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U.S. Forces Withdraw From Key Base Near Syrian Border. More Rocket Attacks On US Targets In Iraq

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U.S. Forces Withdraw From Key Base Near Syrian Border. More Rocket Attacks On US Targets In Iraq

Late on March 17, at least three rockets struck the area near the US embassy in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone. This was the fourth such attack in the span of a week. A day earlier, a pair of rockets struck the Besmaya base south of Baghdad. This military facility is the second largest military base operated by the US-led coalition in Iraq after Camp Taji.

The threat of rocket attacks already forced the US military to announce that it is evacuating some of its bases in the country. The al-Qaim base, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, is among them. The al-Qaim facility has been an important logistical and operational hub employed by US forces for operations in western Iraq and eastern Syria. Its presence there, as well as in Syria’s al-Tanf, has allowed the US to project its power along the Syrian-Iraqi border more effectively and to support Israeli military actions against Iranian-backed forces in the area.

Al-Qaim is located on the highway between the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. The town of al-Bukamal, which Israeli and US media often label as a stronghold of Iranian-backed forces, is located on the Syrian side of the border.

The withdrawal from al-Qaim is a signal that the US has been forced to admit that its attempts to cut off the land link between Syria, Iraq and Iran have failed. Washington was seeking to prevent a free movement of troops, weapons and other supplies from one country to another.

Meanwhile in Syria, the Idlib zone remains the main focus of tensions. Idlib armed groups and their supporters continue blocking efforts to create a security zone along the M4 highway in southern Idlib, as had been agreed by Turkey and Russia. These actions are accompanied by a fierce war propaganda campaign against the Damascus government, Iran and Russia. If the situation develops in this direction and further, the only remaining option to implement the new de-escalation deal and neutralize the terrorist threat will be a new military operation.

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  1. Al Balog says:

    Not much of a surprise, but I think that the USA will just re-locate to one of their already-existing bigger bases. On a side note, I think the USA will lose. American politicians don’t even look intimidating, which Iran does. I mean, look at the pictures and you tell me who you expect to win in a long-term battle. These American ones can’t even put 2 sentences together ?


    1. BMWA1 says:

      Money will run out for this nonsense.

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      The one in the middle can,theb others can’t because they are not as smart but rather try hard wannabe billion airs,in criminal ponzi schemes ripping of us taxpayers unlike the other whom
      atleast has a go to try to help them.

    3. Maria23 says:

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  2. Liberal guy says:

    Withdraw ur ass u zio bastards

    1. ivan cohen says:

      the start of the hunt for westerners finally become real……… and they escape as mouses!
      when they face civilian people have a different way, now, with the end of empire everyday a more difficult day for them.
      we must think of oil prices at 28$ a barrel when evil rogue oil corporations start to have losses with 51$ a barrel, so in some months their economic power will finish, specially when Syrian sovereign oil will come home

      1. Liberal guy says:


        1. ivan cohen says:

          buh buh buh for all people which believe which usa bring (brought) democracy all over the world……

      2. <> says:

        Then come and crush me “Ivan (the bastard) Cohen”, atleast don’t hide behind a Jewish name. Little Putz.

        1. Ewan says:

          At least he has the b@lls to give a name. Whats yours fakeJew Khazarian?

        2. ivan cohen says:

          I am a westerner and I’m ready to crush all the infamous , as you, which are killing million people with no defence because you are capable of murdering also poor people, civilians and/or shooting from behind …….
          the start of your end is past, now you are at 2nd stage, the fall.
          then offending me you make me stronger, and everyday we mounting, everyday one step more, zionists are the first

        3. ivan cohen says:

          i’m behind your image, it’s a tactic, idiot!!! come to reserve, you can’t do nothing, I’m not in gaza, I’m in west europe and I am an agent of the good in front of the evil you represent. And remember, times of false flags finished, the your loved way to kill people and account others, your nation, born from and FOR terrorism will fall soon, seen americans will start to be very worried by their bioweapon which they used in bad ways. as . . . .when a soldier shot himself on the feet……..

          1. <> says:

            What are you membeling you bastard? you think you can take us down? we eat scumbags like you alive here. Soon we start our Gaza operation to clean you and your friends from this planet, you can come and join them too if you’d like.

          2. ivan cohen says:

            OFFENDING MEAN LACKS OF ARGUMENTS, then this is not the first problem, the ngreatest problem is that people as you are the food in the plate of banksters, murderers, zio-nazi son of bitches which one day, as soon as possible they will be in the middle of a square and publicly hanged while the majority of people looking for them in their welcomed death.
            So a very poor person as you (poor of spirit and ignorant as a goat) this great days will escape under many meter of ground, eating rats and destined to death, …. poor son of a goat, poor ignorant idiot used by elites in their proxi armies fighting a lose battle….

