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U.S. Forces Intercept Russian Patrol In Syria’s Al-Hasakah (Photos)

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On May 23, a unit of the Russian Military Police was intercepted by U.S. forces while it was conducting a routine patrol around the town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah.

According to local sources, U.S. forces blocked the M4 highway with several armored vehicles, preventing the Russian unit from returning to its base in the border city of al-Qamishli. This forced the Russian patrol to take a longer route through the al-Darbasiyah-Amuda road.

Such incidents are quite common in northern al-Hasakah. Three days ago, Syrian Army personnel blocked a U.S. patrol near Tell Tamr. Prior to that, Russian forces intercepted a U.S. convoy east of al-Qamishli.

The Russian Military Police conduct patrols in Tell Tamr’s countryside on a regular basis. Now, the police are preparing to reopen a long strip of the M4 highway linking al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo on May 25.

U.S. forces are attempting to limit the movement of the Russian Military Police in northern al-Hasakah, especially near the M4. These provocations could foil the efforts to open the highway. Thousands of civilians in northeast Syria have been awaiting the reopening of the highway for more than six months now.


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Lone Ranger

U.S. forces are there illegally. Aside from that they created the whole mess. Modesty and humbleness are unknown words to Americants.

Jens Holm

Never heard before.

Zionism = EVIL

The stupid deadbeat Americunts need to go home as they are dying like rabid dogs. This is from their own Jew media:

US is on track to become one of the countries hit worst by coronavirus. This is where they went wrong for a failed state that spent more on wars and weapons than on the welfare of its people.


Russians mistake was going another way,they should have bulldozed their way through those Bastards.

Black Waters

I have a BETTER idea, let their economy collapse and kill each other, the U.S gestapo has to pay the eternal debt, the economy already exploded.


This latest Kaiser Report regarding the US debt mountain is worth listening to.


Jens Holm

So funny. Russian experts in economy tell how bad thigs are in USA … hahaha.

Wayne Nicholson

Here is a list of the worlds most indebted nations expressed as a percentage of GDP.

This is public debt …. it doesn’t include corporate debt, consumer debt nor the $4 trillion or so borrowed from the fed the last couple of months.

The USA is in #8 spot. Can you find Russia’s place ….. I’ll give you a hint ….. start from the bottom.

Do I have to get out the puppets and crayons and explain how dangerous debt is in an economic depression?

In Russland gab es seit 1946 keine Kommissare mehr ….

Jens Holm

AS long as the Gowerment can pay the loans back with interests as agreed = 0 problem.

If a currency is trusted, You and print more of them. My danish Kroner currency is stil 6,5 of them for one dollar. The same goes for the relations to the Euro.

You dont understand, that Our system is based on debt and interest. I have never written debt might be dangerous. Never.

The whole economy as well as we normal working for other taxpayers do invest in chances amd possibilities. The system is very simple: We inest and improve by that and the ones, which invested wrong are loosers.

And it works because we replace productions and services by that. The market decide most of it and The Goverments try to have the wheel too to take in enough tax for things they and we decides are needed.

And Yes, things can go very much up as well as down – and it does. Being a part of it, it would say we should do more to avoid tops and help more in declinings, but thats it.

Low growth almost is related to lack of investments by internal and external sources. Thats what the list below says.

Russia dont improve and replace anything. They dont see the idea or are not able to change things – as I have descriebed here many times by not not even having a well educated middleclass for all kinds of productions and services. Much like sleeping with a pillow of solid gold and headeg:)


I see it well. You cant understand why the bumblbee flies and deny it does and will remain so with ups and downs.

Wayne Nicholson

“AS long as the Gowerment can pay the loans back with interests as agreed = 0 problem.”

Oh boy …. here come the puppets and crayons.

I agree … however to pay back the loans with interest you need growth. If you borrow $100 @ 10% interest you need to earn $110 dollars to pay your debt …. agreed?

