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U.S. Forces To Withdraw From Their Base In Syria’s Al-Tanaf

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U.S. Forces To Withdraw From Their Base In Syria's Al-Tanaf

US forces in the Syrian town of al-Tanaf, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

U.S. forces will withdraw from its base in the Syrian area of al-Tanaf near the border with Iraq as a part of the White House’s decision to withdraw all U.S. service members from the war torn country, an official in the Pentagon told the Washington-based Alhurra TV.

“The withdraw from Syria will includes the al-Tanaf base and the 55k [de-escalation] zone in a later stage,” Alhurrah quoted the official as saying.

The official added that the U.S. will continue to work with its proxies in al-Tanaf for the time being and warned that the upcoming withdraw will create a vacuum that will “benefit Russia and Iran.”

Citing an U.S. official, the Reuters news agency reported that the time-frame for U.S. troops pullout from Syria is expected to be between 60 to 100 days. U.S. State Department personnel are already being evacuated from the country, according to the agency.

Russia reportedly established a base in the area of Zaza right on the 55km de-escalation zone line around al-Tanaf base earlier this month in order to pressure the U.S. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also stepped up its military presence around the zone and foiled an infiltration attempt by US-backed forces after killing three of their fighters.

The withdraw of U.S. forces from al-Tanaf will allow the reopening of the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway. The humanitarian crisis in the nearby al-Rukban refugee camp will also end as the civilians there will be allowed to return to their towns and villages.

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You can call me Al

“The official added that the U.S. will continue to work with its proxies in al-Tanaf for the time being and warned that the upcoming withdraw will create a vacuum that will “benefit Russia and Iran.”

Grow up and shut up, you pathetic Yanker oafs.


I’ll believe it when it happens

Zo Fu

if USA withrdraw from Syria, it means that they are starting war somewhere else.
Ukraine, South China Sea, Iran or domestic “enemies” … so many posibilities.


comment image


Or the standard US display :)
comment image

Shadow Blade

Allah Syria wa basharcomment image

Ice Icegold

That’s good news!!!

Tommy Jensen

good jews?


how Zionists would react? Very very hard to digest for them.


This is a milestone towards peace throughout middle East.

Vince Dhimos

Wait! What about Deir Ezzor. That is home to the Omar field, the richest oil deposit in Syria. Do they think they can keep the oil???


We can deduce from John E. Herbst’s article “Is Syria Putin’s Off-Ramp from the Ukraine Crisis? September 25 2015 ” that the U.S.A troops been forced to leave Syria facing the risk of a defeat from the Russians.
(“Syria may be Putin’s rest stop—if not off-ramp—from the Ukraine crisis. Moscow has already acknowledged sending troops there to prop up the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the last few weeks, the Kremlin has flown dozens of transport planes loaded with military hardware to Syria, set up an air base south of Latakia, deployed hundreds of troops to guard that base, and begun bombing operations against rebel groups.”)


“””The withdraw of U.S. forces from al-Tanaf will allow the reopening of the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway. The humanitarian crisis in the nearby al-Rukban refugee camp will also end as the civilians there will be allowed to return to their towns and villages.”””

All the yankee posturing for the last couple of years goes up in smoke, Iran will be able to use Baghdad/Damascus highway for any contingency; Russia’s green light to Syria to counter strike any Zio/Us attacks made their house of cards to fall.


It’s time to send some russian regiments there, with some armata tanks et alia, only to make company to the turks, so they can’t feel alone. But first let them enter a little more, because Syria is not of NATO.

Jens Holm

Russia only has 8 armata tanks.They all are prototypes hahaha. The Russian Mercedes Benz.


I hate fukin typos, we get them here all too often. 60 to 100 days should read 60 to 100 years. Yanki Cockroaches have been pulling out of Afghanistan for the past 15 years or so.

Bigaess Wangmane

Excellent point, like anything else coming from the thoroughly corrupted west, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Tommy Jensen

We are withdrawing forces but that doesnt mean we are out.


LOL Trump is God

I ain’t even mad. We humiliated Russians, took 0 casualties and have massive force in the region anyways.

Syria will try to spin this as a victory but they lost the war unless the Golan is taken back

Luke Hemmming

LOL Humiliated Russia? Hahahaha And then you woke up with your hand on ya dick and a wet sticky patch in your boxer shorts.


