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U.S. Forces Complete Withdrawal From Aleppo, Raqqa (Video)


U.S. forces have completed their withdrawal from the eastern Aleppo countryside and the northern governorate of al-Raqqa, the al-Mayadeen TV reported on October 20.

Citing Syrian sources, the Lebanese news channel correspondent in Damascus said that U.S. forces had withdrawn from their base near the town of Sarrin in eastern Aleppo.

“U.S. forces withdrew 60 vehicles and trucks from Sarrin air strip in eastern Aleppo countryside,” the correspondent said.

Earlier today, RT released a video showing empty trucks escorted by U.S. armored vehicles heading towards the base to help evacuate equipment. The trucks completed their mission within a few hours apparently.

The Sarrin base, which hosted dozens of U.S. service members, was one of the biggest coalition bases in eastern Aleppo. The base’s long airstrip was used to supply coalition forces deployed in Aleppo and Raqqa.

A day earlier, U.S. forces destroyed their main radar station in western al-Hasakah as a part of the ongoing withdrawal process from northeast Syria. U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said last week that troops are being withdrawn from the region “as safely and quickly as possible.”

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  • EveryoneIsBiased

    Now better SAA speeds up, before the Turks break through. Taking Raqqa was always the Turks dream, and they now even openly state they dont concern their selves with their previous promises.

  • EveryoneIsBiased

    روحنا ، دمنا ، نعطي لك بشار

    ruwhina , damana , nueti lak bashshar
    our soul, our blood, we give for you bashar

    For those, who also wanted to know the Pro-Assad slogan.. Thinking about making me a shirt to trigger the Turks in my neighbourhood.

  • World Wisdom

    The war in Syria continues because of US and Turkey supporting terrorists.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Yeah, sadly.
      I too though with the Russia-Iran-Turkey deals, this would have changed, but we all know now better.
      US through its NATO ally Turkey will continue until they are both forced out by force.
      That is the sad reality.
      Russian general staff was right all along in warning about trusting Turkey and making the Idlib deal, and now again having trusted that Erdogan will just pull out of Turkeys former Ottoman colony.
      Too bad they were not heard.

      • meridius

        Russian general staff has only military matters in mind. Putin and Lavrov has the bigger picture in mind which also includes economic and long term geopolitical goals. The two views are not necessarily congruent. Things is the region are a lot more complicated then they appear on the map. Military it would be easy for the Russians to push all the way to Turkish border. However, the economic consequences for Russia ( already under tight economic sanctions from the west would be dire as Turkey ( as messed up as it right now) still account for good portion of the Russia trade ,never mind that for the time it being allows Russian navy unrestricted access to eastern Mediterranean where Turks also have interests ( as nefarious as they me be)

        • EveryoneIsBiased

          Thanks for your comment!
          Always nice to read a well-balanced comment here that goes beyond the usual groupthink.
          I certainly agree with you on the difference of Military vs Politics.
          Some points i differ:
          -Lavrov has been often on the side of the Stavka in this issue.

          -It is a conflict politics vs Stavka, but also a conflict in the political bureaucracy itself! People like Peskov, who are openly pro Turkey vs others who oppose a too high reliance on Turkey.
          -The sanctions: You are absolutely right. While the sanctions may have not have the catastrophic consequences for most Russians that the US wished, it still had and has enough pressure on the economy, that forced Putin to choose economic gains over long established and important foreign policy goals.
          Good examples are indeed Turkey, but also India, which also did proof more loyal to the US than to Russia, while the economic pressure moved Putin to ignore Indian moves that would have otherwise not be overlooked by Russia.
          The sanctions therefore force Russia to accept what it would not otherwise accept by foreign “partners”, and even sacrifice long term strategic goals, sometimes even as important as national security.
          Therefore, the sanctions do what they are supposed to do sadly, and limit Russias ability to execute a policy based on geopolitical and national security objectives severely.
          -My point with this is: As Russia is in a new cold war, and will be for the foreseeable future, it will at some point have to accept economic losses, to still be able to execute its foreign policy objectives, which often are deeply linked to the national security of Russia.
          Economic deals with unreliable partners who are proxys of the main enemy country driving the new cold war make Russia open to blackmail.
          And that is the bigger picture, that the Stavka (Lavrov often included) see, but not the Turkish lobbyists like Peskov, who sadly had the ear of the Kremlin much to often on this issue.
          But the latest developments show, that the tide is turning. After Turkeys latest remarks and after the US-Turkey deal, renewing the NATO alliance, and making Turkey the US proxy in Syria again, the picture is clear to everyone.
          I dont expect that Erdogan will totally confront Russia, but with the NATO backing Erdogan will not be pressures by Putin, and more or less do what he wants, without having Putin loosing face too much.
          But the hope of Turkey breaking out of NATO and allying with Russia and Iran is now officially dead, and the hope of the Pro-Turkey bureaucrats like Peskov of such a tight alliance with Turkey which they fed to Putin is now exposed as the unrealistic and self-serving lobbyism it was)

