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JUNE 2023

U.S. Is ‘Fully Prepared’ For Military Action Against Turkey If Needed: Pompeo

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U.S. Is 'Fully Prepared' For Military Action Against Turkey If Needed: Pompeo

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Donald Trump is “fully prepared” to take a military action against Turkey in Syria if necessary.

“We prefer peace to war… But in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed, you should know that President Trump is fully prepared to undertake that action,” Pompeo told CNBC’s Wilfred Frost in a taped interview.

Earlier in Octiber the US launched  a withdrawal of up to 1,000 troops from northern Syria as Turkish troops advanced against US-backed Kurdish militias in the area – more widely known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“We jointly took down the threat of the Caliphate of ISIS,” Pompeo said. “It was to the benefit of the SDF, it was to the benefit of the United States of America, and indeed, to the benefit of the world. The commitment that we made to work alongside them we completely fulfilled.”

Ankara calls the SDF a terrorist group, and is unhappy that the US has supplied it with weapons and equipment.

The Turkish military operation and the US withdrawal pushed the SDF to reach a protection deal with the Assad government. Probably, this particular ‘unexpected’ development make the Trump administration upset. Now, the US is attempting to resuce the crumbling influence in the war-torn country.


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fruit loop

World Wisdom

The US created AQ, the US created Daesh, the US did not fight Daesh, but fought Assad Gov. Leave Syria, US terrorists!


hohohoho that’s the dumbest thing that clown has said. us v turkey ho hohoho


Gotta keep the ratings up. They are going from drama to comedy.

Pave Way IV

I want to see the episode where the US SF guy looks through his sniper scope and remarks that he recognizes one of the head-choppers – because he trained him in Turkey in the Pentagon’s $500 million Train and Equip program. Shame to let all that training go to waste, so he adjusts left to put the crosshairs on another head-chopper he recognizes. Except that one was part of the CIA’s Timber Sycamore program. Goodbye, head-chopper head.

Feudalism Victory

I agree it’s a stupid thing to say.

Joao Alfaiate

Gonna be a bit tough on our brave lads at Incirlik….

opet ja

Ha ha very stupid statement indeed. Maybe Pompeo expects they will drop few bombs on Turkrats and they will not react?! Pretty much childish…

Saso Mange

haha funny remarks, US foreign policy is a joke.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So a NATO country threatens another NATO country with war? *Russia and China brings out the popcorn*

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

When the former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the war in Syria, will be the downfall of US imperalism, i dont think he was that far off.


Historically, the decline of major empires is often tied with the over extension of their conquest capacity. Over conquest tended to result in political ruptures and policy conflicts at the power centre of an empire, and it simply drained an empire’s economic viability through over taxation and/or debts for ever-expansive military forces.

Ceasar Polar

When is this fat-lying-pig will be fired… just like Bolton time for this pig to go.


and that is probably why he’s been so invisible lately and that his employer, the mic/deep state/fic has instructed him to sit tight since they can’t afford to lose one more of their kind, now that bolton was given the shove (although he is suspected of scheming behind the scene)


I think Boltons departure is for re-election side show purposes. Bolton is pure Zionist, as is PompAss.


Pompeau is many things but in no way could that great lardtub of a man ever be described as “invisible”


invisible in the sense that you couldn’t see neither hide nor hair of the man when he sat back and waited for matters to get back to normal and the risk of being made redundant by trump subsided.


Yes, he casts a wide shadow!


Bolton is the speaker and liberator of the MEK terrorists harbored by Washington (just like the Gulen terrorists). He boldly boasts of being in Tehran next year. That’s what they do, instigate regime change and put a terrorist org in its place. The US is nothing but a terrorist mafia spreading its believed power over the world.


“The commitment that we made to work alongside them we completely fulfilled.” Boy, no doubt. The Kurds were the only ones to not know they were destined for the underside on the bus. The US knew it all along, hence the statement, ‘commitment…completely fulfilled’. Now, will the Kurds join the US in the south of Syria as well? Since they never learn, I expect it…and also expect them to ask for the moon from Assad.


Pompeo has put his foot in his mouth so many times he needs force feeding through his asshole to survive…


So now the SAA has agreed to defend the SDF and have taken positions along the border.

The Turks have stated that if the Turks are attacked by the SDF under SAA protection along the border they will declare war on Syria.

Does this mean the USA will fight alongside the SAA against their NATO ally Turkey if Turkey goes to war with Syria to defend the SDF?

I guess it kinda makes sense seeing as the USA armed and supported Al Queda against Assad but when you take this full circle back to 2011 the idea that Assad’s SAA could concievably be allied with the USA against the Turks makes this whole Syrian clusterfuck of a war about the most senseless, idiotic endeavour in human history …. try explaining this to your grandkids in 30 years time.


The Assad Government declared the SDF a terrorist organization in a letter to the UN. There is only hearsay about them joining the SAA. If the SAA is winning, and they are, why would they make any agreements with the terrorists who have helped the enemies of Syria. There is no proof of this so called union and you rightly put it into respective.

Pave Way IV

The SAA didn’t agree to defend the SDF – that’s just the way western MSM described it. The SAA didn’t agree to ‘fight alongside the SDF’ against the Turks – that’s just the way the Kurds described it.

It’s beginning to seem the real agreement between the SAA and SDF was that the SDF wouldn’t or couldn’t defend certain border crossings and population centers, and wouldn’t oppose the SAA reclaiming those areas and the routes to them. From the SAA’s part, it seems they were interested in reclaiming border crossings without fighting the SDF or Turkey, and the SDF mostly left (or will soon leave) those areas. Turkey isn’t going to invade across a SAA-held border crossing and isn’t going to ‘fight’ the SAA if there’s no SDF there to chase out. The SAA isn’t offering themselves as a human shield across every inch of the northern border just so SDF that don’t want to move away from the border can hide behind them. Same with Russian troops – they’re not ‘protecting’ the SDF.

I don’t know this and nobody has described all the agreements. This is just the way it seems to be playing out and makes sense for now. The longer-term arrangements between Syria and the SDF are yet to be know. Syria can’t see this as a bad thing if the SDF is pushed back 30 km from the border prior to future negotiations.

Pave Way IV

“We jointly took down the threat of the Caliphate of ISIS,” Pompeo said. “It was to the benefit of the SDF, it was to the benefit of the United States of America, and indeed, to the benefit of the world.

Yeah, but the CIA and MI6 are still pissed off about that, Pompeo. Best to keep away from nail guns and unmarked bottles of perfume. You know how those guys can hold a grudge.

Xoli Xoli

This fat fuck pumpkin bafoon is a war instigator.So clause 5 or NATO article is a mouth wash thing.


Well the last scotsman. He is the last of the fused atoms that current administration of Trump has, Trump needs to squash this bug, or it will implode. Mad Dog Mattis was the same, Bolton LOL I don’t even want to mention that nasty man, and here were the last one is here and pushing the zionist-neocon propaganda, he is the last regime in the admin for Trump. Trump need to lose this dog away faster or he will drown himself too.


Almost quarrels for visibility.

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