200 dead Russians in Deir Ezzor disagree ?
And don’t me started and how impotent SAA was in front of the US

Remember the 60 KIA soldiers from Obama’s “accidental” air strike

Luke Hemmming

Fap fap fap. Keep fapping LOL oh and talking about impotence …what’s the name of a SMALL asian country that begins with the letter V and ends with n. ? oh and yup the US REALLY showed the Taliban in Afghanistan whose boss. What? You mean the US has been in Afghanistan now since 2002 and STILL HAS’NT did the country of the Taliban. Oh thats right they are not there to kick Taliban are but too protect the poppy fields for big pharma and the CIA bwahahaha

Ricky Miller

It wasn’t 200 it was twelve security contractors. You feel the need to peddle the same lies over and over again. And of course the SAA, embroiled in a massive regime change conflict involving proxies on the ground declined to fight a country fifteen times it’s size and boasting both a debt laden $700 billion defense budget and a homicidal tendency to violate the UN Charter and attack small countries. Riddle me this, joker. The timing seems triumphant for a Syria that battled three of NATO’s leading powers, Israel, Jihadis from all over and is still on it’s feet having regained most of the country’s territory and population. Say, could the USA be ending operations in Syria including air ops a mere two weeks or so before the SAA gets operational control of 96 S-300 missiles? Seems like a factor.

STRATEGIC FACT and consequences; the next time USA agents roll into a country and encourage armed revolt more people will be likely to decline. That’s a good thing no matter how you try to lamely spin it. Now, GTF out. And don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Or let it your fat ass, we don’t really care.


Russia has had S400’s in Syria for years

That ship has sailed long ago, the system is a joke.

Syria needs to take the Golan back now, they just lost their excuse. Otherwise it’s chest beating and they lost the war

Ricky Miller

So says you. Syria didn’t have control of the Golan for decades before this war started. So, a separate issue. The issue of the war is control of the Syrian government; either for or against regime change. The U.S. was for. So to the UK, France, Canada, Israel, the Sunni Gulf States. Against: Syrian government, Russia, Iran, Shia militias including Hezbollah. Who controls the cities? Who controls most of the territory and population. Yeah.

Russian MOD sources state that the S400 has never emitted signals in Syria. They are there to deter an attack on Russia’s bases, not to defend Syria’s airspace or surrender cheap SIGINT to the U.S. But the S300’s given to Syria can be used soon to defend Syria’s airspace anyway Syria wants. Hmnnnnnnn…


Your argument is self defeating

If the S400 was half as powerful as you dopes claims, Russia wouldn’t care about US escalation and could kill many birds with 1 stone by decisively destroyin US warplanes in a limited encounter. Instead Russia is paralyzed like a deer in headlights while the US humiliates Russia in front of her allies. The rhetoric doesn’t match the reality, sadly for you.

And nonsense, if Israel is the progenitor of this conflict, the only appropriate response is taking the Golan, otherwise Syria was massively damaged and destabilized with Israel getting off scot free. But we know Iran and Syria are too chicken shit to strike back

Ricky Miller

Right. Russia figures rightly that if the U.S. takes a bloody nose in a conventional fight they will escalate quickly to tactical nuclear warfare. Best to maintain de-escalation and continue on with what they were doing in Syria: winning the strategic fight while conceeding the stunts and bird plummage displays of prowess to the U.S. So, the U.S. dominates one stretch of the river; the Syrian Alliance moved upstream and caught more fish.


So what? The S400 is supposed to be able to shoot down tactical nukes.
Again, self defeating argument. It’s a junk system and Russia is lying about their capabilities because it’s fake .
It reminds me of how F15’s used to rape MIG 29’s in the 80’s, despite it being built in the same era.

Ricky Miller

Oh you’ll get no argument from.me there. The Mig29 is literally a lightweight and I have extreme doubt about the Mig35 too. I am a Sukhoi fan, true and true. The F-15 is an awesome airframe, one of the best ever, no doubt. But Sukhoi’s heavy Su27 line is competitive and the Su35 superior, finally some quarter century later. And just because the S400 can shoot down tactical nukes it won’t get all of them. The Bomber always gets through. (Not original to me, not claiming so) Why risk it if on balance Russia is winning the strategic game? The way you are writing tonight it would seem that the Russian Federation has announced a sudden Syrian pullout. But that’s not true, is it whitey?


