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U.S. Has The Most-Unequal Wealth Distribution of Any Major Country

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U.S. Has The Most-Unequal Wealth Distribution of Any Major Country

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Written by Eric Zuesse.

The most-reliable information-source regarding the distribution of wealth inside each country is the periodic nearly 200-page Credit Suisse “Global wealth databook,” which is produced by a large team and is therefore too costly to generate annually, but the latest freely available edition of it is their “Global wealth databook 2019”.

Wealth-data are far more private, and difficult to calculate with any reliability, than are income-data, because ownership is often hidden, especially at the upper levels of wealth. Consequently, even for a single country, the distribution of wealth is very costly to calculate. To do it with sufficient reliability so that the percentages can be compared between the world’s countries is next to impossible, but Credit Suisse’s team were able to calculate it for each of 30 countries, as regards the percentages of wealth that are owned by the richest 10%, and, also, for each of 27 countries as regards the percentages of wealth that are owned by the richest 1%.

In the following two lists, only the findings for the most-recent year that was able to be calculated with any reliability are being shown.

Slovakia had the most-equal distribution, with the top 10% owning 34.3% of the wealth, and the top 1% owning 9.3% of the wealth.

Uruguay, which was the only Latin American country on the list, had the most-unequal distribution, with the top 10% owning 77.1% of the wealth, and the top 1% owning 38.6%. (Wealth-distribution doesn’t necessarily correlate with income-distribution. For examples: In the latest U.N. Development Program calculation of Uruguay’s “Income Gini coefficient” — higher number means more unequal, and the average is around 35 — shows, for 2020, 45.3. That’s not extraordinarily unequal. Worst of all is Seychelles, at 65.8. U.S. is 40.8. China is 42.1. Russia is 40.1. Norway is 25.8. Germany is 28.3. Sweden is 25.0. Slovakia is 26.0. Haiti is 59.2. Guatemala is 55.9. Honduras is 57.0. Bolivia is 56.3. Brazil is 54.7. Chile is 52.1. Mexico is 47.2. South Africa is 63.1. Vietnam is 35.6. Venezuela is 44.8. Iran is 38.3. Syria is 35.8. Indonesia is 38.1. India is 33.9.)

Of course, one might expect Latin American countries — sometimes called “banana republics” — to have the largest percentage of the wealth owned by the fewest-percentage of the population. However, on its wealth-distribution, America, the United States, was the second-worst, very similar to Uruguay: it had the top 10% owning 75.0% of the wealth, and the top 1% owning 35.5%. The 3rd-worst country on the list was Netherlands, with the top 10% owning 68.3%, and the top 1% owning 27.8%. (Indonesia was slightly worse than Netherlands, on the top 1%, with 28.7%, but the top-1% data there were from 1998 and so might be quite different from the current reality; and, on Indonesia’s top-10% data, which were from 2014, Indonesia’s 36.4% was almost as equal as Slovakia’s 34.3%. So, Indonesia doesn’t score badly overall, but the latest-available wealth-data there are 23 years old and therefore not reliable as a reflection of current reality.) Sweden was among the most-unequal countries, 67.0% on the top-10%, and 24.0% on the top-1%, but all of those data were from 2007 (which also is fairly old; so, the 67% might also be reasonably questioned).

The most-equal major country on the list was Japan, which had 41.0% on the top-10%, and 10.8% on the top-1%.

Here are those data:

“Global wealth databook 2019”

“Table 1-5: Wealth shares for countries with wealth distribution data”

Wealth of Top 10%:

  • Austria 2017 = 56.4%
  • Belgium 2014 = 42.5%
  • Canada 2016 = 47.3%
  • Chile 2011 = 37.6%
  • China 2013 = 48.4%
  • Cyprus 2010 = 56.8%
  • Denmark 2015 = 64.0%
  • Estonia 2013 = 55.7%
  • Finland 2013 = 45.2%
  • Germany 2012 = 57.5%
  • Greece 2014 = 42.4%
  • Hungary 2014 = 48.5%
  • India 2012 = 62.1%
  • Indonesia 2014 = 36.4%
  • Ireland 2013 = 53.8%
  • Italy 2014 = 42.8%
  • Japan 2014 = 41.0%
  • Luxembourg 2014 = 48.7%
  • Malta 2010 = 46.9%
  • Netherlands 2015 = 68.3%
  • N.Z. 2014 = 52.9%
  • Norway 2014 = 51.5%
  • Poland 2014 = 41.8%
  • Portugal 2013 = 52.1%
  • Slovakia 2014 = 34.3%
  • Slovenia 2014 = 48.6%
  • Sweden 2007 = 67.0%
  • UK 2014 = 48.0%
  • U.S. 2016 = 75.0%
  • Uruguay 2013 = 77.1%