  3. Pave Way IV says:

    CENTCOM troops and mercs just consolidating their presence into three ‘permanent’ (and defensible) Iraqi bases. The scheme of raising a permanently weak and disorganized Iraqi army eternally dependent on U.S. ‘advisors’ backfired once we pissed off the PMUs. The partition of Iraq into Khazarian Kurdistan, Western Head-chopperistan and rump Iraq was also a failure.

    The U.S. war for an Iraqi oil pipeline to Israel is over. Sorry, Bibi – you’ll have to buy oil – with cash – just like everyone else, and U.S. taxpayers will be forced to give you all the money you need. But I know… just the idea of PAYING for stuff is enough to make you go full-retard. [sigh…]


    1. <> says:

      That might be true to Bibi, not to Gantz or some true other patriotic Israelis like me. We just wait to enter the war, time to chop down Arabs good, real good.

      1. Pave Way IV says:

        Isn’t Gantz Mr. Cast Lead/Protective Edge? I hope the IDF generals really don’t consider those operations ‘war’. That was just slaughtering mostly unarmed Arab detainees plus a few Hamas in the Gaza concentration camp by artillery and aerial bombardment. I can certainly see Gantz doing that again – seems like a popular sport in israel. What I can’t see is Gantz throwing the IDF at anybody that shoots back at them, but I could be wrong.

        Maybe Gantz will finally come through for Israel and stir up some real shit. Who better to take the IDF and roll north over Hezbollah to grab the Litani River? Should be easy, right? Those sneaky Lebanese have been stealing Israel’s Litani water this whole time like they own it! F’king savages. Time for Lebanon and Syria to honor the 1919 lines Zionists clearly laid out for Israel- all the way to the Litani.

        Oh hell, may as well take the whole Litani River Basin. If you don’t, those Lebanese will just start dumping garbage in YOUR river again. Our CIA prop shop, USAID, just spent a half-a-billion in Lebanon cleaning up that sewer for your eventual re-possession. Best to take the whole damn river basin from the Lebanese – they can’t be trusted to manage any of it. Israel can send Lebanon all the water they want from the Litani (for a small fee, of course).

        1. <> says:

          I agree, if Hezbollah makes any stupid move then all of Southern Lebanon will be ours up to the Litani river, but this time we won’t control Lebanon, we will just wipe it out. I don’t see any coming war with them for now, but anything can change. About Gaza, this rats nest needs a deep cleansing, that is just a matter of time. They will hand over their rockets and surrender, or they will swim to Egypt.

          1. Pave Way IV says:

            “About Gaza, this rats nest needs a deep cleansing, that is just a matter of time.”

            Israelis have suffered enough. Israel obviously needs a final solution to the Palestinian problem. Ever consider gas chambers?

          2. <> says:

            Nice sarcasm, but they can still avoid an IDF operation if they stop the rockets firing. If they dont, then well..a final solution to those scumbags is a good idea.

          3. Ewan says:

            “swim to Egypt” – another delusional zionist wetdream. The Palestinians have never surrendered and never will. they will be living large in the country pof their ancestors, long after you poor white european ghetto trash are slaughtered or swim back to Europe. We have all seen how Pu$$Y IDF fight.

    2. cechas vodobenikov says:

      zion is deluded–in the recent elections Israeli Arabs preferred Gantz, perhaps because of his incompetence conducting military campaigns vs Hamas and Hizbollah

    3. Bob says:

      Presumably the issue of PMU’s was one reason US used Iraqi soil to lure Soliemani into a death trap. The US ‘rebuilt’ Iraqi military is of course a hapless controlled and corrupt non entity – which was by design. The PMU’s on the other hand have the potential for a Hezbollah like expansion – outside control of US – and Soliemani was intermediary figure deemed capable of facilitating that expansion. Consider broader parallels with Lebanon, where formal state military are non entity under financial control of US and Gulf, whereas Hezbollah are the effective resistance force to external invasion from south – Iraq has theoretical potential for similar non state development amongst PMU’s.

  4. cechas vodobenikov says:

    Iraqis r well aware that amerikans r cowards—sufferring defeat in Vietnam, their soldiers all walked out on heroin they returned to USA where they observed the soullessness in the US cultural desert…amerikans, numbed and stupefied r now robots–too shallow to read philosophy or literature, they rely on experts to tell them how to think and feel. “in amerika the citizen has been transformed into a client–the worker into a consumer” Christopher Lasch

  5. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The cowardly Americunt lardass losers are hunkered down like rats and don’t travel in Iraq or the casualties would be much higher. In any case this the just the beginning of the resistance and the child killing cowardly Americunt scum will die regardless. Iraqis have had enough.


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