“The rhetoric doesn’t match the reality, sadly for you.”
And reality is US is pulling troops out of Syria,Hmm


It was 200, probably more. There are telecommunications to prove this. Oh and the missile you saw strike the ground in the video I shared 2 weeks ago was a LORA. So your pathetic denials got owned and Syrian Air defense 100% got fucked. Hahahaha

Ricky Miller

More lies and spin. Lora, Tora Bora. Syria and Iran all confirm again no material or personnel losses. You’re fixated on a photograph that you can’t verify or authenticate which could be an intercepted missile falling short or even footage from a different strike. Israel herself elected to disown the strike and that should tell you something. But, no one can tell you anything, can they?


Because it’s their policy of staying silent to allow Syria to save face, thereby allowing further strikes. Your geopolitical naïveté is honestly sad to interact with. It’s just about teams to you and you’re shaking your pom poms furiously

Nasrallah himself referenced IRGC dead in the T4 strike during a speech

Why are you so retarded? It’s scary

Ricky Miller

You know what’s scary? How good this second glass of wine is. I, as a supporter of Russia’s philosophy in foreign policy and also a supporter of Syria’s government and campaign of self defense am happy beyond your bullshit at the turn of events over the past twenty eight hours. The fact that Israel refuses to fly aircraft into or close to Syria’s airspace must just be an S300 coincidence, according to you. But I’m celebrating because the SDF leadership has dispatched a diplomatic mission to a Syrian airbase and on to Damascus tonight searching for a deal. On the table? A return of SW oil and gas wells to the Syrian Arab Republic and SAA forces deploying to the border with Turkey in order to secure Syria against Turkish attack. Ah. Another drink. The traitors have even less leverage now in constitutional reform and peace talks and the SAA look to peacefully secure even more of Syria than the two thirds they already control. Whatever tactical skunk, er stunt, you are trying to mitigate all that with tonight just rings hollow. But do spin away, I understand from NeoCon tweets tonight just how tough all this is for you and people like you. I’m just going to drink a little more, in strategic smug happiness.


You’re punch drunk after taking an Ottoman slap to your quasi political mouth.

Next time come with facts or I’m just going to keep embarrassing you

Ricky Miller

You embarras me only in your mind. And by the fact that we share nationality. I have a t-shirt around here that says “I wish I’d been born in Magnitogorsk.” If I had been I’d get to ditch my share of guilt for the crimes of my government and I would be assured of absolutely nothing in common with the likes of you.


A guilty bitch boy is a desperate one indeed

Ricky Miller

Not desperate at all. My wife is hot and loves me and Syria is about to reclaim more of it’s territory without firing a shot. Ha! And a bunch of neocons are pissed and one is leaving office and more will follow all the while Bashar al-Assad remains Syria’s President! Sniff the air. Smell that? Sour grapes flowing as you exhale. But over here really awesome fermented grape juice from Napa flowing into my glass as I party on the grave of your worldview.


What a faggot lol

Ricky Miller

What a war pig scum.

Ricky Miller

That should be SE, not SW. Too much Napa Valley nectar. But I see what you’re doing here. You’re pulling a Taylor Swift on us. You are trying to shake off the bad news, right whitey? Putting up a brave face?

You stay out too late…
Got nothing in your brain…
least that’s what people say..mmm..nnn (especially around here)

You go on too many dates…
but you can’t make em stay
least, that’s what people say..

But, shake it off…shake it off..mmm..nnn
shake it off


uh oh, those 4,000 former isis fighters trained by us mcdonalds special forces are battle hardened and very scary invinicible – like jihadi supermans! SAA too scared to take over al-tanf, wont happen. MURICA!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The nightmare is over when this base is gone, no more resurgence of the Saudi gas/oil pipeline to the EU anymore when this base is gone.
Trump beat the deep state, and beat them badly, appointing that new military commander was a really good decision, now all he has to do is reinstate all those anti LGBTQI military commanders Obama fired whilst he was in office, and then sack all the pro LGBTQI weirdos Obama promoted.


What will happen to the zionist Greater Israel Vision?

Cedric Hunter

I have always predicted this would happen under Trump, the Americans would give up the delusion that they can a fact change in Syria. That they could create rump Kurdistan on the Turkish border. Madness then and insanity now.
The Kurds would always attrach the military attention of the Turks, period. But now, America doesn’t have that needle to thread, great. The Syrian government gets the border and the sovereignty of Syrian lands East of the Euphrates while the Turks get a license to abandon Idlib’s rebels to their fate.
Idlib is surrounded on three sides and the rebels cannot escape. Resupply is nearly impossible and improbable after the Turks sign a deal that will allow Damascus each and every border checkpoint it shares with Turkey. The war is over for sure now.

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