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U.S. Forces Establish Two New Bases In Syria’s Al-Hasakah – Report

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U.S. Forces Establish Two New Bases In Syria’s Al-Hasakah – Report

A convoy of US forces armored vehicles drives near the village of Yalanli, on the western outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Manbij, on March 5, 2017. Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images

U.S. forces have established two new bases near the border city of Qamishli in the northern part of Syria’s al-Hasakah, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported on November 13.

According to the Syrian Kurdish news agency, the new bases were established in the towns of al-Qahtaniyah, east of Qamishli, and Heemo, that’s already hosting a U.S. military post.

The new bases were established by newly-deployed forces, which entered Syria’s northeastern region coming from Iraq in the early morning.

“A U.S. convoy of approximately 20 trucks loaded with military equipment and several armored vehicles entered the northern and eastern areas of Syria through the Al Walid crossing in the district of Tell Kugar,” ANHA’s reporter reads.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that U.S. forces are planning to establish new posts near Qamishli.

This deployment of U.S. forces is likely a part of Washington’s plan to tighten its control of oil fields in northeast Syria. Some of these fields are located near al-Qahtaniyah and Heemo.

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Here comes the Oil Bitches! It looks like we will see a “change in attitude and behavior” of Kurds in this region in the next few days. ;)


Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) are pleasing Syria against Turkey (NATO member) at the North, and pleasing USA (another NATO member) against Syria at the South. How can they be so stupid ?

Hasbara Hunter

The price of the Oil you Steal will become more expensive by the day Filthy Satanic American Parasites

Toronto Tonto

Go and kick them out and send them home Greta .

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahaha…it is goin’ pretty well at the moment ZioNazi-Cunt….send my regards to your assbuddy Jacob the Nose….


the yanks can hope that the kurds can hold it together but they won’t since turkey and syria and iraq and iran won’t ever allow the kurds to establish a statelet in the northeast of syria – kurds are viewed as an existential threat by turkey and by syria and by iraq and by iran and thus they will be crushed and no amount of $$ will help save them kurds – stupid faggots that they are!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yet Turkey cooperates with the Iraqi Kurdish KDP Peshmerga in perpetuating and strengthening the Kurdish autonomous government in Iraq, and has the equivalent of the Turkish KDP Parties in both Iraq and Syria, what’s to stop him backing the pro Turkish Kurdish political party the KNC and letting them set up a pro Turkish autonomous zone in Syria just like the one in Iraq, just swap the YPG for the KNC, did you even consider that’s quite possible now with Turkey in the region. The KNC has only a third of the numbers the YPG have, but that wouldn’t make any difference, not if Turkish support was helping to prop them up. They could change from a US/Kurdish YPG administered autonomous region into a Turkish/Kurdish KNC administered autonomous region very easily with Russia’s help. It’s not just a US win or Syria win scenario as you’re falsely led to believe it is, you’re only adding up half the numbers on the page, the equation’s not the same when you add all the numbers. The KDP Kurdish Peshmerga help the Turks hunt down and kill Turkish/Kurdish PKK fighters in Iraq, and even though the Syrian KNC doesn’t like having the Turks in Syria, and don’t want to kill PKK fighters, they do want an autonomous system of government similar to the Iraqi model, and they’d happily administer the region using Turkish military power if they could. And even though the scenario I just offered isn’t very likely to be what happens, it’s still a distinct possibility, and Erdogan would put up with a Kurdish autonomous government in Syria, but it’d have to be a pro Turkish one like the KNC, and a similar one to the one in Iraq, which he seems to get on with splendidly.


what has iraq to do with the northeast of syria – and the peshmerga was taken care of or will be taken care of by the iranians. the important part is that turkey will not accept a semi-sovereign statelet in syria’s ne and neither will syria and nor russia. so as long as sdf is running amok in the belief that the washington morons’ have their back, turkey will, in cooperation by and large with syria/russia, work to eradicate sdf and any other kurdish groups fucking up the neighbourhood.

but you’re free to let your mind scramble uselessly over the map, while turkey/syria/russia deals with the issue in the northeast. otherwise, turkey, syria, iraq and iran have a common take on the kurdish issue and that is that there is no sovereignty anywhere for the kurds..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re either totally ignorant or a paid for troll, I’m not sure which yet.

