim’s hand

3) 2:04 – victim touching his shirt, in ambulance

4) Man in check shirt, in video one, now on other side of road, in Video 2, with shirt wide open.

5) 2:37 check his hand, when he enters the ambulance.

6) Victim, in blue/white tee shirt, again providing assistance, washing down the boy.

Video 3

1) The victim/rescuer is back in victim mode, still wearing his blue/white tee shirt. Sitting in the same spot as the boy in the red top. Who, in this video, is now posing dead, on the ground.

2) Man in check top, has now done it up.

3) Woman with children, now getting into position, to join the ambulance, from the other side.

4) Boy in navy sports jacket, now open, again watch his hand move.

5) The man in the navy/white stripe top, victim turn saviour, washing down the victims.

3 of 8 videos, filmed by ‘White Helmet Video Productions’, in order to blame the Syrian Government of a ‘CW False Flag’. In order for the nations sponsoring the White Helmets, to get UN authority to destroy Syria.

Please share the video.

Nigel Maund

US hypocrisy has absolutely no limits. I thought the UK was the absolute grandmaster of hypocrisy, duplicity, lying and dissembly, but by God the USA is now right up there alongside their “mother country” as a warmonger, mass murderer and colonialist aiming to control critical resources, especially oil. These two, known as “the Dreadful Anglo American Twins”, are controlled vassal States of the Rothschild banking empire that has controlled the UK since 1816 and the USA since 1913. The Rockefellers joined in via the foundation of the Fed in 1913 and became fellow banksters with the foundation of Chase Manhattan. Of course, the Mainstream Media, the modern equivalent of the Nazi propaganda machine of 1934, and the similar Communist organisation under Josef Stalin, never ever tells the truth, except about the weather or soccer results.

Hide Behind

Lest American white people forget that genocide of American natives use of any means possible. The a government sponsorex form of bacterial and viral warfare was used by giving measles and small pox impregnated blanket, wheat mold and even poisoned supplies were first introduced as trade goods and later upon reservations as welfare handouts. The deliberate killing of Bisons in order to starve natives was a military tactic, as was the removal to barren and arid wastelands where growing any vegetables was almost impossible. To keep Natives impoverished unto today billions of dollars from sales of natural resources is under control of the Bureau of Indian affairs, a white mans office that aided and still aids theft by politicly connected corporate and cinancial institutions. Tbe loss of ative funds by these Yuppy bureaucrats was well into Billions of US $ and no one was punished due to lack of paper records. The deliberate deztruction of Iraq water purification and sewage treatment facilities during Bush I and later under Clinton along with denial of medicines or chemicals and infrastucture supplies to repair them, was a form of chemical and biological warfare. It introduces dysentary, cholera, paracitic flukes and worms into bodies, and causez mental retardation and kills children whose i.mune systems are weak. There is no such a state as depleted uranium after once being radioactive! What uranium that is used in DU munitionz only means that as an energy source it is at less than 75-85% effeciency needed at nuke plants, not that it is no longer radioactive. It most assuredly is and as recent studies of forms of radiation in places of Iraq shows, there most certainly pure radiation weaponry used, some with elements whose half lives is over 25,000 years and not just depleted uranium. Tbere are no forms of killing not in use by Israel ( which off steams radioactive steam by its nuke plants towardsordan on a nightly basis), and the Europeans,Brits and Americans of USA who tear the hell out of poor nations impoverishing them now and polluting their lands while doing so.Once those eurocentrics deplete the resources the people left behind get to clean mess if their chemicly destroyed bodies and lands can be cleaned. It is a mean and amoral led world, and the study of new and more effecient killing means is what bio, chemical, nuclear, and viral studies are realy about. Those who work in such fields only use ” helping humanity” for something to hide behind, az they lack conscience and moral, spiritual capacities, psychopathic and sociopathic MF,s.

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