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JUNE 2021

U.S. Evacuating ISIS Commanders From Eastern Syria – Syrian Media

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The U.S. is evacuating ISIS commanders via helicopters from eastern Syria, the country’s state-run news agency SANA reported on March 19 citing local sources.

SANA reports (source):

Civil sources said that three US helicopters on Monday landed in the area between the villages of al-Jissi and Kalu, about 2 km south of Tal Hamis Township in southeastern countryside of Qamishli.

The sources added that soldiers have accompanied 4 persons who were living in a house which was identified as a center for Daesh leaders from Iraqi nationality, asserting that the hovercrafts took them to unknown destination.

On February 26, two US helicopters landed in Twaimin area southeast of al-Shadadi city, transporting a number of Daesh terrorists to Sabah al-Kheir center, 20 km south of Hasaka, which the US forces are using as center for training the terrorist groups.

Accoridng to some experts, the US is going to use the evacuated ISIS commanders to build various “security threats” across Central Asia. The creation of these threats should serve as a justification of the continued US miltiary presence in the region.

In late 2017 and early 2018 reports appeared that the US had already redeployed some ISIS members from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan.

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Looks like job prospects are bad in Syria now for ISIS!!


Howso?- their main protectors, the turks, have been given the greenlight to invade Syria by Putin. Everywhere the turks go, the wahhabi terrorists get new bases. New pipelines for funds and weapons to the wahhabis are created by turkish military intelligence officers.

The kurds tried to form anti-turkish operations to close down Turkey’s money and weapon pipelines to ISIS. Putin has destroyed this project, just as Britain and America desired.


Kurds tried to sell Northern Syria to their American masters and failed.

Vanessa Russ

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No, US promised them a piece of Syria, just like they did in Iraq


ISIS are finished in Syria – they hold no major territory just isolated patches. There are other groups like HTS & FSA to deal with. How could you expect the SAA to fight the Turks in Afrin when the Kurds wouldnt even hand over control of the area (which would have avoided any fighting) The kurds have sold Syria out by allying with the US for their owns selfish interests. They have no intention of handing back the eastern oil rich areas.


Their image is tarnished, and the US cannot be seen to publicly support them.
The US is simply redeploying ISIS to other places.


As if. The Kurds have no intention nor manpower to bar Turkish illicit deals with ISIS and as far as they’re concerned Turkey as well as Israel are potential buyers for their newly acquired oils from ISIS. They count on US for providing cover for them but they don’t get it in Afrin so blasted it they try to get Russia get the Syrian Army support but they insisted to keep their power over afrin so there you go. They folded and run away spouting some nonsense that Russia betray them.

What are their selling point in negotiations ? They got NONE ! They may be seasoned veterans but their number is small and for that matter veteran fighters aren’t that uncommon in 7+ years of conflict. They can promise position or contract on the possible partitioned Syrian territory but NOPE EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW THAT THEIR BOSS AND MAIN SPONSOR IS US so why they don’t negotiate directly with the US instead ?


You don’t know the game, why Russia allows Turks to destroy YPG. Because Russia and Syria can’t destroy YPG backed by US. It will be world war III. Russia, Iran and Turkey have an alliance pact. After Turkey “liberate” Afrin, Manbij, and Raqqa, they will leave FSA alone there to be destroyed by SAA.


re: ” After Turkey “liberate” Afrin, Manbij, and Raqqa, they will leave FSA alone there to be destroyed by SAA.”

I would like to think this is true. I would like to think that the Turks could be trusted with their ‘agreement’… but, and I don’t wish to tar all Turks with same brush, but this is ‘the Sultan’ we’re talking about here. I hope that the ‘Sultan’ appreciates the benefits of being a ‘trustworthy’ ally to the Middle East. Much respect would be garnered with the ‘Sultan’ kept to the bargain. But, … he’s a Turk.


Yeah. That’s the worst scenario. We all know here, that Turks are backstabbers. I think that also. As long as Turkey doesn’t quit from NATO, she can’t be trusted. I’m just analyzing Russian’s point of view. Maybe like that.

Rüdiger Preiss

I hope you are right & it does sound plausible especially after the SAA have not hindered the Turks to establish their observation posts around Idlib. Surely though the US-Zio coalition have their own plans and I wonder whether Turkey is playing with a double edged sword. After all they are a NATO country and I wouldn’t trust them a bit. All this hoo-ha about the Novichok poisoning seems to point toward the US-UK Zios to drum up their anti-Russian propaganda for a reason. SF claiming that there is a large attack against the SAA in planning … could it be that the US coalition is now seeking a more “direct” involvement in Syria after their jihadi proxies have failed? In this case, Turkey has already advanced significantly into Syria with their Idlib observation posts included – the Syria-Russia-Iran alliance will become meaningless over night!