Wealth of Top 1%:

  • Austria 2017 = 22.6%
  • Belgium 2014 = 12.1%
  • Canada 2016 = 13.6%
  • Denmark 2015 = 23.6%
  • Estonia 2013 = 21.2%
  • Finland 2013 = 13.3%
  • France 2014 = 18.6%
  • Greece 2014 = 9.2%
  • Hungary 2014 = 17.2%
  • India 2012 = 25.7%
  • Indonesia 1997 = 28.7%
  • Ireland 2013 = 14.8%
  • Italy 2014 = 11.7%
  • Japan 2014 = 10.8%
  • Latvia 2014 = 21.4%
  • Luxembourg 2014 = 18.8%
  • Netherlands 2015 = 27.8%
  • Norway 2014 = 18.3%
  • Poland 2014 = 11.7%
  • Portugal 2013 = 14.4%
  • Slovakia 2014 = 9.3%
  • Slovenia 2014 = 23.0%
  • Spain 2014 = 20.2%
  • Sweden 2007 = 24.0%
  • UK 2008 = 12.5%
  • U.S. 2016 = 35.5%
  • Uruguay 2013 = 38.6%

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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jens holm

Those numbers are very nice but not usefull for anything at all.

Simple math says You also has to combine with the GDP, where You can take the % from a high level, a middle level or a low level GDP.

By that even the poorest in USA has a much higher livingstandard then many in cpountries having a middel or low GDP.

Ownership is not only bad. It also creates a lot of jobs, a livingstandard and tax comming back a fx free school, free education, free healtcare, free hospitalcare and free pension.

Well more or less free.

Eric Zuesse seemes to se being rich only is dead tons of gold under pillows. He is far out.

f he reall cared, he would try to count deciders. Those are many more then the rich ones and why we have parlementarisme. Those neutralize and outbalance hardhead being rich and only decider.

He also says WIKIPEDIA is full of lies. It might be partly true but any are allowed to change texts in WIKI and for him too. o far WIKIPEDIA as WELL as WKIMEDIA and other THE BEST WE HAVE.

Any site for any information about things has to be used with a filter.

I see the BIAS and MANIPULATION here every day. People try to make all opposition into some Nazi look a like from Belarus. Well most people are not. PÆeople cant even see that the bomb alarm came after the landing as well.

So what do Mr Eric Zuesse do himself. He is not sober giving us completly irrelevent data. Tempting to conflude all should live in refugee camp and by that being equalized.

j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡

Prove that you are really danish jens, say something in danish to me!

jens holm

Du er fandme mærkelig selv. Du er så lille, at Du end ikke kan bruge dit eget navn. Hvis nogen skal bevise noget, så er det sig selv.

Du tager ting grebet helt ud i luften og lyver som bare pokker. Du aner ikke, hvad Du skriver om. Selv børnehavebørn her ved mere end dig.

jeg forsøger så at lave om på det, men igen er det mere vigtigt om Jeg fx er dansk end mine data kan controlleres og mine egene meninger og argumenter er velbegrundede.

Du kender heller ikke forskellen på, om jeg fortæller facts og altså er en slags lærer – eller jeg skriver min egen mening.

Der er intet mærkeligt i, Du og I har et kommunikationsproblem.