          The Stavkas role will be even stronger now, like in all times of war in Russia (Putin has strengthened their role already in the last year, despite some friction on if or not to confront Israeli airstrikes on the SAA).
          Indeed, the things are much more complex than on the surface.
          But the recent events will help to clear the bigger picture again, so it is now compromised by corrupt lobbying from bureaucrats who are invested in Turkey.

          • EveryoneIsBiased

            Who finds typos, can happily keep them. ;)

  • Hide Behind

    The greatest threats to American Freedom and Liberty, has since its founding has been a Bastardized form of Christianity, of which today the largest grouping are members of Christian Zionism.
    A strange theology where both Israel and US Christianity reading from same book follow one passage in unison, “Go forth multiply and gain dominion of the earth”, what is now termed Dominionist theology.
    At its root it is not a lot different than Sunni Muslim derived Wahabism, an ultra conservative 2000 year primitive tribal grouping that their God chose they and they only as special people surrounded by anials, human in form, that want to destroy them and their God wants his people to rule over those animals.
    It was the GOP, Republican Party, financial organizations that first took religion and weaponized it into a political force, and still controls that force to this day.
    The Israelis following the same tax free multi groupings led in Philosophy not religion by AIPAC whose initial thrust had been through Democratic Party, liberals, gradually merged through financial outreach a joining of “Israel First” as primary philosophy within US government two party system.
    The weaponization of multiple sources of hidden cash sources, by manipulation of Tax codes, anti-Semitic indoctrination into a very twisted religious meme has fast led to a non secular, strong religious movement overriding of its US founding documents of Freedom of Religion into an established religious force in government.
    Religion, and a constantly being revised Godhead, where by evil is a weapon to be allowed to exist as long as it , the only truth being, if it allows them to achieve greater political and economic power to advance the timeframe of a Greater Israel coming to fruition.
    Not saying any or all leaders within Christian Zionism and Israel Firsters of AIPAC actually believe in a GOD but there are those who know how to use those movements by allowing those movements so they can gain both wealth and political power over all of population.
    Today is just the beginning, actually began in plain view when a US President stated publicly that God spoke to him and told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and 80% of Americans followed he and other leaders of both Israel/Jewish (PNAC) and Christion Zionist into attacking Iraq.
    The influence of Religious Zealotry was seen throughout military, including Embassy of God office space in Pentagon, upon US warships and in the field of Army and to lesser extent Marines. Hundred thousand Bibles accompanied by Fundie missionaries were flown to Iraq to lead schools, food distribution, coins struck and paid for by government depicting Islamics going to hell a the belief in Christian cross on obverse side.
    Special scopes for rifles saying death to infidels,.members of Christian University’s and students given powerfull and lucrative pay to restructure Iraq civil society and government.
    Long winded way to warn world their ass is grass and those who control it are gonna mow down any and all that stand up to it.

    • Miggy

      I don’t hear anything about the Sunnis vs Shiites problem? It’s the Christians and Jews at fault in the middle east exclusively. It always is.

  • Tommy Jensen

    “hosted dozens of U.S. service members, was one of the biggest coalition bases….”. So “dozens” is the biggest? A nuclear medie frontline bomb to the sheeple.

    “USA moved 100 service member from Syria to Iraq”. Plastic fantastic spastic.