So if you only make $109 from the money you borrowed you still have growth (9% growth !!!) but are still in the hole 1% and headed for insolvency.

The USA is currently in a position where the money they have borrowed is more than the amount of money they earn in a year (GDP). They also have record corporate and personal debt.

This means that even in a good year with fantastic growth they may not actually make any money because all their profits go to servicing the debt ….. which is fine …. you can still make your payments put stuff on the credit card to keep up the appearance of wealth but what happens during a crisis where growth goes negative or worse drops off a cliff like it is right now?

“If a currency is trusted, You and print more of them.”

No you can’t …. not without paying a price. If you have a loaf of bread and you cut it in half do you have twice as much bread? All you did was make the same loaf of bread thinner. Same goes for a currency. Magic doesn’t exist only slight of hand …. you can print money but you can’t print wealth …. all you do when you print money is devalue your currency.

There is demand for the USD only because it’s the reserve currency that countries use to settle their debts to other countries. The fact that it’s in demand says nothing about the strength of the US economy only that it’s the tool we use to settle our debts.

The USA has been using it’s currencies reserve status as a weapon to control the behavior of nations it disagrees with. People are resourceful and don’t like being controlled. If for example China decides they will no longer trade in dollars then countries wanting to trade with China will have to find a common currency to trade with if they want Chinese made goods or if they want to sell China resources such as oil.

WHEN this happens, and it is coming, the USD’s value is only going to be based on the US economy. All those years of printing money …. making their currency thinner and thinner ….. will cause the currency to crash in value …. this is called inflation or in the USA’s case hyperinflation because of the $20 trillion dollars or so they’ve printed over the last 15 years.


If the government can pay it’s bills with 20% of the profit from the economy collected through taxes. It can pay it’s bills with 100% of the profit from 20% of the economy from state owned assets. Like some countries do partially or completely, including Russia, China and N. Korea.

“Agricultural tax-in-kind introduced in 1947 was abolished in North Korea in 1966, as the process of collectivization of North Korean agriculture ended.[3] Direct taxes, such as income tax, were officially eliminated in 1974 as “remnants of an antiquated society” This action, however, did not have any significant effect on state revenue because the overwhelming proportion of government funds—an average of 98.1 percent during 1961–1970—was from sales taxes such as turnover taxes, deductions from profits paid by state enterprises, and various user fees on machinery and equipment, irrigation facilities, television sets, water, and so on.”

– Taxation in North Korea –


Jim Allen

I’m not so sure US Government can do that.


If they spent the money on economics rather than the Jew forever wars they could.

Jim Allen

Spent borrowed money. The annual interest on US debt to Central Bank is a trillion dollars. The debt is 23 trillion, and increasing. The crash of 2008 took out 100 million jobs, then assets, savings, pensions, homes. The economy hasn’t recovered, and that same thing is happening again right now. Our beloved Government is not interested in the economy, execpt to destroy it. These wars are not fought in the interests of US Government, instead in the interests of The City of London. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, the masters of Western puppets. The Cabal are the “Globalist” New World Order, supporter of the de-population agenda underway since 1992. As described by the Freemason General Albert Pike. US Government deliberately cut it’s tax base, as the country de-industrialized sending manufacturing offshore, beginning in 1975. The latest actions caused the loss of 22,000 jobs so far. The count will rise. Doubling down on the lockdown as this type COVID-19 is fizzling out, indicates the small business is being taken out. Government borrowed several trillion dollars stated to be for the bailout ofthe same corporations it bailed out in 2008, that did not need bailed out. The “stimulus package gave 1,200 dollars to the taxpayers to ensure they continue starving to death. The pressure to have the people “vaccinated” with known toxic vaccine produced by the most fanatical advocates of the de-population agenda, with added known metals to be deadly toxic to people, Aluminum Oxide, Magnesium Dioxide,, Mecury, on large quantity, latex, and other toxic chemicals, metals already being introduced due to Fluoride, added to fresh water supply,, by law, Geoengineering, (aerosol spraying across the sky of large quantities of deadly elements, chemicals, pathogens, parasites bacteria’s. Electromagnetic pulses using frequencies known to harm the people.. Three are Barium, Strontium 90, Uranium 235. When Aluminum Oxide,, Magnesium Dioxide,, Titanium Dioxide, Copper Sulfate, and more, the fallout coats the ground, water supplies, crops buildings, vehicles everything not covered up, and no way to avoid. Fuckupshima Daiaichi power plant, the uncontrolled release of highly radioactive water at 300-500 tonnes a day into the Pacific Ocean, including airborne radiation from 3 melted reactor cores, the spent cores stored on site. Uranium235, Uranium237, Strontium 90, Cesium, Barium, plutonium measured in Sieverts.


