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U.S. Forces Chase After Russian Patrol Near Key Syrian Oil Field

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U.S. forces chased after a unit of the Russian Military Police that was conducting a patrol near a key oil field in northeast Syria.

According to Vedeng News, the incident took place on March 30. The Russian patrol was passing near the Rmelan oil fields when several U.S. armored vehicles took off after them. The outlet shared two videos documenting the incident.

Three days after the incident, the U.S.-led coalition reinforced its main base near Rmelan. Fresh logistic supplies and new equipment were deployed.

In the last few months, U.S. forces blocked several Russian patrols in northeast Syria, specially near the Rmelan oil fields. The recent incident was likely a failed attempt by U.S. forces to prevent the Russian Military Police from patrolling the oil-rich area.

Around 500 U.S. troops are currently deployed near key oil fields in Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah. Washington claims that its forces are “guarding” these resources from ISIS.


  • U.S.-Led Coalition Reinforces Base In Syria’s Oil-Rich Rmelan

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They wanted to thank them for Russia’s medical aid to US when their shit country is now the new epicenter of an epidemic.

rightiswrong rightiswrong



Nice joint patrol


Yes , Ruskies running 100 meters ahead of Yanks. Thats their joint patrol.


In war being the front car is more dangerous so they are opening the road :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The FLAMMABLE oil tanker would be the real most dangerous area, for its own troops!

Being the front car would be the safest ffs.


As long as you are in an armored car, the combustible explosion is not so dangerous as an IED

rightiswrong rightiswrong

That must be why every other military on the planet drive around with a fuel tanker.

You see it daily, Russians driving about with a fuel tanker, British troops with their fuel tankers on patrol, etc etc etc.

Except you do not, so don’t be selling that shit at all.

Fucking assholes for carrying around FLAMMABLE tanks, end of story.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Russia leading the way, as usual.

Just like they lead with humanitarian policies.

Assad must stay

What the hell is this russia this is embarrassing you are there legally they are not it should be you chasing them!!!!

rightiswrong rightiswrong

So what, the Yanks caught up, and did nothing.

You would have to be a right muppet to go chasing after military equipment, while hauling an oil tanker with you, as the video clearly shows the US having in their patrol.

No wonder the Russkies laugh at them.

Harry Smith

USA personnel is there because Pentagon send them in Syria. Let’s hope they won’t play cowboys and won’t provoke Russian personnel to open fire.

Jens Holm

Thats both ways.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



All of them are just drug adit persons. So, you never know what they could do.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

why? yank pigdogs are not very brave when it comes to a fight, we have all seen the video of them cowering in a bunker screaming for their moms while praying


I’ll bet you wouldn’t say that to one of the “yank pig dogs” to their face. It easy to talk smack in a comment section.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Where better than a comment section?

Compared to US forces designating your nation, or region, an area they deem they need to be in, and use deadly force against the local population who disagree!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i’ll take that bet


They were not chasing them,its clear the US clowns were surprised to see those Russians,they were running after them,i wish they had caught up i don’t think they would have liked it.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Probably wanted some photo’s with real heroes.

The Yanks love that.

Wayne Nicholson

Well that’s a productive use of US taxpayer dollars. The could supply the entire country with free toilet paper with the money they are spending playing keystone cops with the Russians.


rightiswrong rightiswrong

You wouldn’t want to be within a kilometre of the US oil tanker truck within the US convoy!

The stupidest soldiers in the world, ever.

Let’s carry a highly flammable vehicle with us, no one would set that off. lol


Tanker is most likely carrying diesel fuel, up to 2500 gallons at atmospheric pressure. If it detonated, the explosion would be nowhere near as devastating as you claim.

How do you reckon that other militaries typically move fuel?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I drove a 3000 litre tanker for a company, based on the bed of a 7 ton vehicle ffs, supplying fuel to plant machinery.

No where near the comparison you portray.

MRAPS would be 12 -16 tons, each.


It’s a HEMTT tanker, 2500 gallon max capacity

rightiswrong rightiswrong

So you were wrong about it being 10 thousand litre, it’s most probable load!

But you are right this time?

Moron, go troll and waste space somewhere else, you fucking waster. Blocked for being a twat.


You seem a little shook there pal.

2500 gallons is 9250 liters, roughly.

Do you know how to do math? 1 gallon = 3.78541 liters. Your cumputer should have a calculator installed in it somewhere, if you are having trouble with this.

Please note this for future reference. Thanks.


What are the USA Roaches creeping around in Syria for??