“turkey will not accept a semi-sovereign statelet in syria’s ne”

Turkey already supports the Kurdish autonomous government in Iraq, they have 18 bases there, 3 or 4 airfields, thousands of soldiers, and happily cooperate and coordinate with the KDP backed KRG Kurdish Peshmerga. Turkey actually has an excellent relationship with the Kurdish autonomous government, way way better than the relationship they have with the actual Iraqi government, so WTF are you talking about, are you lying or just stupid.

“what has iraq to do with the northeast of syria”

Are you serious?, can’t you see the similarities between the two, I’m getting to a point where I can’t tell the difference, and judging by what’s already happened in Iraq, I can only imagine that something similar is taking place here too. So the Turks and the US work together in Iraq to prop up the autonomous government there, but wouldn’t do the same thing here in Syria, why not, the arrangement is working out perfectly in northern Iraq. Or aren’t you even aware of the fact the USA and the Turks are the only reason the autonomous government in Iraq persists, the Turks have 18 bases in the Iraqi autonomous region and do more to help the autonomous government than the US does now, so why wouldn’t the Turks like another arrangement like that, cheap oil from Iraq and cheap oil from Syria. You’re ignorance is astounding.

“and the peshmerga was taken care of or will be taken care of by the iranians”

No one’s done anything at all to curb the KDP backed KRG Peshmergas activities, not since the Turks have started helping the US look after the KDP/KRG interests. The PUK Kurdish Peshmerga can’t even intervene to help the PKK which they support, because the Turkish backed KRG Peshmerga won’t let them, the KRG instead help the Turks hunt down and kill both Turkish PKK and Syrian YPG fighters in Iraq.

And since Iran and Turkey have such an excellent relationship now, what’s to say the Iranians wouldn’t object to the Turks doing the same thing in Syria as they’re doing in Iraq, why would Russia object, or even the US for that matter.

The Turks absolutely love the KDP Kurdish autonomous government in Iraq, and are just as resolved as the US is in perpetuating its legitimacy, but you say there’s no chance the Turks are even thinking about doing the same thing here, why not? It’s working out splendidly for the KDP Kurds/Turks/US in Iraq, why wouldn’t the same thing be likely to happen here in Syria, since the Turks already have half the work done for them by the US. All it would take is a switch in the Kurdish leadership, switch YPG to KNC [the KNC get along with the other ethnic/religious factions way better than the YPG do], everything else could remain the same, the Arabs, Turkmen, Christians and some of the Kurds still get what they want, and the only losers would be the YPG and Syria.

If you’re not a paid for troll you’re a simpleton, the big picture in the immediate neighborhood suggest more possibilities than you offer, and some way more sinister than your [least likely] proposed wet dream, but that’s ok, you just go back to sleep and dream of a new Russian/Turkish brokered ceasefire and Turkish administered safe zone, with 3.6 million refugees from Turkey, nighty night, pleasant dreams.

AM Hants

The Kurds, just like the Khazars are Nomadic Tribes. Funny how they only turn up in areas full of natural resources, that they then demand?

klove and light

sick satanic jew slaves

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hands off Erdogan, you can look but you can’t touch.

AM Hants

Guess that is what Trump meant by withdrawal, set up more bases.

Has anybody seen the article on Gateway Pundit, with regards how the Kerry family and Biden family received around £3.5 million from Burisma, via the Latvian branch of Kolomoisky ‘s Private Bank? Well Kolomoisky was in control of Private Bank at the time and Private Bank was in control of the Atlantic Council donor, Burisma Holdings.

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