Det er akkurat det sammme om USA, Jøder, NATO, EU, LGBTS og at vide noget om opbygning af lande og kvinder her ikke får penge ved skilsmisse, fordi deres del af GDP er 22.000 dollar mens mændenes er 35.000 dollar. De kan derfor selv. De har deres egen bankkonto. Men det er naturligvi´s HARAM forlille dig.

j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡ https://jensholm.se

I translated this on google, and its still the SAME bollocks you write day in day out. So the problem is not the laguage but your rotting brain. Why do write stuff that has nothing to do with our topic? Why do you never admit to being wrong? Why are you obsessed with LGBT??

du er en retarderet psykafdeling, din “argumenterer” er baseret på løgne og lort, der overhovedet ikke giver mening.

btw dit sprog stinker og lyder homoseksuelt.

Yup I bet his danish is as broken and retarded as his english.

jens holm

Thats no coement to the difficult relations to numbers and what they show. Its very much the opposite Claiptain saying any should ignore any facts and create their own.

And its some kind of addiction sheep telling each other bah and next they are telling each other bah bah – and nexxt.

thats no debate or anything else but pure selfdestrution making themself into even more dark, then they are born with or forced too assimilate.


Jens are u an idiot, living costs are much higher in the US, rent, healthcare, energy, internet,water…. are you so total dumb or whats wrong with you???


You are dumb uneducated troll who is shill for the Jews who have destroyed the US and the west. The real issue is that the US since its genocidal slave trading inception is a failed state built on dehumanized greed and now the situation is far more dire as America is in a race to the bottom as power has shifted to Eurasia and the delusional Jew agenda of endless wars has sapped the bankrupt US economy and much worse is yet to come.

America is KAPUT

Jens is a uneducated attention seeking moronic troll and should have been banned a long time ago as these trolls thrive on ruining discussion and free speech.

Jens Assholm

Moron, this has nothing to do with GDP whatsoever. It’s entirely about WEALTH DISTRIBUTION but you braindead imbecile cannot write nor read: the only thing you can do is to spam idiotic garbage and obsessively and obediently suck yankee buttholes like a dumb bitch. That’s exactly what you are. A stupid slave bitch.


According to data from the World Bank, South Africa followed by Brazil and a handful of Sub-Saharan African countries have the least income inequality, while Ukraine is listed 25 or 26 (more income equality than Russia at 34 or 35).

There is no data from Saudi Arabia and a few other Gulf states, I would imagine the Saudis hold a monopoly over their own national wealth. For certain the largest degree of wealth inequality is found in Africa and Latin America. As for the United States with the least income equality among any western country, that country is basically a giant shopping mall.


The following countries rank lower than the USA in terms of income equality:

Angola, Peru, Uganda, Nigeria, Mexico, Madagasgar, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Bolivia, Turkey, Rwanda, Chad, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Seychelles, Chile, Cameroon, Benin, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Honduras, Columbia, Republic of the Congo, Panama, Brazil, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zambia, Nambia, South Africa.


This is a feature of the Jews’ grift-money based grift-machine.

America is KAPUT

Jews have destroyed an already failed state US which is now totally being ripped off by Jews and their global endless wars agenda.


Inshallah they are SCHTOPPED!

jens holm

Not even my best microskope can see You as a person.


The most ironic part of the poor of so many people in the US is that the US is hiding its massive wealth from the voters.

That is done by putting it into fonds for future purposes like repairing a bridge. Then the money immediately counts as spent and then gets invested to buy up the world.

And by doing this they can produce numbers of high deficits event though they have three to five times more assets than debt.

Exploiting other countries by forcing worthless money onto them by the most costy military in history does not leave you poor it makes you rich.

But the people running the US don’t treat their own citizans as mere slaves and want to keep taxing them to control the population.

People have found that the US is so rich, that none in the US would need to work anymore and still live more rich than in most other countries in the world. But of course they won’t use the money for the benefit of the people but only for themselves and to gain more power and more wealth than they already have.

US is by all measures the home of SATAN.

AmeriKKKa sucks

US is bankrupt failed shithole in a losing war with China, which has trillions in reserve and an arms race will impoverish the redneck losers who already live worse than dogs as the Jew scammers have ripped off the trailer trash. US is a pathetic joke and average brainwashed trailer trash clowns are at the receiving end. China can outspend the deadbeat Americunts anytime.

Last edited 7 months ago by AmeriKKKa sucks
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