Lone Ranger

They are stealing the oil and rebranding it as shale oil at home… Much cheaper to produce…

AM Hants

Remind me, but, who is legally in Syria and who is not? Time for Russia to have fun with the Yankees and a little Sukhoi exercise.

Jens Holm

Legal is 550.000 dead, 10 million not in their homes, many 100.000 having lost more trhen an arm, a lira worth nothing, no indutriel påroducton, no education of importance for years, total destruction of infrastructure and buildings.

And Russain economy is typical for them: No oil for weapon. Rusaians are feeding the Assad regime just as others feed a zoo. The animals even think they run the zoo.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i think you will find the answer is. USA are in syria illegally, while Russia are there at the request of the syrian government legally you pos cunt

AM Hants

500,000, wasn’t that the figure Albright bragged, was well worth the price. When dealing with the body count, following the Iraq War, 2003?

Remind me, but what was that all about?

How many Syrians did the US and those who fund the White Helmets take out from 2012 -present day? Including the Syrian Forces, outside Aleppo, when they allegedly took them out by accident. In a move that aided the organ eating, headchoppers, in receipt of CIA benefits?

What year did Russia get involved, when Syria asked for help?

itibi ra

I believe that the c*nt Albright was asked about the number of Irqai children who had died. That makes her about on par with her other co-cultists. Humanity really has to band together to get rid of these scum once and for all, remove any and all of their power, wealth, positions in any kind of organization and the world can finally have peace and prosperity – at least until another “chosen” cult attempts to show up. Humanity must be forever vigilant against these scum and say “Never again!” to them and their ilk.

AM Hants

Well said

Lone Ranger

You can thank the CIA, MI6, Mossad, DSGI, and the Saudi royal family for it…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

AM, believe me, no need for an Sukhoi in this situation, lol.

Did you notice the petrol tanker with FLAMMABLE written across its US Army camoflauge?

Unbelievable, a shotgun would set that thing off, and level everything within 300 metres of it in a fireball.

What a shambles of a military.

AM Hants

Must admit, I did not look at the images. However cracked up laughing. ‘Inflammable, please strike’.

I wonder how many US Forces are trying to figure out what they signed up for?

Wonder how long it will take for mutiny to settle in?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They badly need some barrack room lawyers, wet pups. lol

I was the same, comical. And I guarantee you, some muppet Westpoint robot, says no smoking while driving, safety risk.

AM Hants

I remember going for a Sunday afternoon drive, in a Northern part of the UK. Being caught short and needing the public toilet. There was a sign saying, in case of an emergency and cloakroom was locked, phone London to pick up the key. No problem, but, London was about 300 miles from the public toilet and UK transport is dire on Sundays.

Love the humour in Government health and safety warnings, especially when they mess up haha.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hurry up, and wait.

Army classic, lol.

AM Hants

Haha, don’t think bladder could wait that long. One of the gifts provided courtesy of giving birth. Plus, patience is a virtue I never managed achieve, together with hurrying up, haha.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

That would be a long call, lol.

Did you look at Hasbara’s reply to me, on the Musk rocket explosion article?

Funniest video since Young Frankenstein, absolute cracker.

Take a look.

AM Hants

Just going to check it out. Think I gave article a miss.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I called my 14 year old son to watch it. He asked would this be a real ISIS bloodbath.

It nearly turned into a pissbath with the laughing! lol

AM Hants

I can understand why.

Didn’t Branson have the contract, before Musk with similar problems?

The luvvies booking tickets, for their journey into space, at the start of the Millennium and still waiting.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Branson has/had a contract for a near earth transport craft, it maybe mostly about plasma engines. BAE, which is anglo/us, so same type of black funding projects handed out to “entrepreneurs” for the Empire.

Branson was deeply involved in the Venezuelan coup as well. Running aid concerts for Gaydude.

AM Hants

Didn’t Gaydude run off with around $96 million, including Virgin Aid?

Cannot get my head around how many Ambassadors, schooled in the Clinton School of accountancy, sit on the Board of Directors, of Tax Payer funded NGOs, just like the NED, EED and can also be seen lurking within tax payer funded, NATO Think Tank, NAZI playpen, the Atlantic Council.

Back in the 80s, during the 80s movement, Soros came out to play, together with the UK Common Purpose. Maggie Thatcher was making herself known, via the Miner’s Strike. With her handbag making an impression in the EU. Her special adviser was Timothy Bell, who also ended up in a senior position on the UK Coal Board.

