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U.S. Forces Evacuate Base In Syria’s Al-Hasakah

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U.S. Forces Evacuate Base In Syria’s Al-Hasakah

U.S. Marines with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment provide security support during mission on Sept. 9, 2018, at an undisclosed location in Syria. (Cpl. Gabino Perez/Marine Corps)

U.S. forces have evacuated a base in the northeastern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on January 8.

Local sources told the state-run news agency that U.S. forces have completely withdrawn from the base, which is located near the town of Khrab al-Jir. Dozens of trucks were used to relocate military equipment.

“40 trucks carrying military equipment and vehicles left [the base] and headed to the town of al-Suwaydiyah, near the illegal al-Walid border crossing [with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region],” the SANA quoted one of the sources as saying.

Kurdish sources in northeast Syria said that no U.S. troops left the region. This suggest that the withdrawal was a part of redeployment within Syria.

Early in the morning, U.S. forces in northeast Syria were reportedly place on high-alert following the Iranian missile strike on U.S.-led coalition bases in northern and western Iraq. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) carried out the attack in response to the assassination of its senior commander Maj. Gen. Soleimani.

Many local observers  warned that U.S. bases in Syria may became targets for Iran, or even its allies. However, Tehran apparently opted to respond in Iraq, where Soleimani had been killed by the U.S. earlier this month.

500 U.S. service members were kept in northeast Syria, in al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor. These troops are supposedly tasked with countering the ISIS influence and “guarding” key oil fields in the region.

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You can call me Al

Get out of the ME you vermin. You are terrorists and the World does not want you.

Pave Way IV

Then who will guard Israel’s oil in Syria, Iraq (and eventually Iran)? Someone has to protect it from the marauding shoeless Houthis.


Can’t wait to see US roaches evacuate Al-Tanf!


A few well placed IEDs would ensure that.


US is trapped like a frog in a slow heating frying pan.

Tommy Jensen

Nobody is telling an American to pess off, no one! Everybody admire an American because we are a winner nation of winners and we always win.
If you tell us to get out, we stay loooooong! Because when we break something we own it!

Therefore we have the right to take leadership in the re-construction of Syria and Iraq because we broke the neck on these countries.


You are truly an ignorant dumb American.!
Aside from little Grenada and Panama…..you haven’t won a war since the end of WW2

Hasbara Hunter

Grab your stuff & Piss offf…

George King

Maybe provide safe protection and some green buses through Al Tanf into Jordan, personal items no weapons or equipment and a food stop in Al Tanf while picking additional passengers. Of course SAA needs to identify any SDF and their home addresses and allow them to accompany their thieving friends to Jordan or to a clearing center for identification and processing…..


I like your new avatar ;-)

Hasbara Hunter

I Honour Yours…Soleimani brought a Sacrifice that will go into History…He will not be forgotten but become a Myth…unlike the Western Evil Puppeticians, History will only remember them as Filthy War-Criminals…His death will accelerate the removal of those Kidkilling Yangeese-Parasites out of the Middle East for good…


I agree with everything you say. My avatar is my way of honouring him and Iran.


Yankee – Go Home…

Tommy Jensen

The more you say that, the more we stay……………LOL.


You must be an amazing house guest to have over.


I’d expect the SAA to gain more territory from YPG now

Dream come true… to regain territory without having to fight for it. I said it above, and I’ll say it again: Yankee – Go Home…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

reminds me of everyone rushing to get off the death star at the end of return of the jedi lol


Kick down time for USRats, jumping off a sinking Ship (the US occupation project), scurrying outta the desert. Of course, soleimani had guided Iran and the PMUs through almost 20 years of killing US invaders, the IRGC know what cowards the US top brass are and just needed a good reason (for the Intnl community not to blame Iran as aggressor) to start the offensive. Assad can look forward to getting its stolen oil wells back.Looks like thieving US Oil Czar senator Graham wont be getting his oil kickbacks no more. notice how pissed he is lately?

Assad must stay

Yea he has never met a war he didn’t liked, he should be forced to go over there himself and fight, in fact maybe congress can come together and pass a law or resolution or something requiring it LOL


Don’t presume they won’t come back.
Station a few SAA there, when they come back, and they will, ask to see their papers.

Mehmet Aslanak

Redeployment to secure stealing oil. Because there is no hope left to found a communist Kurdish statelet at NATO ally’s border.

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