You said that you’re not sure that the US Government can do that. If the US government spent the money on economic expansion rather than Jew wars. Half of the debt wouldn’t have been borrowed. And the economic expansion would have eliminated the need to borrow the other half. And the 20% figure would be ballpark accurate.

If you’re making a case that the US Government is to corrupt to make it work. Then you have a point.


That’s interesting,thanks.

Jens Holm

JUst another comment knowing nothing about western economics.

Black Waters

You know the funny thing about that? Most people around the globe know more about the western “economic” scam than western sheeps.

Since 2008 the U.S went to shit (2001 actually), they manipulated their currency many times to avoid the clear consequence-> Economic collapse- but hey, that shit can’t go forever, so here we are.

Russia it’s playing the corona crap game very well, but everybody knows that the U.S economy collapsed, this it’s gonna be blamed in the fictional corona crisis so nobody point their fingers to the right direction —>>> the Banking cartel.

Jens Holm

The deep deep state is Yourself. I dont say USA is doing right. I do say that Your conclusions are wrong and they do need reforms as many other countries.

I several times has mention that USA probatly will get Biden next time, but they need a Sanders.

Much to me as the Russians shot themselves in both feet. The winnders are the users as compensation for the declining added corona. The looser is the climate.

There is no banking Kartel. They all are obligated to make insurrence for each other by their Gorverments. Thats a result of the 2008, which by that make at least a little more safety.

Banks are business as every other business, so I think we should tax them harder.

Damien C

The Russians on those patrols are more disciplined than I would be. If I was commander of a patrol and those idiots blocked the road ahead I’d call up the heavy MRAP and smash clean through them, It would send their lighter equipment into the ditch with busted axels, they would get the hint pretty quickly

Jens Holm

The usual solution from You and no real one.

You aslways expect the enemies are sitting ducks and more stupid then Yourself.

Rhodium 10

I see in that photos Russian military blocking US troops..

AM Hants

Good, considering Russia is legally in Syria, unlike the US.

cechas vodobenikov

pozadi amerika this is the behavior of a small ugly girl –her only attention comes from tantrums


Being American, she would be a fat lardarse girl as well.

Jens Holm

Much like Your tantrum is comming from Your behind.

Black Waters

Hi there, mister Holm. Let me inform you that your paid has arrive, we already deposit the magnifique amount of $50 USD of fiat currency to your account, thank you for the promotion of the pentagon program Mockingbird, cheers.

God bless Merika, land of the Fee, home of the Slave!!


If they are fiat money why you so tight with them? Ohh wait, you’re soo poor you squeze your ass even when you try a joke.


The US needs to get out of Syria and Iraq. Iraq needs to expel US forces from Iraq and stop supporting the war against Syria. It will be interesting to see how the collapse of the NATO economies decreases their military aggression and occupation against the world.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

After reading SF’s article on the US military chasing a Russian patrol a few days ago I’m a little sceptical of this latest story, that previous story proved to be all smoke and no fire and this one doesn’t seem any different.

Jens Holm

I agree. But I expect small unimportant for the whole picture stories as well as big ones.

So everytime I see stories like that I read again and take my time putting salt on the tomato and sometimes pepper on it too.

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