His brother set up Common Purpose and it is jammed packed with political members, especially Prime Ministers, including Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May. Plus, running the Common Purpose themed programme of how institutions work, or who they answer to.

Soros, who made a £billion in one day, betting against the £UK being kicked out of thevERM. Before he turned up in Ukraine, to write their Constitution. At the request of Chrystia Freeland’s mother.

Thatcher, Bush and Gorbechev, together with special advisers, dismantling the Berlin Wall. 1996, The CIA were getting thrown out of Hong Kong, for abusing their position. Major, decided to political use the post of Hong Kong Governor. Giving the position to his good friend, Common Purpose Member and redundant politician, Chris Patten. Just before handing Hong Kong back to the Chinese. Patten who went on to become an EU commission aire, before Chairman of the BBC Trust. When Mark Thomson (now CEO) of the BBC)., was Director General of the BBC. Both leaving when the Jimmy Saville Story broke.

Anyway, end to ramble, NED took over from CIA. Timothy Bell, special advisor to many 90s Russian double agents and oligarchs, who set up Bell Pottinger. The Bell Pottinger who were given $500,000 to spin the Iraq War.

Why are the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office being run by the likes of the Bell Brothers, Soros and Browder, just like the EU Parliament, ‘5 Eye’ member, Parliaments and the Pentagon, plus State Department.

Who protects us from the very small, but, closely formed, shadow government and their Agenda 21 script?

Ramble and rant over.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Jeez AM, you must have been harbouring strong anti empire feelings a long time before 2014 alone, lol. Quite a rogue’s gallery of villains and arch villians there, and as you say, still are here today. Amazing how these people emerge and disengage with public discourse and policy, over generations. Even at regional levels, you find these people. Have you ever noticed how some local politicians or influencers, seem to turn up at different times, and you wonder what they have been doing for the interim of a decade or so. Patten is a good example on a high level, Abrams in Venezuela, another from a previous murky history, put in storage quietly for a decade or so, then back into another role.

The only thing that saves us from their absolute malevolent control over us, imho, is their own greed. When they get so greedy, other powers will react and strive better to counteract them. Mother Russia and the Middle Kingdom offer that resistance today.

When the SU collapsed, I had just left the army. While sort of happy the threat they posed militarily was gone, it dawned on me that Thatchers legacy would be enforced with gusto. They hated mass labour. At least fairly paid mass labour.

And so it turned out.

AM Hants

I started work, in 1977, when in the UK, you could not Bury your dead and it was a full scale strike, should you use the wrong tea bags. Not long after reading Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. Plus, the IRA were carrying out there campaigns, not that far from me. Especially when I moved back to London in 1978. Interesting times, but Orwell decided my politics. Even as a teenager. I had worked out all politicians were rabid, but, Conservatives were honest about it.

I remember Maggie coming to power and all that was going on. Plus, remember watching the fireworks and noise coming from the Iranian Embassy. When the SAS stormed, owing to living about a mile away.

So much was going on, but, I liked the Maggie form of femenism. Use your sexuality to your advantage. I loved most of the 80s, but, the energy started changing. For me it was with the Chelsea Sloanes, anarchists and politically motivated celebrities. Never a fan of champagne socialists. Believing, guzzle it down, but, cut the hypocrisy.

I then had my eldest son in 1988 and just felt like I had given birth, but, ended up on another planet. Not just owing to post natal depression. Humour and tolerance was no more, together with the erasion of manners. A very ugly energy had formed a smog over the planet. I couldn’t work it out.

I never shook off the feeling and the next couple of decades were learning curves and very surreal for me. So along came 2014 and I started finding my way back to mother earth, or woke from the zombie, induced, media diet. A lot of what I discovered, was also to personal interests, owing to where I was in the 70/80s.

So looking back at events, it all made sense, when looking into it all. Plus, I just happened to be focused on the history of the 19th century. From a positive view, not realising those that created so much positivity in the 19th century, for Great Britain, were also responsible for the darkness, we now find ourselves surrounded by.

Don’t know if any of that makes sense, other then for me it is all personal.

Hope it all works out for the best, however it goes.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Makes perfect sense.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You could compare practically all politicians, from all power systems, to Napoleon, Snowball, or Mr Jones. I fear George, like Aesop and others before him, were describing the short comings in individuals, as well as systems of control and command of societies. England has changed completely since I worked there 88-89, Fords in Dagenham. My fathers family moved there in the 50’s, and I went there often to visit. After the 90s less so, more for funerals. Then I started attending Moorfields in 2006, so I was over regularly again, until 2010. Even less funerals to go for now, but I get check ups, further surgeries since. Now, no family in Dagenham, all moved out further East, or just outside the M25. Completely different England.