As long as Kurds keep fighting isis etc,and not SAA both Russia and Assad are ok with it. what they and the Syrians are not ok with is the US and the US promising them a iece of Syria. They know if this fantasy keeps going in the heads of the Kurds they will have to answer to the SAA. Syrians wont give anymore of Syria up after suffering so much. And there are many Syrian Kurds who do not support any carving up of Syria.


” And there are many Syrian Kurds who do not support any carving up of Syria.”

But let US to build oil installation in near Dier Ez-zour, and announce and make ally with Israel (connecting with their branch in Iraq) is so ridiculous.

I choose and trust none, neither YPG nor Turkey (FSA).


Putin ok Turkey (Nusra) to go into Syria?

What are you smoking!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The evacuated were all Iraqi Baathists who were leaders in the ISIS Kalifah and are going to be used as part of Neo Sunni Salafi Army of US conquest in the Middle East.


Whatever they told their soldiers that they’re a willing terrorist collaborators.

Rafik Chauhan

All the country who has given bases to US should remove them ASAP this bases otherwise they will find terriost soon in the country imported by US CiA . And will destroy that country

Winnie Eldrup



True enough, but it is the ordinary people of that nation that suffers. The scum leaders that invite the USA in get rewards beyond belief, and for generations to come their extended family is rich and flourishing in the West. Google how the Ancient Romans worked their client states to understand the method.


Russia should bring it up to the UN. If it had been Russia doing it,Nikki would have a field day blasting russia.

Let the world know


You mean the same Russia that votes IN FAVOUR of the West’s anti-Human resolutions at the UNSC. Like the vote against the ordinary people of N Korea (Putin’s worst moment). Or Putin’s vote to BAN weapon sales to the defenders of Yemen, while Putin competes with the UK to sell KSA any and all weapons of pure aggressive warfare..


You are out of point and besides after reading your post, you lack comprehension of geopolitics of the regions .

Rodney Loder

Certainly the brand will be exploited, you’ll probably find that these locations mentioned as transit-from are receiving some form of benefit for having agreed as a group to issue their credentials to other destinations for whatever it is that the main group receives, probably money to allow them to vanish eaisly.

What is the problem ? The brand is finished, IS has been wiped out, true al-Qa’ed is identified with Salman and IS is seen by Arabs as anti-israel so recruits will be directed to the IS insignia, it doesn’t pay to bad mouth Brother Baghdadi, what you’ll find also is that even HTS fighters even though they oppose IS and figh over mostly property they’re very close intellectually, what all Jihadists believe is that its all about survival until the Mahdi appears physically, mentally He’s already in Town.


The wahhabis (blood brothers of the zionists) have a million faces. Dribblers that rejoice in the “fall” of ISIS obviously fail to notice that Saudi Arabia now funds and builds all the major mosques across the West.

The Taliban came from extremist religious schools BRITISH authorities built in Pakistan in the 1970s. The Pakistan government even compalined about these schools at the time, but the british government prevented them from being closed down.

ISIS came from the spread of Saudi trained wahhabi imams after 9/11. To be a member of Bush’s war on terror, muslim countries had to allow Saudi wahhabi imams to flood into their working class areas. Assad welcomed these wahhabi monsters in after sep 2001, hence the East Ghouta situation.

The next wave of wahhabi influence will be exponentially WORSE. Muslims of the west are being converted into well-educated wahhabi radicals at a truly terrifying rate. British schools now exclusively teach the wahhabi/Saudi ideology, for example, as the only viable form of ‘modern’ islam. And the excuse is if they do so, Saudi Arabia will spend billions in Britain.

Any religious fanatic group ‘converts’ in distinct waves. The ISIS wave has passed and now the next wave is most active.

Rodney Loder

In 1970 Mullah Omar was still in Madrassah, in 1993 he was coming from Pakistan headed for Kabul when he and his companions came across a murdered party of civilians all children violently raped before being murdered, at that moment Allah instructed him in a dream to bring peace to Afghanistan and to establish the Taliban (seeker’s of knowledge) and to execute as many Mujahideen as possible, which he did so, Taliban was unheard of before that.(correct me if I’m wrong).
The thing is if Osama bin Laden led the Mujahideen how did he end up being protected by Taliban??. Taliban took Kabul in September 1996, Mujahideen relocated to Capital Hill Washington where they are today collecting money to invade Iran, the reason Osama didn’t go with them is because he was then opposing Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, but The Government of Afghanistan which had ended opium production was supported by Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi is monetary not Religion.




