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U.S. Forces Conducted Live Fire Drills With Mortars, Anti-Tank Weapons In Syria’s Al-Tanaf (Photos)


The U.S.-led coalition announced on August 9 that its troops had conducted live fire drills in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanaf.

During the drills, which were held on July 28, coalition troops fired AT4 84 mm, portable, single-shot recoilless anti-tank weapons. The AT4 has an effective range of 300 meter and can penetrate 420 mm of rolled homogeneous armour.

Coalition troops also fired M252 81 mm mortars, which have an effective firing range of 5,9 km and can deliver several types of rounds.

“Service members maintain proficiency on a wide spectrum of weapons systems in order to increase readiness and deter Daesh aggression in the region,” the coalition’s Special Ops Joint Task Force said in a statement.

Around 200 U.S. troops and 300 Syrian fighters of the so-called Revolutionary Commando Army are now stationed in the al-Tanaf garrison and the 55-km zone around it. The coalition hold live fire drills in the occupied area on a regular basis.

Recent reports by Syrian state media revealed that U.S.-backed fighters in al-Tanaf were supporting ISIS terrorists in the central region. It is still unclear if this cooperation is taking place with the knowledge of the coalition.




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