The Dagenham site, which still had 30 thousand when I was there in 88, had a motorway going through it. All gone, bar one, tiny section. My Grandfather worked there during WW2, he died at 87 in Dagenham. He served in Poland after WW1, as if he had stayed at home, he would have been shot by the army. The same army he served in Poland with!

It’s always been an animal farm, life. lol

AM Hants

Must admit, I have found it interesting, how nothing changes from century to century. Same characters, same scripts, just different faces. Plus, we were not meant to notice.

Dagenham and the Ford Plant, there was a film about it, a few years back ‘Made in Dagenham’. Relating to the female machinists striking. May or May not interest you, if you never came across it.

Where I grew up, Luton was not that far away and Vauxhall Motors provided work for much of the town. Do believe it has changed a lot and have not been back to the Chiltern for decades. Will keep my mouth shut, just in case saying it is like a suburb for white Helmet recruitment might get me into trouble. Did wonder how you came across Moorfields and glad they were good to you.

Sick what the asset strippers have done and not just in the UK. So many industrial nations, handed everything over, to focus on the financial sector, including creativity and humour. Kids could leave school and easily get an apprenticeship, in highly skilled areas. Now they go to Uni, to end up in zero hour contracts, with no future. Seriously feel sorry for today’s youngsters. Knowing what they have missed out on.

Take care.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Agree with all your points AM. You can’t have a nation of doctors and bankers only, and nor can you value people like that with obscene payments, by stripping the wealth from the workers in other industries. I left school on my 15th birthday, straight into a job. I had 4 different jobs before I joined up at 17. All I wanted to be, since a kid, was a soldier. Or a lorry driver, like my Granda, on my Mothers side. He would take me out on his runs in an oil tanker. I would have been driving the tanker around factory yards at about 12, under his supervision. I just love working outdoors, or far away from home. I worked as a steel rigger over in Fords, and when I came back. Great money, interesting work, and great job satisfaction. Not the same levels of work here, so in between I drove hackneys. Put the hours in, great money. I was hit by a drunk driver side on at speed, a bit of soft tissue damage, but started suffering vertigo since. Not bad now, but no more walking out on beams 60 ft up with a chain block hanging off me! I went back to school, finished my secondary education, with a view to going further. I did well, but missed earning, so back to things in which I could make good cash, instead of 3rd level. Started driving lorries, which was what I was doing when I went for a check-up, and here I am today. Different days, as I tell my kids. My youngest are 10 and 14, love them to bits, but they are so soft, lol.

AM Hants

Interesting. When I left school, I was waiting to go into nursing. Too young, but, had been accepted in a London Hospital, after my 18th birthday. Popped into a recruitment office in London. Had interview for a job, that Friday afternoon and started on the Monday. It was in the same square as the Libyan Embassy, where the police woman died, during the hostage siege.

You have had some highs and lows, but, the lows I always find make your personal characters stronger. We’ll for most. Lots of parallels in your story with mine, but, I gave the steel rigging a miss, haha.

Know what you mean about youngest kids. My youngest, believes he knows everything and more and no way his mum ever experienced life. Believes I was born in my fifties, haha. Love both mine to pieces and glad they both have brilliant sense of humour. Hope yours enjoy their future.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I was in London that time, visiting family, 1985 I think. Might be also around the time of the LiveAid concert. It was sweltering. Yvonne Fletcher was the P.Cs name.

My younger kids haven’t been out since the lockdown, apart from a couple of trips to a park or shops with their Mother, and they love it!

Up all night, in their rooms quietly, but up, since the lockdown. The schools texting me, get him on line, tell her do this, crazy. But they do the work, and are doing fine. The older girl is 20, she’s working as a care assistant, so quite a worry for her, and us when she comes home. No PPE, testing for staff or patients. My younger sister is in the same care home, after an aneurysm 3 years ago. My wife works for a major medical device company, sent home with pay two weeks ago! Figure that out.

AM Hants

Yvonne Fletcher was 1984, and Live Aid 1985. Freddie Mercury stole the show. Loved that period, yet, hindsight tells a different story. Saint Geldof came up with the Band Aid single in 1984. Like Midge Ure, but, so not a fan of Satan Geldof.

