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U.S. Failed To Prevent Another Rocket Attack On Its Troops In Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad Air Base

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U.S. Failed To Prevent Another Rocket Attack On Its Troops In Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad Air Base

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On June 20, a rocket attack targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar. The base, where US troops are known to be deployed, was targeted on several occasions in the last few months. 

In a statement, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that a single Katyusha [107 mm] rocket landed inside the air base. No losses were reported as the rocket failed to explode.

“Security forces are investigating the fall of a Katyusha rocket … that was launched from the direction of al-Baghdadi area towards Ain al-Asad Air Base,” the statement reads.

According to Iraqi sources, the launcher and a second rocket, which failed to fire, were found by security forces in al-Shuhada district in al-Baghdadi.

After the attack, warplanes of the US-led coalition were spotted conducting a reconnaissance sortie over Ain al-Asad Air Base.

Iranian-backed groups were likely behind the attack. Last year, they stepped up their operations against US forces in response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.

Recently, several rocket attacks were foiled in different parts of Iraq. Nevertheless, the US-led coalition is yet to put an end to these attacks.


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L du Plessis

Is the US still stealing Iraqi oil ??? (besides stealing Syrian oil.)

I Have NO Name Here

Yes, and what the fuck can you cowards do about it?


They can send more foreign pigcrap home in body bags as they have already been doing for decades you clown.


“amerikans, less so females are insatiable for love…insecure–this is what makes loneliness intolerable for amerikans…only in America is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. Geoffrey Gorer
is corrupt shithole upset LGBT amerikan military afraid to reoccupy San Francisco?

I Have NO Brain Here

I can’t help it if I believe all the Hollywood Rah Rah movies . It takes effort to be as dumb as me.

Raptar Driver

Is that why are great geniuses in the military decided that we need our own iron gnome light show?


again the self uglified amerikan displayed—immoral, self loathing, psychologically impoverished, uncivilized….”we are really just 300 million used car salesmen that have no qualms about killing anyone that makes us uncomfortable”. Hunter Thompson

Tommy Jensen

All our personnel in uniform returned safely to their Homebase without a dustbin on their uniform after a precision defence.
Lee Harvey Oswald in collusion with Osama Bin Laden-backed groups were likely behind this attack on an exceptional American.

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