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JULY 2020

U.S. Forces Evacuate Number Of ISIS Wives From Al-Howl Camp In Northeast Syria


U.S. Forces Evacuate Number Of ISIS Wives From Al-Howl Camp In Northeast Syria

US forces at Tanf base along the Syrian-Iraqi border, via Wiki Commons.

U.S. forces are evacuating an unspecified number of ISIS-affiliated women from the infamous al-Howl camp in the al-Hasakah, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on October 20.

“American occupation forces are moving wives of members of ISIS terrorist organization from al-Howl camp east of the city of al-Hasakah city, while occupation helicopters are intensely flying over the camp,” the state-run agency’s report said.

The al-Howl camp, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is hosting thousands of local and foreign ISIS relatives and suspected members of the terrorist group. A large number of the foreigners are Western citizens.

The Kurdish-led group and the U.S. have been calling on Western countries to take back their citizens for about a year now. However, this is yet to happen.

The northeast of Syria is facing uncertainty due the ongoing Turkish offensive and the withdrawal of U.S. forces. Eralier, President Donald Trump announced that some of the most dangerous ISIS terrorists were moved by the U.S. to a secure location out of the region.

The reported evacuation of some ISIS wives from the al-Howl camp is likely being carried out due to the exact same reasons.

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  • Ralph Conner

    I thought it was the oil we were after?

    • Garga

      It is control of energy and resources they are after, so they try to control wherever that has a potential to become an energy/resource hub because it’s very difficult to control the sources. Like between Russia and Europe, between Turkey and Europe, Persian Gulf, Bab-al-Mandeb, the Strait of Malaya, Caucasus (and between the 5 seas, meaning Syria/Iraq/Turkey/Lebanon). In the meantime all the better if they manage to loot a little for themselves but have no objection if Israel desires to steal as well.

    • Ceasar Polar

      Terrorists are human ressources for 5th generation warfare. They are used as 5th columns to spark instability and to justify an illegal occupation by the US of Zion. Basically they need those terrorists to saw discord in another region of the world, like they did in serbia, chechenya, balkans, afghanistan, irak, libya, soudan, and Syria, now it s the turn to move those assets for a new mission.
      Those terrorists need to be executed. Some of their wifes contributed to the atrocities they made, those wifes need to be judged too. As for the kids they can safely return to their parent’s country of origin, as those will cause no harm whatsoever with proper education, and training, they will accomodate to western living standards and contribute to their economy later.

  • Garga

    It is scary that we have no problem with imprisonment of these people. If they didn’t hurt anybody directly there’s no justification for it. Punishing them for the crimes of their relatives (husbands, fathers, etc.) only turns them into radicals. There’s no simple and perfect solution

    Nothing happens by asking, board them into planes and ships and dump them in their respective countries if you really want to do it. Bahrain rips it’s own people, the ones who were born there and lived for generations much longer than the current rulers, of their citizenship and nobody raises an eyebrow. Why the European countries don’t do the same for duals? It becomes easier to sort it out if they are only Syrians/Iraqis/whatever with no dual nationality. The same countries who don’t want them now will pest their original countries in case of trials and punishments because of their second nationality.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ” President Donald Trump announced that some of the most dangerous ISIS terrorists were moved by the U.S. to a secure location out of the region.”

      I never realised that Langley has accommodation for senior ISIS terrorists families as well, Garga :)

      • Garga

        Companies usually provide for their top employees, from salary, bonuses and loans to car and accommodation.
        In ISIS case, they included a few other things such as free air travel, child care center and so on.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Will the ISIS operatives also get CIA pensions as well, Garga?

          • Garga

            I’d say it depends on their contract, don’t you think?
            Always read the fine print!

          • acc_

            another one on the fine print that most ISIS fighter might miss is that if they decided to quit working in Syria (or Afghanistan when they got relocated), their loved ones are essentially hostages!! So the choice is clear: fight or weep!

    • Pave Way IV

      Al Howl was suppose to be a regular refugee camp. It was weaponized in typical US fashion – starving or ethnically-cleansed Arabs from SDF ‘liberated’ areas are welcome to come in, but the guards ‘protecting’ the camp make sure nobody gets out. It’s for their own safety! Except ISIS seem to be able to sneak in and out relatively easily. So, NO practical difference from an internment camp or prison. And just like al Rukban (At Tanf), most ‘prisoners’ were just civilians fleeing the battles and not al Qaeda or ISIS. They do serve as convenient human shields for the al Qaeda and ISIS families that the US seeks to protect. Bonus for the US: the camps make great indoctrination centers and recruiting facilities for future ‘assets’.

  • JustPassingThrough



    Got to be sure they don’t get a chance to talk about all the help ISIS got from US during Obama admin.

  • Hornet24

    most dangerous ISIS terrorists were moved by the U.S. to a secure location out of the region

    and they will occure somewhere fully equiped soon

  • Xoli Xoli

    All captured ISIS wife were taken over by USA troops as hold out in war and help me out girlfriends. Most of ISIS wifes kids have blue eyes and some are pure black.I have no objection in evacuation of girlfriends and children. Both Turkey ISIS and USA ISIS will kill them.

  • BMWA1

    Were the wives really that ugly that the camp got its name?

    • You can call me Al

      Whahaha lol.