I hope your daughter stays safe. Know most of us would trade places, if ever we thought our children would come to harm, no matter their age. You must be so proud of her. Good luck with home schooling and saw a brilliant piece of satire on Kaupele blog. The teachers are freaking out, the pupils might be learning to think for themselves, thanks to being out of the classroom.

Take care and wish you all stay safe.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I was in London on both occasions then. I was wondering myself, how both events would have taken place in the same year. Great concert, Phil getting Concorde to the States to play in the two events, wouldn’t Greta cause a stink today, lol. My daughter is as good as gold, thanks for your kind regards AM.

All the best to yourself and your own family. talk again soon.

AM Hants

Take care.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I seen the Fords film a few years ago, on BBC3 a few years back, when it was actually working, lol. My family over would have known some of the women, but it was nostalgic to see it as the plants was in its heyday. There was miles of roads and plants there, and its own docks, huge place. My last work there, was removing the roof supports of the forge. They would have been levelled within a year or two after I came back. My aunt was civil service, health section, so knew of the head secretary to the private consultants at Moorfields, or John Saunders Clinic.

AM Hants

Nice story. With regards the film. Did wonder if your family knew the character s it was based on. Also, you being in the right place at the right time, when needing help.


1977?????? Are you f’ing serious????? And you spend your days promoting Russia on message boards?????? LOL

AM Hants

OMG, I am crying with laughter, and not just from watching the video. I guess he does not use Russian technology, when playing with Silo X.

One of the replies, from a certain person, to one of your comments, just made me think of a remake of ‘Dr Strangelove’. Bringing Peter Sellers and his impersonations, back to life. Which set me off for the rest of the comments. Just pure comedy. Especially when Google translate, lost the plot.


To be fair, it’s not uncommon practice to label military fuel tankers with the words ‘flammable’.

They have to transport the diesel somehow anyway…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I never would go on a local patrol, in an un-friendly combat zone, with 15-20 thousand litres of fuel sitting behind or in front of me. Especially with large FLAMMABLE sign screaming out, hit me. One bullet, never mind an RPG, and it stuck in traffic while more MRAPS joined his direction of travel. Have you seen what a thermobaric type explosion can do to human body, tearing you apart from the inside out?

The don’t have fuel tankers ride into battle with an Abrams, for a very good reason. They keep them in the rear, until the Abrams can control an area, for refueling.


Can you confirm that unit was out on patrol and not a resupply mission?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Look Phoron, fuck off and confirm yourself. How the fuck do I confirm to you my employment history, and experience?

You haven’t a fucking clue, you guess 2500 first, now you go up to 10K.

Google the fucking MRAP, and how not to bother someone who does know what he is talking about.


You dont have very good reading comprehension, and probably an overactive imagination.

2500 gallons is approximately 9250 liters. I gave both imperial and metric measurements because you were using the metric system.

All this video shows is that a convoy of US vehicles including a HEMMT tanker were travelling down the same road as the Russian patrol.

There is no indication that the HEMMT was part of a patrol; it is most likely a resupply convoy that happened to be using the same highly-travelled road as the Russians at that time.

You grossly overexaggerate the destructive force of diesel fuel at atmospheric pressure, as if it’s some sorta super-duper thermobaric bomb that would take out a whole city block. LOL

Probably too many games and movies.

art poirot

To say it’s a chase is kind of dramatic. They obviously feel secure enough to drive a fuel truck at less then 30 mph behind them.. I don’t know what they are doing but it doesn’t look like much of a chase.. More like a following

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I’d agree, Russian troops were driving in a routine manner, it was the Yanks making all the drama, as usual.

Back in the 80s, the Soviet troops were always the shifty looking guys, who sort of knew they were the bad guys.

The US military today, come across as SS. Civilians and infrastructure are collateral damage, just waiting to happen.

Sad to see, for the worlds favourite nation for decades after WW2.

Jens Holm

Its typical for things going on there. Russians and Turks cant even keep the agreements amongh each other because the only ones not being there are the people whichh already is there.

USA retreated because of internal Trump and partly Obama wishes and npt because they are weak. Just below I even see one of the usual ones taking care of tthe poor american taxpayers.

Those money invested in Syria never will go back to the poor in USA. We here again are served, that poor unproductive people should be financed by the rich.

That system is not in Syria as well as in Russia.

In finance people here as well as for Russia ignore the existence of the majority of the american people being middle class, because they dont have such one themself.

The Russian soldiers should not be in that part of Syria at all. I would surpices in that stupid spread out, if Assads attacked Golan nex week as well.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

You are a lying cunt aren’t you

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Crazy zealot actually Red.

He’s Aryan.