More likely !




usa relocating isis commanders.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Any suspicious aircrafts should directly report to air space control shields to be taken down.


You are waiting to them. Shoot down helicopters of these morons that manage terrorists in Middle East region. This is very good chance for Russia.


they evacuate their agents


Yes America looks after its assets. Because American special forces have a sub-normal IQ, they cannot disguise themselves or speak local languages (unlike british special forces). So America relies on local recruits (or TRAITORS in english) to ‘translate’ as fellow locals they have betrayed are TORTURED by CIA torture experts (the main skill base of all CIA personel).

Any traitor is offered citizenship in the USA, and generational benefits for their extended families. It’s the “Roman Way”. It’s where President Obama came from (he was the generational offspring of a family of CIA-serving traitors). Indeed the example of Obama is held up to senior ISIS recruits by their American handlers. “Blow up this bus full of syrian women and children, and your grandson too may become the president of the USA”.

Brad Isherwood

Ann Dunham Family were CIA assets and worked Bank which laundered money for CIA operations Pacific.
Barky goes to community college USA and is gay party from start.
His Lawyer education history is as fake as his birth certificate.


The target of destabilization would probably be Uzbekistan since it has moved closer to Russia and China since President Karimov passed away.

Virgil Cane

I hope one day one of these reports of “US evacuating ISIS” actually has a credible source or photographs or something beyond pure imagination. For example, how about some drone imagery of this alleged US training camp where they were brought? Nope, not a frame captured. Hmmm.


A more important question is: What is the U.S. doin’ all these years in the Middle East? Or why did they invade Afghanistan, when they blew up the Twin Towers themselves…Or invaded Iraq, Knowing there were no weapons of Mass Destruction…This is the Bigger Picture. Can skip the details…just additional stuff…

Virgil Cane

All very valid questions.And trust me I share your sentiment

Pave Way IV

Evacuate? I think not. More like ‘assigned to their next post’. “Saddle up, head-chopper. Time to earn your next bag of Saudi shekels…”


They may as well their own people signed for Black ops.

Brad Isherwood


Maybe that pipeline to Israhell going to get built from East Euphrates,Jordan, Israel?


They would say anything at this point.. SMH

Michał Hunicz

And from Afghanistan to Tajikistan, Chinese and Russian ally and China itself.




Why do the U.S. Airlift Headchoppers out All the Time? You can Always create a couple of New ISIS Headchopper Commanders right…..? You have Mental Institutions & Prisons overcrowding with Demonic Psychopaths…some MK-Ultra for the Details….and…you’ll have yourself another Headchopping Mass Murderer created….saves Kerosene….

Fernando Silva

Fake news!


yes, I’d call Sputnik a fake news source.


Need to read a lot of different articles about the same subject true….the Lies of the West so obvious…..so many….them is Snakes, I can’t even hear them speak anymore…they can only speak with a crooked tongue….don’t speak Russian so I can’t Judge’m….


Typical from the US


USA will transfert al baghdadi to Afghanistan so that the puppet still exist and can use ISIS to kill her oponents.

So, now, we all say “THANKS STUPID SUNNIS”.


Just stupid comment. In SAA and Palestinian Liwa al-Quds who are striggling against ISIS and other jewhadists, Majority are sunni.


Or they’ll just take them to Guantanamo Bay and waterboard them for information like all those Al-Qaeda goons…

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most plausible.


Afganistan is the closest country to Iran and Russia. So, it is and ideal country to put terrorists there to make incursions to Iran and Russia. Now that Syria has been destroyed and divided, the next countries to be destroyed are Iran and Russia. However, this USA-Israel-NATO plans looks almost impossible to be achieved


Who do you think are also already in Afghanistan….?


ISIS is the new al Qaeda, Americas first line of defense, its shock troops.
The US sent ISIS to Afghanistan Yemen, and the Philippines, because Duterte was trying to stop American drug distribution in the Philippines.


It really is time for Mr Putin to nuke America.


Should call it “Nuke the World” then….because once the buttons are pushed there is no turnin’ back……but no Conventional War for us “Cannon Fodder” this time….let the Elite fight their own Conventional War….

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