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U.S. Europe Defender 2020 Deployment To Poland To Remain Longer Under Pretext Of COVID-19 Issues


U.S. Europe Defender 2020 Deployment To Poland To Remain Longer Under Pretext Of COVID-19 Issues

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The United States 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division (2/3 ABCT) will remain in Poland, to reinforce security, a letter by its commander said. The pretext for the move is supposed COVID-19-related issues.

The letter, in its entirety can be seen below.

U.S. Europe Defender 2020 Deployment To Poland To Remain Longer Under Pretext Of COVID-19 Issues

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The 2/3 ABCT was deployed to Europe to take part in Europe Defender 2020, but it will remain there for the foreseeable future.

The entire brigade will remain in Europe due to the spreading of COVID-19, as well as Poland closing its borders, it will reinforce Operation Atlantic Resolve.

As part of this operation, there is already one armored brigade in the republic and it is not going to go home in the summer. Therefore, this Pentagon decision doubles the number of American armored units at the borders of Russia.

Washington justifies the increase in the size of the group by closing the state borders of Poland. These restrictions in Europe do not apply to the military transfer of the United States and NATO countries. In particular, in Estonia, the change of the battalion tactical group of the alliance is taking place according to previously approved plans.

And, indeed, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of the state borders of the Baltic countries, a change in the British contingent from the NATO tactical battalion took place in Estonia.

When the governments of the three Baltic republics issued decrees on the closure of borders, only Latvia and Lithuania officially indicated that the NATO soldiers are immune to this decision. Estonia preferred to remain silent.

And it appears that the only support Europe will receive in countering the spread of COVID-19 is more military deployments to Europe by the US, which are not bringing any medical supplies, but rather equipment to further militarize the region.

On March 19th, one of the NATO agencies (NSPA) reported that the leadership of the alliance involved the SALIS strategic international transport program to help member countries.

On March 21st, 70 tons of medical equipment were delivered from China to the Czech Republic under the program. On March 23rd, Slovakia received assistance from China under the same NATO program.

On March 23rd and 24th, the Russian Ministry of Defense sent 14 IL-76 with medical and nursing teams, modern medical equipment, and the best military virologists to Italy.

This all takes place while there is a joint operational group for radiation, biological and chemical threats made by NATO.

When the COVID-19 crisis passes, the Washington-aligned media will have to undertake a massive campaign to discredit the efforts by Russia and China, while the “true ally” – Washington, stood idly and did close to nothing to support Europe.




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  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Only defending going on is the U.S. military occupation of Europe.

  • JustPassingThrough

    who really cares.
    the overweight millenials will fit right in with their brain dead hosts.
    COVID loves fat folks because they are unhealthy.
    good times ahead.

  • AM Hants

    Is it a coincidence that the exercise is an exercise focused on a ‘first strike nuclear attack’?

    There is always a major exercise, running parallel with a major false flag. MH17, 9/11/Westminster Bridge, so come to mind.

    Timing of Corona Virus and how much bad news will be buried?

    Martial Law legislation, in US and Europe, courtesy C virus.

    Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and what other nations have pulled out of European Human Rights Treaties/associations?

    USS DONALD Cook, meeting Bastion, before getting hit by the Russian Whicker Baskets, over in the Black Sea. Why were NATO measuring up the carpets and curtains in Sevestapol and planning setting up NATO schools, in NON-NATO Crimea?

    Why did a Russian submarine zap the USS Donald Cook and USS Theodore Roosevelt, over in the Baltics Sea, when they were getting too close to Khaliningrad?

    What nations, on Russia’s borders are stupid enough to believe they will be safe, if the NATO exercise is stupid enough to try a first strike nuclear attack on Russia?

    Why are the US whinging that Poland is so slow, preparing the site for the Aegis system missiles?

    Thought they were cancelling Defender 2020, not doubling down?

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Doubling down is what Americans do. I can only pray that China and Russia have had enough time to prepare. This year is going to be hectic.

      • AM Hants

        So with you. Plus, great fan of Hope. Russia has been prepared for a’first strike nuclear missile attack’ since 2014 and no doubt before. Ironically, the same year, thanks to the US and EU sanctions, the US and EU forced on Russia.

        Was it 2015 or 2016, when they were holding 3 million, plus, nuclear survival exercises. The nation in high security alert. Plus, when President Putin, was expecting a nuclear first strike, when the USS Theodore Roosevelt got too close to Khaliningrad. Allegedly, President Putin ordered a Russian submarine to shut the US aircraft carrier to shut up and behave. As she found herself without power and having to drop into the UK for some Naval health care.

        Must admit, my main concern for Russia, was the 13 bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity, popping up and encircling Russia. 13 in Ukraine, one in Georgia and how many others?

        Seeing the Italian response and knowing they have a specialist chemical/bio-weapon/nuclear attack specialised unit, which most nations lack, was strangely reassuring.

        Wish China and Russia all the best.

        • TSH

          1. Russia should be prepared, given that “sanctions” are an act of war (Classical interpretation).

          2. A biological WMD attack is also an act of war – that provides cover for evacuation of the ‘elite” and their families.

          3. A false flag is the next step, given how many prostitutes exist in the media and Un & state bureaucracies – China or Russia will be blamed.

          4. Strange entities live in the underground Pentagon bunker (so-called strategists), that play war games each and every day. Other US officers refer to them as *”Luttwaks”,* followers of Edward Luttwak who believe in limited nuclear war.

          5. Wish China and Russia and the better part of humanity all the best.

          • AM Hants

            Well said and so with you on part 5.

  • Assad must stay

    If soldiers get sick I’m pretty sure they would rather be home not in Poland or europe, go home yankees, what the hell are you doing over there that is any good?

    • Concrete Mike

      Are you sure about that?

      Americans have terrible health care.
      The soldiers are better off in europe honestly.

      • Assad must stay

        Maybe but what I’m saying is they should all go home and stop provoking Russian with these nonsense exercises