You know, those losers the Russians spanked!

Jens Holm


rightiswrong rightiswrong

Jim Jones is your hero, you born again Nazi.

Jupiter Jones owns that symbol. But how would a prick like you ever know who he is.

Jens Holm

It irony. Assads will never take Golan.

But the fokus for several there is not there. As long as the people living there as well as the million of refugees is totally ignored, there will be no solutions at all.

Where is people taking care of people there. 10 million Syrians are not even in their own homes. There islack of food and health care. Now there is Coved above it too.

The Leaders for all this should be shot.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

old chinese proverb. you cannot wake up somebody who is pretending to sleep

Lone Ranger

The zoloft is strong in this one…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Aryan blood Ranger, and God on his side.

With his head up his ass!

Jens Holm

Its more like all Your Gods punish You for what is in Your minds – or should not be.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

How’s your knees, bowing for your God on earth?

Servile twat.

Jens Holm

I have written twice, I have no Gods.

Jens Holm

I would like to have som realisme. I snt see a single small corner of any try of any kind of solution.

Here Russians even makes it worse making confrontations with the America there.


Nadie le va aquitar “su” petroleo a USA en Siria, pues estos. Tanto trabajo que le ha costado a USA-Israel-NATO mantener a los terroristas en Siria y poder apropiarse del petroleo, ¿ para que otro venga y le diga que se vaya ? Nada de eso, todos trabajan para hacer de USA más grande.

Me&Myself None

Todo esto es culpa de Rusia, Rusia es demasiado cobarde para afrontar a USA. Putin, el cobarde tiene un complejo de inferioridad contra el oeste. El enamo es un maldito traidor

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It’s the Yanks who are the cowards you prick.

How many Iranian ballistic missiles does it take for the US military to fire back?


Lone Ranger

They rather leave. They know Iran has more rockets and they have the advantage.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

And looking at Musks latest rocket failures, the GIs must be shitting themselves at the thought of their own rocket defences, lol.


Nahhhhhhhh…they are just inct


How many top Islamist generals and military officers can one little US drone take out? And how many hundreds of Islamist Iranian generals, officers, troops and nuke scientists can the Israelis take out at will with zero, nada, no firing back, did you say?

Wayne Nicholson

“How many top Islamist generals and military officers can one little US drone take out?”

That the general you took out was on a diplomatic mission to a country that you claim to be allied with and by “taking out” you mean a mafia style hit …. not a military operation as it didn’t take place in a war zone or during a declared war but on the streets of a country you are not at war with but are a guest of.

As far as military actions are concerned while you were ‘taking out’ that Iranian general your country was negotiating surrender with the Taliban in Afghanistan after an unsuccessful 18 year war in which you were not only unable to defeat the Taliban but the Taliban emerged stronger and more popular than when you started the war in 2002.


LOL…You make me wonder if a symptom of the Virus is irrelevant, diversionary, disjointed but articulate stream of consciousness verbal diarrhea of your upper anus, kid? Or did you just forget to take your manic meds again?

John Wallace

Translated .. This is all Russia’s fault, Russia is too cowardly to face the USA. Putin the coward has an inferiority complex against the west. Love is a damn traitor

Me&Myself None

Your translation is good, however I just realized that I had a typo. I meant to write “enano” (The midget).

rightiswrong rightiswrong




But your typo was much more poetic and deeply philosophic. And actually quite fitting. Make more typos.

Lone Ranger

Russians took their last bottle of Jim Bim, they only wanted it back…

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius



Well, you better hope they don’t see you since they would die laughing.

Arch Bungle

Did they catch up in the end?

Arch Bungle

The Americans will very soon be out of the Middle East as the military is deployed to keep the homeland from crumbling. The coming financial collapse, sped on by the pandemic and subsequent loss of faith in the state will make America’s global occupation army un-financible. At that point there’ll be nobody to protect Israel when the Persian wolves are at the door …


Guess poor little Israel would have to turn the big bad wolf of Islamist Iran into a glow in the dark parking lot all by its little self.

Arch Bungle

Israel doesn’t have the capability given the geographical hardening and AAD capabilities of Iran. But Iran has enough missile firepower to wipe out every piece of critical infra in Israel. Either way, all you got is the Sampson option. I can live with that.


Nahhhhhhhhh…any one of the several Israeli nuclear armed subs off the coast of Iran could wipe it out before its missiles could ever reach Israel if your Murdering Mullahs were ever as stupid and suicidal as you to try such a thing. You sure are a looney toon.

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